NJ TRANSIT Chooses Comcast Business to Modernize Technology Infrastructure

By Greg Tavarez March 08, 2024

Outdated systems in public transportation often hinder efficiency, safety and passenger experience. Legacy infrastructure lacks real-time monitoring, which leads to unreliable scheduling and delays. Inadequate internet connectivity limits passengers' access to information and onboard services. Additionally, obsolete technology may lack modern safety features. This increases the risk of accidents.

Without upgrades, these systems struggle to integrate with smart transportation solutions, hindering optimization efforts and sustainability initiatives. Upgrading outdated systems is essential to modernize public transportation and ensure reliability, safety and meeting the needs of passengers and cities.

NJ TRANSIT, a large statewide public transit system by ridership, carries nearly 240 million passengers annually, with about 1 million daily riders. The transit provider identified a need for improved connectivity and redundancy, as a single point of failure could impact its operations. The transit also required a network system that could power quality communication and improve the experience for riders.

That is why NJ TRANSIT made the strategic decision to team up with Comcast Business, to have high-performance Ethernet and internet solutions in place to support its public transportation system and power the advanced technological services it provides to riders across New Jersey and in parts of New York and Pennsylvania.

Comcast (News - Alert) Business, a subsidiary of Comcast, caters specifically to business telecommunication needs. They offer a range of services including high-speed, reliable internet connections to support various business functions and connected devices, advanced security solutions to safeguard business devices and data, business mobile plans with flexible data options for up to 20 lines and access to a suite of cloud-based applications to enhance business productivity.

Their focus is on providing businesses with the tools and support necessary to stay competitive and operate efficiently.

“Comcast Business provides our customers with reliable connectivity and the technology backbone needed to power innovations,” said Michael Louden, Regional Vice President of Comcast’s Freedom Region. “As NJ TRANSIT continues to enhance its operations through advanced technology solutions, we will be there to partner and make its plans a reality for riders across the state and region.”

With Comcast Business coming in, NJ TRANSIT is on track to have real-time monitoring and management of transportation infrastructure, high-speed internet connectivity onboard vehicles so passengers can stay connected during their commute. Moreover, robust Ethernet infrastructure supports the integration of advanced safety features such as collision avoidance systems and automated emergency response mechanisms.

“As chief technology officer at NJ TRANSIT, I have always prioritized innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer experiences,” said Bilal Khan, CTO of infrastructure for NJ TRANSIT. “Providing high-performance Ethernet and internet solutions is a testament to our commitment to leveraging advanced technology. This project helps bolster our network and aligns perfectly with our forward-looking vision to revolutionize public transit."

Investing in high-performance Ethernet and internet solutions is essential for modernizing and optimizing public transportation systems, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency, safety and passenger satisfaction.

Edited by Alex Passett
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