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Premier CX Personalizes On-Hold Time for Customers

9/29/2020 4:23:52 PM

In customer service today, personalization is the name of the game. The closer you can get callers to feel to your business and the purpose you serve meets…

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VMware Future Ready with SASE Platform

9/29/2020 4:06:42 PM

VMworld 2020 kicked off today with quite the "wow" factor and a flurry of announcements. VMware announced VMware Future Ready Workforce solutions promising…

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How Technology Is Improving Taking Medicine

9/29/2020 3:39:57 PM

The healthcare industry is continually changing, and it is an entirely different landscape than just five years ago. This is mainly due to technology, alon…

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Tech: How It Is Changing How Car Accidents Happen

9/29/2020 3:35:09 PM

There probably isn't anybody who isn't aware of how technology has improved the driving experience. After all, many people probably remember the act of fol…

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Zappix & HGS Digital Partner for Better Omnichannel Customer Experiences

9/29/2020 3:01:21 PM

To keep self-service experiences frictionless, Zappix has partnered with Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) to provide intelligent virtual assistant and paymen…

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Race for AI Supremacy Strengthens US, UK Ties

9/29/2020 2:42:07 PM

On Friday, Axios reported a soon-to-be announced partnership between the United States and the United Kingdom to join forces in the research and developmen…

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How Technology Is Assisting IPL Lovers In Maximizing Their Fun

9/29/2020 2:39:38 PM

Technology has come a long way since the emergence of cricket. Earlier were the times when people listened to the cricket commentary through radios. Gradua…

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SMB security fears for cloud data storage - and how to overcome them

9/29/2020 2:21:08 PM

The cloud has benefited organizations for many years now. But despite all the benefits it brings, suspicion is still present. According to a recent study, …

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Angie Hospitality Introduces Voice-Activated and Contactless Technology Solutions for Hotels

9/29/2020 1:06:38 PM

Angie Hospitality, a provider of voice-activated and contactless technology solutions for hotels, recently announced Angie PBX, a cloud-based phone service…

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Senet Receives $16 Million Growth Funding

9/29/2020 12:14:17 PM

With many wireless technologies incapable of long-range transference of data required by most enterprise and industrial IoT applications, funding of IoT an…

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How To Succeed in IoT Business: Solve Customer Problems Then Scale

9/29/2020 11:36:38 AM

Swift Sensors recently announced a new Chief Executive Officer, Ray Almgren, who joined the company as CMO and rose through the ranks focusing on providing…

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5G Americas & Rysavy Research Release White Paper on Growth and Impact of 5G

9/29/2020 11:27:40 AM

There are more than 105 5G networks now deployed around the world, and a recently released white paper, from 5G Americas and Rysavy Research, highlights th…

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IIoT: A catalyst for new discoveries in the NOW normal

9/29/2020 11:04:40 AM

IoT is serving as the foundation for Industrial IoT (IIoT), and as a way to move forward in the NOW normal, where COVID-19 has disrupted every industry, fr…

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How to Register to Vote on Your Campus Presented by OCM

9/29/2020 10:34:10 AM

College students are often extremely busy, especially during the first semester. Whether you're battling midterm exams or simply keeping up with extracurri…

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5 Ways Technology Has Largely Impacted Your Life

9/29/2020 10:08:16 AM

Technology has changed the whole world as well as individual lives in countless ways. Yet, there are situations when people complain about various technolo…

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Understanding The Essential Machinery Required To Start Your Manufacturing Business

9/29/2020 10:03:37 AM

Starting a business is any industry is a big undertaking. It requires a good deal of capital, a clear and discernible business model and a lot of technical…

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5 Ways To Overcome A DAM Problem

9/29/2020 9:51:31 AM

Although management may agree that investing in a DAM (Digital Assessment Management) system makes financial sense and is a logical solution for any busine…

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Health Technology to Prevent or Mitigate Slip and Fall Accidents

9/29/2020 9:42:31 AM

Slips and falls are more dangerous than they seem. In fact, a lot of these incidents may result in irreparable damage that diminishes the quality of life o…

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The Devastating Effects of Ransomware, now Extortionware

9/29/2020 9:30:37 AM

The Devastating Effects of Ransomware, now Extortionware

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Nomadix Introduces Voice-Activated and Contactless Technology Solutions for Hotels

9/28/2020 2:34:06 PM

Nomadix, a provider of voice-activated and contactless technology solutions for hotels, recently announced Angie PBX, a cloud-based phone service delivered…

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When Trust is a Higher Calling, Business Phones Become Friends Again

9/28/2020 2:01:43 PM

Consumers are not the only victims of fraudulent, annoying phone calls. While much has been written about applications that help individuals screen spam an…

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AVX Releases Embedded Antenna for CAT-M and NB-IoT

9/28/2020 1:56:39 PM

In a recent release, AVX Corporation has announced a new embedded, universal broadband, LTE/LPWA antenna.

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T-Mobile Launches All-New Channel Partner Program

9/28/2020 1:39:29 PM

According to an announcement from the recent virtual Channel Partners event, T-Mobile has launched its all-new T-Mobile for Business Partner Program.

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Bosch Deploys Traffic Video Sensor Tech in Peachtree Corners

9/28/2020 1:26:19 PM

Collaboration between the City of Peachtree Corners in Georgia and Bosch Building Technologies is designed to leverage video sensors to manage and analyze …

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As Data Explodes in Cloud Contact Centers, the Security Spotlight Shifts to Internal Threats and Privileged Access Management

9/28/2020 12:11:21 PM

Contact Centers are one of the riskiest areas for enterprises, especially those which have a large customer base and are in highly regulated industries.

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Technology and Its Role in the Beauty Industry

9/28/2020 11:41:26 AM

Long gone are the days of cleansing, tone, and moisturize for beautiful, glowing, young-looking skin. Today, the most prominent beauty companies in the wor…

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Top Electrical Troubleshooting Equipment & Best Practices Every Small Team Should Know

9/28/2020 11:36:42 AM

Small teams that need to troubleshoot electrical systems in a manufacturing or construction site often do not have the luxury of advanced equipment or spec…

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Use the Right VPN to Truly Take Control of Your Privacy and Security

9/28/2020 9:58:05 AM

There has been a noticeable spike in virtual private network (VPN) usage worldwide. Experts suggest that this is because people are spending more time work…

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How Cryptocurrency Technology Could Potentially Change The World

9/28/2020 9:49:17 AM

Unless you've been living under a rock or in a distant cave for the last decade or two there is a very good chance that you've heard of cryptocurrency. Hec…

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10 Benefits Of Using A Digital Work Order System To Enhance Productivity

9/28/2020 9:45:25 AM

The necessity of a digital work order system has become clear with the massive market place competition & fluctuating economy. With tons of high-tech wizar…

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UC Network Management Week in Review: Avaya, Accent, Fuze & More

9/26/2020 7:00:00 AM

Communications is a vital component to businesses of all shapes and sizes. So, while your company chooses to deploy a future-forward, feature-rich unified …

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Patent Improves User Presence Detection

9/25/2020 3:28:47 PM

Fuze announced it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 10645088B1, a method to intelligently determine the availability status of a user by tracking activity a…

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The Technology Behind Online Slots

9/25/2020 2:11:48 PM

Online slots are simple games. You select a machine, adjust betting lines and press play. A software program then initiates 3-7 reels to spin repeatedly fo…

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How to Use Your Customer's Devices to Drive Interest and Engagement

9/25/2020 2:03:51 PM

Creating interest and engagement in customers is going to be one of the most important parts of driving sales. Content is one of the most important ways th…

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As Contact Centers Embrace Remote Work, Supervisor's Role Gets Redefined, Refocused

9/25/2020 1:58:52 PM

For contact center supervisors, the shift to remote work changed the dynamic of the job. In the WFH COVID era, supervisors must orchestrate an atomized gro…

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Wisconsin Opens New Mental Health Crisis Call Center

9/25/2020 1:46:04 PM

While some groups, notably older Americans, seem to be coping better than younger demographics, it's fair to say that the COVID crisis has touched almost e…

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The Price of a Human Life: Impacts of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry's Advances

9/25/2020 1:44:28 PM

Few people can deny excitement the idea of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is generating and how it has become an undeniable part of future vehicular transportat…

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Technology and Tools Enhancing the Remote Work Trend

9/25/2020 1:25:06 PM

Remote work is no longer a new concept for many companies. According to statistics, more than half of businesses operating globally offer employees some ca…

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AI Technology in Sales

9/25/2020 12:50:55 PM

Every brand, big or small, strives to capture the latest tech trends to keep up with their target customers and competitors and ensure that their sales are…

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The Role of CNC Machines in the Making of Prototypes

9/25/2020 12:44:37 PM

CNC machining is amazingly diverse and is used in a variety of modern industries. From aerospace to electronics to the military, CNC machining plays a sign…

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Working Remotely During a Pandemic Has Affected Cybersecurity

9/25/2020 12:38:25 PM

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented innumerable challenges for businesses and caused serious economic harm. But one of the less talked about impacts of Cov…

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4 Ways Where Shared Web Hosting Shines

9/25/2020 12:33:52 PM

With a plethora of web hosting services available, everybody - from casual bloggers to large companies - can have difficulties in choosing what's right for…

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Fines Cost First American Financial at least $2B! Meet DFS Cybersecurity Regulation, Part 500 of Title 23

9/25/2020 11:52:37 AM

Fines Cost First American Financial at least $2B! Meet DFS Cybersecurity Regulation, Part 500 of Title 23

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FirstComm Introduces UC Teams

9/25/2020 11:39:50 AM

FirstComm announced the newest addition to its suite of UC Packages - UC Teams, a Microsoft Teams integration that delivers a rich UC experience.

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3 great additions to your gaming gear collection

9/25/2020 8:45:14 AM

In the world of gaming there is a bunch of different gear you can get. You can get everything from a fancy mouse pad with good support to a special gaming …

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Melrose Labs Partners with Phronesis to Protect Businesses from Fraud

9/24/2020 4:31:54 PM

Melrose Labs recently announced a partnership with Phronesis Technologies, which provides real-time insights into mobile calls to help companies fight frau…

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Securing Home WiFi Access to Corporate Networks for Teleworkers

9/24/2020 4:08:55 PM

Businesses are faced with a dual dilemma of supporting remote working but also ensuring corporate networks remain secure. Minim has a solution to the home …

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Accent Announces VoiceONE Meetings, HD Video

9/24/2020 3:59:10 PM

Accent announces VoiceONE Meetings video conferencing and web-based meetings service, adding HD video conferencing, team collaboration and online meetings …

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UCaaS Provider Crexendo Announces Public Offering

9/24/2020 2:55:14 PM

Crexendo, Inc., a 25-year-old cloud-based unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) company, has seen some significant growth this year. The company was …

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Avaya Spaces Makes Virtual Learning Possible Across the Globe

9/24/2020 1:52:24 PM

The 2020/2021 academic school year has commenced for students across the nation. As we return to school and work post-COVID shutdowns and social distancing…

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