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Last Updated: 5:57 AM EST - Jun 13, 2024

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Digital Revolution in Rehabilitation: Examining the Role of Technology in Various Physical Therapy Modalities

5/2/2024 4:02:33 PM

The field of physical therapy has witnessed a transformative shift in the last decade, propelled by the advent of digital technologies. From wearable devic…

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Key Features to Look for in an LMS to Ensure SCORM Compliance

5/2/2024 3:50:38 PM

When choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) for your organization, it's crucial to prioritize compliance. SCORM, which stands for Sharable Content Obj…

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Extending the Reach of Wi-Fi HaLow: Morse Micro Expands Global Presence, Establishes New Branch Office in Taiwan

5/2/2024 3:47:57 PM

Renowned Wi-Fi HaLow silicon vendor Morse Micro yesterday announced the opening of its new Taiwan branch in Taipei, demonstrating the company's commitment …

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Why Remote CFOs are the Future of Modern Finance Departments

5/2/2024 3:44:41 PM

With the rapid shift toward remote and flexible work arrangements, finance departments have discovered the concept of the remote Chief Financial Officer (C…

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Reasons to Seek Professional Support During Alcohol Withdrawal

5/2/2024 3:31:56 PM

Discover all the important reasons to seek professional support during alcohol withdrawal and ease your journey to sobriety.

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How a Small Business Should Manage Its Data

5/2/2024 3:22:51 PM

Every client you have as a small company probably generates a lot of data for you. This information should ideally guide processes, opportunities, and tren…

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ThinkCX's Mobile SwitchInsight Uncovers Trends in Mobile Customer Switching Patterns

5/2/2024 2:19:28 PM

ThinkCX Technologies Inc., a provider of data analytics for the telecom sector, recently announced the U.S. launch of its product Mobile SwitchInsight, whi…

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Securonix EON Outsmarts Cybercriminals with AI-Enhanced Insider Threat Detection and Threat Modeling

5/2/2024 2:13:02 PM

Securonix EON responds to challenges caused by AI threats by using Amazon Bedrock to provide a unified analyst experience with advanced AI-reinforced capab…

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No More Ticket Fumbling: Titans Faster Entry with Facial Recognition Deemed a Success

5/2/2024 12:29:23 PM

The Tennessee Titans teamed up with Verizon and embraced next-generation biometric solutions powered by Verizon's 5G Edge Accelerated Access.

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Yealink Launches MVC S40 for Enhanced Hybrid Collaboration

5/2/2024 12:16:57 PM

Yealink introduced the MVC S40, an AI-powered solution designed to transform hybrid workspaces and enhance collaboration efficiency

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Stellar Cyber Partners with Acronis for Enhanced MSP Cybersecurity

5/2/2024 12:03:05 PM

Stellar Cyber announced a strategic partnership with Acronis to introduce an optimized threat detection and response offering tailored specifically for MSP…

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Corelight Backed in Massive $150M Funding Round by Accel, Cisco and CrowdStrike

5/2/2024 11:58:41 AM

New funding (with support from Accel, Cisco Investments and CrowdStrike Falcon Fund) for Open NDR platform provider Corelight will allow it to accelerate g…

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To Accelerate IoT Growth Strategies, Digi International Adds Tony Puopolo to its Leadership Roster

5/2/2024 11:06:55 AM

After 13 years at Cradlepoint, Tony Puopolo was appointed to Digi International's Digi Managed Solutions division in a senior vice president, general manag…

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AI Can Help Improve Ambidexterity in the Contact Center, According to New Study

5/2/2024 10:09:16 AM

New research involving the School of Management at Binghamton University, State University of New York explored AI and the concept and applications of "amb…

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CDG and Innovation Incubator Alliance Advances AI in the Broadband Industry

5/1/2024 8:53:26 PM

A strategic alliance between Communications Data Group, or CDG, and Innovation Incubator aims to create solutions that integrate with CDG's existing OSS/BS…

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NTT DATA Introduces Sustainable Device-as-a-Service Solution

5/1/2024 5:24:36 PM

NTT DATA introduced a Sustainable Device-as-a-Service solution in partnership with HP aimed at promoting sustainability and the circular economy in endpoin…

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Evolve IP Launches Training Hub for Reseller Empowerment

5/1/2024 5:22:10 PM

Evolve IP, a cloud collaboration provider, introduced a new specialized eLearning platform called "ucSKILLS" aimed at empowering resellers across EMEA with…

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Dropbox Drops Enhanced Updates like Microsoft Integrations and DocSend Advanced Data Rooms to Empower Team Operations

5/1/2024 3:55:23 PM

Just last week, Dropbox announced new security, organization, and sharing-centric features to equip teams with even greater control and flexibility to get …

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IBM Acquires HashiCorp for Next-Gen Cloud Platform

5/1/2024 3:52:27 PM

IBM announced a definitive agreement to acquire HashiCorp for $35 per share in cash, representing an enterprise value of $6.4 billion.

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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Tatiana Kuriachaia's Mentorship in Fintech

5/1/2024 2:58:48 PM

Discover Tatiana Kuriachaia's journey through the world of fintech. This article delves into Tatiana's pioneering path, beginning with revolutionizing oper…

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The Benefits of Hiring LATAM Developers for Your Tech Projects

5/1/2024 2:28:18 PM

In a time where the digital world keeps expanding businesses worldwide are striving to utilize technology not as a tool but, as the driving force behind th…

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Smarter IoT Device Security: Updates on the US Cyber Trust Mark

5/1/2024 1:49:49 PM

The FCC officially voted to create the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark program for internet-connected devices.

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What Cryptomathic's Newest Leadership Appointment Means for its Data Security Strategies

5/1/2024 1:38:17 PM

Global data security and encryption solutions provider Cryptomathic has hired Anna Russell as its new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

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Identifying 8 Major Cybersecurity Threats and How to Stop Them

5/1/2024 1:36:06 PM

We live in a digital era where we can access almost anything online. Digital websites allow us to access financial information, shop for goods and services…

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Maximizing Business Potential: The Technological Edge of Address Databases

5/1/2024 1:28:35 PM

Companies in the modern digital era rely on data. Understanding customer behavior is one thing. Logistics optimization, though, is crucial. Immediate and p…

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MSPs Must Reconsider Strategies to Protect Clients as Cyberattack Incidents Rise

5/1/2024 1:24:50 PM

Ransomware and extortion incidents surged by 67% in 2023, according to NTT Security Holdings' recently released 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report.

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How to Earn Your First Dollars with Crypto: A Beginner's Guide

5/1/2024 1:20:38 PM

Cryptocurrency is not only changing the way we think about money but also how we can earn it. Here's a beginner's guide to help you start earning your firs…

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Nagomi Security Raises $30M to Help Organizations Get More Out of Their Cybersecurity Tools

5/1/2024 1:17:20 PM

Nagomi Security recently emerged with $30 million in funding to accelerate go-to-market efforts and further develop the Proactive Defense Platform.

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Technology & Therapy: How Digital Tools Have Changed Counseling

5/1/2024 1:13:19 PM

Everyone knows that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world forever, and for obvious reasons, the field that was perhaps most permanently and substantially…

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3CLogic to Provide Large Insurance Company with ServiceNow Cloud Contact Center

5/1/2024 10:31:59 AM

Conversational AI and ServiceNow's contact center solutions provider 3CLogic has announced its selection by a global insurance provider to replace its exis…

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Telecom Company Swisscom Adopts Genesys Cloud AI Capabilities

5/1/2024 9:44:29 AM

AI customer experience company Genesys recently announced that Swisscom AG, a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland, has accelerated its drive f…

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Zscaler's AI-powered Copilot Optimizes Digital Experience Monitoring

5/1/2024 9:38:21 AM

Zscaler announced a trio of advancements to its Zscaler Digital Experience service: ZDX Copilot, Hosted Monitoring and Data Explorer.

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IONIX Releases Cloud Security Feature: Attack Surface Cloud Cross-View

4/30/2024 5:30:10 PM

Attack Surface Cloud Cross-View, or CCV, offers a comprehensive view of an organization's potential security risks.

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New Cloudbrink Tool Measures Impact of Packet Loss on Remote Work Performance

4/30/2024 3:04:34 PM

Cloudbrink's new packet loss tool promises to expose a major cause of network and application performance degradation for the hybrid workforce.

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Nextiva Names Scott Forbush as Channel Chief

4/30/2024 1:37:46 PM

Nextiva promoted Scott Forbush to the position of Channel Chief, demonstrating its intensified focus on channel and partnerships.

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Shure and Neat Enhance Meeting Experience in Complex Spaces

4/30/2024 1:34:02 PM

Audio technology solutions provider Shure and Neat, a provider of video devices, announced a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing meeting experiences in l…

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Digi International's Connect Sensor XRT-M Resolves Key Industry Challenges

4/30/2024 1:29:10 PM

IoT company Digi International recently announced the launch of the Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M, powered by Digi Axess.

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First Orion Geared for Innovation Surge with Strategic Leadership Shift

4/30/2024 1:06:25 PM

First Orion promoted Joe Stinziano to the role of President and CEO, effective May 1.

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Momentum Launches Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

4/30/2024 12:08:31 PM

Global managed services provider Momentum announced the launch of Momentum Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams.

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Healthy Industrial Growth: ABI Research Underpins Demand for Private Cellular IoT/IIoT Connections as Markets Adapt

4/30/2024 12:03:30 PM

According to a new report from global technology intelligence firm ABI Research, the manufacturing and transportation industries will have the most private…

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Canadians Demand Fully Digital Public Services by 2026

4/30/2024 10:53:02 AM

Canadians are fed up with wasting time and demand a digital upgrade for government services.

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Boom Collaboration Strikes a Chord with Xperts-AV

4/30/2024 10:28:53 AM

Conferencing solutions provider Boom Collaboration announced a partnership with Xperts-AV, a new Pro AV integrator and distributor.

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German AI Customer Support Provider Parloa Announces Funding Round

4/30/2024 10:09:23 AM

AI-powered automation and customer support solutions provider Parloa has announced that it has raised $66 million in Series B funding led by Altimeter Capi…

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Extreme Networks Launches Innovation Hub: Extreme Labs

4/30/2024 9:35:39 AM

Extreme Labs serves as a launchpad for Extreme Networks' ventures by showcasing advancements nearing commercialization.

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Zero Networks Stops Privileged Account Abuse with New Identity Segmentation Solution

4/30/2024 9:30:41 AM

Zero Networks offers the recently released identity segmentation system that simplifies security without needing software on devices (agentless).

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Liongard Strengthens Partner Experience with Launch of AI-Powered Leo

4/29/2024 3:31:07 PM

Liongard took its user support to the next level with the introduction of Leo, an AI-powered virtual assistant.

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A Look at Looq AI's Digital Twins Platform, its Successful $3.75M Funding, and What's Next

4/29/2024 2:54:54 PM

Earlier this year, Looq AI launched its digital twin-esque platform and also succeeded in its funding endeavors, paving the way for what's ahead.

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Autonomous and Sensor Technology: A Resilient Rebound on the IoT Horizon

4/29/2024 2:01:12 PM

New data from AltIndex (supplemented by data from Statista Market Insights) sheds light on the global market for autonomous and sensor technologies.

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DeepL's Write Pro Ignites Creativity in Business Communication

4/29/2024 1:58:29 PM

DeepL Write Pro's strength lies in its ability to give writers, regardless of experience, an edge in communication.

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Why Dental Visits Are Essential for Overall Health

4/29/2024 1:30:36 PM

Good health involves more than just regular exercise and a balanced diet; it includes taking care of your teeth as well. Yet, many underestimate the import…

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