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Spectralink Unveils Versity 97 Series: Elevating Enterprise Mobility

March 08, 2024

Enterprise mobility solutions provider Spectralink announced the launch of the Versity 97 Series, the latest addition to its Versity smartphone family. The offering is aimed at elevating mobile workforce productivity and communication and builds upon the success of the Versity 95 Series, offering a user-preferred, durable form factor coupled with cutting-edge technology.

The next-generation mobility solution incorporates a class-leading processor and innovative AI noise suppression for crystal-clear calls. The device seamlessly integrates with a vast ecosystem of application partners, including Oracle and Epic, ensuring versatility and compatibility in enterprise environments. In addition to proven reliability, it is a slim, rugged, and lightweight device - which is the perfect option for mobile workers.

"We are extremely proud of the latest addition to the Spectralink Versity Family of enterprise smartphones. Versity 95 is our most successful smartphone to date, and while customers have indicated immense satisfaction with its performance, Spectralink prides itself on our ability to innovate, surpass the expectations of our customers, and set the standard for enterprise mobility. With the Versity 97 Series, we have exceeded the capabilities of any consumer device on the market, and we continue to raise the bar for smartphone technology in the enterprise world," said Doug Werking, CEO of Spectralink.

Additional features include a true hot-swappable battery for enhanced flexibility, a large display with an antimicrobial coating, six programmable buttons, advanced camera, and scanner technology, and BLE location beacon capabilities. All of these options help foster real-time collaboration, faster decision-making, and rapid response to customer or patient needs.

The Versity 97 also has native safety features that can be activated manually or automatically through motion sensors for enhanced protection for deskless workers on the job.

As a Google Android Enterprise Recommended device, it ensures uninterrupted communication and supports demanding applications within a rugged form factor.

"Versity 97 sets the standard in performance, productivity, and communication for mobile workers. We set out to make the best even better, and I am truly proud of the work our entire team has done to bring this outstanding product to the enterprise market," said Andrew Duncan, Vice President of Product and Marketing for Spectralink. "Through the capabilities truly unleashed by Versity 97, we empower our mobile enterprise customers to get the job done wherever they work."

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