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Sinch Becomes HIPAA-compliant

7/1/2022 3:31:19 PM

Sinch announced it achieved third-party validation of its compliance with HIPAA for its security over voice, fax and UCaaS services.

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Tech Teams' New Priorities Engage MSPs

7/1/2022 3:24:48 PM

Fifty-two percent of organizations are focused on infrastructure modernization, and tech teams are engaging MSPs to help them achieve business goals.

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Digital Education Driven by 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and CBRS Innovation: A New Report from iGR

7/1/2022 3:15:29 PM

With high performance, reliable connectivity and security features, including the ability for network customization and service-level optimization, private…

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Taking Email Signatures to the Next Level

7/1/2022 3:05:29 PM

Pax8, a global cloud commerce marketplace, announced a global agreement with email signature management firm, Exclaimer Group

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Startups Create Disruptive Innovation at ITEXPO's IDEA Showcase 2022

7/1/2022 2:36:31 PM

At IDEA Showcase at ITEXPO 2022, seven startups and entrepreneurs focused on transforming markets or creating new ones were able to present their unique va…

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Winners of TMCnet's Zero Trust Security Excellence Awards for 2021 Announced

7/1/2022 1:51:58 PM

TMC announced the winners of the 2021TMCnet Zero Trust Security Excellence Award.

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TMC Announces Pandemic Tech Innovation Award Winners for 2022

7/1/2022 11:38:02 AM

TMC announced the recipients of the 2022 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award.

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The Importance of DEI in the Workplace

6/30/2022 6:21:53 PM

Diversity, equity and inclusion has come into greater focus due to cultural awareness, demographic shifts and current events.

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How to Operate the Hybrid Work Force of Today

6/30/2022 6:11:56 PM

Fusion Connect CEO Brian Crotty talks about managing a hybrid workforce at ITEXPO 2022.

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How to Be Careful With AI-Enhanced Recruiting Software

6/30/2022 5:00:29 PM

The first thing to know about AI-influenced recruiting software is the user is responsible for the actions of the software.

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IoT Evolution Announces Overall Best in Show Award Winners at 2022 Fort Lauderdale Event

6/30/2022 4:49:52 PM

The Best in Show Awards program recognizes IoT Evolution exhibitors that demonstrate creative and technologically innovative solutions or services which me…

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Why Should You Hire an SEO Agency To Boost Your Roofing Service Marketing Efforts?

6/30/2022 11:19:25 AM

In the prevailing market scenario, no business can expect to prosper unless it has a strong online presence. As we live in the internet age, it is vital to…

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Why Data Backup And Recovery Are Essential In Healthcare Industry

6/30/2022 10:50:07 AM

Data forms an integral part of the American healthcare industry. Hospitals all over the country use it to make informed decisions. Besides, with data, doct…

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An Exponential AI On A Quest To Deliver Marketing Solutions To The Businesses

6/30/2022 10:42:09 AM

On a global scale, the market revenue for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly and is expected to surge till 2027. IDC, the market research firm…

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IoT Evolution Announces 2022 Solutions Theatre Best in Show Award Winners at Fort Lauderdale Event

6/30/2022 10:02:28 AM

The Battle of the ROI Awards program recognizes IoT Evolution companies that demonstrated creative and technologically innovative solutions or services tha…

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Smaller Carriers Not Prepared as Stir/Shaken Deadline Looms

6/29/2022 3:25:51 PM

Smaller carriers are having trouble implementing STIR/SHAKEN as FCC deadline looms.

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Globalstar Announces Portfolio of Satellite Asset Tracking Software and Hardware Solutions

6/29/2022 3:12:57 PM

The Realm Enablement Suite is a portfolio of satellite asset tracking software and hardware solutions, featuring a powerful application enablement platform…

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Virtual Reality Redefines Future of Work Despite Challenges

6/29/2022 3:05:00 PM

Virtual reality is an exciting opportunity for employers in digital transformation.

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South Florida Emerges as Tech Hub

6/29/2022 2:55:04 PM

Quality of life and the lack of a state income tax are factors contributing to the emergence of south Florida as a tech hub.

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Kajeet Discusses Secure Connectivity at IoT Evolution Expo 2022

6/29/2022 10:08:07 AM

IoT Evolution and ITEXPO brought together a compelling mix of vendors enabling the Internet of Things.

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Optimizing the Edge: Challenges, Opportunities and the Future of Serverless

6/29/2022 10:01:27 AM

The reduction in latency brought by Edge computing can make applications in IOT, IIoT, AI and ML more achievable.

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Bridging the Digital Divide and Bringing Meaningful Opportunities to Rural Americans

6/29/2022 9:18:04 AM

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a staggering 21 million Americans are still without broadband connectivity.

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The Future of Farming is Connected

6/29/2022 8:51:37 AM

has seen extensive overhauls causing considerable improvements, minimizing resource expenditure while maximizing yields. Traditionally suffering from larg…

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How to Optimize Your SD-WAN to Fit the Evolving Needs of Your Business

6/29/2022 8:36:13 AM

Here are four ways in which SD-WAN can be optimized for evolving business needs.

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Sharpening the Edge II: Diving Deeper into the LF Edge Taxonomy & Projects

6/29/2022 8:27:49 AM

IoT has the potential to create a "SMART" world, meaning "Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology."

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IoT Evolution Announces 2022 Best in Show Award Winners at Fort Lauderdale Event

6/29/2022 8:22:22 AM

The Battle of the ROI Awards program recognizes IoT Evolution companies that demonstrated creative and technologically innovative solutions or services tha…

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7 Technology Upgrades to Modernize Your Classrooms

6/28/2022 3:36:22 PM

Since they can remember, the majority of students today have used portable gadgets such as smartphones and tablets to solve issues, play, and learn. It onl…

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A Brief Overview of Dark Web Monitoring

6/28/2022 3:27:38 PM

As its name suggests, dark web monitoring refers to the process of keeping track or searching for sensitive information that's found on an area of the Worl…

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TP-Link Introduces Omada Solution for Multi-Dwelling Units

6/28/2022 1:30:38 PM

Private pre-shared Wi-Fi keys will offer MSPs and easy way to provide connectivity to multi-dwelling units with an easy-to-deploy authentication method for…

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Marketing Trends in 2022: How Does It Look Like?

6/28/2022 1:29:02 PM

An effective marketing tactic has been utilized in order to make an effective promotion of platforms, come up with ads that evaluate specific audiences or …

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HoduSoft Reshapes Business Connections

6/28/2022 1:23:12 PM

HoduSoft is reshaping how businesses connect through its comprehensive product suite, including HoduPBX and HoduCC.

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Will MSPs Be Successful in 2022?

6/28/2022 1:13:30 PM

MSPs, during this time of digital transformation, are offering businesses, especially small- and medium-sized businesses, 24/7 tech support.

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Crexendo, NetSapiens Offer Class 5 UC Software Platform

6/28/2022 1:01:23 PM

NetSapiens' SNAPsolution is a class 5 unified communications software platform for the service provider and MSP environment.

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MSPs Receive Benefits Through Dell Expert Network

6/28/2022 12:47:28 PM

To help IT consultants and MSPs that want to simplify the purchasing and reselling of Dell equipment, Dell is offering its Dell Expert Network program, a s…

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Restore Data Instantly with Redstor

6/28/2022 12:34:24 PM

Redstor is a disruptive SaaS business providing backup and recovery software for data spanning on-premise, cloud-native and SaaS environments within a sing…

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Vizetto's Reactiv Suite Keeps Virtual Audience Engaged

6/28/2022 12:28:54 PM

With Reactiv Suite from Vizetto, audience engagement in any hybrid meeting can be boosted.

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3 Tech Trends In Online Food Delivery

6/28/2022 12:15:17 PM

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving to identify ways to offer optimum customer experience. Providing the best possible customer experience will …

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Yubo: the social network to make friends all over the world

6/28/2022 12:08:13 PM

Ever heard of the Yubo app? It is a social media app that helps teens and young people to make new friends all over the world. The application breaks down …

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Trademark vs Copyright: Understanding Different Types of Intellectual Property

6/28/2022 11:09:20 AM

What is the difference between a trademark and a copyright? We'll discuss it in this guide. It's important to protect your intellectual property. That's…

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What Is Travel Technology And How Can It Help You?

6/28/2022 11:03:19 AM

Technology has revolutionized our life and the way we shop, eat, work, and unwind. We can order meals, buy home appliances, make reservations, and do so mu…

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5 Tips to Make Instagram Stories Work for Your Business

6/28/2022 10:57:01 AM

If you don't harness the power of Instagram Stories for your social media marketing, you're missing out big time. IG Stories are more than a space to sh…

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How Seniors Can Benefit from Embracing HealthTech

6/28/2022 10:51:24 AM

Taking care of your health is important at any age, but it is especially important as you age. Some people are fortunate enough not to experience any si…

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What Is a WAN? Things Every Digital Business Should Know About a Wide Area Network

6/27/2022 4:35:56 PM

While there are many options for connecting all computing devices across different sites, a wide area network (WAN) is one of the best solutions for ensuri…

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Home Safety Rules for People Who Live Alone

6/27/2022 12:58:23 PM

When you live alone, there are some safety rules you shouldn't ignore. You don't have a housemate who will check that you locked up and call for help in th…

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5 Essential Elements of an Effective Workplace Wellness Program

6/27/2022 11:50:25 AM

In the contact center world, agent pay is the third reason employees leave their job, after 'being unhappy in job' (36%) and 'limited growth opportunities'…

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Sales Professional Jeremy Fetzer Discusses Trends That Will Shape Sales in 2022

6/27/2022 11:29:58 AM

2022 is just around the corner, and that means it's time to start thinking about the trends that will shape sales over the next few years. Technology is co…

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5 Tips For Staying In Touch With Technology

6/27/2022 10:41:27 AM

Did you know that the average person checks their mobile device 193 times a day? That's the number of times they check their phone every minute-and it's no…

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Top Trends in Tablet Manufacturing 2022

6/27/2022 10:28:28 AM

The most common dosage form in pharmaceuticals is tablets, followed by capsules. Tablets are convenient dosage forms with cost effectiveness. The compressi…

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How Businesses Can Overcome the Increasing Threat of Cyberattacks

6/27/2022 10:20:53 AM

Cyberattacks are becoming more common, and businesses find it challenging to overcome them. In fact, the number of cyberattacks has grown by over 3 million…

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Are Bots Better Than Humans at Poker?

6/27/2022 10:15:26 AM

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has come a long way, with computer software getting increasingly complex. Artificial intelligence, us…

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