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eSIM/iSIM Shipments to Exceed $1.4B by 2028

9/6/2023 10:23:27 AM

According to market intelligence and consulting firm Kaleido Intelligence, developments in IoT markets are set to enable eSIM and iSIM technologies at what…

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ZEDEDA Certified Edge Computing Associate Certification to Support Growing Uses of Edge Computing

9/6/2023 10:18:58 AM

The new ZCEA certification from ZEDEDA is available through the company's Edge Academy and provides fundamental knowledge about the many benefits of edge c…

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Making Creative Magic: Runway Teams Up with Google Cloud's Generative AI

9/6/2023 7:47:18 AM

Runway is set to leverage Google Cloud's specialized generative AI tools for the development, acceleration and management of model deployment.

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Natural Gas Detection with Integrated NB-IoT/LTE-M Connectivity, Courtesy of eLichens and Sequans

9/5/2023 4:31:51 PM

Together, eLichens and Sequans are introducing the Avolta NGD (Natural Gas Detector) with NB-IoT/LTE-M connectivity.

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Aculab's Prosody X Evo Bridges TDM and IP Networks

9/5/2023 4:29:06 PM

Aculab, a provider of deployment-proven AI and communications technologies, has announced Prosody X Evo.

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Zoom Uses GenAI to Improve Productivity and Collaboration: Learn More at ITEXPO and Generative AI Expo

9/5/2023 1:40:06 PM

Zoom will expand its generative AI offering across its platform with the launch of AI Companion, at no additional cost (with paid Zoom user accounts).

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NETGEAR's New PR60X Total Networking Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

9/5/2023 1:31:14 PM

NETGEAR has introduced its new PR60X 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router as the latest addition to its total networking solution platform.

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SatStation EdgeMate, an IoT Hub for Seamless Connectivity and Efficient Data Transmissions

9/5/2023 1:22:23 PM

SatStation has unveiled its SatStation EdgeMate solution for communication capabilities and simplified data transmissions in both remote and off-the-grid s…

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Hayden AI's Patented Blockchain System Secures Future of Traffic Enforcement

9/5/2023 12:32:48 PM

Hayden AI's blockchain-powered data management technology uses a distributed ledger to track each transaction of data with a unique and unrepeatable identi…

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IoT Evolution World Announces 2023 IoT Evolution LPWAN Excellence Award Winners

9/5/2023 12:04:47 PM

The IoT Evolution LPWAN Excellence Award honors organizations whose products have demonstrated exceptional innovation and creativity in leveraging LPWAN te…

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A New 'Pearl': Global Employment Platform Oyster Debuts AI-Powered Virtual Assistant to Support Workforces

9/5/2023 11:42:55 AM

By embracing AI, Oyster's new Pearl virtual assistant answers questions that pertain to global hiring and remote work regulations with data-driven accuracy…

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Rackspace Technology Launches FAIR Diagnostic Tool for AI Readiness Assessment

9/5/2023 11:35:05 AM

Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR) is an AI Diagnostic designed to help organizations assess their AI readiness quickly and efficiently.

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Accelecom VoiceCloud Services Accelerate Businesses Collaboration

9/5/2023 11:31:40 AM

Accelecom launched Accelecom VoiceCloud Services, a voice solutions set to transform business connectivity.

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CallCabinet Announces Integration of Its Recording and Analytics Solution with Zoom Contact Center

9/5/2023 11:26:21 AM

Quality monitoring solutions provider CallCabinet recently announced that its CallCabinet Compliant Recording & Analytics solution has been integrated with…

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QuestBlue Signs on as a Gold Sponsor for MSP Expo 2024, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

9/5/2023 11:05:32 AM

TMC today announced that QuestBlue has signed on a Gold sponsor for MSP Expo, the #TECHSUPERSHOW, being held February 13-15, 2024 at the Greater Fort Laude…

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New Study Measures Consumer Attitudes Toward AI in Customer Support

9/5/2023 10:51:34 AM

Digital River, an e-commerce solutions and services provider, recently released findings from a consumer survey aimed at helping brands navigate emerging t…

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Cybersecurity in Hosting and Hybrid Work Environments Needed Urgently

9/4/2023 7:08:42 PM

Cybersecurity in Hosting and Hybrid Work Environments Needed Urgently

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Keeper Security and Gradient MSP Collab on Billing Integration for MSPs

9/1/2023 5:27:13 PM

Keeper Security, a provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software, announced a strategic billing integration with Gradient MSP.

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Wind River Partners with Vodafone for Open RAN Deployment

9/1/2023 5:25:00 PM

Wind River, a provider of software solutions for mission-critical intelligent systems, has announced a partnership with Vodafone to provide its Open RAN eq…

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Laminar Expands DSPM Platform with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive Support

9/1/2023 5:22:37 PM

DSPM company Laminar is expanding its services, now offering support for Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

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Detroit Pistons Slam Dunk Enterprise Storage Game with Infinidat

9/1/2023 4:24:57 PM

The Detroit Pistons made a clutch shot by making Infinidat's InfiniBox solution its platform of choice for consolidating applications and workloads.

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Coginiti's ChatGPT Enterprise Integration Fuels Data Professional Capabilities

9/1/2023 3:07:50 PM

Coginiti is on a dedicated mission to transform how enterprises and data experts create data and analytical solutions, and the company is taking a step for…

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Narakeet Launches AI Solution to Convert Video Subtitles into Native Speech

9/1/2023 2:43:58 PM

Narakeet recently launched a solution to seamlessly convert video subtitles into audio using text to speech artificial intelligence.

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Talkdesk Joins EHR Company Epic's Partner Program to Improve the Patient Experience

9/1/2023 2:37:03 PM

A study found that 67 percent of healthcare IT leaders viewed consistency and connectedness in the patient experience as a high or essential priority for t…

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'The Next Frontier in Data Security': Rubrik Acquires Laminar to Boost Cyber Recovery and DSPM Operations

9/1/2023 2:29:47 PM

Rubrik recently signed an agreement to acquire DSPM provider Laminar, bringing together cyber recovery and data security posture management (DSPM) efforts …

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Eversource Data Breach: Another Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call

9/1/2023 12:24:16 PM

Eversource reported that over 3,000 customers in Connecticut may have been impacted by a recent data breach.

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Rubrik's AI-Powered Cyber Recovery Tool is Guiding VMWare Customers

9/1/2023 11:59:33 AM

Data security company Rubrik is supporting VMware customers through the power of generative AI.

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Artificial Intelligence in Gaming

9/1/2023 10:48:14 AM

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics out there. We hear about it every day. In the world of gaming, of course, this is a rather present mat…

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How Cloud Computing is Being Used in Video Games

9/1/2023 10:39:57 AM

By using remote servers hosted on the Internet, many popular game developers these days are using cloud computing to run their products. It's mostly the ca…

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The technology behind Australian Online Casinos: Revolutionizing the Gambling Landscape

9/1/2023 10:33:37 AM

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, Australian online casinos have emerged as a perfect blend of innovation and entertainment. The growth of t…

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Expanding Horizons: How to Reach European and American Markets with Your Small Business Website

9/1/2023 9:58:18 AM

Unlock the growth potential of international markets by learning how to expand your small business website to reach European and American customers. This c…

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Plainsight Teams Up with Google Cloud to Fuse Generative AI and Computer Vision

8/31/2023 6:11:42 PM

Plainsight entered a partnership with Google Cloud to help tech leaders more quickly and easily achieve efficiency and cost-saving benefits with solutions …

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A Tall 'Ordr' for IoT: Industry Demands for Connected Device Security Rise

8/31/2023 4:18:18 PM

Connected device security company Ordr reported that growing threats to Internet of Things assets are expanding attack surfaces. Action is needed.

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MSP Expo Platinum Sponsor Wildix Develops UC Solution to Support Apple Vision Pro

8/31/2023 3:53:52 PM

MSP Expo Platinum Sponsor Wildix created a premier unified communications resolution that supports the Apple Vision Pro headset.

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A Solid, Zero Trust Program: Studying Current Challenges, Risks, and Rewards

8/31/2023 1:55:25 PM

The authorizations-focused cybersecurity team at PlainID released findings from its latest survey about zero trust programs and approaches to them.

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CyrusOne Addresses Growing Needs of AI Applications and Services with Intelliscale

8/31/2023 1:47:04 PM

The Intelliscale data center is built upon an ultra-high-density foundation, optimizing space utilization.

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Generative AI Fuels Cybersecurity Attacks as Stress Mounts for SecOps Teams

8/31/2023 1:25:31 PM

Nearly half of senior security professionals say that generative AI increases their organization's vulnerability to attacks.

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Appen Limited Launches New Solutions to Reduce Bias and Toxicity in Chatbots

8/31/2023 12:17:25 PM

Appen Limited, which provides high-quality data for the AI lifecycle, recently announced the launch of two new products.

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Cogito Integrates AI Guidance into Fortune 25 Company's CRM Platform

8/31/2023 12:14:02 PM

Cogito recently signed a multi-year agreement for expansion of collaboration with a global Fortune 25 consumer technology company.

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Sailing with Speed and Style: SailGP and T-Mobile Elevate Fans' Experiences with 5G-Powered, Immersive Racing Devices

8/31/2023 12:05:38 PM

During SailGP Grand Prix experiences, T-Mobile's 5G Advanced Solutions are connecting fans with the catamarans via on-board cameras, AR, and performance

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Chrono-nutrition - Aligning Meal Times with Circadian Rhythms for Optimal Health

8/31/2023 9:58:32 AM

Human lives follow natural rhythms called circadian rhythms, which act as an internal clock, governing various bodily processes like sleep-wake cycles, hor…

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SpyCloud Secures $110M in Funding to Boost Identity Threat Protection

8/31/2023 9:41:07 AM

SpyCloud recently closed a $110 million growth round commitment of primary and secondary capital, led by Riverwood Capital.

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Cyxtera and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partnership Aims to Expedite and Optimize Hybrid IT Tactics

8/30/2023 4:07:03 PM

As an HPE Partner Ready service provider, Cyxtera is offering its Enterprise Bare Metal solution supported by the HPE GreenLake platform.

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Transformational Telemedicine: Programs' Successes and Shortages, and Patient Satisfaction

8/30/2023 2:45:10 PM

Eagle Telemedicine's latest survey findings show that 94.6% of U.S. hospitals actively use telemedicine; primarily to help offset the rising physician shor…

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Talon Cyber Security Modernizes End-User Experience with Innovative Digital Tools

8/30/2023 2:24:54 PM

Talon Cyber Security announced new digital experience capabilities available in the Talon Enterprise Browser that ensure issues are proactively resolved.

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How to Take Your Marketing Global

8/30/2023 2:15:49 PM

Welcome to the fast-paced, ever-changing world of marketing. Remember the days when billboards and TV commercials ruled the roost? Well, times have changed…

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Brick & Mortar Meets Bits & Bytes

8/30/2023 2:13:07 PM

In the grand tapestry of industries that have been reshaped by the digital revolution, real estate stands as one of the most intriguing chapters. At a glan…

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The Enhancement of Online Gambling Through Emerging Technologies

8/30/2023 1:42:36 PM

Online gambling has come far since its initial inception. With the advancement of technology, the online gambling industry has successfully been able to pr…

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The Impact of Technology on the iGaming Industry

8/30/2023 1:38:15 PM

The iGaming industry has experienced significant growth in recent years thanks to advancements in technology. From the rise of mobile gaming to the integra…

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How Technology is Transforming the Online Casino Industry

8/30/2023 1:32:51 PM

The online casino industry has undergone noteworthy growth in recent years thanks to many technological advances. These innovations have changed how people…

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