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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

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Hybrid Solutions: The New Normal For VoIP, SIP Trunking? - 03/31/2015
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HP's New Software Lineup Brings Insight to Mobile App Development - 03/30/2015
State Farm Drone Aircraft Cleared for Flight - 03/30/2015
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Customer Service Takes on New Life with zipLogix - 03/27/2015
Securus Technologies Uses Video for Safer Prison Visits - 03/26/2015
Eaton's Roadranger Service Network Gets Turbocharged With New Features - 03/26/2015
LogMeIn's Rescue Lens Allows Remote Support for Almost Any Product - 03/26/2015
Transfast's New Service Offers Rapid Deposit to Bangladesh Banks - 03/26/2015
Which Help Desk Software is the Right Help Desk Software? - 03/26/2015
Is the Best in Customer Experience to be Found in Customer Autonomy? - 03/26/2015
The Enterprise Service Desk is Not What It Used to Be - 03/26/2015
IBM's Watson May Start Taking Jobs in Africa - 03/25/2015
Spree SmartCap Takes New Honor as TMC's 2015 Wearable Product of the Year - 03/25/2015
Google's Pony Express May Bring Bill Payment to Gmail - 03/25/2015
Bring the Beat With a Web Browser and HTML5 Thanks to Synthtopia - 03/24/2015
B2B Customer Churn: It's All About Value - 03/24/2015
The Australian Property Market on Your Wrist? There's an Apple Watch App for That - 03/24/2015
SoftwareOne Lands Compucom's Software Business Unit - 03/24/2015
Teleperformance USA Steps Up Its Staffing, Adds Jobs in Texas - 03/24/2015
Not Just In Schools: Telecommuting Takes Down the Snow Day - 03/24/2015
Calabrio Analytics Help Schools Identify and Address At-Risk Student Problems - 03/23/2015
FRAFOS ABC WebRTC Gateway Takes 2015 WebRTC Product of the Year Award - 03/23/2015
Distance Learning Technology Steps Up Schooling Around the World - 03/23/2015
Mercator Advisory Group Finds Huge Value in Modern Contact Center - 03/23/2015
Marchex Institute's Mobile Advertising Study Finds Challenges, Advantages for Insurers - 03/23/2015
Audio Technology Review: Samson Meteorite - 03/23/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review:Allworx, Ingate, Facebook - 03/21/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Tango Networks, Unify - 03/21/2015
Open-Xchange Brings New Power For Unify Circuit Users - 03/20/2015
Omron Healthcare's New Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker Adds Motivation to the Workout - 03/20/2015
Nintendo: Now You're Playing With Smartphones? - 03/20/2015
Is the Best in Customer Experience to be Found in Customer Autonomy? - 03/19/2015
T-Mobile's Carrier Freedom, Un-contract Shake Up Mobile Once More - 03/19/2015
Sony's PlayStation Vue Service Launches, Targets Cable Cutters - 03/19/2015
What Wearables Will Likely Do For Professional Sports - 03/19/2015
Verizon Steps Up its Unified Communications Ambitions - 03/19/2015
EMEA Hosted Contact Center Services Market Shows Value of Multichannel Solutions - 03/19/2015
ADTRAN's VoIP Switch Portfolio Out to Improve With New Entrants - 03/18/2015
Smart Homes to Get Smarter With NXP's New JN5169 Wireless Microcontroller - 03/18/2015
Five Million Bitcoin Users By 2020 a Clear Possibility - 03/18/2015
Cisco Spark Lights a Fire in Customers' Hearts - 03/18/2015
How Louisville Water Dropped $29 Million to Improve Customer Experience - 03/18/2015
Array Telepresence Equal-i System Makes Big - 03/18/2015
GENBAND's Nuvia System Powers Tools from NetVersant, SageNet - 03/18/2015
NTT Communications, FireEye Get Together on Managed Security - 03/17/2015
Just Enough IVR is a Key Strategy to Success - 03/17/2015
Social Media: Linchpin of the Customer Experience - 03/17/2015
Mattersight Behavior Analytics Software Gains Ground - 03/17/2015
Apple Pay Makes Huge Inroads With Users - 03/17/2015
Enterprise Security: Give Employees What's Desired, Lest Employees Get IT Elsewhere - 03/17/2015
Ingate SIParator E-SBC Gives Nationwide Processing Better Fraud Protection - 03/16/2015
30 Years of Yorktel Comes With Record Growth Year - 03/16/2015
Concierge Medical Services' Doctor2Go Taps WebRTC For Its Basis - 03/16/2015
Online Businesses: Call Centers Should Be a Major Priority - 03/16/2015
Audio Equipment Review: Divoom Voombox Party Speaker - 03/16/2015
Text Request Opens the Floodgates, Offers Reseller Program - 03/16/2015
Is PlayStation Network's Customer Service a Big Game Over? - 03/16/2015
3GC Group Gets ShoreTel's Nod For World-Class Level Customer Service - 03/16/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Grand View Research, PNE Corporation, Vertical Communications - 03/14/2015
Queensland Policelink Nets Award in Customer Experience Innovation - 03/13/2015
UnaliWear Kanega Smartwatch: Functional, Yet Attractive, and Potentially Lifesaving - 03/13/2015
Zain Bahrain Steps Up Its Customer Service With Round-The-Clock Live Chat - 03/13/2015
Vertical Communications' ViewPoint Mobile 2.1 Lands Big Honors From Frost & Sullivan - 03/12/2015
TEL-COM Solutions Joins Broadview Networks to Offer New Cloud Options - 03/12/2015
Sonus WebRTC Services Solution Brings WebRTC to the Cloud - 03/12/2015
California Water Service Company Launches Customer Contact Update System - 03/12/2015
Cloud or No, Software Licensing Still a Big Concern - 03/12/2015
Broadcom Adds a Boost to the Free Ultra High Definition STB - 03/11/2015
TeleHealth's OmniPresence 2.0 Offers 'Doctor-at-Home' Service - 03/11/2015
Forrester Research: IBM a Leader in Large Enterprise Mobile App Services - 03/11/2015
Mitchell's RepairCenter Hub to Bring Big Benefit to Repair Shops - 03/11/2015
Latest Laptop Computers Enhances Customer Experience With New Ordering System - 03/11/2015
Nextiva Lands Best Call Center Phone System Ranking - 03/11/2015
Space-Time Insight Gives Big Data Visualization an Extra Virtual Reality Punch - 03/10/2015
Web Conferencing Proves Big Security Concern for IT Decision Makers - 03/10/2015
'Please Drive Through' Even Easier with Visa's Connected Car - 03/10/2015
Redbooth UC Lands a Slot in Enterprise Connect Innovation Showcase - 03/10/2015
Call Centers Turning to Gamification Get More Options - 03/10/2015
Oracle: Many Companies Falling Down on the Customer Service Job - 03/09/2015
The Future of Mobile: RCS and WebRTC Together? - 03/09/2015
Twitter May Be The Best Metric for Television Trends - 03/09/2015
DialogTech Offers New Connections to Adobe Marketing Cloud - 03/09/2015
Voice Technology Review: Samson Go Mic Direct - 03/09/2015
Is Our Healthcare Data Truly Safe? - 03/09/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: MWC 2015, Google, Mozilla - 03/07/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Mitel, Vodafone, Voxox - 03/07/2015
NEWT One Business SIP Trunking Offers Simple Upgrade for Business - 03/06/2015
InGate Companion Systems Bolster CentralTouch's UC Contact Center - 03/06/2015
Kandy Throwdown Application Development Contest Lands New Judge - 03/06/2015
2014 Proves Record-Breaker for Broadband Equipment Sales - 03/06/2015
Samsung Galaxy 6S Adds VidyoMobile to Its Roster - 03/05/2015
Zappos' Holacracy' Changing the Nature of Staffing - 03/05/2015
Five9 is Looking For a Few Good Partners in its New Cloud Alliance - 03/05/2015
Pebble Time Steel Gives Pebble Time a New Look - 03/05/2015
The Soda Machine Is Smarter Than You Think; Connected Vending Machines on the Rise - 03/04/2015
OneWeb's Quest For Better Internet Access Brings Honeywell Into the Fray - 03/04/2015
Wearable Tech May be the Next Big Sensor Market - 03/04/2015
ConnectSolutions Gains Ground With Multifaceted Strategy - 03/04/2015
T-Mobile's Czech Republic Branch Bolsters SIP Trunking with GENBAND - 03/04/2015
The End of the Snow Day: How Videoconferencing Can Keep Classes Going - 03/04/2015
Customer Engagement Can be Just a Video Away - 03/03/2015
CSG Ascendon Digital Services Platform Launched to Shake Up Digital Services - 03/03/2015
Ericsson Cloud System gets Hyperscale Boost - 03/03/2015
NACR Has a New Preferred Partner in AudioCodes - 03/03/2015
ISI Telemanagement Compliance Guide Helps New UC Users - 03/03/2015
Impulse & CTI Group Collaborate on ClearStar Call Recording System - 03/02/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Mitel & Mavenir Make Nine-Figure Merger Deal - 03/02/2015
The Downside of Video Conferencing Software? A Hit to Hardware Sales - 03/02/2015
What's On: Video on Demand Market Poised for Big Gains - 03/02/2015
Wearable Tech Review: Scosche Rhythm Plus Heart Rate Monitor - 03/02/2015
Social Chat, Gaming Apps Two Major Parts of 2014's Fourth Quarter - 03/02/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Origibot,, 5G - 02/28/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Snom, Toshiba, Endstream - 02/28/2015
Unified Communications Week in Review: Mitel, Tadiran, Barnes & Noble - 02/28/2015
LIMRA Gives Insurance Companies New Perspective on Customers - 02/27/2015
SolidFire's Enterprise Bookings Heated Up Through 2014 - 02/27/2015
Telefonica's TU Go Brings WebRTC Right to the Browser - 02/26/2015
MVNOs Get Fixed-Mobile Convergence Boost from Centile Telecom Applications - 02/26/2015
ShelterBox & Flowfinity Get Together to Improve Disaster Response - 02/26/2015
Mocana Readies Mobile Security Solutions for SAP Mobile - 02/26/2015
Memphis Grizzlies' Newest Teammate is Microsoft Dynamics CRM - 02/26/2015
Personal Genomic Tests Set to Alter Healthcare - 02/25/2015
Research: Total App Downloads Spurred by Chinese Market - 02/25/2015
Want a Better Call Center? Start with Happier Agents - 02/25/2015
Rise of the the Contact Center - 02/25/2015
New Dimension Data Report Shows Contact Center Lagging Industry Needs - 02/25/2015
Comverse Takes to Amazon Web Services Cloud for Multi-VAS Solutions - 02/25/2015
Wearable Tech Review: Misfit Shine - 02/24/2015
Want Free Shipping on Target Online Purchases? It Just Got Cheaper. - 02/24/2015
How Origibot Turns Your Android Tablet Into a Telepresence Robot - 02/24/2015
Twitter Backs Net Neutrality with Public Post - 02/24/2015
Pebble's Next Generation Smartwatch May Have Leaked - 02/24/2015
The Voice of Customer Experience is More Style than Substance - 02/23/2015
Hawaii Picks Up Plans to Bring Government to More Remote Locations - 02/23/2015
Tractica: Wearable Device Shipments to Grow Tenfold Over Seven Years - 02/23/2015
Digium's Respoke Brings WebRTC Functionality to Array of Apps - 02/23/2015
Taqua's Virtual Mobile Core, Mobile Client Systems to Drive Interop's Voice Offerings - 02/23/2015
Unified Communications Week in Review: AT&T, SkySwitch, Spooky Nook Sports - 02/21/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: 8x8, NetGen, Vertical Communications - 02/21/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Samsung, Vizicom, Mobile World Congress - 02/21/2015
Call Recording Week in Review: ResponseTap, CloudFactory, Noble Systems - 02/21/2015
One in Three SMBs Have New Tech Plans For 2015 - 02/20/2015
How to Make Better Service When Service is Digital - 02/20/2015
Ericsson's Expert Analytics 15.0 Offers New Tools to Improve Customer Satisfaction - 02/19/2015
Sonus & Numonix Get Together to Drive Contact Center Improvements - 02/19/2015
Elliptic Technologies Announces tRoot Technology Now Part of eWBM Chipsets - 02/19/2015
Artesyn Embedded Technologies Brings Out Centellis OCP - 02/19/2015
Connection in Healthcare: How Real Time Communications Keeps an Industry Healthy - 02/19/2015
Better Customer Satisfaction is Key in Call Centers - 02/19/2015
What to Look for in Conferencing 2015 - 02/19/2015
Wearable Tech Review: Pear Training Intelligence - 02/18/2015
Where Will APAC CMOs Put Investment This Year? In Customer Experience, Says IDC - 02/18/2015
3CX Phone System Users Get a Free Bonus, WebRTC Style - 02/18/2015
How Big Data Can Make Call Center Experiences Go More Smoothly - 02/18/2015
InComm BYOD Starter Kit Makes Bring Your Own Device That Much Easier - 02/17/2015
ResponseTap Calls for Greater Review of Call Tracking Systems - 02/17/2015
Samsung Smart School Brings Powerful New Education Tool to Senegalese Schools - 02/17/2015
Safer Text Messaging Spurs Huge Gains in TigerText Sales - 02/17/2015
Juniper Research Names Barcelona as Top Global Smart City in 2015 - 02/17/2015
Two Giants Build New Contact Center Tool - 02/17/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Kaplan University, Contact Solutions, Blackboard - 02/14/2015
Heartland Institute: Patent Trolls Mean Big Damage for US Economy - 02/13/2015
teleFoehn IP Communications Means Big Savings for Boston Borough Council - 02/13/2015
A Record Year of Revenue for Genesys - 02/13/2015
GlobalData: Medical Tourism on the Rise in Southeast Asia - 02/13/2015
JOT Automation Develops Automated Test System for Wearable Devices - 02/12/2015
8x8 Goes For Brass Ring with 'Industry First' VoIP SLA Guarantee - 02/12/2015
Time Warner Cable, Best Buy Get Together for More Intelligent Homes - 02/12/2015
Avaya, Reliance Communications Strike Deal to Bolster Customer Care Tech - 02/12/2015
Ready to Get Microsoft Lync in the Call Center? Acqueon's New Program is Ready to Help - 02/12/2015
Getting the Best in Customer Experience Requires Open Standards - 02/11/2015
Talari SD-WAN Gets New Update with Talari APN 4.2 - 02/11/2015
Why Farming Needs the Internet of Things to Survive - 02/11/2015
Strategy Analytics: In 2022, M2M Will Reach Multi-Billion Connections - 02/11/2015
WalkMe UX Platform New Version Plans to Whip Website Users Into Shape - 02/11/2015
Is Customer Engagement Just a Text Message Away? - 02/11/2015
Wearable Tech Review: The Spree Smartcap - 02/11/2015
Tough Winter: Illinois Portion of Quad Cities Goes Dark - 02/11/2015
Mobile Shopping: Easy as Taking Pictures with Snap-To-Buy - 02/10/2015
Don't Risk Killing the Brand: Bring the Mobile App Up to Snuff - 02/10/2015
Want to Boost Wireless Customer Satisfaction? Add Online Chat - 02/10/2015
Swatch Readies Wearable Smartwatch, Squarely Targets Apple Watch - 02/09/2015
Plantronics & Revolabs Get Together to Make UC Clearer - 02/09/2015
Microsoft Cortana May Help Out on Office Tasks Based on New Leaks - 02/09/2015
Samsung Smart TV: The TV That Knew Too Much - 02/09/2015
Report: Cars' Wireless Security Measures 'Inconsistent and Haphazard' - 02/09/2015





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