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Greg is a writer for TMC's family of digital properties, covering a broad range of business technologies. He brings more than 8 years of content writing and editing experience to TMC, having spent time as content producer and editor with USA Today Network and GateHouse Media. Greg earned his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

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Info-Tech Lays Out Blueprint to Help CISOs Secure Their Organizations - 04/20/2023
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CUJO AI's Device Intelligence Continues to Change the Game for Network Providers - 04/18/2023
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DataOps Practice Shows Signs of Maturation - 04/11/2023
NTT DATA Global Solutions Improves SOC with Adoption of Stellar Cyber Open XDR - 04/11/2023
NLP Bots for Intelligent Automation? Expert.AI and Reveal Group Make it Happen - 04/11/2023
Aruba EdgeConnect Becomes Part of TD Synnex Ecosystem - 04/10/2023
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Robocalls and Robotexts on the Rise Again - 04/10/2023
Akamai Updates Deliver Higher Level of Service - 04/10/2023
Cymulate Provides Critical Insights on Global Cybersecurity - 04/10/2023
Dstny Bridges UC and Dedicated Mobile SIMs with Universal FMC Solution - 04/06/2023
Cisco Delivers More Personalized and Inclusive Hybrid Experiences in Webex - 04/06/2023
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UJET and Google Escalate Future of Customer and Employee Experience - 04/04/2023
NICE's Enlighten Actions Revolutionizes Use of Data and Generative AI - 04/03/2023
SMBs Struggle to Bring Employees in to Handle Security, Data Privacy - 04/03/2023
NTT MDR Service, Built on Microsoft Sentinel, Improves Cyber Resiliency - 04/03/2023
Gone are the Days of Carrying Multiple Devices with RingCentral's New Frontline Worker Solution - 04/03/2023
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Companies Need to Reconsider Design of AI Tools to Deliver Better CX - 03/31/2023
SnapGPT Revolutionizes Business Productivity, Workflows - 03/31/2023
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Vital Fuels AI-Software Growth to Assist Hospitals, Patients - 03/30/2023
SoundHound Delivers Next-Gen Voice Assistant with Generative AI - 03/29/2023
Small Businesses Gain Confidence with Mastercard Easy Savings on McAfee Security Solutions - 03/29/2023
Five9 and Invoca Solution Offers Pre-Call Insights - 03/29/2023
PrinterLogic Solidifies Commitment to Customer Data Security with ISO Certification - 03/29/2023
Verneek Co-Founder: One Quin Provides AI Support Unavailable on Alexa, Siri, ChatGPT - 03/29/2023
MetricStream and Greenly Push for a More Sustainable Future through Partnership - 03/29/2023
Mutare Brings Together Cybersecurity Community to Raise Vishing Awareness - 03/28/2023
Only 15% of Organizations Deemed Mature Enough to Defend Against Cybersecurity Risks - 03/28/2023
Opti9 Offerings Strengthen Veeam Customers' Security Stacks - 03/28/2023
Nokia AVA Energy Efficiency Upgrade Reduces Electricity Consumption of Network Assets - 03/28/2023
Fiber Network Expands in South West England in Truespeed Fashion with Adtran - 03/28/2023
2 Minnesota Campuses Continue Distinct Collaboration with Carousel Digital Signage Transition - 03/27/2023
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Organizations Elevate Security by Eliminating Hidden Risks in IAM - 03/24/2023
AI-Powered Answer Engine Lucy Delivers the Right Answers - 03/24/2023