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Tracey E. Schelmetic

Dot Commentary
By Tracey E. Schelmetic

Rich Tehrani

Technology Analysis
By Rich Tehrani

Michelle Pasquerello

By Michelle Pasquerello

David R. Butcher

By David R. Butcher

Johanne Torres

VoIP Minute Watch
By Johanne Torres
Art Rosenberg Unified View
By Art Rosenberg and David Zimmer

Martin Wales

Customer Catcher
By Martin Wales

Randy Savicky

Strategy + Communications
By Randy Savicky

Xavier van de Lanotte

The Strategy Corner
By Xavier Van de Lanotte

Promise Phelon

Beyond References
By Promise Phelon

Dot Commentary (formerly "Dot Com Commerce")
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, CUSTOMER INTERACTION Solutions
Senior Managing Editor

[10/27/04] Exclusive From Aspect’s eBIZ 2004 Conference: Exceeding High Expectations -- A Case Study in Workforce Management
[10/27/04] Exclusive From Aspect’s eBIZ 2004 Conference: What Does It Take to Implement an ASR Application?
[10/04/04] U.S. Supreme Court Lets Stand Federal Do-Not-Call List
[10/01/04] Let’s Not Mince Words: PeopleSoft Cans Its CEO
[08/16/04] GEICO Returns the Love

[08/11/04] News From the ICCM Floor
[07/27/04] I Am Not A Lizard, But…
[07/08/04] Survival of the Unwired: An Experiment in Techno-Darwinism?

[06/17/04] Passing Up On The Phishing Experience

[05/25/04] Banning Bad Marketing Speak

[01/06/04] Perfecting Electronic Marketing Symbiosis
Ubiquitous And Obsequious Computing
More News And Other Disturbances
The Psychology Of Spam
What's The Focus, Editor?
The Newest Verb In The English Language
[01/22/03] Yet Another Post-Mortem Of The Dot Com Phenomenon
All The Tech News Thats Fit To Be Invented
[11/13/02] Semaphore Flags, Aldis Lamps, Faxing And Other Stone-Age Technologies
[10/30/02] Shaking Hands Across the Internet
[10/16/02] You're Not Listening To Me
[09/18/02] Pop Goes The Advert
[09/04/02] The War Between The White Hats And The Black Hats
[08/14/02] Net Force Or Net Farce?
[07/17/02] Killing Web Radio For Fun And Profit
[06/26/02] Bananas Do WHAT?? Busting Internet Medical Myths
[05/01/02] But Would You Pay For It?
[04/17/02] There's Nothing Naughty About Pasta Primavera: Librarians Become The Thought Police
[03/20/02] The Sport Of (Cyber) Kings
[03/06/02] Making Friends With The Online Medium
[02/06/02] Tech And The Single Girl Part II: Digitized In New Orleans
[01/23/02] Spam And Eggs For Breakfast
[01/09/02] Let Them Eat 56K
[12/12/01] One Web Site To Rule Them All
[11/14/01] How To Buy Without Getting Distracted By Shiny Objects
[10/31/01] The Allegory Of Halloween, The Economy And The World
[10/17/01] Undertrained, Underpaid And On The Front Lines
[09/19/01] Reflections On The Job Of The Press During A National Tragedy
[09/05/01] You've Got Repression!
[08/08/01] Brother, Can You Spare Some Processing Power?
[07/11/01] Conventional Wisdom Alert: Don't Buy A Company's Stock If You Wouldn't Buy Its Products
[06/27/01] Chicken Little And The Internet
[06/13/01] Tech And The Single Girl
[05/16/01] So Long And Thanks For All The Laughs
[05/02/01] Finding Great-Grandparents In Cyberspace
[04/04/01] Lighting The Dark Fibers For The Internet2
[03/21/01] Islands In The Clickstream
[02/21/01] Building A Better Couch Potato With Digital Cinema
[02/07/01] Things I Don't Want To Buy Over The Internet
[01/31/01] Who's Been Snooping In MY Inbox?
[01/10/01] The Fuzzy Line Between Catalog Marketing And E-Commerce
[12/27/00] When The Internet Becomes Your Physician
[11/29/00] Got A Feel For My (Web-Enabled) Automobile
[11/01/00] Busting The Dot Cons
[10/18/00] The Rising Backlash Against Information Retrieval
[10/04/00] Getting A Window Seat On Online Travel Planning
[09/06/00] Sending Money To Cyberstrangers
[08/23/00] Breaking The Language Barrier
[08/10/00] Excuse Me, You're Squatting On My Domain Name
[07/26/00] Babes In Internet Land
[07/12/00] Saving The Web For Posterity
[06/20/00] Online Health Care: Checking For A Pulse
[05/31/00] Curling Up With A Good E-Book?
[05/17/00] Forget The Oscars, Bring On The Webbys
[05/08/00] I Love You To Death
[04/20/00] The Internet Gender Gap
[03/22/00] The Flap Over MP3
[03/08/00] WhoopsLittle Johnny Launched The Missiles: The U.S. Government's Crusade To Safeguard Its Systems
[02/09/00] Car Shopping Without Pain
[01/26/00] Looking For A Better Fruit Cup, Online
[01/05/00] The E-Commerce Nightmare Before Christmas
[12/15/99] Downloading A Sweater
[11/17/99] Spam Us Not Into Frustration
[11/03/99] Like Nails On A Chalkboard: Web Site Irritants
[10/20/99] The Multitasking, Web-Enabled Call Center Agent
[10/06/99] Innocents Abroad: E-Commerce Across International Borders
[09/22/99] Joining The Boston E-Party
[09/08/99] Exploring The E-Commerce Iceberg
[08/25/99] E-Service: Who's Naughty And Who's Nice
[08/11/99] Taking A Chisel To The Brick And Mortar
[07/28/99] E-Commerce Regulation: Making Order Out Of Chaos

By Art Rosenberg and David Zimmer

[10/27/04] The Big Gorilla Drops the Presence Shoe on Desktop Telephony
[10/18/04] The New Excitement of Telephony
[09/29/04] Unified View: How Shall I Contact Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Instant Messaging Finally Making Its way Into Unified Communications

[07/19/04] “Informal” Virtual Contact Centers – “Putting the CC Cart Before the UC Horse”

[06/28/04] Migrating Convergence Through Telecommunications User Groups

[05/18/04] Converging Push-to-Talk At The Desktop?
Enterprise Telecommunications “Macro-productivity” Comes Into Focus
It’s Not Your Father’s IVR! The Big Gorilla Weighs In With Microsoft Speech Server 2004
Enterprise Migration Was Moving At VoiceCon 2004
Is Everything In The Contact Center Going To Be VoIP?
Avaya IP Voice Mail Goes Mod(ular)
More Communications Convergence In The Year Ahead
[12/11/03] Avaya Forum Barcelona: Optimize Your Enterprise Communications -- Reduce Cost, Lower Risk, Grow Revenue
On The Conference Trail
Interacting With Interactive Intelligence Inc.
We Can’t Be Everyone’s “Buddy” All The Time! The Need For Something More Than IM
[09/09/03] The Payoff of IP Communications to Enterprise Users: Exploiting Multi-modal Communications Availability

Customer Catcher
By Martin Wales, Founder and Chief Catcher at Customer Catcher.com

[07/26/04] Not Making Enough Sales? – “Sales is the New Marketing”

[11/19/03] Guaranteed Sales Success: How Surveys Can Help You Develop Winners & Sell More Without Risk
Sales Channels Fail At The Source: How To Make Your Distribution Network Stronger
Is Advertising Making You Money?

[06/10/03] Don’t Be SHY When It Comes To Your Sales
Who’s Calling For Your Success?: Contact Centers That Work
Sell More With CONFIDENCE In Your Marketing
Sex Is Not Love: Just Like Your Advertising Is NOT Marketing
Can You Sell Anything These Days?
Profiting With PR Power, Part VI: Give A Little Bit And You'll Get A Lot
Profiting With PR Power, Part V: When Advertising Doesn't Work
Profiting With PR Power, Part IV: Your PR Advantage On The Internet
[10/07/02] Profiting With PR Power, Part III: Hired Guns, Or DIY?
[09/09/02] Profiting With PR Power, Part II: Building Your Strategic PR Plan
[08/05/02] Profiting With PR Power, Part I: Public Relations For Your Technology Marketing
[07/08/02] Motivating Your Customers To Be Your Best Salespeople
[06/03/02] Sell More With The Best Salespeople: Your Customers
[05/08/02] To Get Your Profits Up, Speak Up!
[04/01/02] Would You Operate On Your Own Brain? Internet Surgery For Technicians
[03/04/02] What Are You Worth?
[02/04/02] Winning And Keeping Customers Requires Leadership
[01/07/02] Make Your Marketing A Media Star
[12/03/01] On Holiday Marketing
[11/05/01] Technology Cant Help You Without A Strategy
[10/01/01] Marketing In Hard Times
[09/04/01] Win More Business With Customer Testimonials
[08/06/01] Use Your Marketing To Keep People Away, Part II: Tactics For Qualifying Prospects
[07/02/01] Use Your Marketing To Keep People Away
[06/04/01] Achieve Greater Success With One More Question
[05/07/01] Ask Questions To Reap Greater Returns On Your Marketing
[04/02/01] Telephony Experts Fear The Phone?
[03/15/01] Get A $10,000 Ad Free: How To Publish Your Knowledge And Attract Prospects
[02/05/01] Knowledge Is Power: How You Can Profit From Customer Segmentation
[01/02/01] Time And Your Marketing
[11/06/00] Networking Power, Beyond Switches And Routers
[10/02/00] When You Cant Get No Respect, Improve Your Marketing
[09/05/00] How You Can Advertise More Wisely
[08/07/00] Marketing Supercedes A Single Department
[07/05/00] Marketing Is More Than Just Materials
[06/05/00] Brand Your Company, Not Your Product
[05/02/00] This Column Is About YOU

Beyond References
By Promise Phelon, Founder and Principal at Phelon Consulting

[10/26/04] Beyond References: How Reference Program Intelligence Can Inform Product Development
[10/26/04] Beyond References: What Your Reference Customers Really Want -
By Steven T. Nicks
[09/28/04] Beyond References: Your Brand Obituary - How Would Your Company Like to Be Remembered?
Leverage Your Key Success Customers for More Effective Sales

[09/08/04] Ten Smart Things Companies Do to Leverage their Customers - Part 2

[08/31/04] Ten Smart Things Companies Do to Leverage their Customers

[08/17/04] Fueling Organic Growth in a Shifting Technology Market

[04/02/04] The Risk, The Reward: Know What Customer References Really Say About You
Building A Bridge To The Field: Actionable Strategies To Gain Sales' Buy-in Of Your Company’s Customer Reference Program
How To Launch A Successful Customer Reference Program
A Case For The Customers: Addressing Strategic Issues That Face Your Customer Reference Program
The Art Of Referencing: Accelerating Sales Through Satisfied Customers

Strategy + Communications
By Randy Savicky, President of Strategy + Communications Worldwide

[09/02/04] Meet the Media: Your Key Messages in the Real World
[09/02/04] Meet the Media: Your Key Messages in the Real World

[08/09/04] A Look Inside Media Training
Being – And Staying – “On Message”
Key Messages & Support Points
Key Message Development
Strategic Differentiation
Being Strategic
Making the Media Your Ally
Lifting The Veil: What Is News?
The Sound Of A Tree Falling

The Strategy Corner
By Xavier Van de Lanotte, President of VXTConsulting, Inc.
[03/23/04] What’s In YOUR Strategy? Shaping Up The Competitive Advantages
Collaborative Management: The Future Of The Competitive Environment
Strategic Relationship Management: Rising To The Competitive Challenge
[08/12/03] Core Competency And Focus: Strategic And Competitive Importance
[07/16/03] Functional And Operational Performance In The Value Chain Management Context
[06/23/03] Managing Customer Value: A Keystone In Competitive Strategy
[05/07/03] Opportunity At The Bottom Of The Cycle
Technology Analysis
By Rich Tehrani, TMC President and Group Publisher

[11/10/04] What the Recent FCC Vonage VoIP Ruling Really Means
[10/15/04] Is the FCC Stifling Competition?
[10/04/04] VoIP Service Providers: Think iPod not Wal-Mart
[09/23/04] Is China the Next Japan?
[08/03/04] Integral Access Delivers Residential Broadband
[07/29/04] Centillium Chips Away At VoIP Market Barriers
[07/26/04] WiMAX: The Great Equalizer
[07/23/04] Is Microsoft Slowing Down?
[07/23/04] Presence Meets The Cell Phone Thanks To Orative
[07/19/04] My Progress in Switching to AT&T CallVantage
[07/19/04] CoIP: Conferencing over IP
[07/16/04] Multiple Products From MultiTech

[06/28/04] AT&T CallVantage: Checking Under the Hood

[06/15/04] WiMAX Opportunity

[06/01/04] Using Gmail to Poach Customers: Competition Now Truly a Click Away

[05/27/04] Plantronics DSPs 400

[05/06/04] Finding The VoIP Path Of Least Resistance
[05/04/04] Adding VoIP To The SMB
[05/03/04] You Can Never Be Too Thin or Have Enough Bandwidth
[04/30/04] Improve Self-Service, Get Paid
[04/29/04] Breakthrough! Videoconferencing Over 20 Kbps
[04/28/04] Walk, Don’t Sprint Into VoIP
[04/28/04] Alcatel: Delivering VoIP Or MSPD Or MMoIP?
[04/27/04] VoIP: Testing 1,2,3
[04/27/04] Netrake Announces Consumer Service Provider Solution
[04/26/04] Bundling: Another Novel Way To Reduce Churn And Increase Profit
[04/22/04] Better Management Of Enterprise VoIP
[04/21/04] VoIP Without The DSP
[04/19/04] Help With Services From IP Unity
[04/13/04] IceNet: VoIP Quality Of Service
[04/05/04] Google Gmail Vs. Hysterical Privacy Lunatics
[03/19/04] Axing The $22 Billion-Plus Directory Assistance Market!
[03/17/04] Hundred Dollar PBXs!?!
[03/11/04] Offshore Outsourcing Makes Wall Street Journal Front Page
[03/10/04] Product Review: Think Outside Stowaway Infrared Wireless Keyboard
[03/09/04] Product Review: Allways Wireless Headset
[03/08/04] Product Reviews: GN Netcom GN 6110 And GN 6210 Bluetooth Headsets
[03/05/04] TMC’s New Keyword E-mail (Keymail) Service
[02/12/04] It’s A Good Time To Be In VoIP: INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO 2004 Day 1 Recap
[02/04/04] The Future Of IP Telephony: A Panel Discussion At INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO
[01/29/04] Call Center Lobbying At The State Level

Archived Columns

By Michelle Pasquerello, Assistant Online Content Director, TMCnet

[09/21/04] AOL Offers a Second Security Blanket

[09/16/04] NovaStor Offers Data Storage for Hurricane Victims

[09/08/04] Take Your iPod on a RoadTrip!

[08/25/04] P2P Legally. Really.

[08/25/04] TIM Says, "You've Got Java"

[07/22/04] Gabba Gabba Hey! Punk Goes On-Demand!

[07/09/04] MCI Offers On-Demand Application Service For Ease of Software Distribution
[07/01/04] To Speak To An Agent, Don’t Press 1: AT&T Introduces VoiceTone To Medco
[06/21/04] Size Does Matter - Enhance Your Web-Viewing Experience!
[05/24/04] The Next Revolution in Classroom Studies

By David R. Butcher, Assistant Editor, Customer Inter@ction Solutions

[11/01/04] This CRM Is Sweet!
[11/01/04] QAS Ensures Address Data Validity
[10/28/04] New Solutions for Web-Based Self-Service
[10/28/04] Professor B’s Class Lecture on the CRS Report for Congress
[10/06/04] Sterling Audits Releases Two 2004 Usability Almanacs
[10/05/04] Beseech On Behalf Of Accountability
[09/24/04] A Brief Report On Technology In Colleges Survey
[09/23/04] Optivon Announces Hosted Service
From SpeechTEK 2004

[09/03/04] Stop YELLING at me!

[09/03/04] Health Plan Clicks to Talk

[08/26/04] Upstream Not Caring To Be Trendy

[07/26/04] Acxiom Breached…Again
Busted! Adeptra Fights Credit Card Fraud
Helping Grandma
[07/16/04] Scaffolding The Gorge
[07/15/04] 'LA TIMES' Bolstered By AttachMate
[06/25/04] Q Intelligence Saves Cents, Using More Than Common Sense
[06/16/04] FTC: "Do-Not-Spam" Has Potential To Become "Do-Spam"

VoIP Minute Watch
By Johanne Torres, Contributing Editor, TMCnet and Internet Telephony

[11/12/04] Aastra to Buy EADS’ Enterprise Telephony Business
[11/12/04] Zoom Begins Shipping the V3
[11/12/04] Would You Add IPTV to Your Triple Play?
[11/11/04] Oui, Oui! DimiTel Powers French Business With VoIP
[11/11/04] Broadcom Adds Chips to IP Phones
[11/11/04] Vonage VoIPs the Southeast via Cable Partnership
[11/10/04] CallVantage Now in Office Depot
[11/10/04] Speaking Easy in WiMax City
[11/10/04] Skype Goes Cordless
[11/09/04] ‘A Revolution Has Occurred,’ Declares FCC Chairman Powell
[11/08/04] Vonage Will Bundle Linksys’ Wireless Router
[11/08/04] Entone’s Video Service Delivers for Triple Play
[11/08/04] Level (3) and NextWeb to VoIP Corporate California
[11/05/04] i3 micro and CommuniTech to Distribute VoIP Products
[11/05/04] DataLogic Buys Leftover Shares of VoIP Subsidiary
[11/05/04] Will VoIP Dig Fixed Line’s Grave?
[11/04/04] Qwest Expands Coverage, Invests Heavily in VoIP
[11/04/04] 8x8, Cognigen and CompUSA Ink Retail Deal
[11/04/04] Covad Adds Voice to Small Business in 14 New Markets
[11/04/04] Net2Phone Signs VoIP Cable Telephony Agreements in Europe
[11/03/04] PointOne Announces StarPoint IP Business
[11/03/04] Countdown Begins for FCC’s Ruling on VoIP
[11/03/04] Lucent Partners With Kagoor for Session Border Control Technology
[11/02/04] Bam! Linksys Kicks VoIP Up a Notch
Convergence to Push VoIP via WiFi, Study Says
BroadVox Chooses TCS for E911
[11/01/04] Avaya Delivers Video Over IP to Your Desktop
[11/01/04] Former MCI Execs Launch VoIP Calling Co.
[11/01/04] Bivio’s Platform to Secure VoIP
[11/01/04] BT’s All-in-One Bluephone Ready by Next Year
[10/29/04] Rio Rancho Back to Work on City-Wide WiFi
[10/28/04] Motorola’s Canopy Launches Wireless Broadband Platform
[10/28/04] Are You Ready to Surf on Air?
[10/28/04] ¡Olé! For VoIP in Spain and Latin America
[10/27/04] HelloSoft and Toshiba Partner on Cost-Effective Multi-Channel Solution
[10/27/04] CommPartners Helps WisperTEL Launch SOHO VoIP
[10/26/04] Spammers Face the Judge in Virginia
[10/26/04] Vonage Adds London Virtual Numbers
[10/26/04] Intrado Introduces 911Plus Info Check
[10/26/04] Intel Invests in WiMAX
[10/25/04] Surfing Free in Portland
[10/25/04] Tom’s VoIP to Speak Chinese, Maybe?
[10/22/04] I'm Sorry You Missed the Playoffs
[10/22/04] Newsom to San Franciscans: Free WiFi for Everyone!
[10/22/04] Bush and Kerry: Head to Head on Tech Issues
[10/21/04] Military Bases Getting VoIP via Cable
[10/21/04] Study Sees IP PBX in the Cards for European Enterprise Telecom
[10/20/04] Netrake and Camiant Partner to Aid Cable VoIP
[10/19/04] Global Crossing Teams Up With BroadVoice
[10/19/04] Microsoft’s Code Istanbul Goes Beta
[10/19/04] VoIP Inc. Powers the West Via Cable
[10/19/04] AudioCodes Adds Wireless/Wireline Server Offering
[10/18/04] Ontus Telecom Teams With Level 3
Net2Phone Launches WiFi VoIP Apps
Google Searches Your PC
Convergence Will Drop Telecom Spending, Study Says
FCC: Thumbs Up to Broadband over Power Lines
AT&T CallVantage Now Local?
Vonage and Intrado to Fix E911 in Rhode Island
Will the Spots Burn Cingular?
DataLogic’s IPN Releases VoIP Server
VoIP Goes Retail Via Office Depot
Uniden Unveils VoIP Adapter
Now you Can SMS Google for Instant Responses!
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Durance to Developers: Be the Killer Enablers
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Tehrani’s IP Killer Apps Live Demos!
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Edholm Sees Convergence in Our Industry’s Future
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Our Satellite Connection with Skype
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Inter-Tel and Avaya Keynote at IT Conference & EXPO
ITEXPO Fall 2004: VoIP Experts Debate Regulation
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Grand Opening Session
ITEXPO Fall 2004: VoIP opportunities in the Military session
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Fresh News As We Open Our Doors!
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Peribit Presenting QoS session at IT Conference & Expo
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Sphere Okayed by Dept. of Defense for Military IP-PBX Apps
Uniqall’s Gridborg Changes Pricing Rules
Meet Tombros: The First Convicted U.S. Wardriver
VoIP, Inc. Wants to Partner with Cable
VoIP Will Cash-in BIG, Study Says
Linksys Double Hooks VoiceWing
Digital Virgin Now on Sale
Artisoft to Acquire Vertical Networks
Bank of America Taps Cisco for IP Phones
Microsoft to Spammers: See You in Court!
VoIP, Inc. Adds on California and Georgia
i2Telecom Expands VoIP in South America and the Caribbean
DataLogic Goes Retail
Completel Switches to VoIP with Nortel
Xten and Plantronics Release Headsets
WildPackets Releases Network Analyzer
StarNet Pipes In Corporate VoIP
AT&T’s Tests Traveling VoIP Service

[09/21/04] Ford Motors to Install VoIP Phones

[09/21/04] Nokia Brings VoIP to Broadband

[09/20/04] Texas Instruments Mobilizes IP Phones

[09/20/04] NuvioCentrex Now for Mini Biz

[09/20/04] Governator to Ban State Office P2P

[09/17/04] uAuthorize Makes VoIP Multilingual

[09/17/04] VoIPMDU Enhances VoIP Bundles

[09/15/04] Nuvio Calls it Discrimination

[09/15/04] VoIP, Inc. Gets a Million

[09/15/04] IBM Donates Voice Code

[09/14/04] Xten eyeBeams VoIP

[09/14/04] Optimum Voice Goes International

[09/13/04] IBM and Avaya Answer Calls

[09/13/04] Sprint and AT&T to Settle With FTC

[09/13/04] Net6 Secures Voice

[09/10/04] Lucent to Tango

[09/10/04] One Voice Also VoIPs

[09/10/04] Skype Now in Your Pocket

[09/09/04] FoneFriend Grows VoIP Services

[09/09/04] YAK Sets Up WorldCity

[09/09/04] Ofcom Watches Over VoIP in the UK

[09/07/04] Lucent Lights up Global Crossing’s Net

[09/07/04] WebEx CoIPs with Convedia

[09/07/04] As VoIP Spreads, Qovia Expands

[09/02/04] Commercial VoIP Goes East and West

[08/31/04] Up for grabs: Skype for Mac in Beta

[08/31/04] Lucent Joins the Army of One

[08/30/04] AOL Says: Me too, me too!

[08/30/04] AT&T Strikes $30M IP Tech Deal

[08/26/04] Cable Meets Sprint to VoIP

[08/24/04] Dear Santa: I Want a Wireless VoIP Phone

[08/23/04] CallVantage Now in the Service Isle

[08/23/04] VoIP Connects NY Docs and Patients

[08/20/04] AT&T VoIP Plan to go Nationwide and Beyond!

[08/16/04] Experts to Schwarzenegger: Switch to VoIP

[08/12/04] Hello…hello? Can you hear me now?

[08/11/04] Internet Telephony Conference and EXPO Moves to L.A.

[07/26/04] VoIP Tax 2: Adventures of the Pay-for-all Fees
[07/22/04] Verizon Joins the Bells’ Race to VoIP
IRS to Cash-in on VoIP
[07/12/04] VoIP Game Rules to Follow
[07/07/04] AT&T Goes Hi-tech: Co. Launches VoIP Calling Plan
[06/28/04] VoIP at the Best SUPERCOMM in Years

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