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The Future of Buildings is Smart

6/2/2023 6:55:25 PM

IoT-based smart building tech is growing due to a range of benefits, from energy- and cost-efficiency to comfort, safety, and security improvements.

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Juniper Networks and AIOps: A Revolution in Network Management

6/2/2023 5:02:54 PM

Juniper's latest enhancements are a move towards a future where AI and advanced wireless technology play a more central role in delivering predictable, rel…

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Jabra Engage AI Integration Elevates Sentiment Analysis in Content Guru's Storm Platform

6/2/2023 4:41:53 PM

Content Guru is elevating the capabilities of its storm platform with the integration of the sentiment analysis software Jabra Engage AI.

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From Semtech and Connected Development, the XCVR Development Board and Reference Design for IoT

6/2/2023 4:37:06 PM

Based on Semtech's LoRa SX126x Series, the XCVR Development Board and Reference Design simplifies design processes and reduces time-to-market for IoT custo…

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New Business Unit Fuels Mphasis on Efficiency and Success for Enterprises

6/2/2023 4:29:30 PM

Mphasis, an IT solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, launched a new business unit called to maximize business outcome…

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Latest Broadband Forum Specification Unleashes Network Flexibility, Agility and New Features

6/2/2023 3:02:13 PM

Technical Report-459 provides improved resiliency, scalability, and faster deployment times for operators. It will also provide more reliable and consisten…

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Logitech Introduces Rally Bar Huddle for Better Small Meeting Experiences

6/2/2023 2:58:39 PM

Logitech has released a new Rally Bar Huddle that is focused on delivering equitable video conference meetings with ease.

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How technology has made the Healthcare system more reliable

6/2/2023 2:12:12 PM

Healthcare is an important aspect of every economy, and the future of healthcare holds several possibilities for us to be able to tackle the biggest health…

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Verizon Undergoes Task to Modernize USPS Customer Support Infrastructure

6/2/2023 11:31:50 AM

Verizon announced a 10-year contract valued at up to $145,700,000 with the USPS; this further solidifies Verizon's position as the USPS' primary strategic …

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A Humble Abode: New Security Kit Offerings for a Safer Smart Home

6/2/2023 11:25:42 AM

DIY home security provider Abode Systems released its affordable and highly flexible Abode Security Kit, replete with an intuitive app, a door/window safet…

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Newgen Launches OmniXtract 4.0, Streamlines Intelligent Data Extraction from Documents

6/2/2023 11:22:11 AM

Newgen Software, a global provider of cloud-native process automation and digital transformations, launched OmniXtract 4.0, which is chock-full of upgrades…

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Best Website Builder for Agencies

6/2/2023 9:39:48 AM

On the market you will find various website builders that are ideal for agencies - Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Weebly, Wordpress, WebWave. Which one is wort…

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Five9 and Mutare Join Forces to Strengthen Voice Threat Defense

6/2/2023 12:59:37 AM

Mutare launched its Voice Traffic Filter, making it easy for contact centers to integrate a solution that eliminates unwanted phone calls with the Five9 In…

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Network as a Service: A Growth Opportunity for MSPs

6/1/2023 6:06:51 PM

The NaaS market is poised for significant growth and MSPs have can capitalize on the demand to deliver greater value to their clients.

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Spotify's AI DJ is Gaining Traction, Expanding into New Markets

6/1/2023 4:53:35 PM

Music streaming giant Spotify previously launched its AI DJ feature in the U.S. and Canada, and now the U.K. and Ireland, as well. This AI-powered DJ perso…

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UniVoIP Brings Teams Voice Integration to the Telarus Supplier Portfolio

6/1/2023 4:51:33 PM

UCaaS provider UniVoIP has joined the Telarus supplier portfolio, bringing its voice solutions for Microsoft Teams to the Telarus partner community.

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Info-Tech Shows How Disaster Recovery Testing Transforms IT Resilience

6/1/2023 3:52:06 PM

Info-Tech advises that the best way to determine if existing disaster recovery processes meet business requirements and provide service continuity is by re…

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SMBs Show Optimism Around AI But Must Drive Education Around the Technology

6/1/2023 3:44:59 PM

A recent Aircall report found that 64% of employees are optimistic about AI in general - rising to 68% of those aged 25 to 34.

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Nursing Home Abuse: How to Prevent Your Loved One From Suffering

6/1/2023 3:24:48 PM

Nursing home abuse is a deeply concerning issue that affects thousands of elderly individuals across the world, and some data on p…

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Why You Should Consider Hiring an Outside Firm To Help Meet Your Staffing Needs

6/1/2023 3:21:37 PM

Every healthcare organization has been feeling the crunch when it comes to staffing: between 2020 and 2022, an unprecedented 524,000 healthcare professiona…

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Technologies that are Changing the Healthcare Industry

6/1/2023 3:16:03 PM

Health and wellness are topics that are growing in importance in the United States. Individuals, families, businesses, CEOs, and everyone in between are sp…

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How Artificial Intelligence is Bound to Change the World of Gaming

6/1/2023 2:47:50 PM

Gaming has always been at the cutting-edge of technological innovation, and with artificial intelligence (AI), advances that could potentially transform ga…

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The Most Significant Industry-Changing Technologies of 2023

6/1/2023 2:45:18 PM

As we delve further into the digital era, rapid advancements in technology continue to reshape our lives, disrupt existing industries, and create new oppor…

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How Gambling Sites Protect Players from Cyberattacks

6/1/2023 2:35:38 PM

In 2023, online gambling has become an incredibly popular pastime. The industry first got its start in the 90s, and many did not believe that it would ever…

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Unlocking the World of Visual Modifications with Windows 11: Here's What it's Capable of Doing!

6/1/2023 2:25:33 PM

If you have been using a Windows computer for a long time, at some point in time, the thought of customization might have crossed your mind. By default,…

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Thomas Peter Maletta Shares Essential Tech Tools for Increasing Sales

6/1/2023 2:11:02 PM

Increasing business sales during the summer months can challenge many entrepreneurs. Fortunately, leveraging technology to help reach more customers and bo…

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N-able Partners with JCDC to Enhance Security for Global MSP Ecosystem

6/1/2023 1:45:47 PM

N-able announced a collaboration with the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) to enhance global security and mitigate risks for MSPs and their clients…

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NetSPI Reveals Urgency for Enhanced Vulnerability Prioritization

6/1/2023 1:40:32 PM

NetSPI, a provider of offensive security solutions, has released its 2023 Offensive Security Vision Report highlighting vulnerability trends in application…

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At the KORE of Sustainability: Actioning Environmental Improvements in IoT

6/1/2023 1:36:30 PM

For KORE, smaller packaging means a decrease in plastic carbon emissions. This is just one measure KORE is taking to improve sustainability measures in IoT…

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Hootsuite Announces Enhanced Inbox to Help Brands Address Social Media Private Messaging

6/1/2023 12:58:58 PM

Hootsuite has developed an Enhanced Inbox resource to enable timeless and seamless social inquiry management.

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Study Finds Customers are Wary of Bias and Hallucinations in AI

6/1/2023 12:49:51 PM

Generative AI's propensity to occasionally deliver inaccurate or nonsensical information -- a phenomenon known as a hallucination -- has the potential to i…

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ServiceNow Redefines Observability Landscape with Cloud Application Solution

6/1/2023 12:42:16 PM

ServiceNow Cloud Observability helps organizations manage the growing scale and complexity of cloud and cloud-native infrastructure.

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Scepter, ExxonMobil and AWS to Develop Innovative Platform for Methane Monitoring

6/1/2023 12:37:02 PM

Scepter and ExxonMobil joined forces with AWS to develop an innovative data analytics platform aimed at characterizing and quantifying methane emissions.

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ESG in IoT: Semtech Furthers Commitments to Global Sustainability

6/1/2023 10:34:49 AM

Semtech recently released its inaugural Corporate Sustainability report, detailing its operational impacts and how they affect sustainably supply chains an…

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How Handwriting Affects the Ability to Learn

6/1/2023 8:47:56 AM

Handwriting is a core skill that influences students' reading, writing, and language use skills. Handwriting requires fine motor skills, visual and motor m…

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Generational Trends Exposed: Crypto Users Long for AI Progress in Blockchain and Trading

6/1/2023 12:56:41 AM

KuCoin conducted an extensive study to gain insights into the perspectives and aspirations of different generations, regarding the integration of AI and th…

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Tuya Smart's Matter and Alexa Integration Designed to Expand Smart Home Market

5/31/2023 7:08:38 PM

Tuya Smart has launched what it claims is the world's first 5-inch Smart Control Panel Solution for smart homes that incorporates both Matter and Alexa Bui…

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Samuel Wilson Set to Lead 8x8 into the Future

5/31/2023 5:27:21 PM

Finally, 2 years after the departure of longtime CEO Vik Verma, 8x8 hopes it has found a new CEO who will successfully lead it to new growth in a crowded U…

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Phone Calls Are Still Key for Customer Acquisition

5/31/2023 4:49:06 PM

Ruby uncovered that phone calls are still key when it comes to addressing customer concerns in real-time and understanding changing business realities.

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Nearly Every US State Files Against Avid Telecom over Billions of Illegal Robocalls

5/31/2023 4:45:53 PM

At least 48 U.S. states are suing Avid Telecom for allegedly routing 7.5 billion illegal and spoofed robocalls to millions of residents on the Do Not Call …

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Ribbon Simplifies and Accelerates Service Providers' Support for Zoom Phone

5/31/2023 3:36:07 PM

Ribbon Communications announced an extension to its Ribbon Connect portfolio, Ribbon Connect for Zoom.

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Bridging Digital Divides: Nokia and MetaLINK to Provide Broadband Access to Rural Areas

5/31/2023 1:21:15 PM

Nokia announced that it has been selected by MetaLINK to provide fixed wireless access coverage and boost broadband network capacity in Northwest Ohio, Nor…

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Efficient Device Management Made Easier with 42Gears ChatGPT Plugin

5/31/2023 12:32:23 PM

42Gears is making its flagship offering better with a ChatGPT plugin that empowers users to interact with their devices in a more natural and intuitive man…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Business

5/31/2023 12:25:43 PM

Starting a new business is certainly exciting, but it can also be incredibly daunting. Yes, you have the chance to turn your passion into a profitable vent…

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Balancing Tradition and Innovation: The Role of Data Historians and Open-Source Time-Series Databases in Modern Industrial Operations

5/31/2023 12:02:49 PM

Time-series databases have long been an essential tool for managing plant performance. They are often at the heart of OT data systems, collecting and conte…

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8 Technologies Julian Gnecco-Malagon Recommends To Run Your Small Business Effectively

5/31/2023 11:39:08 AM

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Entrepreneurs and startups face numerous challenges, and technology is one of the biggest hurdles. Techno…

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Best Remote Desktop Clients

5/31/2023 11:31:27 AM

In today's digital age, remote work and remote access have become increasingly common. With the help of remote desktop clients, individuals and businesses …

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