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TDK Announces Qeexo AutoML Platform Integration for Arm Keil MDK

3/24/2023 4:50:29 PM

TDK's new company Qeexo has launched its AutoML for Arm Keil MDK. This enables end-to-end embedded ML and development workflows.

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Organizations Elevate Security by Eliminating Hidden Risks in IAM

3/24/2023 4:42:17 PM

Elevate Security, known for proactively safeguarding an organization's riskiest users, is elevating IAM methodologies by integrating its user risk profilin…

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Forethought Integrates ChatGPT into New AI Customer Support Solution

3/24/2023 3:33:37 PM

Customer support solutions provider Forethought recently announced the launch of SupportGPT, a generative AI platform for customer support.

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Twilio and PolyAI Add AI Assistant Technology to Twilio Contact Center Platforms

3/24/2023 3:30:13 PM

PolyAI and customer engagement solutions provider Twilio recently announced the integration of PolyAI's customer-led conversational assistant with Twilio F…

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90% of Consumers Concerned About Poor Vendor Security in 2023

3/24/2023 3:26:52 PM

The majority of consumers are worried about the potential negative impact that poor vendor security could have on their lives in 2023.

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Cybersecurity Essentials: BSA Expands Managed Security Solutions

3/24/2023 3:21:50 PM

Bridge Security Advisors (BSA) has announced an addition to its Essential Security Solution (ESS): the Managed Security Solution (MSS) offering.

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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing for Small Businesses

3/24/2023 2:05:07 PM

Outsourcing has become an increasingly popular business strategy for small businesses looking to streamline operations, reduce costs, and focus on core com…

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Technology advantages for Business

3/24/2023 1:47:17 PM

Leveraging technology is an essential part of running a successful business in the modern era. Localization companies can help businesses to effectively ut…

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How Health Economics is Shaping Healthcare in the US

3/24/2023 1:40:36 PM

The healthcare industry is always in the spotlight in some way or another, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, cracks, flaws and shortfalls were highlight…

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Defencebyte Computer Optimizer - The best pick for a smooth function!

3/24/2023 1:35:07 PM

Always your computer from harm to ensure everything goes right. It is what matters and offers you the finest experience in every field. The advancing techn…

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Post-Layoff Survival Guide: How Tech Companies Can Help Their Employees Rebound

3/24/2023 1:29:53 PM

In today's fast-paced business world, layoffs are unfortunately a reality that many companies have to face. However, how a company handles these layoffs ca…

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How Net Zero Carbon Goals May Soon Affect Accounting Practices

3/24/2023 1:25:21 PM

The US joined the Paris Agreement (PA) in 2016, resulting from the work of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which the na…

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6 Industry-Disrupting Software-Centered Businesses

3/24/2023 1:22:15 PM

In the 21st century, software-centered businesses have drastically disrupted traditional industries. Through innovative technologies and platforms, these b…

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AI-Powered Answer Engine Lucy Delivers the Right Answers

3/24/2023 12:05:45 PM

Lucy took it upon i to use one of the more booming tools today, generative AI, to further assist in solving an often urgent and overlooked problem.

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Quectel's New CC200A-LB Satellite Module, Reliable and Ready for a Wide Range of IoT Applications

3/24/2023 10:56:05 AM

Quectel has launched its CC200A-LB satellite module, which is designed to provide reliable global connectivity at a cost-effective price point, making it i…

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Collaborate with Revenue-Critical Teams to Drive Faster Time to Revenue in Clari's Integration Hub

3/24/2023 9:27:01 AM

Clari launched the Integration Hub, a centralized resource that captures and organizes revenue-critical signals from more than 40 integrated technologies a…

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'Hello' from Quectel's New Wi-Fi HaLow Module, Launched for Improved Indoor and Outdoor IoT

3/23/2023 3:32:17 PM

Quectel launched its IEE 802.11ah wireless networking protocol, known as Wi-Fi HaLow, for augmented IoT applications both indoors and outdoors.

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Wingspan Investment Further Simplifies Payroll, Benefits Management

3/23/2023 3:13:01 PM

The trend of relying on independent contractors continues to grow among businesses. Wingspan, a payroll platform for independent contractors, looks to addr…

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As Big Company Layoffs Hit Home, How Can Tech Businesses Continue To Meet DEI Goals?

3/23/2023 2:52:46 PM

The giants of tech are starting to lay off employees, and diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) related roles have been some of the first on the chopping…

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How to Effectively Collect and Analyze Customer Feedback for Business Success

3/23/2023 2:48:43 PM

Customer feedback is invaluable for any business looking to improve its product/services and overall customer experience. Listening to your customers' o…

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Utilizing Security Analytics for Informed Data Security Decisions

3/23/2023 2:43:50 PM

Of late, terms like "big data" and "AI" have taken the internet by storm. This fervor is becoming contagious as more companies try to figure out how to use…

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Technology's influence on the bingo market

3/23/2023 2:31:44 PM

Technology has truly impacted and shaped the global landscape. It has affected all sectors and markets from small retail businesses to the large and ever-g…

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Businesses Deliver Measurable Value from AI Investments with DataRobot

3/23/2023 1:22:46 PM

DataRobot AI Platform 9.0 allows customers to leverage value-driven AI, a unique and collaborative approach that helps businesses deliver measurable value …

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A Full O-RAN Ecosystem Testing Portfolio, Courtesy of Spirent and Anritsu

3/23/2023 12:29:31 PM

As partners, the combined test solutions between Spirent and Anritsu are set to ensure the compliance, performance, and interoperability testing that O-RAN…

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Cloud Storage Costs (and Solutions) are on the Rise

3/23/2023 12:23:56 PM

Virtana's latest report on hybrid cloud storage trends found that 84% of all respondents advocate for the cloud, but 55% of that same group feel apprehensi…

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Digital Marketing Maturity Drives Revenue Growth

3/23/2023 12:04:24 PM

A survey conducted by ON24 sheds light on the digital maturity of B2B marketing in Europe, filling the data gap that has historically existed in this marke…

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The Future of IoT Core and Debating Build vs. Buy Options

3/23/2023 10:37:10 AM

With large third-party providers sunsetting their IoT solutions, the time is now for organizations to make the choice to either build or buy.

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Ensuring Remote Agents Can Be Clearly Heard Drives Innovation in Headset Technology

3/23/2023 10:09:01 AM

Nectar and Jabra announced a development partnership and solution that integrates telemetry from the latest Jabra headsets into Nectar's Digital Experience…

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Authentication, Trust and Information: A Quick Glance at CSPs' Role

3/23/2023 9:53:07 AM

CSPs need to become deeply engaged in the securitization of apps within their networks, and not just ensure the safe transmission of information through th…

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Taking On Cloud Bill Shock Once and For All: What Every MSP Needs to Know Now

3/23/2023 9:39:18 AM

Cloud technology is not without its challenges, but the single greatest problem is inefficient allocation of resources and spending, leading to Bill Shock.

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SHIB The Metaverse Accelerates Shiba Inu's Movement

3/22/2023 10:39:38 PM

Shiba Inu announced SHIB The Metaverse will be built on the anticipated Ethereum Lay 2 blockchain Shibarium.

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Employees Call for Higher Focus on Safety

3/22/2023 10:31:10 PM

Nearly three-fourths of employees don't think their employers are following through on safety promises, according to AlertMedia's State of Employee Safety …

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Ingram Micro and C-Facts Invest in Cloud Cost Management, Together

3/22/2023 5:57:02 PM

Ingram Micro and C-Facts have signed a five-year deal to make C-Facts' services worldwide available for all Ingram Micro Cloud Partners and their customers…

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Juji Taps into Generative AI to Automate Cognitive AI Chatbot Creation

3/22/2023 5:20:02 PM

Juji's new generative AI tool enables any organization, no matter the industry, to rapidly generate custom AI chatbots with no code or additional IT resour…

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Cloudflare Steps into the Online Fraud Fray

3/22/2023 4:33:21 PM

Aware of the online fraud problem, Cloudflare's Fraud Detection is set to provide greater insights into online fraud threats.

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Report Finds Insurance Companies Are Realizing the Value of Investing in CX

3/22/2023 3:32:42 PM

Contact center solutions provider Talkdesk, Inc. recently released a new Talkdesk Research report, "Building Loyalty in Insurance Through Elevated Customer…

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Cloud Managed Services Market to Be Worth $247.5B by 2030

3/22/2023 2:06:21 PM

Based on new market research (based on factors like deployment mode, organization size, and sector to forecast the market's growth potential), the global c…

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UPSTACK Expands Reach, Acquires LinkSource's Network and Cloud Sourcing Business

3/22/2023 1:52:56 PM

UPSTACK has acquired the network and cloud sourcing business of LinkSource Technologies, a technology management company, and has established a strategic p…

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CCaaS Challenge at the Edge: The Importance of High Fidelity in Customer Service Environments

3/22/2023 1:46:16 PM

The greatest challenge for cloud contact centers is quality at the edge - the ability for home-based agents to serve customers efficiently with great and v…

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CyberGRX and ServiceNow Modernize Risk Assessment

3/22/2023 1:44:35 PM

ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management customers now have access to CyberGRX's extensive third-party risk data.

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O-RAN Ecosystem Testing through NTT DOCOMO and Spirent

3/22/2023 1:07:58 PM

Emulation is at the very heart of O-RAN compliance, performance, and interoperability testing. That's why NTT DOCOMO has selected technologies from Spirent…

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The Next Wave of Computing: NVIDIA and Microsoft Collaborate on Powerful Enterprise Resources

3/22/2023 12:58:27 PM

Microsoft Azure will host NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud and NVIDIA DGX Cloud for supercharged enterprise solutions.

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UC&C Management Challenges: An MSP Opportunity

3/22/2023 11:48:59 AM

MSP customers want their users to utilize UC&C and not be frustrated by Quality of Experience (QoE) problems. But, there can be significant and continuous …

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How to Outpace Your Competitors with Next-Level Competitive Benchmarking

3/22/2023 10:45:14 AM

Organizations should use benchmarking not just to know where they stand in the market but what actions they need to take in order to get to the top and imp…

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INTERNET TELEPHONY Announces Winners of the 2023 SD-WAN Product of the Year Awards

3/22/2023 8:27:48 AM

SD-WAN Product of the Year Awards are bestowed upon companies that demonstrate the innovation, vision, and execution to deliver software-based networking t…

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Viirtue Moves Toward Simplifying Communications Industry with $10.8M Series A Funding

3/21/2023 9:13:21 PM

As one step toward simplifying the communications industry, Viirtue has announced that it raised $10.8 million in Series A funding from Ballast Point Ventu…

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Most Consumers Struggle to Remember Passwords

3/21/2023 5:50:52 PM

A new research study from the Entrust Cybersecurity Institute says passwords have outrun their course and it's time to provide users a simpler, more secure…

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Biotech Innovator Leen Kawas On How Biomarkers Integrate with AI and Machine Learning to Solve Complex Healthcare Problems

3/21/2023 4:14:52 PM

Artificial intelligence (or AI) and machine learning (ML) (a form of AI) are becoming relevant and significant in the biotech and life science industry. AI…

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Why Every Business Should Invest in Intranet Software: Benefits and Features Explained

3/21/2023 4:09:25 PM

Intranet software is an essential investment for any business. No organisation today can keep itself running without a healthy intranet. So, what is an int…

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How Technology is Changing the Future of Healthcare

3/21/2023 4:03:37 PM

Technology is rapidly transforming the healthcare industry, and the future of healthcare is looking increasingly digital. From telemedicine to wearable dev…

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