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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

The Land Line: Are Its Days Numbered? - 12/22/2014
Istanbul's Taxi Service Set to Get Integration Overhaul - 12/22/2014
KipstR Wearable Device Keeps Virgin Media TiVo Up and Running - 12/22/2014
Using Video Conferencing in Business Training: The Power of Being There - 12/22/2014
TNT UK Turns to NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld to Spur Customer Experience - 12/22/2014
How United's Voice of the Customer Program Lets the Company Soar - 12/22/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, PanTerra Networks, Yappn - 12/20/2014
Call Recording Week in Review: The NFL, SIP Print, Verint - 12/20/2014
Xerox Drops Information Technology Outsourcing Business in $1.05 Billion Deal - 12/19/2014
Zendesk Apps Marketplace Gets a New Tool in Talkdesk - 12/19/2014
Avaya and NORAD Get Together To Follow Santa Claus - 12/19/2014
SmartMatch Technology Makes Finding Healthcare Clinicians Easy - 12/19/2014
2015 in Mobile Commerce: Predictions Emerge from FirstBank, Mitek, US Bank - 12/18/2014
Nebraska Public Benefits Call Center System Needs 'Serious Overhaul' - 12/18/2014
Yappn, VerbalizeIt Join Forces for Translation in Real Time Communications - 12/18/2014
Vocalcom and Zendesk Give PIXmania a New Lease on Customer Service Life - 12/18/2014
Gigabit Internet Service Unheard of in Much of US - 12/17/2014
Vlocity Insurance 2.0 Takes a Big Step in Omnichannel Insurance Service - 12/17/2014
Sony's SmartEyeglass Attach! Slip-On OLED Display Makes Glasses Smarter - 12/17/2014
Airbnb Call Center Reflects Value of Call Center Staff - 12/17/2014
Apple Pay Gains Ground with Banks, Samsung Considers Joining the Fray - 12/17/2014
Routine Work Turns into Outage; Internet Down Over Two States - 12/17/2014
Skype Translator Hits Preview Stage, Shows Off Exciting New Developments - 12/16/2014
Pack a Lunch, The Call Center's Not Going Anywhere - 12/16/2014
Tibbo Technology Improves on AggreGate 5.1 with HTML5 Boost - 12/16/2014
Oracle Looks at 2015, Sees Big Data Looming Large - 12/15/2014
Don't Let Out of the Office Mean Out of Touch - 12/15/2014
Patton CPE Proves Swisscom's Choice to Back Business VoIP - 12/15/2014
AudioCodes WebRTC Connectivity Solution Offers WebRTC Power at Enterprise Level - 12/15/2014
One of Google's Most Popular New Products is Cardboard - 12/15/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Mozilla, Google - 12/13/2014
FlexNet Licensing Adds Powerful Defenses Against Hackers - 12/12/2014
Biometrics: A Major Part of Wearable Technology - 12/12/2014
Callpromise & Virtual Hold Technology Partner to Expand Callback Solutions - 12/12/2014
Mozilla & Telenor get Together to Drive WebRTC Competency - 12/12/2014
Lync 2013 Windows Phone Now Allows Voice Calling - 12/12/2014
Tech Market in 2015 Ruled by Six C Principles - 12/12/2014
Strike the Black Flag: The Pirate Bay is Down... for Now - 12/12/2014
ABI Research: 5G in 2020 Rare, 5G in 2025 Huge - 12/11/2014
IID: 2016's Internet, a Much Different Place - 12/11/2014
VoxSmart's VSmart Proves IG Group's Choice for Recording Mobile Voice - 12/11/2014
Enterprise Router Market Makes Gains in Third Quarter, Expects More - 12/11/2014
Google Hangouts for Android Gets Remodeled with Slew of New Features - 12/10/2014
2014's Tech Nightmares: From Sony Hack to iCloud Nudes - 12/10/2014
2015 in Tech: What to Look For in the New Year - 12/10/2014
Where Are the Customers Going? Wise Athena's Big Data Systems Can Help Tell - 12/10/2014
Apple for Business Users Gets Stronger with IBM MobileFirst Apps - 12/10/2014
Strategic Execution in 2015: Trends Point to Big Changes - 12/09/2014
Performance Lab's ARDA Coaching Engine Puts Workout Feedback in Wearables - 12/09/2014
Disaster Recovery Gets a Little Easier for CenturyLink with DataGardens Acquisition - 12/09/2014
Freescale Platform Brings Simple Wireless Charging to Larger Devices - 12/09/2014
Amazon Plans to Deliver 'Now' - 12/09/2014
Report: Consumer Products Find Opportunity in Omnichannel Approach - 12/09/2014
Medical Device Market Growth to Slow - 12/08/2014
A Great Experience Makes Customers for Life - 12/08/2014
Walgreens & MDLive Get Together for Telemedicine Push - 12/08/2014
GENBAND Brings Out Network Functions Virtualization Tools - 12/08/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, LogMeIn, Mozilla - 12/06/2014
Telecom Italia Taps Italtel to Bring Technical Perspective for Network Operations - 12/05/2014
Wire Offers New Breed of Communications, Backed by Skype's Co-Founder - 12/05/2014
Service Provider Router Demand Drops, May Come Back Amid Developments - 12/05/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Thinking Phone Networks Lands Cash Infusion to Make Communications Simpler - 12/05/2014
Make Room for LTE: Verizon Starts Killing 3G Networks to Clear Space - 12/04/2014
Firefox 34 Arrives with Major Changes - 12/04/2014
New York's New Chief Information Officer Offers Huge IT Background - 12/04/2014
Your Next Apple Phone may be a Gymnast - 12/04/2014
Social Customer Care is the Holiday Gift to Customers that Keeps On Giving - 12/04/2014
Is Laughter the Best Medicine for Customer Service? - 12/03/2014
Mutualink Becomes Tool of Choice For Connecting Schools, First Responders in New York Counties - 12/03/2014
Layer2 Cloud Connector V5 Offers New Data Integration Power for Office 365 - 12/03/2014
StellaService Discovers Substantial Wait Times for Customer Service Calls on Cyber Monday - 12/03/2014
GENBAND Hits Red Herring's Top 100 Global Lists - 12/03/2014
Everykey, the Wristband that Makes Openings Wearable - 12/02/2014
KOOM's New Virtual Reality Headset Offers VR Affordably - 12/02/2014
Psychiatry: As Close as a Computer with Telepsychiatry - 12/02/2014
One Dollar in Three Spent Online on Black Friday was Mobile - 12/02/2014
Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite Opens Field of WebRTC-Based Options - 12/02/2014
Black Friday Gun Buyers Swamp Federal Background Check Systems - 12/02/2014
Looking for Your Thin Mint Fix? Girl Scouts Enact Digital Cookie for Online Sales - 12/02/2014
Want Great E-commerce Results? Focus on Customer Experience - 12/02/2014
Polycom Looks at '2015 in Video' at the Workplace - 12/02/2014
Microsoft Set To Land Acompli in Nine-Figure Deal - 12/01/2014
Carrier IP Telephony Market Makes Gains Through Third Quarter 2014 - 12/01/2014
Mobile-First Strategy Means Big Things for CafeX - 11/26/2014
The 'Customer Hangout': Tomorrow's Customer Service Forefront? - 11/26/2014
The Power of More: Extra Great Sales Come from Extra Great Customer Service - 11/26/2014
How to Make Conferencing on a Mobile Device as Easy as Being There - 11/26/2014
Give Your Customers the Best Gift: Great Social Media Customer Service - 11/26/2014
Beam Messenger Offers Real-Time Edge to Messaging - 11/25/2014
All You Want for Christmas is Satisfied Customers - 11/25/2014
M2M Connections Poised for Huge Growth in Latin America and Beyond - 11/25/2014
Digital Banking on the Rise, But Traditional Bank Still Rules - 11/25/2014
The Call Center Dying? The UK Sees a Future without It in Chorally - 11/25/2014
Better Access to Washington's Capital Now Available with Video Conferencing - 11/24/2014
Bright Pattern's ServicePattern Cloud Contact Center Puts Sales, Customer Service in Video - 11/24/2014
Buddy Platform Turns IoT Data into Useful Business Data - 11/24/2014
Epson Moverio BT-200 Gives Carnegie Mellon's Virtual Assistant Whole New Life - 11/24/2014
Cell Providers, Brace for Impact: M2M is Coming - 11/24/2014
littleBits' New Kit Offers DIY Smart Home - 11/24/2014
Real-Time Communications Week in Review: Aspect Software, GENBAND, HP - 11/22/2014
EXFO Steps Up its CPRI Lineup with RAN in Mind - 11/21/2014
Protecting a PC? The Air Gap May Not Be Enough Protection From Hackers - 11/21/2014
Could Cloud Network Defense Mean a New Source of Security? - 11/21/2014
Samsung Gear VR Gets Major Sound Boost From Fraunhofer Cingo - 11/21/2014
Big Revenue Gains for IP Multimedia Systems in 2014's Third Quarter - 11/21/2014
Gryphon Networks' Call Recording Systems Make Compliance Easier - 11/20/2014
Opera Mediaworks' RISe Offers New Means to Track Customer Conversion Rates - 11/20/2014
Macy's New iOS App Knows What You Want with Cortexica Image Recognition - 11/20/2014
Wi-NEXT Gains New Strategic Advisors to Step Up Industrial Edge Networking - 11/20/2014
Vee24 Gives Mobile Browsers a New Voice, with Video - 11/20/2014
EarthBend Augments Call Recording Tech with New OAISYS Release - 11/20/2014
'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Gets a Promotion Boost from WebRTC & HTML5 - 11/20/2014
Startup 'Thanx' You for Shopping: Revolutionizing the Loyalty Card - 11/19/2014
Using HTML5 Can Put Punch in Holiday Email with Animation - 11/19/2014
Blossom's Smart Watering System Brings Internet of Things Power to Lawn Care - 11/19/2014
OS X Users Get New Video Conferencing Capability with TrueConf - 11/19/2014
New Study Looks for Tech Disruptions from Machine Learning, Device-to-Device Communications - 11/19/2014
Vidyo Offers Announcement on VidyoWorks' WebRTC Support - 11/18/2014
Real Madrid & Microsoft Set to Join Up in New Technology Partnership - 11/18/2014
Real Madrid & Microsoft Set to Join Up in New Technology Partnership - 11/18/2014
FCC Chairman Wheeler Wants More Internet in Schools - 11/18/2014
Plantronics Comes to WebRTC Conference & Expo V with Wearables in Tow - 11/18/2014
GENBAND Offers Major Sponsorship Push to WebRTC World V - 11/17/2014
AMC Health Joins Mount Sinai in Delivering Televideo for Prostate Cancer Trials - 11/17/2014
Pharmaceutical Call Centers, Product Information Training is Front and Center - 11/17/2014
State Department's Unclassified Network Goes Dark after Potential Hacking - 11/17/2014
Finding: Bigger Sales Achievable by Focusing on Sales Goals - 11/17/2014
Real-Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Samsung, Gemalto - 11/15/2014
Xerox Invests in HealthSpot to Drive Kiosk-Based Telehealth Services - 11/14/2014
APAC Contact Center Market Makes Sweeping Change, Focuses on the Customer - 11/14/2014
PUB HTML5 Puts Out the Word: It's Great for Comic Books Too! - 11/14/2014
Wearable Displays May Soon Look Better With Imagination Series7 GPUs - 11/13/2014
Florida & FTC Turn Sights on Consumer Collection Advocates - 11/13/2014
Coming Soon: One Number to Get a Cab in Qatar - 11/13/2014
Sixt's Secret For Better Customer Service: RFID - 11/13/2014
Cisco's CFO Goes Out With A Bang As Earnings Beat Estimates - 11/13/2014
Texting Drivers Familiar with Risks but Do it Anyway - 11/12/2014
IoT Data Needs Priority Treatment - 11/12/2014
University of Michigan's Tiny, Shape-Shifting Robots - 11/12/2014
Google's Chromecast Brings Family-Friendly Gaming into Fold - 11/12/2014
Skype for Business Brings New Connectivity to Business Users - 11/12/2014
AT&T Looking for a Few Good Veterans - 11/11/2014
AppleCare for Enterprise: Apple's Plan to Back Up the Business - 11/11/2014
SDN and NFV to Drive Huge Growth in Virtual Security Appliances - 11/11/2014
Facebook Messenger Hits Major New Milestone - 11/11/2014
High-Speed Broadband may be Coming Soon for Massachusetts Hilltowns - 11/11/2014
Apple's New Web Tool Allows Easy iMessage Deregistration - 11/10/2014
Want the Best Customer Experience? Turn to Big Data - 11/10/2014
Protecting the Internet of Things in Three Simple Steps - 11/10/2014
Huge Mobile Subscriber Growth Forecast for Sub-Saharan Africa - 11/10/2014
Microsoft's New Headset Brings Urban Navigation to the Blind - 11/10/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Microsoft, Lowe's - 11/08/2014
D-Link & TruConnect's DWR-330 Mobile Router is Fuel for the Road Warrior - 11/07/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Microsoft, Lowe's - 11/07/2014
Conversocial Crosses Series of Milestones in 2014 - 11/07/2014
Electronic Records to Pack Big Savings for Healthcare Sector - 11/07/2014
Verint, Truphone Combine Efforts to Help Financial Institutions with Regulations - 11/07/2014
With Voice Networks Moving to IP, the FCC Plots Rule Changes - 11/07/2014
Pexip Backs Conferencing, WebRTC Harder with Infinity Version 7 - 11/06/2014
VidyoWorks, VidyoConferencing Tools Bring WebRTC Support - 11/06/2014
Move Over, Samsung: Apple is China's New Top Dog in Mobile - 11/06/2014
Intelcia Taps Teleopti to Drive Improvements in the Call Center - 11/06/2014
Absent Friends and Expat Family: Using VoIP to Keep in Touch - 11/05/2014
Carta Worldwide's Universal Tokenization Platform Set to Make Digital Payments Safer - 11/05/2014
Disney Movies Anywhere Adds Google Play to its Roster - 11/05/2014
Eager to Compete? The Cloud is Ready for You - 11/05/2014
Keep Inbound Calls Under Control with a Few Simple Call Routing Tactics - 11/05/2014
Jackson County Jail Brings Family, Friends to Inmates with Video Conferencing - 11/05/2014
Nexmo & BICS Get Together to Spark Global Communications - 11/05/2014
Intel Capital Makes Investment Moves: Eight Figures for 16 Startups - 11/05/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Finding Something Good to Watch Gets Easier with Rovi and Fan TV - 11/04/2014
ON.Lab Launches Open-Source Network Operating System - 11/04/2014
Two New Fitness Trackers on the Way from Jawbone - 11/04/2014
Call Center Worker's 'Robotic Voice' Buys Him Suspension - 11/04/2014
Smart Glasses Set For Slim Shipments - 11/04/2014
Et Tu, Customer? The 'Who Cares' Phenomenon of Customer Service - 11/03/2014
Want To Offer A Better Customer Experience? Start Here - 11/03/2014
Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: Apple Pay & Friends - 11/01/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review: The WebRTC Showcase - 11/01/2014
Can a Virtual Call Center Help Face Down the Horde of Holiday Traffic? - 10/31/2014
Skyera's skyHawk FS Packs Hefty Flash Storage - 10/31/2014
Temenos' Mobile Banking Solution Promises Big Gains in Productivity - 10/31/2014
Virtual Call Center Tools Speed Up the Process of Getting Through - 10/31/2014
Voxbone & Alianza Bring Together Components for New Cloud-Based Voice Solution - 10/31/2014
The Deal is Done: Lenovo Buys Motorola From Google - 10/31/2014
Health Gorilla Makes Doctor / Specialist Connections a Breeze - 10/31/2014
Sykes Call Center Shutdown a Sign of Things to Come? - 10/30/2014
Microsoft Health Makes a Play for Entire Health Spectrum - 10/30/2014
Banks Turn to Microsoft's Dynamics CRM to Drive Better Service - 10/30/2014
Nintendo Plans Foray into Wearable Tech with Sleep Tracker System - 10/30/2014
UC Tools Gaining Popularity, But Employee Training Lagging - 10/30/2014
Charles Schwab Joining Growing Numbers of Automated Investment Services - 10/30/2014
NuMetrex Offers Heart Rate Measurement in Handy Sports Bra Package - 10/29/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: MegaChips Makes Mega Deal for Semiconductor Maker - 10/29/2014
Alcatel-Lucent, CenturyLink Get Together to Drive IP Core Network Development - 10/29/2014
Accounting Firms Take Note: Five Trends to Hit the Industry - 10/29/2014
Apple Pay Finds Surprising Resistance from Growing Body of Retailers - 10/29/2014
Connected Cars: Great Internet of Things Market - 10/29/2014
IHS iPad Air 2 Teardown Finds Host of Little Changes - 10/29/2014
Touching Virtual Reality with Nimble Sense - 10/29/2014





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