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TextUs Reveals Business SMS on the Rise, Driving Engagement

April 04, 2024

TextUs, a consumer engagement platform catering to recruiters, sellers, and marketers, unveiled findings from its highly anticipated 2024 State of SMS Engagement Report. It provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of business communication and showcases the effectiveness of SMS in driving engagement and strengthening connections with prospects, customers, candidates, and employees.

The report highlights the significant role of SMS today in achieving heightened engagement rates across various industries, surpassing traditional channels like email, telephone calls, and direct mail. Notably, SMS boasts an impressive median response rate of 80%, signaling its effectiveness in reaching audiences and fostering interactions. This high level of engagement underscores SMS's effectiveness in applications such as workforce management, recruitment, sales, and marketing.

Key insights from the report also emphasize the effectiveness of SMS in engaging contacts unfamiliar with a brand. A staggering 74.3% of respondents said they see texting as more effective than email in sparking engagement, while 76.2% cite SMS as being useful for generating actions that lead to a purchase. These statistics point to the critical importance of selecting the right engagement channels and validate TextUs's unique value proposition for creating connections that drive tangible business outcomes.

In today's competitive landscape, businesses must prioritize selecting the right communication channels to optimize engagement and achieve their growth objectives. By understanding the preferences and behaviors of a target audience, businesses can strategically leverage communication channels such as SMS, email, phone calls, and social media to foster meaningful interactions. Utilizing the most effective channels ensures that messages resonate with recipients, leading to increased response rates, improved conversion rates, and ultimately, stronger relationships.

"Through our platform, we're proving that SMS is not just a fundamental but a preferred communication tool for modern businesses," said Megan Dumas, Product Marketing Lead at TextUs. "The 2024 State of SMS Engagement Report not only reiterates the unmatched read and response rates of business texting but also positions it as a key pillar of future customer engagement strategies."

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