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MSPs Must Focus on Strengths and Not Be Afraid to Partner Up

2/13/2024 5:42:57 PM

A recent session at MSP Expo 2024 shed light on the winning formulas for successful MSP operations in relation to their growth.

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Air Gap Backups to Secure the Future of Work

2/13/2024 5:27:23 PM

A panel of experts at Future of Work Expo 2024 reviewed technologies and best practices for IT departments to navigate this complex landscape.

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Discussing Dynamic GenAI Use Cases at Generative AI Expo 2024

2/13/2024 3:50:11 PM

At this year's Generative AI Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we joined a session titled "GenAI and the Impact on the Enterprise" where several dynamic Ge…

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Can Blockchain Be Used in Customer Service?

2/13/2024 2:58:18 PM

How can blockchain technology be harnessed by brands to offer improved levels of customer service? Read this guide to find out.

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The Benefits Of Assistive Technology

2/13/2024 2:52:37 PM

As the global population continues to age, the need for assistive technology becomes increasingly vital. Assistive technology encompasses a wide range of p…

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What Is CTO as a Service, and Does It Really Work?

2/13/2024 2:38:09 PM

Every day, many businesses work hard to stay ahead by trying out new solutions and smart leadership strategies. One such strategy that has recently appe…

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Paving the Way: Christopher Peyton Crawford's Influence on Tech Innovation

2/13/2024 2:32:03 PM

Meet Christopher Peyton Crawford, a trailblazer in the technology sales world. From his modest start to his current role as a driving force in the tech ind…

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How Nurses Can Keep Up with Technological Advances in Healthcare

2/13/2024 2:26:44 PM

With medical science constantly advancing, it is up to healthcare professionals to keep up with new technology to take the best care of their patients. Doc…

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Veeam Data Protection Trends 2024 Report Identifies Cyber-Attacks as the Primary Cause of Business Outages

2/13/2024 2:06:32 PM

Veeam Software, the #1 leader by market share in Data Protection and Ransom Recovery, recently unveiled key insights from its fifth annual Veeam Data Prote…

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Revolutionizing Energy Management: A New Era for Businesses and Customers

2/13/2024 2:02:03 PM

Today, energy management is a critical element of having sustainable business practices. Companies around the world are constantly looking for creative met…

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AI and Gaming Enthusiasts in Online Casinos of Australia

2/13/2024 11:49:59 AM

AIs have significantly improved gambling experiences at AU online Casinos??. Register now at any top Australian online casino that infuses AI-enhanced syst…

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Remote.It's ScreenView Provides Seamless Connectivity for Remote Teams, Android Devices and More

2/13/2024 9:18:34 AM

ITEXPO's doors are opening this morning! Taking place at the Broward County Convention Center (in tandem with IoT Evolution Expo, MSP Expo, Generative AI E…

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ITEXPO Exhibitor NextPlane Connects UCaaS, CX with Microsoft Teams and Generative AI for Frictionless Interactions

2/12/2024 9:06:45 PM

NextPlane announced an expansion that broadens its offerings to seamlessly integrate UCaaS and CX platforms, particularly with Microsoft Teams.

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IoT Evolution Expo 2024: February 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2/12/2024 4:13:45 PM

Tomorrow (Tuesday, February 13), IoT Evolution Expo 2024 begins! Part of the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW experience, this exciting and bigger-than-ever show is t…

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A Unified RMM Solution for Future-Forward MSPs: A Conversation with MSP Expo Exhibitor, ManageEngine

2/12/2024 3:11:36 PM

Ahead of MSP Expo 2024 (which kicks off tomorrow at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida), we had the opportunity to speak with…

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AI Hype? The Real Opportunity Lies in What Comes After

2/12/2024 2:38:29 PM

We had the chance to speak with Bryan Nelson, solution engineer, Intelisys, ahead of ITEXPO 2024, taking place February 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, …

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Ceburu Announces Managing Partner and Tech Aficionado Alonzo Mourning to Attend MSP Expo

2/12/2024 2:26:12 PM

Ceburu announced that NBA Hall of Famer, renowned philanthropist, technology enthusiast and managing partner Alonzo Mourning will be attending the upcoming…

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Enterprise-Grade Risk Management: A Conversation with TruOps, with MSP Expo 2024 Starting Tomorrow

2/12/2024 1:54:30 PM

Ahead of MSP Expo 2024 (which kicks off tomorrow at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida), we had the opportunity to speak with…

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Keeper Security Integrates with Apple Vision Pro for Secure App and Website Access

2/12/2024 11:21:14 AM

Keeper Security announced integration with Apple Vision Pro in a move to bolster the cybersecurity of spatial computing.

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Cloud Changes MSP Role From Tech Fixers to Trusted Advisers

2/12/2024 11:16:01 AM

We had a chance to speak with Eric Vaughan, CEO of GFI Software, who provided insight into how GFI Software has helped MSPs since last year's MSP Expo, and…

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3 Main Technologies of Modern Online Gambling

2/12/2024 10:38:31 AM

It is not a secret that online gambling is one of the fastest developing areas on the internet. So, fans of online casino games such as slot machines or ro…

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These Are the Tech Trends Everyone's Anticipating In 2024

2/12/2024 10:33:42 AM

From heightened AI all the way to Green Tech, 2024 is looking good. Find out what's brewing and learn more about how these could impact your everyday life.

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How Technology Is Helping Accident Victims

2/12/2024 10:27:27 AM

Technology has been valuable in many areas of our lives. It has made us more efficient at our jobs and made labor-intensive tasks less taxing. However, it …

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Monel 400: The Ideal Alloy for Handling Chemicals and Petrochemicals

2/12/2024 10:23:04 AM

Chemicals and petrochemicals can be challenging to handle mostly because of their corrosive properties. Many metals melt upon contact with them or react to…

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Tips for a Diversified Investment Portfolio

2/12/2024 9:56:12 AM

When building an investment portfolio, any prudent investor should also seek to spread and minimize their risk by diversifying their investments. By invest…

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Generative AI Stops Fraud and Boosts Customer Experience: Learn more at Generative AI Expo, part of #TECHSUPERSHOW

2/11/2024 12:59:47 PM

Generative AI Expo brings together researchers, practitioners and industry experts to share their latest findings and unique perspectives, exchange ideas a…

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Expanding IoT Leadership: emnify Appoints Tech Veteran Lynda Smith its Board of Directors

2/11/2024 12:44:29 PM

Now a member of emnify's Board of Directors, Lynda Smith joins the company with a distinguished technology-centric career and a previous role as an adjunct…

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Optimizing Cybersecurity for MSPs: A Conversation with MSP Expo Silver Sponsor, Sharken

2/10/2024 7:09:24 PM

"We're glad to welcome Sharken as a Silver Cybersecurity sponsor of MSP Expo in 2024," said Rich Tehrani, TMC's CEO. "Sharken is giving businesses a pain-f…

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MSPs Look to Holistic Platform to Help Guard SMBs from Cyber Risks

2/10/2024 10:49:36 AM

We had a chance to speak with Dor Eisner, co-founder and CEO, Guardz, who spoke about the MSP landscape, how Guardz empowers MSPs to secure their clients a…

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Going Beyond Traditional Services: Ahead of MSP Expo 2024, A Conversation with SalvageData Recovery

2/9/2024 8:58:59 PM

Ahead of MSP Expo 2024 (part of the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW experience), we had a chance to speak with Bogdan Glushko, SalvageData Recovery's CEO about what …

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SMBs Need Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions to Strengthen Security Posture

2/9/2024 5:45:16 PM

We had the chance to speak with Matt Shepherd, vice president, co-founder of MindPoint Group, and he provided insight into what services MindPoint Group br…

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MSP Expo Gold Sponsor IONOS Provides MSPs with Real-Time Visibility into Resource Utilization

2/9/2024 3:43:42 PM

We had the chance to speak with Mark Hogan, Head of Sales and Customer Experience, Americas, IONOS, ahead of MSP Expo 2024, taking place February 13-15 in …

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McAfee Finds Cyberattacks Against Small Businesses are on the Rise

2/9/2024 2:19:26 PM

McAfee's research found that cyberattacks are on the rise, as 44 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyberattack.

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Frontier Saves Customers 2 Million Calls with New Digital Self-Service Campaign

2/9/2024 2:14:28 PM

Frontier saved its customers a collective 50 years of time on the phone in 2023, or a total of 2 million calls.

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Technologies for Effective Remote Collaboration: Nureva Solution Now Integrates with PTZOptics Cameras

2/9/2024 2:06:34 PM

Nureva has integrated its audio conferencing system with 4K cameras from PTZOptics.

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NVIDIA and Future of CX Speaker Cisco Partner on Easy-to-Deploy AI Infrastructure Solutions for Data Centers

2/9/2024 1:59:51 PM

Cisco and NVIDIA announced plans to deliver AI infrastructure solutions for data centers. These solutions aim to be easily deployed and managed, which offe…

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Future of CX Speaker Cisco, Microsoft and Samsung Partner on Immersive Hybrid Meeting Solutions

2/9/2024 11:32:28 AM

Cisco announced a partnership with Microsoft and Samsung aimed at enhancing hybrid meeting experiences.

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8x8 Inc. Offers Beta Availability of Product to Bridge UCaaS and CCaaS

2/9/2024 10:57:51 AM

Cloud contact center solutions provider 8x8, Inc. recently announced beta availability of a new product line designed to enable organizations to deliver ef…

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RingCentral Introduces Unified Patient Care Solution for Electronic Health Records

2/9/2024 10:41:00 AM

AI cloud communications company RingCentral, Inc. recently announced a unified patient care solution for healthcare organizations worldwide.

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MSP iQor Adds NICE CXone to Its Portfolio

2/9/2024 10:26:59 AM

Managed services provider iQor announced a recent addition to its portfolio: namely, the cloud-native customer experience platform NICE CXone.

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Kentik Pioneers Future of Network Observability with Kentik AI Solutions

2/9/2024 10:08:37 AM

Kentik AI gives any engineer, operator, architect or developer the ability to troubleshoot complex networks quickly and easily.

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Technologies and Productivity of the Future: A Conversation with Atera, an ITEXPO Platinum Sponsor

2/8/2024 4:59:33 PM

Ahead of ITEXPO (taking place from February 13-15 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida), we had a chance to hear directly fr…

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Prioritize Education to Reduce Human Error Risks

2/8/2024 3:10:12 PM

We had a chance to speak with Reesë Tuttle, co-founder and chief technology officer at Compliology, who will be a keynoter and will do a solo session in th…

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Turning Labor Shortages into Competitive Advantages: Fox Robotics' FoxBots Surpass 2.5 Million Total Pallet Pulls

2/8/2024 3:05:19 PM

Fox Robotics has officially surpassed more than 2.5 million pallet pulls with its "industry-first" FoxBot autonomous trailer loaders/unloaders.

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MSP Expo Gold Sponsor NinjaOne Secures $231.5M Series C Funding

2/8/2024 3:03:10 PM

NinjaOne recently secured $231.5 million in a Series C funding round, led primarily by investors at ICONIQ Growth.

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Enhance Fleet Management Capabilities with FieldRoutes' Software, Now Integrated with ServiceTitan Fleet Pro

2/8/2024 2:00:33 PM

FieldRoutes, a ServiceTitan company, this week announced an integration of ServiceTitan Fleet Pro with its existing software so businesses become equipped …

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TELUS International Offers GenAI Jumpstart Accelerator for Highly Regulated Industries

2/8/2024 1:17:21 PM

To help solve problems and allay various business concerns, customer experience solutions provider TELUS International has reported that it sees strong pot…

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Metronome Tunes Up SaaS Billing with Usage-Based Models Thanks to $43M Funding Round

2/8/2024 1:07:49 PM

Metronome announced the successful closing of a $43 million Series B funding round, bringing its total funding to over $78 million since its inception in 2…

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Pipeliner CRM Embeds AI Assistant in Platform to Speed Email Writing

2/8/2024 10:54:06 AM

Sales enablement tool and CRM solutions provider Pipeliner CRM recently announced that it has expanded its roster of free applications available to custome…

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