Telcos Get AI Boost: ServiceNow and NVIDIA Partner on Generative AI Solutions

By Greg Tavarez March 04, 2024

A survey conducted by IDC revealed 73% of telecommunications service providers pinpoint investments in AI and machine learning (ML) as their foremost priority for transformation. This statistic underscores the industry's recognition of the potential of AI/ML technologies to revolutionize operations, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency.

Telecommunications (telcos), as an industry, is altogether driven by the demand for faster and more reliable connectivity and services. In this space, AI and ML offer transformative capabilities that allow providers to optimize network performance, enhance customer experiences and mitigate risks efficiently.

One of the key areas where AI/ML investments can have a profound impact is in network management. Through advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, AI can analyze vast amounts of data generated by network devices in real-time, identifying patterns, predicting potential failures and optimizing network traffic dynamically. This proactive approach not only improves network reliability but also reduces downtime and operational costs.

By prioritizing investments in AI/ML technologies, telecommunications service providers are poised to deliver enhanced services, drive operational efficiencies and stay competitive.

Now, an expanded collaboration aims to further elevate customer service experiences by leveraging the power of AI to automate tasks, improve agent productivity and provide faster issue resolution. ServiceNow, the digital workflow company, and NVIDIA expanded their partnership to develop industry-specific generative AI solutions for the telecommunications sector.

The first product of this partnership, Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management, is built on the ServiceNow (News - Alert) Now Platform and utilizes NVIDIA AI technology. A GenAI-powered chat summarization allows agents to quickly grasp the essence of complex customer inquiries.

Many features within Now Assist are powered by ServiceNow fine-tuned large language models, as well as served using NVIDIA (News - Alert) Triton Inference Server and customized with NVIDIA NeMo, both included with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for the development and deployment of production-grade AI applications, including generative AI.

Now Assist for TSM empowers customer service agents with intelligent virtual assistant capabilities. These AI-powered assistants can answer routine questions, handle simple requests and even offer contextual guidance during complex interactions. This not only frees agents to focus on more intricate issues; it also reduces resolution times for customer inquiries.

By automating routine tasks and providing agents with real-time support, Now Assist for TSM fosters improved customer experiences. This translates to faster and more efficient issue resolution, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The AI capabilities within Now Assist for TSM also streamline service assurance processes for telcos. The solution can analyze vast amounts of data to identify potential issues and predict service disruptions before they occur. This proactive approach allows telcos to prevent service outages and ensure network stability.

“The telco industry is rapidly evolving as AI makes its mark on enterprises everywhere,” said Chris Penrose, Global Head of Business Development for Telco at NVIDIA. “Our partnership with ServiceNow will help telcos leverage GenAI to tackle their unique challenges and build better, stronger, more efficient experiences.”

The broader partnership between ServiceNow and NVIDIA builds upon their initial collaboration announced in May 2023, which focused on developing enterprise-grade GenAI capabilities across various IT operations. This expansion into the telecommunications sector signifies the growing recognition of GenAI's potential to transform customer service within specific industries.

“Together, ServiceNow and NVIDIA will help telcos realize unprecedented business value and impact, fast,” said Rohit Batra, General Manager and Vice President for Telecom, Media and Tech at ServiceNow. “This is just the beginning of a large-scale transformation for the industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront.”

ServiceNow and NVIDIA are committed to building upon their partnership and developing additional GenAI solutions tailored to the specific needs of the telecommunications industry. This continued collaboration holds immense potential to revolutionize the way telcos deliver customer service.

Edited by Alex Passett
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