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Transforming E-Commerce: Shopify's Checkout Revolution

3/4/2024 9:45:04 AM

Shopify is making big changes with Checkout Extensibility, a significant update to its checkout process that replaces the old way of customizing checkout.l…

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A New Era of Web3: Empowering Innovation through Aylab

3/4/2024 9:27:59 AM

Today, in this era of technology, few sectors promise as much transformation and innovation as Web3. With blockchain at its core, Web3 represents a leap to…

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Roderick Schacher Discusses Achieving Work-Life Harmony As A High-Tech Entrepreneur

3/4/2024 9:21:57 AM

Being a high-tech entrepreneur can be exhilarating, with constant innovation, problem-solving, and potential for success. However, it can also be incredibl…

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Tone Commander Integrates PTT into Secure SIP Phones

3/1/2024 4:21:07 PM

Tone Commander integrated push-to-talk, or PTT, functionality into its Assured Services SIP End Instrument.

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Semtech Launches the AirLink XR60 5G Router Solution for Rugged Applications

3/1/2024 3:52:45 PM

Semtech recently announced the official launch of the AirLink XR60 5G Router Solution, designed to offer 6G and Wi-Fi 6 performance in an ultra-compact and…

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Professionals Get a Productivity Boost with New Intapp AI Capabilities

3/1/2024 12:35:01 PM

Intapp, a provider of AI-powered software for professionals in specialized industries, announced new features and a refreshed brand focused on its "Intelli…

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Business Email Compromise Targeted as Resilience Acquires BreachQuest

3/1/2024 11:19:48 AM

Resilience recently acquired BreachQuest, an innovative incident response technology solution, to expand its capabilities to help with the fight against BE…

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Vega Cloud Expands Reach with FinOps-Focused Partner Network

3/1/2024 11:17:33 AM

Vega Cloud recently announced the launch of its partner program, targeting value-added resellers, systems integrators and MSPs specializing in cloud financ…

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What Is The Difference Between Access Point and Router

3/1/2024 10:25:38 AM

In the constantly shifting world of online connection, it's crucial to get a handle on how routers and access points each play their part in piecing togeth…

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Steps to Ensure the Integrity of Your Pharma or Medical Device Company

3/1/2024 10:20:23 AM

Ensuring the integrity of a pharmaceutical or medical device company is crucial, not just for regulatory compliance but for safeguarding public health and …

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WordPress Wants To Sell User Data To AI Tech Firms

3/1/2024 10:10:27 AM

AI tech firms have scoured the internet to create impressive chatbots capable of having a conversation on just about anything. Over the last year and a hal…

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Discussing the Upside of Investing in Salvage Cars

3/1/2024 9:06:03 AM

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive market, salvage cars represent a niche yet potentially lucrative investment opportunity. For those looking…

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Following Patent Litigation, Fractus to Continue Providing Impactful Antenna Technology for Smart Homes

2/29/2024 6:16:37 PM

Barcelona-based Fractus recently announced the settlement of its patent litigation with Vivint, a U.S. smart home security company.

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Akto Pioneers Proactive AI Security with GenAI Testing Solution

2/29/2024 5:26:27 PM

Akto recently launched its GenAI Security Testing solution to offer proactive security testing specifically designed for GenAI models and their APIs.

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Product Feed Management: What are the Best Strategies for E-commerce Success?

2/29/2024 5:25:27 PM

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the efficiency and effectiveness with which a company manages its online presence can be a critical factor in its succe…

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cPacket Secures $67M to Fuel Hybrid-Cloud Observability Growth

2/29/2024 4:45:11 PM

cPacket announced the successful closure of a $67 million funding transaction, a primary and secondary equity investment guided by funds managed by Morgan …

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SMBs Pin Growth Hopes on Customer-Centric Strategies in 2024

2/29/2024 3:06:14 PM

The latest "Voice of the SMBs 2024" report by Aircall, provides valuable insights into the strategies and outlooks guiding these small businesses.

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Hybrid Cloud Empowers Remote Work as Enterprise Mobility Market Soars to $63.3B by 2026

2/29/2024 3:01:31 PM

Leostream, which provides a Remote Desktop Access Platform, is offering five key strategies to ensure workforces are more collaborative and productive in 2…

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Morse Micro and Silex Technology Launch SX-SDMAH Industrial-Grade Wi-Fi HaLow Module

2/29/2024 2:35:54 PM

Silex Technology America Inc., a global provider of wireless networking solutions - in collaboration with Morse Micro, an IoT connectivity and smart intero…

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QuSecure Expands Reach of Orchestrated Cryptographic Agile Cybersecurity Solution

2/29/2024 2:05:09 PM

The AWS ISV Accelerate Program enables QuSecure to leverage AWS's global sales force to reach new customers.

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Quantive Launches StrategyAI to Accelerate 'Always-On' Solutions for Modern Organizations

2/29/2024 12:05:18 PM

Quantive's new StrategyAI solution hones organizations' efforts for developing, executing, and evaluating smarter, "always-on" business strategies.

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Lansweeper Propels MSPs Forward with New Services

2/29/2024 10:44:10 AM

Lansweeper announced investments in new services, support and tools designed to equip MSPs with its IT asset discovery and inventory solutions.

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AVer's VC520 Pro3: A Step Ahead in Video Conferencing Technology

2/29/2024 10:16:40 AM

AVer launched the VC520 Pro3, a professional-grade video conferencing solution that integrates a HD camera with a speakerphone.

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IT Leaders Must Reinforce IoT Security Plans, According to Viakoo

2/28/2024 5:19:55 PM

Earlier this week, enterprise IoT security provider Viakoo released the findings of its latest "2024 IoT Security Crisis: By the Numbers" survey, citing th…

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Beyond Basics: Advanced Strategies with Mortgage Automation Software

2/28/2024 5:19:09 PM

In the changing world of mortgage lending, it is essential to streamline processes and minimize time-consuming tasks in order to stay competitive. This is …

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Arctic Wolf Reveals Ransomware Demands Up 20%

2/28/2024 4:05:21 PM

According to a recent Arctic Wolf report, the average ransom demand jumped 20% compared to 2023, reaching $600,000 per attack.

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SonicWall Reveals Surge in Cyberattacks

2/28/2024 3:39:40 PM

SonicWall released its 2024 SonicWall Annual Cyber Threat Report, providing a comprehensive overview of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

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Emerging tech in gaming

2/28/2024 3:15:03 PM

Gaming in 2024 is all about creating unforgettable immersive experiences that have players engaged within an alternate reality. There are some really excit…

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How to Find Legal Representation for Pursuing a Claim Through Defective Product Lawsuits

2/28/2024 3:08:17 PM

In a world where we rely heavily on various products for our daily activities, the safety and reliability of these products are paramount. However, when pr…

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Symmetry Systems' OCR Image Analyzer Solution to Tackle Data Security and Compliance Challenges

2/28/2024 3:00:27 PM

Symmetry Systems' new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) image analyzer is, according to the official announcement, "set to redefine how businesses uncove…

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Nokia Strengthens Network Security with GenAI Assistant

2/28/2024 2:35:29 PM

Nokia recently integrated its NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome software with a new telco-centric GenAI assistant.

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How to Start an Event Planning Business?

2/28/2024 1:58:24 PM

Event planning can be quite a profitable business. Especially, if you build a good reputation for your brand. If you are passionate about creating memor…

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Now Live in Brazil, 1NCE Continues its Connectivity Conquest

2/28/2024 1:51:41 PM

This morning, 1NCE announced that it has officially gone live in Brazil. Delivering full network coverage and IoT software at disruptive price points, 1NCE…

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Everything You Need to Know About Diabetes

2/28/2024 1:21:08 PM

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the body cannot properly produce or use insulin, a hormone that reg…

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How Cloud-Based Queuing Transforms Business Operations

2/28/2024 1:14:48 PM

In today's fast-paced business landscape, efficiency is the key to success. Every aspect of operations, from customer service to internal processes, needs …

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The ABCs of Mortgage Automation Software: A Simplified Overview

2/28/2024 12:44:31 PM

In the dynamic world of mortgage lending, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the integration of technology has become a game-changer. Mortgage a…

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Sophos Partners Get 24/7 Support with New Partner Care Program

2/28/2024 12:17:32 PM

The Sophos Partner Care program provides a dedicated team of experts who are available 24/7 to address inquiries and offer operational support to partners …

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How KYC Processes Are Becoming More Efficient: Pros And Cons

2/28/2024 12:11:06 PM

There's no doubt that KYC remains a critical tool for many businesses with the global KYC market projected to reach $32.8 billion by 2025. However, at time…

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$15M Injection Fuels Growth for Reinvent Telecom

2/28/2024 12:10:50 PM

Reinvent Telecom announced a multiyear plan to allocate more than $15 million toward upgrading its infrastructure and team expertise with executives from M…

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Exploring the Convergence of Sports Technology and Online Betting in Michigan

2/28/2024 12:06:41 PM

In recent years, Michigan has seen a significant shift in its legal landscape with the embrace of online betting. What once was a territory only navigated …

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An Exploration of the Connection Between Personal Injuries and Sexual Wellness

2/28/2024 11:48:49 AM

In the intricate web of human health and well-being, the relationship between personal injuries and sexual wellness is a topic that warrants careful examin…

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IoT-enabled wearable devices: improving fitness and health

2/28/2024 11:34:10 AM

Discover the power of IoT-enabled wearables in improving fitness and health. Learn how to integrate IoT technology to maximize the use of your wearable dev…

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Navigating IT Challenges: A Guide to Effective IT Consulting

2/28/2024 11:31:10 AM

Discover the practical solutions for navigating the challenges of IT consulting. Learn how partnering with the right provider can impact your business and …

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Ultimate Guide to Instagram Downloader: Effortlessly Download Videos, Photos, IGTV, and Reels

2/28/2024 11:21:36 AM

In a digital era dominated by the allure of visual storytelling, Instagram has emerged as a pivotal platform, showcasing a vibrant tapestry of videos, phot…

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Enhancing Customer Experience through Strategic Pricing Adjustments

2/28/2024 11:19:28 AM

Businesses are constantly searching for novel approaches to differentiate themselves and prosper in the competitive and frequently transient e-commerce mar…

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Vonage Communication APIs Available in Japan, Courtesy of Partnership with KDDI

2/28/2024 8:33:37 AM

By offering Vonage's Communications APIs and Vonage Conversational Commerce, Japanese company KDDI Web Communications can leverage Vonage's extensive exper…

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Gathr Simplifies Enterprise AI Development with Generative AI Fabric

2/28/2024 8:11:38 AM

The Gen AI fabric platform aims to simplify and accelerate the development and implementation of GenAI applications, which lets businesses harness the full…

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DZS Velocity V6 Fiber Access System is Being Deployed by Ontario's Vianet

2/27/2024 5:17:10 PM

DZS recently announced that Vianet, an Ontario-based CSP, is deploying the DZS Velocity V6 fiber access system to its residential and business customers.

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Versa Networks Debuts SASE on SIM Solution

2/27/2024 4:44:05 PM

Versa SASE on SIM for Mobile Operators integrates SASE capabilities with SIM-based identity for authentication and access control within mobile networks.

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IoT Evolution World Announces 2024 IoT Evolution Digital Twin Achievement Award Winners

2/27/2024 3:47:09 PM

The award honors the products/solutions that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and creativity in leveraging digital twin technology to solve complex…

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