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From Brick-And-Mortar To Cloud-And-Click: Navigating The Future Of Retail

9/15/2023 10:24:28 AM

The retail landscape has been in a constant state of flux, especially in the last decade. Gone are the days when a storefront and a friendly face were all …

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Which Ranking Factors Should SEO Marketers Prioritize in 2023 & Beyond

9/15/2023 10:17:29 AM

Search engine optimization is the mainstay of online visibility for businesses. While SEO relies on tried-and-tested tactics, it continues to evolve. Chang…

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Innovations in Disposable Vape Technology: Discussing the latest advancements

9/15/2023 9:12:06 AM

Vaping has gained popularity over the past decade as a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking. From the earliest e-liquid vaporizers to the most a…

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Supporting National Strategy for Tourism in the Banking Industry with Credins Bank

9/15/2023 8:38:21 AM

It's great to hear that a bank is supporting a national strategy for tourism! Banks can play a significant role in supporting various industries, including…

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Automation of Cloud Networks Simplified through Alkira and Itential Integration

9/14/2023 5:41:38 PM

Alkira and Itential are integrating their two platforms, bringing automation, simplicity, speed and control to cloud networking for enterprises.

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Elevate Defense Game from Partial to Total Protection with Sweet Security

9/14/2023 4:00:10 PM

Sweet's Cloud Runtime Security Suite empowers CISOs and security teams to elevate their cloud security from partial to comprehensive protection.

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INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine Announces Winners of 2023 Hosted VoIP Excellence Awards

9/14/2023 3:18:35 PM

The INTERNET TELEPHONY Hosted VoIP Excellence Awards honor services that have demonstrated innovation, unique features, quality and reliability of service,…

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IIoT and Advanced Condition Monitoring: The Future of Industrial Excellence

9/14/2023 3:09:15 PM

Advanced condition monitoring is a sophisticated approach that emphasizes the continuous observation of machinery health and performance. Its primary objec…

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Hugging Face and NVIDIA Bring Generative AI Supercomputing to Developers

9/14/2023 2:37:14 PM

Developers gain access to NVIDIA DGX Cloud AI supercomputing within the Hugging Face platform to train and tune advanced AI models.

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6 Reasons to Hire a Shared Office for Your Small Business

9/14/2023 2:23:29 PM

Shared office spaces are gaining popularity among entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers. They are favorite among many small business owners…

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The Role of Customer Communication in PR Campaigns

9/14/2023 1:49:27 PM

Your PR strategy isn't just about submitting press releases. It's about improving public perceptions of your brand in every capacity. This includes custome…

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How to Improve Communications in Your Rental Property Management Strategy

9/14/2023 1:46:29 PM

Finding success in real estate investing demands careful attention to dynamics like fluctuations in the housing market, broad economic trends, timing, fina…

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TMC Unveils Cutting-Edge Conference Program for Generative AI Expo 2024

9/14/2023 12:54:34 PM

2nd Annual Event to be a part of the 2024 #TECHSUPERSHOW in Florida.

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Logicalis Launches Intelligent Connectivity Suite with Cisco-Powered Managed Services

9/14/2023 12:24:35 PM

Logicalis recently launched Intelligent Connectivity powered by Cisco, which includes private 5G as well as SD-WAN, SASE, SSE, SD-Access and ACI Data Centr…

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Boost Loyalty with Sinch MessageMedia's New SMS Service

9/13/2023 5:42:13 PM

SMS for Zoho Desk provides customer service teams with a streamlined solution for efficiently managing and promptly addressing customer inquiries from a ce…

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BlackBerry AI Cybersecurity Integrates with OPSWAT's MetaDefender for Boosted Threat Defense

9/13/2023 4:13:20 PM

BlackBerry entered a partnership with OPSWAT to deliver prevention-first, predictive security to combat the most advanced cyberattacks.

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How to Achieve Cloud Cost Optimization with FinOps

9/13/2023 12:28:53 PM

Cloud cost optimization using FinOps will require an organization to operate at a high level at a lower cost. Here's how an organization can achieve this.

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How to Move Out Smoothly in 10 Easy Steps

9/13/2023 12:17:32 PM

Moving out is an exciting yet challenging milestone in life. Whether you're relocating to a new city for a job opportunity, starting a new chapter with you…

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How to Choose the Best Language Translator Device for Your Needs

9/13/2023 12:05:18 PM

Language can sometimes create barriers, especially when we want to talk to people who speak different languages. That's where a language translator device …

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Amarillo Chooses Dell Technologies' GenAI for Improved Community Service Accessibility

9/13/2023 11:59:25 AM

Amarillo, Texas, and Dell plan to create an online digital assistant that uses generative AI to provide residents with details on government and city servi…

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Ensuring Security in Online Slot Platforms: A Technological Perspective

9/13/2023 11:58:28 AM

In this digital age, online gambling has gained immense popularity, making the security of online slot platforms of paramount importance. The industry has …

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IBM's Cloud Security and Compliance Center Upgrade Safeguards Data in Multicloud Environments

9/13/2023 11:57:23 AM

IBM is set to evolve the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center with the addition of IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center Data Security Broker.

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Recipients of the 2023 Customer Experience Innovation Awards

9/13/2023 11:06:49 AM

The Customer Experience Innovation Award recognizes best-in-class companies setting the standard in delivering exceptional customer experiences over all ch…

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ResGreen's Robo-Revolution: Making Manufacturing and Warehousing Management Smart

9/12/2023 5:41:10 PM

ResGreen released SimuPath, a simulation program that boosts performance and productivity in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

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Brevo Answers the Call for Frictionless Purchasing with Innovative CRM Solutions

9/12/2023 5:00:21 PM

Brevo, a provider of CRM solutions, meets the growing customer demand for frictionless purchasing experiences with new sales solutions.

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Netcracker Propels Generative AI in Telecom

9/12/2023 3:01:35 PM

With its innovative GenAI Telco Solution, Netcracker allows CSPs to leverage their telecom data and expertise securely and under their control.

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Cordoniq Wins 2023 TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award

9/12/2023 12:04:00 PM

Cordoniq, the secure, enterprise video collaboration platform, announced today it has been named a 2023 TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award winne…

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With Giving at its Core, MSP Expo Sponsor Granite Named Top Charitable Company in Massachusetts

9/12/2023 11:18:18 AM

Granite was named the No. 1 most charitable contributor in Massachusetts at the Boston Business Journal's 18th annual Corporate Citizenship Awards.

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Netskope's Proactive DEM for SASE: The Future of Digital Experience Management

9/12/2023 11:12:26 AM

Proactive DEM provides experience management capabilities across the SASE architecture, including Netskope Intelligent SSE, Netskope Borderless SD-WAN and …

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YOLO: What This Means for IIoT Use Cases, and How ResGreen is Harnessing it to Optimize Large-Scale Operations

9/12/2023 11:09:25 AM

Mobile robot and software solutions provider ResGreen Group International, Inc. has revealed that it is integrating a YOLO ("You Only Look Once") object de…

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Safe and Sound: A Guide to Auditing and Strengthening Digital Data Protection

9/12/2023 11:01:40 AM

In today's heavily digital economy, data represents one of a company's most valuable assets and a key competitive advantage. But maximising the potential o…

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Addressing the Healthcare Shortage with Loan Forgiveness

9/12/2023 10:56:00 AM

The US healthcare community is facing a dire shortage. Decreasing numbers of doctors and nurses can largely be attributed to two primary factors: the high …

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Experience Next Level Gaming With Hyper-motion V Technology in FC 24

9/12/2023 10:52:16 AM

EA Sports is set to revolutionize football gameplay as we know it with the introduction of its new Hyper-motion V engine.

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How Technology Helps Local Personal Injury Law Firms

9/12/2023 10:44:56 AM

In this digital era, every aspect of our lives has somehow depended on technology. Due to the advancement of the latest technology, today, we see rapid cha…

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Cyberattacks Remain a Perennial Threat for Organizations

9/11/2023 5:51:36 PM

The allocation of budget for cybersecurity is a cause for concern because it reflects a potential mismatch between the level of cyber risk and the resource…

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RealWear's Latest Wearable Sets New Safety and Efficiency Benchmarks for Frontline Workers

9/11/2023 5:39:16 PM

The RealWear Navigator Z1 is tailored for diverse applications, encompassing remote expert-guided equipment troubleshooting, virtual training, field servic…

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Lumen Leverages Microsoft 365 Copilot for a Productivity Boost and Elevated Customer Engagement

9/11/2023 3:48:24 PM

Lumen is set to deploy Microsoft 365 Copilot to empower its approximately 30,000 employees.

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CloudFuze Offers Smooth Slack to Google Chat Shifts

9/11/2023 3:00:33 PM

CloudFuze, a cloud migration software, entered a partnership with Google Workspace to provide customers with the addition of a Google Chat migration path a…

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IBM and Salesforce Fast-Track Trustworthy AI Integration in Enterprises

9/11/2023 12:55:34 PM

IBM and Salesforce forged a partnership that is aimed at safeguarding the data encompassing customer, partner and employee interactions.

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Savant Systems Selects Juniper Networks for AI-Driven Smart Home Automation Solutions

9/11/2023 12:51:09 PM

Juniper Networks' AI-driven and API-centric wireless network caught the eye of smart home company Savant Systems. So, Savant chose Juniper's technologies f…

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From Techstars to Daniel Shin's Fast Track Asia: The Top 10 Tech Company Builders in the World

9/11/2023 12:42:59 PM

Company builders are often essential to the growth and development of new ventures (and sometimes established businesses, too). These business incubators p…

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Owolabi Salis Discusses Behind the Gavel: Unpacking the Essentials of the Legal System

9/11/2023 12:37:32 PM

Owolabi Salis discusses the legal system as intricate and complex. It ensures order, justice, and protection for all. Knowing its details is essential to c…

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8 Tech Pain Points of Remote Businesses (and How to Fix Them)

9/11/2023 12:24:57 PM

Modern technology makes it possible to operate businesses remotely, which can help you save money, boost productivity, and even improve employee morale. Bu…

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8x8 Inc. Launches Voice Conversational AI Capabilities in Flagship Contact Center Product

9/11/2023 10:54:42 AM

The addition of voice expands 8x8 Intelligent Customer Assistant's user-friendly conversational AI self-service capabilities that enable businesses to crea…

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CallTrackingMetrics Adds AI-Driven Automated Chat to Product Suite

9/11/2023 10:42:08 AM

Call analytics company CallTrackingMetrics recently announced the launch of its new feature, ChatAI, the newest entry in CallTrackingMetrics' suite of AI-p…

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Cebod Telecom Signs on as a Gold Sponsor for MSP Expo 2024, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

9/11/2023 9:51:48 AM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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Invoke Expands Security Services with MXDR Capabilities

9/8/2023 4:51:00 PM

Invoke, a Microsoft partner, added MXDR capabilities to its security services portfolio.

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'Temu Hauls' Are Drawing Influencers to the New E-Commerce Platform

9/8/2023 4:20:45 PM

A typical shopping experience on the online shopping app Temu might involve ordering a dozen items for around $30. These could range from $3 socks to $8 ea…

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4K VS Blu-ray VS 4K Blu-ray: Understanding the Differences

9/8/2023 4:15:52 PM

In the world of home entertainment, the battle of the formats has been ongoing for years. With technology constantly evolving, staying informed about the f…

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Enhanced Safe Browsing: New Real-Time Phishing and Malware Protection in Google Chrome

9/8/2023 2:30:38 PM

Google Chrome is phasing out the legacy version of its Safe Browsing feature and making its Enhanced Safe Browsing standard available to all Chrome users.

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