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Johanne Torres

Johanne Torres

VoIP Minute Watch Columnist

Johanne Torres is contributing editor for and Internet Telephony magazine. She reports on VoIP, telecommunications and business technology. Previously, she was assistant editor for EContent magazine in Connecticut.

Contact Information:

Technology Marketing Corporation
800 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06852

Phone: 203-852-6800 ext. 271

Articles by Johanne Torres:

[02/11/05] Skype Does Hybrid WiFi/Cellular Phones
[02/09/05] Mobile-to-VoIP Convergence Boosts ARPU
[02/09/05] CompTIA Poll Finds VoIP Offers Greatest Productivity Gains
[02/08/05] VOIPSA: VoIP Security Alliance Formed
[02/08/05] Alcatel Hired by BellSouth for Network Initiative
[02/08/05] SBC Scores NVPN Contract With Intec Telecom Systems
[02/08/05] $45M WiFi VoIP Handset Market to Grow Thru 2009
[02/08/05] Avaya Releases Remote IP Telephony Monitor
[02/07/05] Hopkins Public Health School Deploys Netcordia's VoIP Module
[02/07/05] 3Com and RIM Tie BlackBerrys to PBXs
[02/02/05] Layoffs: 13,000 to Lose Jobs After SBC-AT&T Merger
[02/01/05] McLeodUSA Selects BroadSoft for VoIP Integrated Access
[01/28/05] Layoffs: Siemens to Cut 1,250 Jobs
[01/28/05] 8x8 Reports Multi-Million Dollar Loss
[01/28/05] MTM Technologies to Acquire Info Systems
[01/27/05] Launch: InstaTelecom's VoIP-Based Calling Service
[01/27/05] IPI Resells i2Telecom's VoiceStick
[01/25/05] Microsoft Surrendering to European Demands?
[01/25/05] Google Tuning In
[01/25/05] QuickLogic, Renesas Collaborate on Wireless IP Phone Reference Design
[01/25/05] GlobalTouch to Use Access211's ATA for SipTalk
[01/24/05] 2Wire Aids PRT With VoIP Deployment in Puerto Rico
[01/24/05] Polycom Releases SIP Products, Appoints Board Member
[01/24/05] Help Wanted: VoIP Expert Needed by Google
[01/24/05] Powell: A Look at His Tenure in the FCC
[01/21/05] Stearns Legislation Urges Congress to Reform Telecommunications
[01/21/05] GigaBeam and Stealth Expand VoIP Services in NYC
[01/21/05] Legerity VoIP-Connects Analog Phones
[01/21/05] Powell: The Defender of VoIP Resigns
[01/20/05] Zultys Now Mac & Linux Compatible
[01/20/05] VoIP Keeps Crawling Into Rural America
[01/20/05] Skype, PChome Online to Develop VoIP Devices
[01/20/05] Nuvio, PowerOne Deploy VoIP in Central Florida
[01/19/05] AT&T Scores Tech Data Contract
[01/19/05] DVG-1402S: The First Unlocked VoIP Router?
[01/19/05] EdgeAccess Brings VoIP to Rural Customers
[01/19/05] IBM, Airespace, VeriSign Join Program for Mobile to VoIP Convergence
[01/18/05] VoIP for Just $4.95 Monthly?
[01/18/05] Launch: BroadVoice’s Toll-Free Feature
[01/18/05] Comcast Ups Its Broadband Speed Service in Texas
[01/18/05] Dial Thru Expands VoIP Services in Iraq
[01/17/05] IT EXPO Miami 2005 News: ABP Presenting Four New Products
[01/13/05] Polycom's Hagerty Named CEO of the Year by Frost
[01/12/05] PRT and Nortel Bring VoIP to Puerto Rico
[01/12/05] AudioCodes and Crystal Group Develop Telecom Platform
[01/12/05] Launch: VoIP Peering Service for Wireless Carriers
[01/11/05] Microsoft’s Rumored Partnership With Siemens
[01/11/05] Interactive Intelligence and Vonexus Now ISO 9001:2000 Certified
[01/11/05] Sonus’s New Reseller Agreement With Samsung
[01/10/05] Comcast Enters VoIP Market With Pricey Plans
[01/10/05] Microsoft's New Messaging Solution for SMBs
[01/06/05] SBC Unveils U-verse IP Products Suite
[01/06/05] 8x8 VoIP to Go Retail
[01/06/05] Telatinos Wins Multi-Million Dollar Brazilian Contracts
[01/06/05] Staples to Offer AT&T's CallVantage
[01/05/05] President Bush Names Internap’s CEO to Security Council
[01/05/05] Texas Instruments and AT&T Team Up to Develop VoIP Devices
[01/05/05] One Connect IP Selects Tekelec for Hosted VoIP
[01/05/05] Vonage UK Service: A Hidden Project?
[01/04/05] Level 3's VoIP to Offer E-911 Capabilities
[01/04/05] VTech’s Product Line Now Features Integrated VoIP Phone
[01/04/05] Texas Instruments Releases Viseon’s Digital Home Telephone
[01/03/05] Sonus Carried 10 Billion Minutes in December
[01/03/05] Lightyear Chooses IPeria's ActivEdge for Its VoIP Service
[01/03/05] 2005 'Digital Home' Efforts Will Require Cross-Industry Partnerships
[12/30/04] Airspan Networks to Buy ArelNet
[12/29/04] Time Warner Cable to Resell Sprint Cellular Service
[12/29/04] Update: Judge Favors Vonage in Minnesota Court
[12/29/04] Net2Phone Expands Network Reach
[12/21/04] Empirix Enhances VoIP Testing Tool
[12/21/04] Cisco to Acquire Yet Another Security Firm
[12/21/04] European IP VPN Market Grows During Telecom Slump
[12/20/04] Lingo Adds Numbers in Spain
[12/20/04] Cisco Scores Multiple Partnerships for NAC Program
[12/20/04] Vonage Brings VoIP to Isolated Canadians
[12/16/04] AT&T CallVantage Premieres Added Features
[12/16/04] Avaya Buys Route Science
[12/16/04] Update: Court Favors Google in Case
[12/16/04] Update: Sprint and Nextel Merger Confirmed
[12/15/04] Ingate Unveils Enterprise SIP-Enabling Products
[12/15/04] Cellular Networks Condense
[12/15/04] Increased Availability of IP Phones Emphasizes Emergence of VoIP
[12/14/04] AOL Canada Enters Residential VoIP Market
[12/14/04] First Town in Verizon Nationwide VoIP Conversion
[12/14/04] Zoom Begins Shipping the V3
[12/14/04] Microsoft Searches Your PC, Too
[12/13/04] 3Com Ends Year With a Bang Buying TippingPoint
[12/13/04] Geico vs. Google in Court Battle Over Ads Placement
[12/13/04] Industry Heads Say Government Holding Back VoIP Adoption
[12/13/04] As Voicemail Turns 25, Avaya Releases Modular Messaging 2.0
[12/09/04] Vonage to Do Video
[12/08/04] AT&T Scores $9.5 Million IP VPN Contract
[12/08/04] VoIP Semiconductor Market to Reach $1.7 Billion by 2008
[12/08/04] Nortel and Symantec Work on Net Security
[12/07/04] Avaya and Verizon Tackle Small and Medium Biz
[12/07/04] AT&T Scores Treasury’s Net $1 Billion Contracta
[12/07/04] Optimum Voice Reaches 250,000 Customers
[12/06/04] Zoom’s VoIP Speaks Spanish
[12/06/04] Telecom Says It VoIPs Entire UK
[12/06/04] IBM Enters VoIP Space Scoring $969 Million Deal
[12/06/04] Start-Up Offers Unlimited Cellular Calling for $9.99
[12/03/04] BT Goes VoIP
[12/03/04] Internet Telephony Pricing Gimmicks: It’s All in the Numbers
[12/02/04] FCC to Minnesota: Get Off VoIP’s Back
[12/01/04] SBC Hooks Up Barnes & Noble’s WiFi
[12/01/04] i2Telecom Releases VoiceStick VoIP Access Device
[11/30/04] iQ NetSolutions Joins Avaya’s DeveloperConnection Program
Net2Phone Releases Hybrid Headset
3Com Brings VoIP to the Cowboys
[11/24/04] Artisoft Introduces TeleVantage Enterprise Manager
[11/23/04] Wow -- Talking on the Net
[11/23/04] MyNORA Can Help You Converge
[11/23/04] Kazaa Now Offers Skype’s Free Web Calls
[11/22/04] North American VoIP Provider List Reaches 400
[11/22/04] InfiniRoute Selects tel(x) for VoIP Peering
[11/22/04] Carrier VoIP Equipment Market Up 69 Percent
[11/19/04] The Real Cost Behind a VoIP Switchover
[11/19/04] Nortel Makes Its VoIP Solutions More Compatible
[11/18/04] AT&T Scores Squeaky Clean Deal With Whirlpool
[11/17/04] Vonage to Wait 90 Days
[11/17/04] SBC Selects Microsoft’s IPTV
[11/17/04] What Happens When Telecoms Hang Up?
[11/16/04] Motorola to Acquire WiFi Developer MeshNetworks
[11/16/04] SBC’s VoIP to Celebrate the New Year at Home
[11/16/04] VoIP Wagon Swerving on the Road to Regulation?
[11/15/04] Brix Updates Its Free VoIP Quality Testing Portal
[11/15/04] NTT DoCoMo to Release Dual-Network Handset
[11/15/04] CallWave Integrates VoIP Apps Based on Level 3 Network Services
[11/12/04] Aastra to Buy EADS’ Enterprise Telephony Business
[11/12/04] Zoom Begins Shipping the V3
[11/12/04] Would You Add IPTV to Your Triple Play?
[11/11/04] Oui, Oui! DimiTel Powers French Business With VoIP
[11/11/04] Broadcom Adds Chips to IP Phones
[11/11/04] Vonage VoIPs the Southeast via Cable Partnership
[11/10/04] CallVantage Now in Office Depot
[11/10/04] Speaking Easy in WiMax City
[11/10/04] Skype Goes Cordless
[11/09/04] ‘A Revolution Has Occurred,’ Declares FCC Chairman Powell
[11/08/04] Vonage Will Bundle Linksys’ Wireless Router
[11/08/04] Entone’s Video Service Delivers for Triple Play
[11/08/04] Level (3) and NextWeb to VoIP Corporate California
[11/05/04] i3 micro and CommuniTech to Distribute VoIP Products
[11/05/04] DataLogic Buys Leftover Shares of VoIP Subsidiary
[11/05/04] Will VoIP Dig Fixed Line’s Grave?
[11/04/04] Qwest Expands Coverage, Invests Heavily in VoIP
[11/04/04] 8x8, Cognigen and CompUSA Ink Retail Deal
[11/04/04] Covad Adds Voice to Small Business in 14 New Markets
[11/04/04] Net2Phone Signs VoIP Cable Telephony Agreements in Europe
[11/03/04] PointOne Announces StarPoint IP Business
[11/03/04] Countdown Begins for FCC’s Ruling on VoIP
[11/03/04] Lucent Partners With Kagoor for Session Border Control Technology
[11/02/04] Bam! Linksys Kicks VoIP Up a Notch
Convergence to Push VoIP via WiFi, Study Says
BroadVox Chooses TCS for E911
[11/01/04] Avaya Delivers Video Over IP to Your Desktop
[11/01/04] Former MCI Execs Launch VoIP Calling Co.
[11/01/04] Bivio’s Platform to Secure VoIP
[11/01/04] BT’s All-in-One Bluephone Ready by Next Year
[10/29/04] Rio Rancho Back to Work on City-Wide WiFi
[10/28/04] Motorola’s Canopy Launches Wireless Broadband Platform
[10/28/04] Are You Ready to Surf on Air?
[10/28/04] ¡Olé! For VoIP in Spain and Latin America
[10/27/04] HelloSoft and Toshiba Partner on Cost-Effective Multi-Channel Solution
[10/27/04] CommPartners Helps WisperTEL Launch SOHO VoIP
[10/26/04] Spammers Face the Judge in Virginia
[10/26/04] Vonage Adds London Virtual Numbers
[10/26/04] Intrado Introduces 911Plus Info Check
[10/26/04] Intel Invests in WiMAX
[10/25/04] Surfing Free in Portland
[10/25/04] Tom’s VoIP to Speak Chinese, Maybe?
[10/22/04] I'm Sorry You Missed the Playoffs
[10/22/04] Newsom to San Franciscans: Free WiFi for Everyone!
[10/22/04] Bush and Kerry: Head to Head on Tech Issues
[10/21/04] Military Bases Getting VoIP via Cable
[10/21/04] Study Sees IP PBX in the Cards for European Enterprise Telecom
[10/20/04] Netrake and Camiant Partner to Aid Cable VoIP
[10/19/04] Global Crossing Teams Up With BroadVoice
[10/19/04] Microsoft’s Code Istanbul Goes Beta
[10/19/04] VoIP Inc. Powers the West Via Cable
[10/19/04] AudioCodes Adds Wireless/Wireline Server Offering
[10/18/04] Ontus Telecom Teams With Level 3
Net2Phone Launches WiFi VoIP Apps
Google Searches Your PC
Convergence Will Drop Telecom Spending, Study Says
FCC: Thumbs Up to Broadband over Power Lines
AT&T CallVantage Now Local?
Vonage and Intrado to Fix E911 in Rhode Island
Will the Spots Burn Cingular?
DataLogic’s IPN Releases VoIP Server
VoIP Goes Retail Via Office Depot
Uniden Unveils VoIP Adapter
Now you Can SMS Google for Instant Responses!
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Durance to Developers: Be the Killer Enablers
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Tehrani’s IP Killer Apps Live Demos!
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Edholm Sees Convergence in Our Industry’s Future
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Our Satellite Connection with Skype
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Inter-Tel and Avaya Keynote at IT Conference & EXPO
ITEXPO Fall 2004: VoIP Experts Debate Regulation
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Grand Opening Session
ITEXPO Fall 2004: VoIP opportunities in the Military session
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Fresh News As We Open Our Doors!
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Peribit Presenting QoS session at IT Conference & Expo
ITEXPO Fall 2004: Sphere Okayed by Dept. of Defense for Military IP-PBX Apps
Uniqall’s Gridborg Changes Pricing Rules
Meet Tombros: The First Convicted U.S. Wardriver
VoIP, Inc. Wants to Partner with Cable
VoIP Will Cash-in BIG, Study Says
Linksys Double Hooks VoiceWing
Digital Virgin Now on Sale
Artisoft to Acquire Vertical Networks
Bank of America Taps Cisco for IP Phones
Microsoft to Spammers: See You in Court!
VoIP, Inc. Adds on California and Georgia
i2Telecom Expands VoIP in South America and the Caribbean
DataLogic Goes Retail
Completel Switches to VoIP with Nortel
Xten and Plantronics Release Headsets
WildPackets Releases Network Analyzer
StarNet Pipes In Corporate VoIP
AT&T’s Tests Traveling VoIP Service

[09/21/04] Ford Motors to Install VoIP Phones

[09/21/04] Nokia Brings VoIP to Broadband

[09/20/04] Texas Instruments Mobilizes IP Phones

[09/20/04] NuvioCentrex Now for Mini Biz

[09/20/04] Governator to Ban State Office P2P

[09/17/04] uAuthorize Makes VoIP Multilingual

[09/17/04] VoIPMDU Enhances VoIP Bundles

[09/15/04] Nuvio Calls it Discrimination

[09/15/04] VoIP, Inc. Gets a Million

[09/15/04] IBM Donates Voice Code

[09/14/04] Xten eyeBeams VoIP

[09/14/04] Optimum Voice Goes International

[09/13/04] IBM and Avaya Answer Calls

[09/13/04] Sprint and AT&T to Settle With FTC

[09/13/04] Net6 Secures Voice

[09/10/04] Lucent to Tango

[09/10/04] One Voice Also VoIPs

[09/10/04] Skype Now in Your Pocket

[09/09/04] FoneFriend Grows VoIP Services

[09/09/04] YAK Sets Up WorldCity

[09/09/04] Ofcom Watches Over VoIP in the UK

[09/07/04] Lucent Lights up Global Crossing’s Net

[09/07/04] WebEx CoIPs with Convedia

[09/07/04] As VoIP Spreads, Qovia Expands

[09/02/04] Commercial VoIP Goes East and West

[08/31/04] Up for grabs: Skype for Mac in Beta

[08/31/04] Lucent Joins the Army of One

[08/30/04] AOL Says: Me too, me too!

[08/30/04] AT&T Strikes $30M IP Tech Deal

[08/26/04] Cable Meets Sprint to VoIP

[08/24/04] Dear Santa: I Want a Wireless VoIP Phone

[08/23/04] CallVantage Now in the Service Isle

[08/23/04] VoIP Connects NY Docs and Patients

[08/20/04] AT&T VoIP Plan to go Nationwide and Beyond!

[08/16/04] Experts to Schwarzenegger: Switch to VoIP

[08/12/04] Hello…hello? Can you hear me now?

[08/11/04] Internet Telephony Conference and EXPO Moves to L.A.

[07/26/04] VoIP Tax 2: Adventures of the Pay-for-all Fees
[07/22/04] Verizon Joins the Bells’ Race to VoIP
IRS to Cash-in on VoIP
[07/12/04] VoIP Game Rules to Follow
[07/07/04] AT&T Goes Hi-tech: Co. Launches VoIP Calling Plan
[06/28/04] VoIP at the Best SUPERCOMM in Years


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