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Shipping Tips for Small Businesses

9/20/2023 9:52:16 AM

Shipping plays a pivotal role in the success of any small business, influencing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. As a small business owner…

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The Technology Helping People to Manage Tinnitus

9/20/2023 9:45:01 AM

Tinnitus can range from a mildly annoying condition to a severe condition that inhibits a patient's quality of life considerably. Incurable, it's not somet…

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Managing Product Carbon Footprint for a Sustainable Value Chain

9/20/2023 9:38:42 AM

In today's dynamic landscape, the concept of sustainability has transcended being a passing trend to become a critical imperative for enterprises spanning …

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How Video Annotation Is Revolutionizing Autonomous Vehicles

9/20/2023 9:34:21 AM

In the ever-evolving landscape of transportation, the advent of self-driving cars promises to revolutionize how we experience mobility. These autonomous ve…

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Proactive Solutions for Remote Connectivity: Ivanti and Catchpoint's Partnership Benefits Workforce

9/20/2023 12:32:04 AM

Ivanti partnered with Catchpoint to expand its Digital Experience Score with application and network visibility.

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Net at Work Attracts Investment from Lovell Minnick Partners to Accelerate Growth

9/19/2023 6:31:33 PM

MSP and cloud services company Net at Work recently announced that it received a growth investment from Lovell Minnick Partners.

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AT&T and Comcast Join the 5G Open Innovation Lab as Founding Members to Engage Communities, Fueling Innovation

9/19/2023 4:49:44 PM

In addition to its largest-to-date batch of multi-stage startups, the renowned 5G Open Innovation Lab has welcomed AT&T and Comcast as founding partners.

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IntelePeer Expands Its Call Summary Dashboard to Enhance Contact Center Workflows

9/19/2023 4:44:10 PM

Existing IntelePeer customers can leverage the Call Summary Dashboard to build sophisticated hyper-automation omnichannel experiences without lengthy devel…

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IoT Evolution World Announces 2023 IoT Security Excellence Award Winners

9/19/2023 4:38:50 PM

TMC & Crossfire Media, global, integrated media companies helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, today announced the winners of …

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BPO Company ibex and ITEXPO 2024 Keynoter Genesys Partner for Customer Experience Solution Offering

9/19/2023 4:38:37 PM

Business process outsourcing company ibex recently announced a partnership with Genesys to offer next generation omnichannel customer experience (CX) and c…

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Technology for Good: ALE and Nokia Partner to Support Grand Paris Express

9/19/2023 3:15:06 PM

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Nokia have partnered to support the Grand Paris Express, one of Europe's largest metro rail projects.

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Gigamon's Precryption Technology Gains Industry Support for Unmasking Hidden Threats in Encrypted Traffic

9/19/2023 3:10:12 PM

Gigamon's partners have embraced the new Gigamon Precryption technology as a game-changing innovation to empower customers against cyberthreats lurking wit…

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Innovative Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform Revealed by CloudBees

9/19/2023 2:53:02 PM

CloudBees, a software delivery platform for enterprises, released a new cloud native DevSecOps platform that places platform engineers and developer experi…

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Hybrid Cloud vs Multi-Cloud: How to Choose Wisely?

9/19/2023 1:45:45 PM

Cloud computing is rapidly evolving and deciding on a solution becomes increasingly challenging. While businesses are already familiar with Public and Priv…

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Top Reasons to Become a Medical Administration Assistant in 2023 and Beyond

9/19/2023 1:36:03 PM

The healthcare industry is a dynamic field that continues to offer a wide range of rewarding career opportunities. If you are interested in healthcare, enj…

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Design for Impact: Creating Visually Compelling Infographics

9/19/2023 1:29:11 PM

Infographics have become an indispensable tool for effectively communicating complex information in a visually appealing manner. A well-designed infographi…

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Football Teams With The Most State-of-the-art Home Stadiums

9/19/2023 1:21:15 PM

In the realm of American football, attending a live game is no longer just about the action on the field. It's about stepping into a world of cutting-edge …

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Nokia Enterprise Edge Charging Empowers Enterprises with Monetization Capabilities

9/19/2023 1:20:58 PM

The new Enterprise Edge Charging software empowers enterprises to have greater control over network data processing and analysis at the edge.

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How Wearable Tech is Revolutionizing Healthcare

9/19/2023 1:16:30 PM

Wearable technology has become increasingly popular in recent years with devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers becoming commonplace. However, thes…

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Mitel Introduces 700d Series DECT Handsets

9/19/2023 1:11:40 PM

The new generation of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) handsets blends simplicity, elegance, and reliability.

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Quasar and PTC Establish a Data-Driven Partnership for IoT

9/19/2023 1:05:23 PM

Quasar is partnering with PTC to bolster TSDB and industrial connectivity capabilities.

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ITEXPO 2024 Keynoter Genesys Sees Cloud CX Platform Surpass 1 Million Users

9/19/2023 11:44:17 AM

Genesys ended the second quarter of fiscal year 2024 with nearly $1.2 billion in annual recurring revenue.

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Rockwell Automation Acquires Clearpath Robotics to Improve Autonomous Production Logistics

9/19/2023 11:10:53 AM

Rockwell Automation's acquisition of Clearpath Robotics is expected to full-on accelerate Rockwell's end-to-end autonomous production logistics to provide …

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15.14 Billion Reasons The Cyber Trust Mark for IoT Devices Will Matter

9/19/2023 10:27:56 AM

You've heard it time and time again. "Protecting IoT technology is challenging." "IoT devices are known for their notoriously poor protection."

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Revolutionizing Your Bookmaking Business with Pay-Per-Head Software

9/19/2023 10:23:00 AM

Are you a bookmaker eager to elevate your business to new heights? Look no further than Pay Per Head (PPH) software. This innovative technology has the pot…

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Advanced VR and AR Technologies: Main Prospects for the Future of Online Casinos

9/19/2023 10:06:44 AM

Explore the transformative impact of VR & AR in online casinos. Find the innovations, benefits, and challenges on our detailed page.

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ConvergeOne Brings in Industry Veteran to Drive Next Phase of Growth

9/18/2023 10:12:35 PM

C1 has the person in place to help them deliver that elevated experience after appointing industry veteran John "JD" DeLozier as chief revenue officer.

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Peerless Network Reaches 5 Markets to Expand Footprint

9/18/2023 10:05:20 PM

Peerless Network, an Infobip company, announced five markets are now operational on Peerless' all IP network.

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ThreatLocker Signs on as a Gold Sponsor for MSP Expo 2024, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

9/18/2023 4:50:07 PM

Leading Communications and Technology Event Returns to Florida for the 24th Consecutive Year

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Treon, Ready to Triumph: 5.5M Euros Series A Funding with Ventech to Power New US Expansion

9/18/2023 4:38:41 PM

Massive IoT company Treon successfully closed a new funding round to boost its international growth.

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Treon, Ready to Triumph: €5.5M Series A Funding with Ventech to Power New US Expansion

9/18/2023 4:30:20 PM

IoT company Treon successfully closed a new funding round to boost its international growth.

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Study Uncovers Insight into How Marketers Are Using Their Data Stacks

9/18/2023 4:01:47 PM

Data cloud company Snowflake recently released a study entitled "Modern Marketing Data Stack 2023: How Data-Forward Marketers Are Redefining Strategies to …

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Study Finds the Cost of Poor Customer Support Continues to Rise

9/18/2023 3:47:58 PM

A new study commissioned by generative AI customer service platform found that customers' expectations continue to rise, and the costs for delive…

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Fortinet and Wiz Fortify Cloud Workload Environments

9/18/2023 2:43:16 PM

Fortinet and Wiz are in a partnership that sees Wiz join the Fortinet Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner Program and Fortinet join the Wiz Integratio…

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Smarter Factories and Supply Chain Ops: Ericsson, AWS, and Hitachi America R&D Make it Happen

9/18/2023 2:27:18 PM

The collaboration between Ericsson, AWS, and Hitachi America R&D focused on real-time digital video and AI across a private 5G network that supports swifte…

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Netcracker and Microsoft Bring AI Solutions to Telecom Operators

9/18/2023 2:25:39 PM

Netcracker Technology expanded its partnership with Microsoft to support Netcracker's recently launched GenAI Telco Solution.

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Top Tech Tips For Saving Money & Time

9/18/2023 12:58:37 PM

What does it take for IT managers to save money? Whether they're looking to minimize cloud storage costs, gain computing speed, or maximize the power of ev…

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Sprinklr's Latest Release Brings in Over 700 Customer-Centric Features

9/18/2023 12:17:01 PM

The proprietary Sprinklr AI+ platform now integrates with Google Cloud's Vertex AI and OpenAI's GPT models and is now generally available to all customers.

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Intelligence, Flexibility, and Control: The Launch of Kajeet's New smartSIM

9/18/2023 11:55:35 AM

Managed IoT connectivity services provider Kajeet has launched its new smartSIM solution.

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Quoter Signs on as an Official Sponsor for TMC's 2024 ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW Events

9/18/2023 11:48:38 AM

Quoter becomes the official contract and proposal platform for all TMC events.

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From IT to ERP: How MSPs Can Break New Ground in Enterprise Resource Planning

9/18/2023 11:14:42 AM

With the growing importance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite in modern enterprises, a burgeoning opportun…

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Why Ransomware as a Service Could Cause the End of the Internet

9/18/2023 11:02:13 AM

As the internet rose to power in the early 2000s, software companies began to offer their applications to customers in a new way: as a service. Software as…

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7 Industries Revolutionized By Particle Size Analysis

9/18/2023 10:52:27 AM

Particle size plays a role in everything from our medications to the coffee we drink and the skin care products we use. To learn how it affects our daily l…

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The Future of Customer Service: 5 Ways Startups are Leveraging AI-Powered Chatbots

9/18/2023 10:44:50 AM

In today's digital era, customer service is undergoing a transformative shift. As startups strive to differentiate themselves in a saturated market, many a…

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PDF Editing: How and Why You Should Use It On Your iPhone

9/18/2023 10:34:46 AM

PDFs are made so they can't be edited. Here, we take a look at PDF editing software and how and why you should use it on your iPhone.

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FanDuel Places a Winning Bet on AWS for Cloud Infrastructure

9/15/2023 5:53:51 PM

FanDuel has selected AWS as its strategic cloud provider to deepen its relationship with the cloud to help power the company's growth into new markets acro…

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New Player in Town: IronGate Steps Up to the Challenge of Speedy Cyberattack Recovery

9/15/2023 4:48:09 PM

IronGate is committed to crafting and implementing solutions that facilitate swift resolutions for policyholders grappling with cyber events.

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Customer Experience at the Next Level: Content Guru Integrates Google Business Messages with Storm

9/15/2023 12:11:43 PM

The integration of Google Business Messages into storm enables responding to customer inquiries received through Google Business Messages using a virtual a…

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Boost the Cloud Experience with Oracle's Compute Cloud@Customer

9/15/2023 11:10:40 AM

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer enables organizations to run applications and middleware on OCI compute, storage and networking services with flexible virtua…

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Intradiem Introduces Automated Solution That Evaluates Risks of Agent Churn

9/15/2023 11:01:15 AM

Intradiem's AI model measures the data against expectations or past performance in real-time and designates each agent's burnout risk assessment on its das…

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