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Business Wire is used by public relations and investor relations professionals to disseminate news releases, photos, multimedia, regulatory filings and other information.  For additional information visit www.BUSINESSWIRE.COM or call 888.381.WIRE

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L.I.S.T. INCORPORATED is a full service provider of quality Business-to-Business and Information Technology Postal and E-mail lists. 15 years ago, we became the first list brokerage and list management company to recognize and fulfill the unique direct marketing requirements of the IT industry. The rapid growth of the Internet economy has accelerated the demand by marketers for extensive research and recommendations for their campaigns. As the only list company that specializes exclusively in these dynamic markets, L.I.S.T. INCORPORATED has become the leader in providing direct marketers with COMPLETE B-TO-B AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY POSTAL, TELEMARKETING, AND EMAIL LIST PROGRAMS.

L.I.S.T. INCORPORATED has been selected as the exclusive List Manager for over 100 of the leading publications, newsletters, trade shows and associations in the IT and B-to-B industries. Our expertise in list research has made us the fastest growing company in the category in the past decade. Our list specialists combine decades of experience delivering optimal results and the highest response rates for marketers. For more information, visit their Web site.


Online Content Submission

Dear PR community,

We hope you enjoy the ability to post your own releases, articles, case studies and white papers. We have received tremendous feedback on this site all positive. We also have a list of wonderful suggestions from many of you. We are working to implement them all.

Please keep in mind that this service, while a great productivity booster, is not meant to substitute for the one-on-one relationship we cherish with all the companies in the markets we cover.

On the contrary, your use of this site allows us to spend more time working with you in a one-on-one fashion when there is news that can benefit from human interaction. Please dont hesitate to contact any member of our editorial team for assistance.

TMCnet Editorial Team

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