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Last Updated: 5:36 PM EST - Jun 18, 2024

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$35M Fuels Lumos' Mission to Bridge the Gap Between IT and Security

5/29/2024 12:28:49 PM

Lumos announced its $35 million Series B financing led by Scale Venture Partners to further unify IT and security.

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Sustainability Made Simple: Nutanix Offers Power Monitoring for Data Center Efficiency

5/29/2024 12:08:54 PM

Nutanix announced new capabilities in Nutanix Cloud Platform that will deliver visibility of the power consumption of a Nutanix environment.

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Affinity Plus Credit Union Adopts NovelVox Contact Center Solution

5/29/2024 11:35:44 AM

To improve its capabilities in overall handling time and customer satisfaction, Affinity Plus, a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution based in …

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Launchware Announces Two New Virtual Agent Solutions

5/29/2024 10:48:43 AM

AI-powered customer service solutions Launchware recently announced the launch of two new solutions, AI Phone Agents and Dispatch AI.

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AVANT Signs on as a Diamond Sponsor for ITEXPO 2025, the #TECHSUPERSHOW

5/29/2024 10:21:48 AM

Leading Communications and Technology Event Returns to Florida.

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Using Technology to Improve Mindfulness and Meditation for Mental Health

5/28/2024 4:58:41 PM

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, offering convenience and efficiency in various aspects. In recent years, there has been a growin…

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Technological Innovations in iGaming: Lessons from the Finnish Approach

5/28/2024 4:52:06 PM

Finland is a Nordic country considered by many to be a very technologically advanced nation. It has also been hailed the happiest land globally for seven y…

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Great News for IoT: T-Mobile to Officially Acquire UScellular in $4.4B Deal

5/28/2024 4:45:41 PM

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that is set to acquire "substantially all" of UScellular's wireless operations; its stores, spectrum assets, etc.

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Top 9 Strategies to Increase Your Customer Engagement Online

5/28/2024 4:45:17 PM

Marketing strategies and customer attraction have changed over the years, and the change happened from the roots. We are in a period when engaging customer…

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MEDDPICC vs. BANT: Choosing the Right Sales Framework

5/28/2024 4:41:33 PM

Having a structured approach to qualify leads and opportunities is essential for success. Two widely recognized sales frameworks have emerged as effective …

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The Power of AI in Pharma R&D

5/28/2024 4:31:08 PM

The pharmaceutical sector is always under pressure to provide safe and effective healthcare solutions with no delays or issues. Taking into account the tim…

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Navigating DeFi's Regulatory Complexities with Chris Brummer and Rebecca Rettig

5/28/2024 4:25:33 PM

It's not every day that you find someone who is as well versed in technology as they are in law, but Rebecca Rettig pulls it off just about every day as th…

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Fight Cybercrime: Elite IT Launches Comprehensive Security Awareness Program

5/28/2024 4:03:16 PM

With threats on the rise, Elite IT launched its new Cyber Security Awareness Training and Antivirus Program.

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Aviz and Spirent Team Up for Cost-Effective 5G Traffic Monitoring

5/28/2024 4:00:17 PM

Aviz Networks and Spirent Communications joined forces by offering an innovative approach to 5G network intelligence.

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Cybersecurity Demands Rise as Ransomware Continues Impacting the Financial Industry

5/28/2024 1:23:13 PM

New data reports on the status of the financial industry in the wake of continuous ransomware attacks.

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Teams Gets a Customer Service Upgrade: Intermedia Contact Center Achieves Certification

5/28/2024 1:22:14 PM

Intermedia announced that its Intermedia Contact Center achieved certification for Microsoft Teams.

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D2UNet Prioritizes Security, Signs Deal to Offer BBT.live's NSaaS Platform

5/28/2024 12:25:23 PM

D2UNET entered a partnership with BBT.live to offer its customers in Oceanian countries region access to BBT.live's NSaaS platform.

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Adaptiv Networks Signs on as a Gold Sponsor for MSP Expo 2025, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

5/28/2024 12:06:58 PM

Leading Communications and Technology Event Returns to Florida

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IPFone Joins as latest Exhibitor of ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW 2025 in Fort Lauderdale

5/28/2024 12:05:11 PM

As the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW (one of the largest and longest-running business technology events) approaches, we are pleased to announce the addition of IPF…

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GigTel Signs on as a Gold Sponsor for ITEXPO 2025, the #TECHSUPERSHOW

5/28/2024 12:04:45 PM

Leading Communications and Technology Event Returns to Florida

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Flyingvoice Joins as latest Exhibitor of ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW 2025 in Fort Lauderdale

5/28/2024 12:01:05 PM

As the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW (one of the largest and longest-running business technology events) approaches, we are pleased to announce the addition of Fly…

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Albany County Faces Potential Cyberattack

5/26/2024 8:14:24 AM

Albany County Faces Potential Cyberattack

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How the Ascension Cyberattack is Disrupting Care at Hospitals

5/24/2024 4:08:41 PM

How the Ascension Cyberattack is Disrupting Care at Hospitals

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ICYMI: Your 'IoT TGIF' News Recap Ahead of Memorial Day

5/24/2024 3:26:32 PM

We've compiled a handful of Internet of Things (IoT) stories that will benefit readers interested in satellite IoT, M2M connectivity, progress towards 6G r…

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New York City Scrambles to Contain Potential Data Breach

5/24/2024 3:25:34 PM

A hacker using the alias "pwns3c" claims to possess a database from a New York City government agency.

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ICYMI: New Happenings around the MSP Space

5/24/2024 12:18:59 PM

Here are a few articles compiled into one for readers interested in developments around the MSP space.

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Upland Qvidian AI Assist Improves Response and Proposal Process with Generative AI

5/24/2024 11:53:03 AM

Qvidian AI Assist easily integrates with Qvidian's existing functionalities and offers several key features.

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New Solution by NetApp and Lenovo Makes Generative AI Accessible to Businesses

5/24/2024 11:39:08 AM

NetApp AIPod with Lenovo ThinkSystem servers for NVIDIA OVX is a converged infrastructure optimized for the generative AI era.

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$100M Fuels Alkira's Mission: Building the Future of Secure, Scalable Networks

5/24/2024 10:57:12 AM

Alkira closed on a $100 million Series C funding round, bringing the company's total funding raised to date to $176 million.

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Can Tech Transform Your Business? Here's How!

5/23/2024 5:11:47 PM

Technology, with its rapid evolution, plays a crucial role in business adaptations, offering tools that can significantly enhance operational efficiency an…

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Can You Hear the Future? The Evolution of Remote Work Tools Shapes Tomorrow's Office

5/23/2024 5:08:55 PM

To say the way we work has transformed over the last century is a massive understatement. Even the way we work over the last four years has changed dramati…

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Can High-Tech Car Safety Features Save Lives? Why Aren't They Standard Yet?

5/23/2024 5:06:24 PM

As technology swiftly evolves, so does our approach to automotive safety. Today's vehicles are equipped with advanced features designed to protect passenge…

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): Helping Children with Autism Thrive

5/23/2024 4:59:13 PM

Children with autism often experience the world differently, facing unique challenges but also possessing incredible strengths. Applied Behavior Analysis (…

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Description Writing Services: Elevate Your Product Appeal with Expert Copy

5/23/2024 4:55:59 PM

Description writing services specialize in crafting compelling narratives for products, services, and businesses. They employ skilled writers who can succi…

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Ebook Writer to Hire: Choosing the Perfect Ghostwriter for Your Next Bestseller

5/23/2024 4:53:01 PM

The shift towards digital media has opened a new chapter in the writing industry, particularly in the publishing of ebooks. In this landscape, many authors…

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AI's Wild Ride Into the Classroom: What's Next?

5/23/2024 4:47:37 PM

Imagine a world where humans interact with various forms of advanced AI throughout their days. Ideally, this technology will help the humans who created it…

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Maximizing Impact: Affordable Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

5/23/2024 4:40:12 PM

employing strategies it is indeed possible to engage and connect with your target audience without overspending. This article explores cost marketing techn…

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Protecting Your Digital Fortress Through Threat Exposure Management

5/23/2024 4:25:15 PM

In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity threats loom large, posing significant risks to businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. With the ever…

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Using IoT to Make Wise Decisions for our Planet's Future: WISeKey Pioneers New Satellite IoT Technology to Address Climate Change

5/23/2024 3:05:43 PM

Satellite IoT is capable of a great many things; is resolving challenges relevant to climate change one of them? WISeKey believes this is indeed the case.

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From Puck Stops to Cyber Stops: WatchGuard Safeguards the Seattle Kraken

5/23/2024 2:16:16 PM

The Seattle Kraken turned to WatchGuard Technologies to deploy its Unified Security Platform architecture.

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A Smart 'Sys' Collab: Infosys and SAP Emarsys to Share Resources and Address Omnichannel Engagement Strategies

5/23/2024 12:45:43 PM

Digital transformation services company Infosys and customer engagement platform SAP Emarsys are officially collaborating to enhance high-impact marketing …

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CrowdStrike and Google Cloud Announce AI Security Pact

5/23/2024 11:27:47 AM

The partnership focuses on CrowdStrike's Endpoint Detection and Response, Identity Threat Detection and Response and Exposure Management solutions.

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Red Jacket Solutions Joins as latest Exhibitor of ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW 2025 in Fort Lauderdale

5/23/2024 10:01:13 AM

As the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW, one of the largest and longest-running business technology events, approaches, we are pleased to announce the addition of Red…

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Skyswitch Joins as latest Exhibitor of ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW 2025 in Fort Lauderdale

5/23/2024 9:58:59 AM

As the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW, one of the largest and longest-running business technology events, approaches, we are pleased to announce the addition of Sky…

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AECC Welcomes Global IoT Connectivity Provider Soracom as New Member

5/23/2024 9:56:52 AM

The Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) has officially welcomed advanced IoT connectivity services provider Soracom as a new member in its ranks.

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Alorica Strengthens Latin American Footprint with New Contact Center in Paraguay

5/22/2024 5:35:15 PM

Alorica opened its newest contact center in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, to support the double-digit growth the organization has been achieving year over yea…

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UScellular Expands Reach in Private Network Market with Cradlepoint Integration

5/22/2024 4:48:50 PM

UScellular, a full-service wireless carrier, expanded its private cellular network solutions portfolio with the addition of NetCloud Private Networks from …

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ProFeatures by Class Technologies Makes Zoom a Hub for Collaborative Work

5/22/2024 3:11:40 PM

Built on the Zoom platform, ProFeatures aims to enhance collaboration and improve meeting efficiency by leveraging AI.

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Driving Smarter City Solutions: Hayden AI Partners with the City of Tallinn to Secure Bus Transit Safety and Efficiency

5/22/2024 2:26:20 PM

Hayden AI has partnered with the city of Tallinn in Estonia as part of its "Test in Tallinn" initiative. There, Hayden AI will deploy and monitor its Autom…

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Improving Efficiency with Automation Features in Parcel Data Software

5/22/2024 1:50:07 PM

In today's evolving landscape businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline their operations and boost productivity. Automation has emerged as a…

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