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Lenovo and NVIDIA Join Forces to Deliver Smarter AI with Generative Power

March 28, 2024

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

When it comes to AI, we've witnessed the rise of powerful algorithms capable of analyzing vast amounts of data and identifying patterns. Now, generative AI is poised to completely change how we interact with technology and tackle complex challenges.

Generative AI doesn't just analyze information; it creates entirely new content. This could be anything from generating realistic images and composing music to writing creative text formats or even developing new materials. By leveraging vast datasets and understanding underlying patterns, generative AI can produce innovative solutions that were previously unimaginable.

This technology holds immense potential across a vast array of industries – personalized medicine tailored to a patient's unique genetic makeup, designed by generative AI algorithms or architects leveraging AI to create energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing buildings. There is no question that generative AI further empowers businesses to develop entirely new product lines and craft innovative solutions based on consumer trends and market demands.

Now it comes down to just unlocking the full potential of generative AI. Easier said than done, right? Well, here's where the collaboration between tech giants like Lenovo and NVIDIA becomes crucial.

Lenovo announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to deliver new hybrid AI solutions designed to bring the power of AI to businesses of all sizes. The solutions are built to address the critical need for accelerated computing in the AI era and will help companies develop and deploy new AI applications.

“AI is a powerful force helping businesses unlock new insights from their data and enhance productivity,” said Bob Pette, Vice President of Enterprise Platforms at NVIDIA. “Lenovo’s new enterprise AI solutions, integrated with NVIDIA technology, demonstrate a pivotal milestone in supercharging compute performance for AI, delivering hybrid systems that businesses can rely on to power generative AI from virtually anywhere.”

Two new ThinkSystem AI servers featuring NVIDIA GPUs were announced by Lenovo: ThinkSystem SR780a V3 and ThinkSystem SR680a V3. These servers are designed to deliver efficient, high-performance computing for generative AI applications, natural language processing and large language model development. The servers support the NVIDIA HGX AI supercomputing platform and next-generation networking technologies.

ThinkSystem SR780a V3 utilizes Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling for efficient performance and a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.1. ThinkSystem SR680a V3, an air-cooled server, is built for maximum acceleration of complex AI workloads using Intel processors and NVIDIA GPUs.

Lenovo also introduced the PG8A0N, a 1U node featuring open-loop liquid cooling for NVIDIA accelerators. This system is designed to power a new era of computing with the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip.

Furthermore, Lenovo's portfolio of NVIDIA-Certified Systems allows customers to run NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a platform for developing and deploying production-grade AI applications. The portfolio also includes Lenovo XClarity Systems Management for resource management and Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration (LiCO) for streamlining AI model development and training.

Another reason why Lenovo partnered with NVIDIA is to build new accelerated models using NVIDIA MGX modular reference designs. These solutions are designed to help cloud service providers deliver custom AI, NVIDIA Omniverse and HPC capabilities more quickly and economically.

Lenovo HG630N - MGX 1U is a server that features Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling for reduced power consumption. Lenovo HG650N - MGX 2U is an air-cooled server that supports industry-standard racks and NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip deployments.

Lenovo HG660X V3 - MGX 4U is an air-cooled server that supports up to eight NVIDIA GPUs and is ideal for NVIDIA Omniverse and AI workloads. Lenovo HR650N - MGX 2U features an Arm CPU with multiple cores and supports NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip and DPUs.

Lenovo enhanced its data science workstations with support for up to four NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs for large AI training, fine-tuning, inferencing and graphics-intensive workloads. These workstations come with NVIDIA AI Workbench software for development and deployment of AI solutions.

And, finally, Lenovo now offers professional services to help businesses implement AI solutions. These services include workshops, assessments, and infrastructure-as-a-service options. New offerings include AI Discover, Fast Start Generative AI services with NVIDIA and TruScale GenAI-as-a-service.

AI Discover helps businesses identify potential applications for AI. Fast Start Generative AI services with NVIDIA provides solutions for implementing and scaling generative AI solutions. TruScale GenAI-as-a-service offers AI capabilities through a flexible and scalable as-a-service model.

“Lenovo’s work with NVIDIA is pushing the boundaries of augmented intelligence for businesses everywhere, taking AI compute to where their data lives with a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge, hybrid AI solutions that will power generative AI from virtually anywhere while supporting sustainability efforts,” said Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. “We are delivering groundbreaking advancements in efficiency, performance and cost that are accelerating AI applications across every industry and helping businesses immediately use insights from their data sets.”

Learn more about the Lenovo and NVIDIA partnership here.

Edited by Alex Passett



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