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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

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Chinese Singles Binge at - 11/13/2015
TelePacific and Aligned Communications Strike New Distribution Deal - 11/12/2015
IP Phone Warehouse Offers Polycom Protection for Some Devices - 11/12/2015
Want a More Productive Office? Look Into Headsets - 11/12/2015
TouchSocial Simplifies the Social Media Connection - 11/12/2015
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Millennials Declared Most Irresponsible with Tech - 11/10/2015
Patton & MetaSwitch Networks Combine, Improve Service Provider Outlook - 11/10/2015
OTT Video Services Prove Remarkably Cancellation-Resistant in U.K. - 11/10/2015
Smart Toys Making a Big Play This Holiday Season - 11/10/2015
A Flat for Harley-Davidson? Chief Marketing Officer Departs Company - 11/09/2015
GameStop Taps eGain Cloud for Top Scores in Customer Service - 11/09/2015
Nigeria: A New Major Target for Cybercrime - 11/09/2015
Smart Toys Making a Big Play This Holliday Season - 11/09/2015
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OTEL On the Hunt for a Few Good Partners in African Telecom - 11/06/2015
OTEL Seeking Partners in African Telecom - 11/06/2015
Physical Banks Still Top of the Food Chain - 11/06/2015
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Rabbit Makes the Jump to iOS - 11/05/2015
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M1's Data Center Plans SDN Proof of Concept Push - 11/04/2015
Jabra's Cashback Program Means Easy Money, Quality Tools for Jabra Buyers - 11/04/2015
JustFab's VIP Membership Draws Fire, Response in the Works - 11/04/2015
WageWorks & Mattersight Push to Better Customer Service - 11/04/2015
Verint Customer Engagement Optimization Finds Role in Japanese Shopping Channel - 11/04/2015
The Omnichannel Experience is Always Changing - 11/03/2015
Juniper Research: eSports to Beat NFL Viewership by 2020 - 11/03/2015
Velocity System Gives Viavi Solutions an Extra Edge - 11/03/2015
MINDBODY Taps RingCentral for Cloud Communications - 11/03/2015
BuzzClip Uses Sound to Give Blind People a New Kind of Sight - 11/03/2015
VoLTE Set to Hit Two Billion Connections By 2020 - 11/03/2015
Can the Zikto Deliver on Promises of Back Pain Relief? - 11/02/2015
Replacing a PBX System with Skype for Business - 11/02/2015
T-Mobile Holds Its Ground: Customer Retention on the Rise - 11/02/2015
Turn to Analytics to Get More Out of Workforce Management - 11/02/2015
Consumers Want More Energy Control - 11/02/2015
Smartphone Vendors Ship Despite Chinese Market Losses - 11/02/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Apple, AVST, GENBAND - 10/31/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: BroadSoft, Patton Electronics, PROMISE Technology - 10/31/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: BroadSoft, Patton Electronics, PROMISE Technology - 10/30/2015
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BroadSoft Nets Windstream Over One Million Trunk Lines - 10/28/2015
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Balancing Security and Mobility in the Age of the Data Breach - 10/28/2015
The Death of Ownership May Be Killing Art (And Amazon's Bottom Line) - 10/28/2015
Time Warner Cable Admits to Lapses, Refocuses on Customer Service - 10/28/2015
Comings & Goings: Patton Taps Peter Burkhalter for Europe - 10/28/2015
Polycom VVX D60 Handset Means Business, Mobile - 10/27/2015
COPD Patients Breathe Easier With NIOV Wearable Ventilation - 10/27/2015
CTI Group & BroadSoft Collaborate on Proteus Enterprise - 10/27/2015
Cellphone Users: The Government Might be About to Help - 10/27/2015
How Delta Doubled their Customer Feedback - 10/26/2015
Here's How Videoconferencing Makes Winning Businesses - 10/26/2015
SAP Fashion Management Gives Fashion Companies New Cutting Edge - 10/26/2015
Android Users Revolt, Declare Apple Coolest Wearable Brand - 10/26/2015
Radware's DDoS Attack Mitigation System Adds New Power to SingleHop Shield - 10/26/2015
Mobile Broadband Striking it Rich in Middle East, North Africa - 10/26/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Good Technology, Switch, Smart IMS - 10/24/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: AtHoc, Warble, Eze Castle - 10/24/2015
Next Generation Communications Week in Review: Nokia, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent - 10/24/2015
VoIP-Pal's Telecommunications Arsenal Ready to Fight VoIP Controversy - 10/23/2015
Virtual Contact Center Gives Bizmatics PrognoCIS Extra Edge - 10/23/2015
Unyfy Simplifies Skype for Business Rollouts - 10/23/2015
Customer Service Reps Hit Reddit to Offer Wealth of Secrets - 10/22/2015
AudioCodes' SBCs and Gateways to Bolster BroadCloud SIP Trunking - 10/22/2015
Transera's Call Center App Necessary for North Texas Specialty Physicians - 10/22/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Western Digital Makes $19 Billion Move on SanDisk - 10/22/2015
Juniper Research: Smart Home Revenue Will Clear 12 Figures By 2020 - 10/21/2015
Digitization Brings the Next Big Growth Surge for Set-Top Boxes - 10/21/2015
Samsung's New SMT-i6000 Series Deskphones Offer Powerful Features & Mobility - 10/21/2015
Is Digital Signage the Key to Employee Engagement? - 10/21/2015
Talky Moving to Smaller Screens Following User Feedback - 10/21/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Lone Star Communications, Revector, Elliott Associates - 10/17/2015
Lync Migration Week in Review: Microsoft, GSX Solutions, Switch - 10/17/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, SightCall, Qubit - 10/17/2015
Simple Ways to Prevent an IT Horrorshow - 10/16/2015
Harris CapRock Communications Brings Better Connectivity - 10/16/2015
Capitalizing on the Personal Touch in the Mobile Age - 10/16/2015
Snom Shows Off New D765 Desk Phone - 10/16/2015
Switch: Now Compatible With Microsoft Office 365 - 10/15/2015
Are You Ready For a Wide Open SIP Trunking Market? - 10/15/2015
How Customer Support Jobs are Changing, Improving - 10/15/2015
Cloud-Based Videoconferencing Offers Security and Value - 10/15/2015
IT Budget Challenges in the United States Worst on the Planet - 10/15/2015
: IT Budget Challenges in the United States Worst on the Planet - 10/15/2015
Make Way for Bacardi's Omnichannel House Party - 10/14/2015
GSX 365 Usage Brings New Measurement Tools to Office 365 Users - 10/14/2015
GTX Corp.'s SmartSole Strides into German Markets - 10/14/2015
Latest Windows 10 Build Teases Skype & Edge Capability - 10/14/2015
Zendesk Adds LiveOps Telephony, Contact Center Capability to Operations - 10/14/2015
The Data Center's Rise Means Clear Hazards Ahead - 10/13/2015
CTI Group & Tango Networks Partner to Give Service Providers Mobile Call Recording - 10/13/2015
Looking to Protect Revenue in OTT? Revector Has a Solution - 10/13/2015
Mobile Banking Users to Hit One Billion - 10/13/2015
Making Hospice Decisions a Bit Easier with Videoconferencing - 10/13/2015
Snapshots for Success: How Mobile Cameras Win Mobile Commerce - 10/12/2015
Video Collaboration Steps Up Thanks to Cloud-Based Services - 10/12/2015
Rural Nebraska Gaining Unexpected Amenity: Text-to-911 Service - 10/12/2015
Raiders Turn to Virtual PBX & More to Drive Retail Operations - 10/12/2015
Cisco Partner Appreciation Event Gets a Boost from ISI Telemanagement Sponsorship - 10/12/2015
OpenSpan Workforce Intelligence Looks to Drive Productivity - 10/12/2015
MiaRec Ready to Measure Contact Center Success - 10/12/2015
Contact Center Analytics Week in Review: Sunny Delight, Accanto Systems, ITEXPO - 10/10/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: ITEXPO, Zentera Systems, Sonus - 10/10/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, ITEXPO, SAP - 10/10/2015
The New King of SIP Trunking in the United States: XO Communications - 10/09/2015
Aspect Software Focuses on Growth, Brings in New Sales Manager - 10/09/2015
HP's New Operating System Puts Focus on Data Centers - 10/08/2015
KnowYourCustomers Improves with Version 2.0 - 10/08/2015
IAFax Unveils New Service at ITEXPO - 10/08/2015
A Royal Caribbean Cruise Has Never Been Smarter - 10/08/2015
SAP Revamps Customer Business Planning Application - 10/08/2015
Alcatel-Lucent's LTE Connects European Fliers - 10/08/2015
Grandstream Networks' New Audio Conference Phone Goes Beta - 10/07/2015
CloudRoute, the Newest Cloud Service Provider, Launches into Occupied Territory - 10/07/2015
SAP, Ovum Research Identifies Major Flaw in Insurance Companies' Tech - 10/07/2015
Sensoria, OHI Combine to Develop the Smart Moore Balance Brace - 10/07/2015
Frost & Sullivan: Big Gains Ahead for Australian Cloud Contact Center Market - 10/06/2015
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