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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

West IP Communications' VoiceMaxx & VoiceConnect Get A Lync Boost - 07/23/2014
Lumia 530 To Bring High Function & Low Price Together - 07/23/2014
2G Modules Lose Ground In North America, Rest of World Picks up the Slack - 07/23/2014
Microsoft Goes Picture Window: One Big Windows Platform to Come - 07/23/2014
Pyramid Research Report: New Insight on Setting up LTE Business - 07/23/2014
Xiaomi's Mi Band Offers Extremely Inexpensive Health Tracking - 07/23/2014
Google's Little Box Challenge: A New Way to Power Our Lives - 07/23/2014
Amazon Wallet Opens Up With Little Fanfare - 07/23/2014
Is the iWatch Now the iTime? Apple Lands New Patent for Smartwatch - 07/23/2014
Video Gaming's Future Marked by Revenue Drops, New Hardware - 07/23/2014
Security in Cloud Apps Proves a Growing Problem - 07/22/2014
Sonus SBC SWe Lands Honors from INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine - 07/22/2014
Mobile Carriers Shake up Billing Structures to Stay Profitable - 07/22/2014
SHIELD Tablet, Wireless Controller Mark New NVIDIA Releases - 07/21/2014
How to Make Customer Opinion Even More Valuable - 07/21/2014
Verizon's Smart Rewards Program Involves a Bit of Snooping - 07/21/2014
High Speed Connections On the Rise: Is Your Hardware Ready? - 07/21/2014
Lollapalooza 2014 Turns to Wearable Tech for Cardless Payment System - 07/21/2014
New Report Projects Big Growth Ahead for Wearable Tech - 07/21/2014
WebRTC Solutions Week in Review - 07/19/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review - 07/19/2014
SBC Boom Ahead? Lync Voice Seats to Clear a Million - 07/18/2014
Microsoft Lync Set to Provide Value from Unexpected Sources - 07/18/2014
S&P Data Plans Michigan Expansion, Taps Troy For Office & 420 New Workers - 07/18/2014
Customers Expect More Out of Customer Service Thanks to New Technology - 07/18/2014
Why Supporting Customer Engagement is a Smart Idea - 07/18/2014
Greater Flexibility, Greater Choice with iAreaNet's Carrier Choice Program - 07/18/2014
KallFly Brings Blazing Speed to New Call Centers - 07/18/2014
Text Messaging: Customer Service's Next Big Thing? - 07/18/2014
Plan to Time Government Call Center Agents with Stopwatches Crumbles - 07/17/2014
Do Local Brands Carry More Weight Than Real Estate Portals? - 07/17/2014
Best Doctors Inc. Turns to Medting Platform to Expand Doctor's Reach - 07/17/2014
Firefox 33 Starts Mandatory HTML5 Video on YouTube - 07/17/2014
Hidden Surprises in the Cloud: Good and Bad News Alike - 07/17/2014
Jibo Presents a New Vision of the Robot: Companion - 07/17/2014
Murphy's Revenge: Higher Complexity Networks Have Higher Chances for Failure - 07/17/2014
Settling on Spectrum Sharing Systems to be Easier with Model City - 07/16/2014
Dinova Steps Up Its Mobile App To Find A Local Meal - 07/16/2014
New IDT Wireless Power Receiver Brings Big Potential to Small Package - 07/16/2014
Your Devices Are Now Free To Roam The Cabin: Wearable Tech Takes Flight - 07/16/2014
Text Messaging Could Actually Improve Grammar and Spelling Skills - 07/16/2014
Could the Driverless Car Prove a 'Lethal Weapon'? - 07/16/2014
Epic Service Call Prompts Apology From Comcast - 07/16/2014
Mobile Solutions Complete the Customer Experience - 07/16/2014
Make Room On Your Wrist: Three New iWatches May Arrive - 07/16/2014
Novartis & Google Team Up for Combination Contact Lens - 07/15/2014
Microsoft Brewing Biggest Layoffs Ever - 07/15/2014
Spark Labs Completes Series A Funding, CEO Talks IoT - 07/15/2014
Samsung, LG May be Out to Steal Apple's Thunder - 07/15/2014
Stonecrysus Wearable Activity Tracker App Offers More than Just Activity Tracking - 07/15/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: A Shot of Class for eBay? New Partnership With Sotheby's Says Yes - 07/14/2014
Samsung May Add Iris Scanner to Galaxy Note 4 - 07/14/2014
Majority of Customers Have Concerns in Paying by Phone - 07/14/2014
D: The Next Big Thing in Programming Languages? - 07/14/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review - 07/12/2014
SIP Trunking Week in Review - 07/12/2014
Huge Portion of Enterprise Users Turning to Cloud Professional Services - 07/11/2014
Cisco, Intel, and Qualcomm Put Big Money Behind Startups In One Key Field - 07/11/2014
OpenDoor Nets Big Investment From Broad Array of Backers - 07/11/2014
Four Things to Understand About Cloud Storage That Many Don't - 07/11/2014
FCC: Nearly 90 Percent of D.C. Wireless 911 Calls Have Wrong Info - 07/11/2014
New Office 365 Plans Bear the SMB Needs in Mind - 07/10/2014
Amazon Comes Under FTC Fire - 07/10/2014
IBM Puts Big Bet On Future Chip Tech - 07/10/2014
Tazca Connects to Offer Faster Access in Ontario - 07/10/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Vote Online? Scytl Wants to Make it So - 07/10/2014
AudioCodes One Box 365 Puts New Power in Microsoft Office 365 - 07/10/2014
Maxthon's MXPlay Adds to Its HTML5 Lineup - 07/09/2014
Sprint LivePro Proves Swiss Army Knife for Road Warriors - 07/09/2014
Cheetah Mobile June Threat Report a Warning to Android Users - 07/09/2014
Windstream Unified Communications as a Service Solution Enters Wide Release - 07/09/2014
PatientClick Steps up EHR Services Repertoire with Scribe Interface - 07/09/2014
AT&T Plans to Standalone by 2014's End - 07/09/2014
Samsung Readies Its Gear VR System for 2014 Debut - 07/09/2014
A New High Score in the Works for the Virtual Reality in Gaming Market - 07/09/2014
Skills Gap in Dubai Leads to New Tips for Recruiters in Workforce Management - 07/08/2014
Fiserv Allows Google Glass to Pay Bills - 07/08/2014
WiMi5 Brings Out Cost-Free Solution to Build Games In HTML5 - 07/08/2014
Home Depot Makes Official Launch of The Wink Home Collection - 07/08/2014
Transaction Fee Update Big Part of New Bitcoin Core Version - 07/08/2014
MIT's FingerReader Converts Text to Speech in Real Time - 07/08/2014
Ovum Expects Big Growth in Wholesale Revenue - 07/08/2014
Were You a Target of the NSA's Communications Surveillance? - 07/07/2014
Google Co-Founders Talk Artificial Intelligence Just a Matter of Time - 07/07/2014
When Pants Power Devices: Welcome to The Amazon Wearable Technology Store - 07/07/2014
The Internet in 2025: Everybody's On, But How Open Is The Access? - 07/07/2014
Google vs. Amazon, The Race to Your Front Door - 07/07/2014
SAP Fiori Brings Out Four Tools to Improve User Experience - 07/07/2014
Texting 911 Soon Available in Surry County - 07/07/2014
Cloud Communications Week in Review - 07/05/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review - 07/05/2014
VENNCOMM Ready to Remake Conferencing with Fresh Shot of Funding - 07/03/2014
Vonjour Offers a Look at the Future for WebRTC - 07/03/2014
Can Measuring Quality be Just a Matter of Common Sense? - 07/03/2014
How the Best in Content Keeps Users Coming Back - 07/02/2014
IBM Navigator on Cloud Brings More Big Data for Big Blue - 07/02/2014
Mobile Devices May Power Themselves with Ambient Energy Collectors - 07/02/2014
Spirent Lands Radvision Technology Business Unit to Gain New VoLTE Tools - 07/02/2014
Want a Slice of Sphere3D? Look to the NASDAQ Global Market Soon - 07/02/2014
Walgreens & Google Join for Augmented Reality-Driven Loyalty Program - 07/01/2014
Want a Mobile Buyer's Attention? Focus on Customer Service - 07/01/2014
Planning a Trip? Toyota, VeriFone & SAP Make Fueling up Simpler - 07/01/2014
Tom Wolzien Gets Patent for Video Call Center: New Breed of Television? - 07/01/2014
Current Analysis' New Report Offers Insight on Mobile Market - 07/01/2014
Want Better Customer Relations? Put More Data in Your Marketing - 07/01/2014
The Ad Market in 2016: Print & TV on the Decline, Mobile Explodes - 07/01/2014
QIVICON System Garners Industry Award in Connected Living - 07/01/2014
Could the Chromebook Take Over for the Office Phone? - 06/30/2014
New Glove Teaches Braille in Matter of Hours - 06/30/2014
Cisco Lands Assemblage in a Bid to Bring Out More Accessible WebRTC - 06/30/2014
Boomtown's Connected Device Lab to Drive Internet of Things Advancement - 06/30/2014
ON World Study Shows Explosive Gains for Smartwatches Ahead - 06/30/2014
NexxPhase & Contact Solutions Team Up to Tackle Better Business Intelligence - 06/30/2014
Unified Communications Week in Review - 06/28/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review - 06/28/2014
Connect First Joins Coalition of Groups to Connect With Charity - 06/27/2014
Mobile's Growth Demands More Customer Care Than Ever - 06/27/2014
Are Mobile Configuration Errors Causing a Traffic Hemorrhage? - 06/27/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Startup mCube Lands Big Investment to Make Smaller Accelerometers - 06/27/2014
When Does Rude Customer Service Pay Off Big? - 06/26/2014
Social Media Evolves Beyond the Selfie to a Major Marketing Tool - 06/26/2014
Early Glass Explorers Irked by RAM Upgrade - 06/26/2014
Answering the Call to Greatness with AudioCodes Mediant - 06/26/2014
A Schism Ahead For Barnes & Noble As Company Splits Off Nook Business - 06/26/2014
Real Estate Buys Increasingly Influenced by the Internet - 06/26/2014
Yealink's SIP-T48G Line Clears New Compatibility Hurdles - 06/26/2014
Amazon's Drone Fleet May Still Fly with New FAA Guidelines - 06/26/2014
Aereo's Last Stand? Supreme Court Fight Turns Against Company - 06/25/2014
GENBAND Strikes Awards Gold With BT, iHub Deployments - 06/25/2014
The Woodlands Resort Goes for a Hole in One with New IP Solution - 06/25/2014
Google's I/O Developer Conference Reveals Major Milestone - 06/25/2014
Lloyds Bank Customers Opt Out of Bank Calls; Lloyds Calls Anyway - 06/25/2014
The Cost of Receiving Mobile Calls Drops as Mobile Termination Rates Fall Worldwide - 06/25/2014
LTE Small Cell Backhaul Poised For Big Growth - 06/25/2014
Africa's First Medical Tablet with Mobile Connectivity Recognized - 06/25/2014
Soundhawk Scoop Allows a Modular Response to Hearing Loss - 06/24/2014
Collaboration Tools: Making Remote Workers Even Better - 06/24/2014
Nest Builds, Announces Developer Program to Spur Internet of Things - 06/24/2014
How a Bible Reader is Showing HTML5's Power for Business - 06/24/2014
European Wax Center Starts Recording Outbound Calling, Unnerves Many - 06/24/2014
Microsoft Drives Interest in Office 365 with Free Cloud Storage - 06/24/2014
Is an Open 5.9GHz Band a threat to New Automotive Technology? - 06/23/2014
Quirky Focuses on the Smart Home with Wink - 06/23/2014
Is WebRTC the Mobile Provider's New Best Weapon Against OTT? - 06/23/2014
Phablets Find Growing Interest Around the World - 06/23/2014
Google's Nest Buys Dropcam to Step Up Internet of Things Development - 06/23/2014
Do You Already Own the Hub for Apple's HomeKit Smart Home System? - 06/23/2014
Could Wearable Tech Tie Into Health Insurance? - 06/23/2014
Software Patents Need to Get Specific, Says Supreme Court - 06/23/2014
Real Time Communications Week in Review - 06/21/2014
Unified Communications Week in Review - 06/21/2014
What's Got Companies Interested In Unified Communications? - 06/20/2014
FCC Head Has Plans for Broadband Firms Lagging on Promised Speeds - 06/20/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Google Steps Up Its Video Ad Game - 06/20/2014
See Inside a House 1,000 Miles Away with ReaLync's Cloud-based Tour Platform - 06/19/2014
The Empire State Calls for Kill Switches for Android, Windows Phones - 06/19/2014
T-Mobile's Music Freedom May Spell Doom for Net Neutrality - 06/19/2014
Rogers CEO: Mobile Operators Key Value Linchpin is Time Savings - 06/19/2014
Gamification: A Word That Means the Future of Worker Engagement - 06/19/2014
Amazon Fire Phone Offers Firefly, A Showroomer's Dream - 06/19/2014
Ecosmob's New WebRTC Solutions Get a Website Highlight - 06/19/2014
Just How Fast Does Amazon's Mayday Button Get Help? - 06/18/2014
Adobe Offers up Companion Tools for Free Apps - 06/18/2014
Samsung Gear 2 Gets Messaging Boost from Fleksy Messenger App - 06/18/2014
Ethernet Service Revenue Poised for Huge Growth - 06/18/2014
New Deal Between BlackBerry & Amazon Brings Flood of Apps To BlackBerry 10.3 - 06/18/2014
Spire Wearable Device Tracks Breathing as a Mood Indicator - 06/18/2014
Facebook's Slingshot Looks to Give it Ground in Snapchat's Market - 06/18/2014
It's the Final Frontier for 3D Printers - 06/17/2014
Amazon's New Smartphone Said to be AT&T Exclusive - 06/17/2014
Has Skype Failed to Connect to the Mobile Market? - 06/17/2014
WebRTC IV Conference & Expo Gets Keynote From GENBAND CMO Brad Bush - 06/17/2014
Acision Launches New WebRTC SDK at WebRTC IV Conference & Expo - 06/17/2014
Google Fiber's Likely Next Stop: Portland - 06/17/2014
Smart Home Device in Every Other Home by 2020 - 06/17/2014
Telesales Outsourcing Comes With Benefits ... and Risks - 06/17/2014
BrowseTel Readies for WebRTC IV Conference & Expo - 06/16/2014
BBM Protected Throws More Weight into Security - 06/16/2014
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Offers New Predictive Capabilities - 06/16/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: SanDisk Set To Buy Fusion-io - 06/16/2014
Activity Trackers Beat Smartwatches by Wide Margin - 06/16/2014
How EyeBridge Could Take Over for the Seeing Eye Dog - 06/16/2014
Meta's Augmented Reality Glasses Change How We See The World - 06/16/2014
Beats' New Wireless Earbuds Target Active User - 06/16/2014
Unified Communications Week in Review - 06/14/2014
SIP Trunking Week in Review - 06/14/2014
Austin Department Under Fire - 06/13/2014
Philips CityTouch Turns to Sierra Wireless AirPrime Line to Keep Lights On - 06/13/2014
Zillow 'Coming Soon' Listings Offer Look at Real Estate's Future - 06/13/2014
Mobile VoIP Service Hits Major Milestone with New Desktop Version - 06/13/2014
AT&T Gigabit Service Gets Permits in Winston-Salem - 06/12/2014
BlackBerry Looks to EnStream for Mobile Transaction Boost - 06/12/2014
HTML Tags Prove TweetDeck's Undoing, XSS Vulnerability Found - 06/12/2014
Intel Turns To WiTricity to Help Power a Cable-free Future - 06/12/2014
How Did Answering Services United Stay In The US For 25 Years? - 06/12/2014
Amazon Launches Subscription Music Service - 06/12/2014
Brocade Vyatta Offers up new Capability for Cloud, Telecom Providers - 06/11/2014
Liquid Grids New Self-Serve Platform Offers Better Targeted Marketing - 06/11/2014
Sequent's New Patent May Bring Wallets to More Apps - 06/11/2014
American Express, Uber Offer New Breed of Loyalty Incentives - 06/11/2014





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