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Greg is a writer for TMC's family of digital properties, covering a broad range of business technologies. He brings more than 8 years of content writing and editing experience to TMC, having spent time as content producer and editor with USA Today Network and GateHouse Media. Greg earned his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

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Third-Party Vendors Are a Risk Without Full Visibility of Security Posture - 02/03/2023
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VEN.AI Consortium Meshes 3 Competencies for Innovative Automated Parking Solutions - 02/02/2023
Semtech and Sindcon Avoid Unfair Billing with Optimized Smart Metering - 02/02/2023
NEC and T-Metrics Collab on Seamless On-Premises Contact Center Solution - 02/01/2023
Codex IT Reaches Wasatch Front Through Intranet Consulting Acquisition - 02/01/2023
Crypto Interest Remains High Despite Turbulent 2022 - 01/31/2023
AVIVA Chipset Delivers High Speed In-Vehicle Connectivity - 01/31/2023
Time for a Security Reset: Arrow Offers QuProtect to Secure Networks from Quantum Attacks - 01/31/2023
SIMBA Chain Streamlines Federal Access to Blockchain Solutions in AFICC Partnership - 01/31/2023
Phishing Burden: YouMail and Phishlabs Try to Reel It In - 01/31/2023
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TelcoBridges Brings in ERP Expertise - 01/30/2023
ICC Provider Five9 Recognized Among Aragon Leaders - 01/30/2023
Promotions Support Telesystem Channel Partner Expansion - 01/30/2023
IRIS Connects XR Devices Through Patented Technology - 01/30/2023
Iron Bow Ramparts Cybersecurity Portfolio with GuardSight - 01/30/2023
Grain Expands Activity in Managed Services Sector with Spectrotel Acquisition - 01/27/2023
SecurityGen Says Mobile Operators Need to Address 5G Security Challenges - 01/27/2023
IDrive Provides 360-System and Mobile Backup - 01/27/2023
MOBI and NADA Collab to Develop Solutions for Connected Ecosystems - 01/27/2023
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Remote.It Releases Programmatic Deployment of Zero Trust Networks - 01/26/2023
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Nearly 35K PayPal Users Impacted by Credential Stuffing Attack - 01/20/2023
T-Mobile Falls Prey to Data Breach Again - 01/20/2023
FusionLayer Sets Stage for Innovative NaaS Use Cases - 01/20/2023
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Return to Office Causes Data Security Stir - 01/19/2023
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Web3 More Accessible with Easy Wallet - 01/17/2023
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Cloud-Delivered Malware Spikes in 2022 - 01/16/2023
Continuum and Plato Extend Active Web3 Communities in Partnership - 01/16/2023
Box Enhances Salesforce Integration - 01/13/2023
Kodiak and Ambarella Innovate Self-Driving Truck Safety - 01/13/2023
Nextbase iQ Dash Cam, Powered by T-Mobile, Raises Onboard Intelligence - 01/13/2023
Dell, UNN Fast-Track Brunei Modernization - 01/12/2023
The TON Foundation Revolutionizes File Storage Guarantee - 01/12/2023
Decentralized Think Tank Highlights Importance of Confidential Computing - 01/12/2023
Mavenir Modernizes CSPs in Latin America - 01/12/2023
Clear Up IT Ecosystem Visibility with Nfina-View - 01/12/2023
MACH Alliance Brings in Google Cloud During Paradigm Shift - 01/11/2023
Music Securities Forges New Music Revenue Stream through Trusted Platform - 01/11/2023
Nufinetes Crypto Wallet Expands on Blockchain Support - 01/11/2023
Mastercard Web3-Based Program Develops Emerging Artists in Tech-Driven Era - 01/10/2023
ThreatLocker Gains Magic Touch with Central Florida Community - 01/10/2023
Stop Hidden Cyber Threats with IronDefense - 01/10/2023
T-Mobile Keeps All Delta Members Connected on Flights - 01/10/2023