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Alex is a passionate writer, editor, and multimedia content advisor. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Illinois State University in 2015, where his concentrations included English literature, Spanish linguistics, and cinema studies. Since then, Alex has managed specialized content for a live entertainment production company, an IT managed service provider, national print media, and global e-commerce.

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ZEDEDA Adds Lisa Edwards as New Board Member, Seeks Opportunities to Strengthen Operations and Scale - 03/26/2024
ZEDEDA Adds Lisa Edwards as New Board Member, Seeks to Opportunities to Strengthen Operations and Scale - 03/26/2024
An Existing IoT Collab, Emboldened: Digi International and Telit Cinterion Transform Solutions with 5G RedCap Integration - 03/25/2024
Telit Cinterion's 5G LGA Modules, Powered by Snapdragon from Qualcomm, to Create a Big Leap in IoT Connectivity - 03/25/2024
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Introducing, LocusHub: Locus Robotics' New Data-Driven Solution to Orchestrate Enhanced Warehouse Intelligence - 03/21/2024
Mouser Electronics and Morse Micro's Agreement to Boost Accessibility for Wi-Fi HaLow Solutions - 03/21/2024
Mouse Electronics and Morse Micro's Agreement to Boost Accessibility for Wi-Fi HaLow Solutions - 03/20/2024
Digi IX40: Details About this 5G Edge Computing IIoT Cellular Solution for Industry 4.0 - 03/20/2024
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'Same IoT Experts, New Name' for Ezurio, formerly Laird Connectivity - 03/19/2024
The WR210LG Dual-SIM LTE CPE for Extended Industrial Functionality, Designed by Queclink - 03/18/2024
Cellular IoT and Automating IoT Device Management and Security: New Data from Juniper Research - 03/18/2024
Bear Robotics Secures $60M in Series C Funding Round, Supported by LG Electronics - 03/18/2024
Reinforcing the IoT and OT Security Space: Nozomi Networks Secures $100M Investment, Supported by Huge Investors - 03/18/2024
Global IoT eSIM and iSIM Connections to Grow by '208% by 2028,' per Juniper Research - 03/15/2024
Industrial Cybersecurity Forecasting, Courtesy of Kaspersky - 03/15/2024
'Smart Gas Meter Penetration Rate in Europe Reached 45% in 2023' - 03/13/2024
RTI Connext Selected by Cogniteam to Enable Stronger Communications within its Unified Cloud-Based Robotics Platform - 03/13/2024
By the Numbers: AI Startups Raised $5.7B YTD, Garnering Massive Investor Attention - 03/13/2024
Cloudflare's Defensive AI: Protecting Organizations Against Next-Gen Threats - 03/12/2024
The Power of Language at Work: Alorica Introduces AI-Powered Speech Translation Platform for Businesses - 03/12/2024
Keysight Technologies Becomes New Test Partner for the Deutsche Telekom Satellite NB-IoT Early Adopter Program - 03/12/2024
New HCLTech AI Force Accelerates Time-to-Value, Transforms Software Development and Engineering Lifecycles - 03/11/2024
Smarter Grid Planning and Operations: Itron Acquires Elpis Squard to Expand Grid Edge Intelligence Portfolio - 03/11/2024
$50M Series B Funding Fares Well for Cybersecurity Team at Todyl - 03/11/2024
Smart Home Solutions with Smarter Video Capabilities, Courtesy of Ayla Networks and Meari Technology - 03/07/2024
Wind River and Hyundai Mobis Expand Partnership, Accelerating SDV Development Roadmap - 03/07/2024
New Enhancements to Wind River Studio Prioritize Automation and Scalability for CSPs - 03/07/2024
A Versatile, Matter-Compliant IoT Connectivity Solution: The Type 2FR Module from Murata and NXP Semiconductors - 03/06/2024
New Seamless IIoT Connectivity Options, Enabled by Skylo Technologies and Blues - 03/06/2024
emnify's IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus Package: A Convergence of Cellular and Satellite IoT Connectivity - 03/06/2024
Studying Gaps in Tech Adoption and Sustainability: New Survey of Global Professionals about AI in Transportation and Logistics - 03/05/2024
Massive Meta Apps and Services Outage Impacts Users Worldwide - 03/05/2024
Protecting Businesses with IoT: Somos Introduces SomosID for Greater Visibility into Installed Assets - 03/04/2024
New Research Points to 3.6 Billion eSIM Technologies in IoT by 2030 - 03/04/2024
CyberProtonics Tapped by Simplifi to Reinforce its Business Enablement Platform with New Cryptosystem - 03/04/2024
A New Era of Data Security: CyberProtonics Makes Quantum-Resistant, Software-Based Cryptosystem Accessible and Essential - 03/04/2024
A New Eara of Data Security: CyberProtonics Makes Quantum-Resistant, Software-Based Cryptosystem Accessible and Essential - 03/04/2024
Semtech Launches the AirLink XR60 5G Router Solution for Rugged Applications - 03/01/2024
Following Patent Litigation, Fractus to Continue Providing Impactful Antenna Technology for Smart Homes - 02/29/2024
Morse Micro and Silex Technology Launch SX-SDMAH Industrial-Grade Wi-Fi HaLow Module - 02/29/2024
Quantive Launches StrategyAI to Accelerate 'Always-On' Solutions for Modern Organizations - 02/29/2024
IT Leaders Must Reinforce IoT Security Plans, According to Viakoo - 02/28/2024
Symmetry Systems' OCR Image Analyzer Solution to Tackle Data Security and Compliance Challenges - 02/28/2024
Now Live in Brazil, 1NCE Continues its Connectivity Conquest - 02/28/2024
DZS Velocity V6 Fiber Access System is Being Deployed by Ontario's Vianet - 02/27/2024
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Robotaxis? Personal Self-Driving Vehicles? New Data from Ghost Autonomy Examines Consumers' Preferences - 02/26/2024
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Reshaping the Intelligent Workforce: A Conversation at Future of Work Expo, part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW - 02/15/2024
Sustainable Technologies through Action, Powered by IoT: Vodafone Speaks at IoT Evolution Expo 2024 - 02/14/2024
'The Power of Meaningful Wireless' on Display at IoT Evolution Expo 2024 - 02/14/2024
IoT Evolution Expo Platinum Sponsor UScellular and its Vice President of Operations and Sales, Mark Foster: A Valuable Connectivity Keynote - 02/14/2024
ITEXPO Exhibitor Telinta's Virtual Office Hosted PBX Solution Receives Smart Redesign for Users - 02/14/2024
Exploring How AI Strategies Fit Into Marketing and Sales at Generative AI Expo 2024 - 02/13/2024
IoT Evolution Expo Gold Sponsor Libelium is Changing the Electric Grid with Smart DLR Solutions - 02/13/2024
TMC CEO Rich Tehrani and Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola: A Fireside Chat at ITEXPO 2024 - 02/13/2024
Discussing Dynamic GenAI Use Cases at Generative AI Expo 2024 - 02/13/2024
Remote.It's ScreenView Provides Seamless Connectivity for Remote Teams, Android Devices and More - 02/13/2024
IoT Evolution Expo 2024: February 13-15 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 02/12/2024
A Unified RMM Solution for Future-Forward MSPs: A Conversation with MSP Expo Exhibitor, ManageEngine - 02/12/2024
Enterprise-Grade Risk Management: A Conversation with TruOps, with MSP Expo 2024 Starting Tomorrow - 02/12/2024
Expanding IoT Leadership: emnify Appoints Tech Veteran Lynda Smith its Board of Directors - 02/11/2024
Optimizing Cybersecurity for MSPs: A Conversation with MSP Expo Silver Sponsor, Sharken - 02/10/2024
Going Beyond Traditional Services: Ahead of MSP Expo 2024, A Conversation with SalvageData Recovery - 02/09/2024
Technologies for Effective Remote Collaboration: Nureva Solution Now Integrates with PTZOptics Cameras - 02/09/2024
Technologies and Productivity of the Future: A Conversation with Atera, an ITEXPO Platinum Sponsor - 02/08/2024
Turning Labor Shortages into Competitive Advantages: Fox Robotics' FoxBots Surpass 2.5 Million Total Pallet Pulls - 02/08/2024
MSP Expo Gold Sponsor NinjaOne Secures $231.5M Series C Funding - 02/08/2024
Enhance Fleet Management Capabilities with FieldRoutes' Software, Now Integrated with ServiceTitan Fleet Pro - 02/08/2024
Velos IoT Group Appoints Colin Chew as its New CEO - 02/07/2024
ITEXPO Diamond Sponsor Intelisys' Parent Company ScanSource was Named on Fortune's World's Most Admired Companies List - 02/07/2024
Expanding IoT Solutions: OptConnect Acquires M2M DataGlobal - 02/07/2024
Cognata Accelerates its ADPH Global Program with Microsoft Azure and Digital Twin-Based Simulations - 02/06/2024
A New Record for Connectivity: 'World's Longest-Range Wi-Fi HaLow Solution' Demonstrated by Morse Micro - 02/06/2024
Mouser Electronics and Wurth Elektronik Group Debut a New IoT Trends eBook for Manufacturers - 02/05/2024
Formic Technologies Debuts Accessibility-Focused 'Robotics-as-a-Service' Suite of Tools to Simplify Operations - 02/01/2024
Ceva's RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 7 IP Platform Makes Waves in Next-Gen IIoT - 01/31/2024
Transformative Nursing Education with Immersive Virtual Reality, Courtesy of UbiSim - 01/31/2024
The Ins and Outs of Identiv's IoT Excellence Center for Innovated Customer Experiences - 01/31/2024
Removing Complex IT Barriers: ITEXPO Exhibitor Parallels Introduces New Parallels DaaS Solution - 01/30/2024
'The World's First Smart Rainforest': How NTT and ClimateForce Plan to Use Smart Technology for Environmental Restoration - 01/30/2024
ITEXPO Exhibitor Five9 Announces Availability of Intelligent CX Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace - 01/30/2024
From Data to Industry Action: How Digitization Can Majorly Reduce CO2 Emissions by 2030 - 01/29/2024
Taking the 'Express' Path Toward Sustainability: Panda Express and GridPoint Partner to Deploy Intelligent Energy Consumption Solution - 01/29/2024
Navigating LiDAR and Transformative IoT Landscapes: A Conversation with LightWare Ahead of IoT Evolution Expo 2024 - 01/26/2024
MSP Expo Sponsor Telesystem's Parent Company BCI Acquires Zone·TV to Fuel Growth - 01/25/2024
The Atlas 'World's First Automotive-Grade 4D LiDAR' for Mass Production Automotive Applications, Courtesy of Aeva - 01/25/2024
Zipit Wireless, a Platinum Sponsor of IoT Evolution Expo 2024, Removes Industry Hassles and Provides Seamless Connectivity Management - 01/24/2024
BlackBerry and Intellias Establish Strategic Partnership to Streamline SDV Development via BlackBerry IVY Platform - 01/24/2024
'World's Longest-Range Wi-Fi HaLow Solution' Demonstrated by IoT Innovators at Morse Micro - 01/23/2024
Cruising IoT with DataStream Ahead of IoT Evolution Expo 2024, part of the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW - 01/23/2024
The Launch of Shannon AI, a Generative AI Wellness Platform Stacked with a Lineup of Health Experts - 01/22/2024
The Evolution of 1NCE: Becoming a Reliable IoT Standard with 1NCE Plugins for Customers Worldwide - 01/22/2024
Together, peaq and AYDO Bridge IoT to Web3 for Dynamic Smart Home Applications - 01/22/2024
Meshed, an IoT Evolution Expo Gold Sponsor, is Empowering Smarter Cities and Industries with Sustainable IoT Solutions - 01/19/2024
Autonomous Vehicle Safety: What Proposed Legislation SB 57 Involves and What's Next for Human Workers and IoT - 01/19/2024
Through New Partnership, Vodafone and Bridgepointe Enhance IoT and Network Solutions - 01/18/2024
Another Partnership in the Books: Morse Micro and Synergy Associates to Expand IoT Ecosystems in New England - 01/17/2024
Securing $30M for Device and Hardware Manufacturer Support, Xyte Continues its Future-Forward Journey - 01/16/2024
Smart Cities are the Future: Discover More at ITEXPO 2024, part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW - 01/16/2024
Transforming Historical Infrastructure: DZS and Andorix to Modernize Legacy Buildings with Smart Solutions - 01/16/2024
Transforming Historical Infrastructure: DZS and Androix to Modernize Legacy Buildings with Smart Solutions - 01/16/2024
BrainChip's Akida Edge Box, Built in Collaboration with VVDN Technologies, Boosts Vision-Based AI Workloads - 01/15/2024
Mouser Electronics and Panasonic Industrial Automation Sign a New Agreement to Benefit Design Engineers in IIoT - 01/15/2024
Perfect Your IIoT Strategies at IoT Evolution Expo 2024, part of the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW - 01/15/2024
'Blaizing' the IoT Trail: With AI and Edge Computing Solutions, Blaize Inc. Goes Public with BurTech - 01/12/2024
Learn, Network, and Leap Ahead at IoT Evolution Expo 2024, part of the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW - 01/11/2024
A New Industry-Shaking Surge: HPE Acquires Juniper Networks for $14B - 01/10/2024
What Does 'Composite AI' Mean, and How Are Tech Leaders Using It? - 01/10/2024
Origin AI Raises $15.9M in Funding to Further Smart Home Wi-Fi Sensing Capabilities - 01/10/2024
Making the Right Connections: 1NCE Plugins Set a New Standard for IoT Tools and Connectivity - 01/10/2024
New Cellular IoT Module from Cavli Wireless Addresses Connectivity Needs for Turkish Markets and Beyond - 01/09/2024
IoT Evolution Expo Gold Sponsor Radix IoT Introduces Mango 5.1 with MQTT Publisher Support for Monitoring and Scalability - 01/09/2024
Powerfleet's AI-Powered Pedestrian Proximity Detection System for Smarter Individual and MHE Safety Measures - 01/09/2024
$100M Towards Innovative Capital Options: AppDirect Secures New Funding from CDPQ - 01/09/2024
Morse Mirco to Demonstrate Versatility of Modern IoT through Wi-Fi HaLow Technology - 01/08/2024
Construction Safety and IoT: Brickeye Announces Performance-Based Temperature Differential Limit, Enhancing Mass Concrete Monitoring - 01/08/2024
IoT 2023: How the Internet of Things Helped Tackle a Year of Troubles and Triumphs, Especially Ahead of IoT Evolution Expo 2024 - 01/05/2024
Fighting Fire with IoT: Dryad Networks' Silvanet Suite of Sensors Prevents Vast Wildfire Devastation - 01/05/2024
Another IoT-Forward Collab with Microsoft: Mangata Networks to Lend its Innovative Services for AI-Enabled Connectivity via Satellite - 01/04/2024
Elevating IIoT: Elevat Announces New Strategic Partnership with Microsoft - 01/04/2024
Smarter Left Turns, Done Right: New Technologies from Applied Information and Wavetronix Boost Traffic Safety - 01/04/2024
Strengthening the Cornerstones of IoT Security: TEAL and Kigen Partner to Scale and Reshape SIM Technologies - 01/03/2024
Through Fog, a Clear Solution: Enviroblind and Essence Group Supply Peace of Mind with MyShield - 01/03/2024
Forescout's 'SIERRA:21 - Living on the Edge' Analysis of New Vulnerabilities within OT and IoT - 12/29/2023
A Look Back at IoT in 2023: Quectel's Strides Made for Global IoT Solutions - 12/28/2023
Overhaul's Intelligent Door Seal Solution to Reinforce Risk Management through Cutting-Edge IoT - 12/27/2023
A Look Back at IoT in 2023: 1NCE's Advancements for Simplified and Accessible Connectivity - 12/26/2023
Automated Bus Lane and Bus Stop Enforcement Systems for the City of Los Angeles, Courtesy of Hayden AI - 12/26/2023
It's Time to Catalyze: Schneider Electric Announces Google, ASM, and HP as Top Sponsors for Supply Chain Decarbonization Program - 12/19/2023
A Look Back at IIoT in 2023: Industry Innovations from Semitech Semiconductor - 12/19/2023
'Real-World AI' Team at Worlds is Transforming Steel Manufacturing and IIoT Operations with TimkenSteel - 12/18/2023
Next-Gen Innovation, Now: How the Hailo-8 Edge AI Processor is Powering Intelligent Ultrasound's NeedleTrainer for Medical Professionals - 12/12/2023
Particle Joins IoT Evolution Expo 2024 as a Gold Sponsor - 12/12/2023
Smart Eye and Volvo Innovate through Premium Driver Monitoring and Understanding Systems in new Volvo EX90 SUVs - 12/12/2023
Verified Data Quality is at the Core of Navigating Ongoing Market Disruptions - 12/11/2023
A Clear Step Forward: ClearlyIP Acquires Voneto's EPlatform to Expand Next-Gen Solutions - 12/08/2023
New Quectel SG520B Smart Module Series Designed for Industrial and Consumer IoT Applications - 12/07/2023
Sensors Saving Lives: A Look at NOVELDA's New Child Presence Detection Technology - 12/06/2023
Globalstar's GSatSolar Adds Major Value to IIoT Asset Tracking Solutions - 12/06/2023
A New Level of Remote Connectivity: TEAL and Stargent Partnership Drives IoT Solutions - 12/05/2023
Dahua Technology's New Smart Security Devices with User-Friendly Features - 12/05/2023
Smart Water and Sewer Solutions, Courtesy of LTIMindtree and Metasphere - 12/04/2023
For Smart City Architects, Understanding Municipal Technology Demands is a Must - 12/04/2023
New CCC-FiRa Partnership to Focus on Ultra-Wideband Technology Use Cases and Regulations - 11/30/2023
Smarter Smart Home Living: Arlo Total Security's Comprehensive Capabilities - 11/30/2023
A Next-Gen Breakthrough: Broadcom Introduces NetGNT to Data Center Market - 11/30/2023
Advancing Cybersecurity, Together: Lumifi Acquires Castra to Support Businesses of All Scales - 11/29/2023
Digital Twin Core Conceptual Models and Services: New IIC Report Provides IIoT Guidance - 11/29/2023
Generative AI and Cybersecurity: Nexusflow Raises $10.6M Seed to Boost Cyber Intelligence - 11/28/2023
Software-Defined Success: Wind River and Hozon to Develop New Platform - 11/28/2023
Direct-to-Device Innovation, Courtesy of Viasat and Skylo Technologies - 11/28/2023