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Brand Interaction in Metaverse? Consumers Express Excitement

11/25/2022 12:32:28 PM

Almost three-fourths of consumers believe brand interactions in the metaverse are in a position to replace brand interactions in the real-world, or at leas…

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Cyberattack Protection, Detection, and Recovery with SaaS

11/23/2022 4:27:27 PM

DataHawk from Cohesity is a data security SaaS solution that helps customers protect, detect and recover from cyberattacks and ransomware attacks.

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Ring Central Partners with Charter Communications to Provide Expanded UCaaS Capabilities

11/23/2022 4:16:03 PM

Charter Communications has partnered with UCaaS provider RingCentral to launch two new offerings under its Spectrum brand.

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Is The Tech Industry Preparing For A Rough Patch This Fall And Winter Season?

11/23/2022 2:03:44 PM

The global economy is currently facing unprecedented rates of inflation. Everyone is scared as they wonder whether their businesses and wallets have what i…

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How To Make Your Business More Customer-Friendly

11/23/2022 1:57:06 PM

Customers are what will make or break any company. If your business is not very customer service oriented, there is a chance your business can flop. Your b…

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Extending Reality: Your Guide to Everything XR

11/23/2022 1:54:20 PM

There is no stopping the progress of technology. It is already out of our control. This isn't just a bad thing, though. The ways in which technology will c…

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The Cybersecurity Measures Every Business Needs to Implement

11/23/2022 1:51:56 PM

As technology has advanced, the dangers of online threats, malicious hackers, and sophisticated malware have also increased. Things have become more compli…

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Municipalities Stuck in the Past Are Prime Ransomware Targets

11/23/2022 1:51:38 PM

More than 3,400 state, local, tribal and territorial governments in the U.S. experienced ransomware attacks between 2017 and 2021.

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Business Texting Draws in Consumers

11/23/2022 1:50:59 PM

A majority of customers have texted with businesses and enough of them have had good experiences that it's become an expectation.

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What Exactly is Demand Generation and What Does it Look Like in Practice?

11/23/2022 12:47:25 PM

When brands want to generate interest in their products or services, they use specific tactics to bring in leads. Whitepapers, blog posts, and case studies…

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Fraud Detection and Prevention models

11/23/2022 12:42:00 PM

Abuse, fraud, extortion - sometimes a moment of inattention is enough to become a victim of cybercriminals. Many companies and institutions are exposed to …

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How to Prevent Phishing Attacks at Your Company

11/23/2022 12:26:15 PM

Phishing attacks are the most common type of cyber crime targeting both companies and individuals today. It is estimated that up to 90% of cyber attacks ar…

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6 Tips to Choose a Machine Learning Consulting Company

11/23/2022 12:20:24 PM

Programming languages have always evolved, but the most significant achievement in this area has been the simplification of working with code. Now instead …

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George Laliotis Discusses How Technology Has Impacted And Expanded The Use Of Medical Data Science

11/23/2022 12:15:15 PM

Medical data science is a relatively new scientific field that uses the power of data mining and machine learning techniques to support improved decision-m…

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WB Trading Review Guide To Top Tech For Trading Success

11/23/2022 12:10:54 PM

There are many different types of technology that you can use when it comes to trading investments. This WB Trading review will discuss some of the top tec…

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These Are the 4 Technologies That Had Everyone Talking in 2022

11/23/2022 11:54:34 AM

Change is the only constant in the world of technology. Every year, you can count on several new technologies to appear and either enable you to do complet…

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Cloud Marketplace Innovator Pax8 Ranks 131 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500

11/23/2022 11:47:24 AM

Pax8 has been named in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 among the fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, fintech, and energy…

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Eventuality: The Reliance on Modern Technology

11/23/2022 11:47:06 AM

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. There are now over 5.31 billion unique mobile phone users worldwide as of February …

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What is Mobile Edge Computing and why do you need it?

11/23/2022 9:57:03 AM

Nowadays, modern technological solutions are being implemented more often and more eagerly. Augmented reality, virtual reality, unique cloud platforms and …

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How Much Should You Reveal About Yourself on Your Personal Blog?

11/23/2022 9:52:27 AM

Those who favor a personal approach to doing business are often inclined to overshare certain things about themselves in the name of transparency and good …

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96-Year-Old Thanksgiving Tradition Makes its Way to Metaverse

11/23/2022 8:39:03 AM

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be in full swing in a web3 virtual world this holiday season with an interactive metaverse experience and a brand n…

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Sumitomo Invests in IoT Company ClearBlade

11/23/2022 8:12:39 AM

ClearBlade's IoT, Edge and AI software is used in use at some of the largest companies in North America and the company is looking to expand around the wor…

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FCC Means Business in Fight Against Robocalls

11/22/2022 5:07:53 PM

The FCC, for the first time, cut off a voice service provider from other networks for failing to meet FCC requirements around reducing robocalls.

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MoEngage Improves Real-Time Delivery of Multichannel Alerts

11/22/2022 2:22:09 PM

MoEngage Inform is a unified messaging infrastructure that enables brands to build and manage multichannel transactional alerts through one API.

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T-Mobile Transforms Standalone 5G

11/22/2022 2:15:24 PM

T-Mobile moved its 5G standalone to its Ultra Capacity network to unleash faster speeds.

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TMC Labs Announces Unified Communications Innovation Award Winners for 2022

11/22/2022 12:21:12 PM

TMC announced the recipients of the 2022 TMC Labs Unified Communications Innovation Award, presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY.

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TMC Labs UC Innovation Winners Offer Innovative Ways to Unify Communications

11/22/2022 10:54:01 AM

Winners of the 2022 TMC Labs Unified Communications Innovation Award are delivering new opportunities for unifying key communications capabilities.

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What is Jira and How to Use It for Software Testing?

11/22/2022 10:49:20 AM

Understand what JIRA is used for and why it is so popular. How can a JIRA testing software tool improve Work Management? Read the article to find useful in…

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What Is SASE and How Is it Changing the Security Landscape?

11/22/2022 10:30:43 AM

SASE, which stands for Secure Access Service Edge, is a cloud-based network security model. SASE uses a technology called software-defined networking (SDN)…

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Arizona Department of Homeland Security Picks Tanium for Cybersecurity

11/22/2022 10:23:16 AM

With a new, state-of-the-art cybersecurity solution from Tanium, AZDOHS is able to better share key information in real time, creating a stronger security …

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Cloud Logistics: Why Move Your Logistics Business To Cloud?

11/22/2022 9:58:12 AM

Are you looking for innovative and cost effective ways to tackle your supply chain and enhance daily operations? Perhaps, a tool to reduce costs, cataly…

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3 tips to optimize your warehouse

11/22/2022 9:54:35 AM

As a business with warehousing, it is important to optimize your warehouse for space and efficiency. The cost of goods stored in your warehouse can add up,…

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Granite Fuels Next Wave of Advanced SD-WAN Solutions

11/22/2022 9:41:50 AM

Juniper presented a 2022 Elevate Award to Granite in the Game-Changing WAN category, as businesses continue to build their connectivity solutions leveragin…

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IT Teams Fall Short in Microsoft 365 Security Protections

11/21/2022 4:46:32 PM

A surprising number of enterprises have major gaps in the Microsoft security policies and practices, leading to unnecessary risks.

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Phishing Attacks Sprout from Unexpected Places

11/21/2022 3:10:14 PM

Users more frequently click on phishing links that arrive through other channels, including personal websites and blogs, social media, and search engine re…

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ThreatLocker and Third Wall Commit to Stronger Endpoint Security

11/21/2022 2:47:08 PM

ThreatLocker acquired Third Wall to provide better endpoint protection for MSP to deliver to their business customers.

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Yamaha's New Video Sound Bar & Collaboration System Improve Conferencing Experiences

11/21/2022 2:18:53 PM

Yamaha has announced two new video collaboration systems, CS-800 Video Sound Bar and CS-500 Video Collaboration System.

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Basis Technologies and Tech Mahindra Expand Smart Utilities

11/21/2022 11:57:09 AM

Basis Technologies and Tech Mahindra will combine their offerings to help accelerate delivery of smart utility solutions in the U.S. and Europe.

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IoT Platform Company Soracom Announces Five Million Connected IoT Devices

11/21/2022 11:39:18 AM

Soracom announced it is now keeping more than five million IoT devices connected around the globe for companies of all sizes in many vertical markets.

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Department of Defense Needs Help with Defense

11/21/2022 11:34:20 AM

The Department of Defense entered into a multiyear deal with Palo Alto to utilize Palo Alto's internet operations management capabilities.

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Gaming Company Razer Using AI to Drive Social Commerce and Support

11/21/2022 11:27:18 AM

Razer, a global lifestyle brand for gamers, chose to better engage with customers and allow direct purchases of gaming gear and accessories on so…

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Professional Cybersecurity Training Proves Invaluable

11/21/2022 11:16:50 AM

73% of companies say their teams' cybersecurity performance improved because of ongoing professional cybersecurity training.

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Consumers Exhibit Shifting Preferences for Retail Messaging

11/21/2022 8:54:41 AM

Customers are showing increased preference towards mobile messaging when it comes to brand engagement, from notifications to customers service.

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Proof of Growth at Dirty Dough

11/21/2022 8:38:14 AM

Dirty Dough selected Hughes to deploy digital menu boards, promotional screens and employee communication screens in its business.

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Talkdesk Adds New Low- and No-Code Customization Tools for Contact Centers

11/18/2022 1:23:41 PM

Talkdesk introduced two new modules to its flagship Talkdesk Builder suite of low-code and no-code customization tools that enable organizations to easily …

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TrueConf Powers Video Meeting Solutions with AI

11/18/2022 11:52:00 AM

Video conferencing developer TrueConf revealed video communication developments powered by AI through its TrueConf 8 and TrueConf Room.

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Keeper Security Expands Data Hosting Security

11/18/2022 11:31:35 AM

Keeper Security expanded its cloud data centers into Japan and Canada to make it easier to comply with regional and local regulations.

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United (Fungi) Front: Industry Leaders Join Forces to Advance Sustainable Protein

11/18/2022 11:13:18 AM

Mush Foods teamed up with several fungi fermentation companies from abroad to form a new international trade association: The Fungi Protein Association (FP…

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Cisco Moves to Protect IT Ecosystems

11/18/2022 10:06:17 AM

Cisco advanced its progress toward protecting the integrity of organizations' entire IT ecosystems with new capabilities.

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Enterprise Metaverse Expo Launches as Newest Event in the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW

11/18/2022 10:01:10 AM

TMC announced the call for papers for Enterprise Metaverse Expo is now open. Enterprise Metaverse Expo takes place Feb. 14-17, 2023 as part of the ITEXPO #…

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