Voiceitt and Virtualahan Join Forces to Empower Individuals with Disabilities

By Stefania Viscusi April 11, 2024

Israeli company Voiceitt, which offers speech recognition technology for non-standard speech, announced a collaboration with Virtualahan, an organization in the Philippines dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities. The new partnership aims to harness cutting-edge AI-driven solutions to empower people with disabilities and create avenues for meaningful employment.

The shared goal is to equip these individuals with the necessary tools and opportunities to excel personally and professionally. Voiceitt's app for individuals with speech disabilities facilitates seamless communication, both in-person and remotely, while also enabling interaction with third-party apps, including AI-productivity tools. This technology provides independence for individuals who face challenges in being understood or accessing mainstream technologies.

With 80% of people with disabilities worldwide being unemployed, there is a barrier to social and economic inclusion still happening today. Voiceitt and Virtualahan are offering technology to create more inclusive workplaces where individuals with disabilities can contribute their unique talents and skills. The company's collaboration efforts aim to challenge unemployment statistics and promote greater diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Voiceitt's technology not only facilitates communication for individuals with speech disabilities but also enables them to access mainstream voice technologies, opening doors to greater participation and inclusion in everyday life. Collaborations with organizations like the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Tennessee further underscore Voiceitt's commitment to advancing critical employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

"Our tech expands employment opportunities and can improve workplace productivity," said Alyson Pace, CEO of Voiceitt. "We are proud to acknowledge the contributions of our invaluable team members with disabilities. With Virtualahan's expertise in training, coaching, and employment support, we aim to break down barriers and create opportunities for people with disabilities to thrive in the workplace."

"In parallel, we are engaging with major employers across the tech industry, government, education, and healthcare, to deploy our technology to leverage tremendous talent in the disability community that is often otherwise untapped," said Pace.

Employees like Allester Robles and Mary Ann Berdera ("Yann") exemplify the impact of meaningful employment on the lives of individuals with disabilities. Robles, whose career was threatened by a cancer diagnosis affecting his vocal cords, found renewed confidence and fulfillment through employment at Voiceitt. Similarly, Yann, who overcame the challenges of polio, discovered a sense of redemption and purpose through Virtualahan's training program and her role at Voiceitt.

"What a ramp was to yesterday's office building, Voiceitt is to today's remote workplace: if a person cannot participate in or be understood in a video conference or phone call, then they may struggle to fulfill their potential at work."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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