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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

When Agencies Collide: Tailfin Takes Home Atlanta Hawks Agency Shootout Prize - 08/26/2016
When Agencies Collide: Tailfin Takes Home Atlanta Hawks Agency Shootout Prize - 08/26/2016
PortaOne, Vedicis Combine to Deliver Better Traffic, Billing Options - 08/26/2016
New Word on LTE / 5G Shows Likely Outcomes of a Growing Market - 08/25/2016
Jabra's New Headsets Feature Cortana Connection - 08/25/2016
NFV Will Be a Huge Part of Service Provider Lineups by 2017 - 08/25/2016
Digimind, Ditto Get Together to Add Image Capability to Social Media Monitoring - 08/24/2016
Apple TV Takes on Collaboration Options with Redbooth App - 08/24/2016
CB Radio May Have More LTE Soon - 08/24/2016
RigNet Lands Hefty Contract Renewal Addressing Offshore Drilling Fleet - 08/24/2016
Aria Systems' Monetization Systems Add Punch to Pitney Bowes' Commerce Cloud - 08/24/2016
Mezzetta Looks For an Influence Marketing Strategy, Taps Linqia For Support - 08/24/2016
Paramount Turns to New Domestic Marketing Mastermind - 08/23/2016
Mitel Lands Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award - 08/23/2016
Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite Delivers New NFV Value - 08/23/2016
PLUMgrid's New CloudSecure System Means Better Protection for Cloud-Based Systems - 08/23/2016
42 Days, $4,129: The Cost to Fill an Empty Position - 08/23/2016
TINYpulse, Limeade Get Together for New HR Technology Suite - 08/23/2016
Unified Communications: The Next Six Years Projected - 08/22/2016
More Mobile Offerings Can Give Banks a Leg Up - 08/22/2016
Revolabs EVP to Talk Huddle Rooms, UCC - 08/22/2016
Majority of Large Retailers Not Bridging Gap Between Online, Offline Experience - 08/22/2016
Workplace as a Service: The Next Big Growth Market? - 08/22/2016
Ooma Office Partner Program Means New Opportunity for VARs - 08/22/2016
FirstEnergy Corporation Turns to Helicopter-Mounted Rotary Saw to Reduce Power Outages - 08/19/2016
Businesses: You Have Three Seconds to Connect With Online Shoppers - 08/19/2016
Five9's New Summer 2016 Release Means New Analytics Tools & More - 08/19/2016
Ooma Office for Mobile Lets the Office Go Anywhere - 08/19/2016
Nokia, EE Successfully Test Drones to Solve Rural Connectivity Gap - 08/18/2016
Social Soup, Quantium Get Together to Gauge Influence - 08/18/2016 and Lingoland Offer New Alternative to Rosetta Stone - 08/18/2016
Nationwide Turns to Cutover to Improve Project Management Operations - 08/17/2016
Your Appliances Do What You Tell Them as Voice Controls Become Standard - 08/17/2016
Olympus HD App Means New Mobile Voice Collaboration Capability - 08/17/2016
OpenSignal Study of Mobile Speeds and Coverage by Country is Revealing - 08/17/2016
4.5G Testing with Ukrainian Operator lifecell is Success - 08/16/2016
Google Fiber Starts Looking at Wireless Operations Instead - 08/16/2016
Panopto Adds Skype for Business Integration - 08/15/2016
Carvana's Vending Machine-Style Concept Nets a $160 Million Series C Funding Round - 08/15/2016
Michael Johnson Performance Prefers Mitel Cloud for Collaborative Athletics - 08/15/2016
Gartner: 2016 Will Be a Banner Year for Worldwide Information Security Spending - 08/15/2016
IDC: A Slow First Quarter Won't Stop Overall Cloud Infrastructure Spending - 08/15/2016
Amazon's CloudFront Network Lands in Montreal, Toronto - 08/15/2016
Nokia and China Telecom Team to Expand 4G Service to Meet Growing Demand - 08/12/2016
Content Marketing Boot Camp: A Simple Look at a Growing Marketing Trend - 08/12/2016
One Big Point to Get the Best in Support Teams - 08/12/2016
Imperva finds the Basic Structure of the Web Itself Could Be at Risk - 08/11/2016
TelcoBridges Passes SIP-I Compliance Testing - 08/11/2016
New Chip-and-Pin Cards Have Shocking Security Flaw - 08/11/2016
'The Most Social Games Ever', as NBC Tries to Pull in Olympic Ratings - 08/10/2016
Hackers Break Microsoft Secure Boot, Say All Encryption Backdoors are Breachable - 08/10/2016
NFV Getting Benchmark Testing - 08/10/2016
New Moves from the Broadband Forum May Make NFV More Relevant - 08/10/2016
Facebook's Parry and Riposte: Ad Blockers Blocked, Ads to be Improved - 08/10/2016
Microsoft's Recent Patch Job Seals Several Security Slips - 08/10/2016
A10 Networks Buys Appcito, Plans Beachhead for Application Delivery Cloud Tech - 08/10/2016
Almost All Business Cloud Apps Don't Have Business-Grade Security - 08/09/2016
Epsilon Expands Use of Cirrus Core Networks NFV-based Solutions - 08/09/2016
Steve Anderson NFV Essentials Epsilon Intelligent Networks Expands Use Cirrus Core Networks NFV-based Solutions - 08/09/2016
Personalized Omnichannel Just Got a Little Easier with New Swirl App - 08/09/2016
Google Lands Orbitera, Provides Fresh Ammunition against Microsoft, AWS - 08/09/2016
CyberArk Provides Security for Inside the Network Perimeter - 08/09/2016
French Mass Transit and Nokia Trial of LTE on Paris Metro - 08/09/2016
CyberArk Provides Security for Inside the Network Perimeter - 08/09/2016
RingByName Brings Cloud Communications Options to Malaysia - 08/08/2016
Free Samples: VirtualPBX Offers a New Trial Period for Potential Dash Users - 08/08/2016
GENBAND Adds Sponsorship to Women in the Channel Event - 08/08/2016
Flowroute's New Program Helps Companies Put More in Customer Experience - 08/08/2016
Pindrop Phoneprinting System Reveals Shocking Commonality of Robocall Origins - 08/08/2016
Switchvox, Asterisk Users Get New Phone Options From Digium - 08/05/2016
Apple Makes Big Moves Toward Pay Equity in Workforce Management - 08/05/2016
As Mobile Threats Rise, Business Security Falls Down on the Job - 08/05/2016
Ohio Democrats Focusing on Making Call Center Moves Tougher - 08/05/2016
Even VoIP Falls Prey to Weak Passwords - 08/05/2016
Dell Global Study Reveals Agreement in IT Trends Throughout Business - 08/04/2016
SuperOp! 2016 Concludes With New UC Standards on the Front Line - 08/04/2016
Intel, Cisco, NI's Collaborate on Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) - 08/04/2016
UNH-IOL SDN Group Gets a New Member with Brain4Net - 08/04/2016
Raspberry Pi Proves Great Basis for SolidRun's New Open Networking Kit - 08/04/2016
Verizon Starts Lab Tests on NG-PON2 Technology to Bolster Fiber Transmissions - 08/03/2016
Toshiba Clarify Call Recording Means Value for Customer Service Quality - 08/03/2016
With Managed Services on the Rise, How Can Telcos Stay Ahead? - 08/02/2016
Ingate's SIP, WebRTC Lineup Now Powers Primo Connect App - 08/02/2016
VMware Makes a New Deal, Steps Up its Incentive Program - 08/02/2016
Inside Cisco's Master Plan for Data Centers: Simpler Storage - 08/02/2016
Blacc Spot Media Joins Roster of Sponsors, Speakers at Real Time Web Solutions Show - 08/02/2016
Florida Businesses Join Cable Cutting Efforts, This Time with Phone Cords - 08/01/2016
Wise Guy Reports Study Illustrates Workforce Management Software Market to 2021 - 08/01/2016
It's Kandy for CANTO Going Into CODE 2.0 Hackathon - 08/01/2016
Crescent Wealth's Customer Experience Gets a Boost from NewVoiceMedia - 08/01/2016
Electrical Substation Fire Prompts Preparedness Checks - 07/29/2016
The Key to Omnichannel is the Workforce - 07/29/2016
Cistera Networks Means Regulation Compliance for Financial Firms - 07/29/2016
I Have Email; Why Use Online Fax? - 07/29/2016
Getting Remote Backup Companywide Can Be a Cloud-Based Tool Away - 07/29/2016
Datalink Shows Off New Cloud Complete Hybrid Cloud System - 07/29/2016
Bazooka Candy Brands Puts 'Ice Age: Collision Course' Release to Work - 07/29/2016
Social Media Advertising and You - 07/28/2016
Virtuozzo 7 Offers New Open Source Way to Drive Virtual Environments - 07/28/2016
Automotive Industry Working on Best Practices List to Provide Security for Connected Cars - 07/28/2016
What Traffic Pumping Means for Your VoIP Future - 07/28/2016
Comings and Goings: Temasys Makes Roster Moves Before Real Time Web Solutions Event - 07/28/2016
VTech ErisTerminal and Brekeke PBX Now Confirmed Interoperable - 07/27/2016
RCN Business Combines with Versa Networks to Produce New Security Service - 07/27/2016
VTech ErisTerminal and Brekeke PBX Now Confirmed Interoperable - 07/27/2016
Brexit Means New North American Focus for Connect Managed Services - 07/27/2016
FusionLayer Works to Make NFV Simpler With New Certifications - 07/27/2016
Arkadin Total Connect Brings Swiss Army Knife to Cloud Communications - 07/27/2016
Belle Tire Rotates Its Ad Agencies - 07/27/2016
Toshiba's UC Platforms Get a Call Recording Boost with Clarify Addition - 07/27/2016
IDC: Growth of Cloud Driving Accompanying Interest in SD-WAN - 07/26/2016
Cisco Provides Major Support for Cyber Security Training and Certifications - 07/26/2016
There Are Still Good Reasons to Have a Landline Phone - 07/26/2016
The No More Ransom Project is Poke in the Eye of Ransomware Perpetrators - 07/25/2016
Fujitsu Arm Brings GoVerifyID to Enterprise Cloud Development Operations - 07/25/2016
MarketsandMarkets: Telepresence Market a Multi-Billion Dollar Affair by 2022 - 07/25/2016
New Security Warning for GSM and LTE Networks - 07/25/2016
Sephora Turns to Tinder-Heavy String of New Methods - 07/25/2016
Facebook Could Put Lasers to Use to Bring Internet to Underserved Communities - 07/25/2016
Zipcar Strikes While the Pokemon Go Iron is Hot - 07/22/2016
How Call Recording Beat Kidnappers and Reunited a Family in Hours - 07/22/2016
Verizon's Virtual Network Services Brings New Options for Enterprise - 07/22/2016
How Call Recording Beat Kidnappers and Reunited a Family - 07/22/2016
How to Look at Your Perimeter Security - 07/21/2016
Cologix Bolsters Data Centers with Megaport SDN Nodes - 07/21/2016
Wise Guy Reports Forecasts Huge Mobile VoIP Growth Ahead - 07/21/2016
New Advertising Rules for Rio Olympics Change the Game - 07/21/2016
Software-Defined Networking Gives Rise to Networking as a Service - 07/21/2016
Etisalat Steps into Virtual Telecom, Brings in New Mobile Core System - 07/21/2016
Advantech Wireless Set to Bring WideSAT Systems to Future Releases - 07/21/2016
Software-Defined Networking Gives Rise to Networking as a Service - 07/21/2016
TIBCO Mashery Enterprise Delivers New API Value for Businesses - 07/20/2016
The 'Skinny Bundle' May Prove Cable TV's Life Preserver - 07/20/2016
Defense Against Ransomware Attacks Can Start With The Cloud - 07/20/2016
A Big Cloud Win for Microsoft as it Takes Land O' Lakes From Google - 07/20/2016
Pokemon Go Enough to Double Nintendo's Market Cap - 07/20/2016
Microsoft, IBM Get Together for New Surface Enterprise Push - 07/20/2016
String of Comcast Outages Strike - 07/19/2016
AT&T Throws Open the Curtains, Reveals Network Playbook to Open Source Community - 07/19/2016
Coriant Brings Packet-Optical Service to Turkmenistan - 07/19/2016
Manx Telecom Turns to BroadForward to Bolster its Roaming Options - 07/19/2016
Want a Better UC Environment? Look Into SD-WAN Systems - 07/19/2016
Nokia, MTS Augment 4G Service in Moscow - 07/18/2016
Nexmo, Amazon Web Services Combine for New SMS for SNS - 07/18/2016
AT&T Threat Intellect Keeps Security Events from Slipping Through the Cracks - 07/18/2016
Looking for the Fastest Mobile Internet? Cross the Pond to the UK - 07/18/2016
Barracuda Networks' NextGen Firewall Version 7.0 Adds Teeth to its Security - 07/18/2016
Nectar Offers String of Solutions to Sweeten Skype for Business Proposition - 07/18/2016
Wrike for Marketers Means a New Creative Tool to Improve Marketing Workflow - 07/15/2016
CIS Secure Computing Lands Big New Security Approval - 07/15/2016
Teo Technologies, Alestra Get Together to Push UCC Solutions - 07/15/2016
TelePacific Communications Reveals Full Plans for a Nationwide SD-WAN - 07/15/2016
Ritter Communications Taps Ciena to Gain MEF Carrier Certification - 07/14/2016
Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 Takes on One Major Issue: Ease of Use - 07/14/2016
AppRiver Adds Dial-In Conferencing to its Lineup - 07/14/2016
Large Majority of Organizations Find Deficiencies in Their Mobile Experiences - 07/14/2016
Mitel's MiCloud Services Slate Lands on CNSG's Portfolio - 07/13/2016
Stay Safe, San Diego: Nokia Bolsters Public Safety Systems - 07/13/2016
IndependenceIT's New Adaptive Cloud Management Platform Brings New Options to IT - 07/13/2016
ZTE Delivers a New Record in Long-Haul Transmissions Testing - 07/13/2016
Amazon Prime Day 2016: An Opportunity for Marketers Everywhere - 07/12/2016
UnifyCloud's CloudRecon System Brings New Value to SAM Live! - 07/12/2016
Solgari, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration to Bring Reduced Costs, Better Experience - 07/12/2016
IP Infusion Brings the OcNOS Operating System to Edgecore Networks Switches - 07/12/2016
Gigamon's New GigaVUE-FM Fabric Manager Means Easier Network Fabric Control - 07/12/2016
Telarus, MetTel Get Together in New Master Agent Agreement - 07/12/2016
Facebook Using Signal Protocol to Make Secret Conversations Happen - 07/11/2016
Cycubix Offers (ISC)²® Information Security Training to Engineers Ireland - 07/11/2016
Cycubix Offers (ISC)² Information Security Training to Bolster Engineers Ireland Security Education - 07/11/2016
GSMA Lends Support to European 5G Development - 07/11/2016
Slate of New Services Coming With iOS 10 - 07/11/2016
MultiView's New Buyers Guide Gives Associations, Digital Marketers New Information Source - 07/11/2016
Share a Password? You May Now be a Criminal in U.S. - 07/11/2016
Verizon Takes the Lead in U.S. 5G Development with Complete Radio Specifications - 07/11/2016
India's Chhapra Divisional Jail to Receive Video Conferencing Connection - 07/11/2016
ISI Telemanagement Rolls Out Slate of UC Collaboration Tools - 07/08/2016
Cloudify's Latest Version Brings Open Source Support, New Support for Other Tools - 07/08/2016
IDEAL Networks Upgrades LanXPLORER Pro for Faster Troubleshooting, Less Downtime - 07/08/2016
Telestream Moves to Address Issues of Multi-Platform Streaming - 07/08/2016
Avaya's Architecture Changes Out to Improve the IoT Experience - 07/08/2016
Setting Up Security for Cloud-Based Operations Proving Greater Challenge Than Expected - 07/08/2016
Storm Line Through Kansas Takes Out Power in Topeka - 07/08/2016
The Data Center Takes a Major Shake-Up Thanks to Virtualization - 07/07/2016
Fiber Security Remains a Vital Part of Operations - 07/07/2016
VoIP Innovations Makes Managing Services a Little Easier With New End User Portal - 07/07/2016
CenturyLink Lands Active Broadband Networks' Networking Assets - 07/07/2016
The SaaS Market Expected to Make Huge Gains by 2024 - 07/07/2016
Nescafe Takes Aim at Global Market with New Tumblr Campaign - 07/07/2016
Kenshoo Makes First Leap in Accepting Google's Expanded Text Ads - 07/06/2016
Small Businesses Rejoice: Skype Meetings Is Just For You - 07/06/2016
Solgari Brings Cloud Communications to Aztec Exchange, Without Capital Expense - 07/06/2016
A Big Step for eintelligo Networks as it Embraces Open Networks from ONIE - 07/06/2016
Global Market Insights Finds Massive Pot of Gold at End of UC Rainbow - 07/06/2016
Electric Lightwave Doubles WAN Connectivity Speeds Between Seattle and Oregon - 07/06/2016
Vacationing Millennials, Hotels Have a Whole New Plan to Draw You In - 07/06/2016
Increases in Enterprise Mobility Prompt Greater Interest in Telecom Expense Management - 07/05/2016
Nokia, Shanghai Mobile Bring Out New VoLTE Performance Capability - 07/05/2016
CloudJumper nWorkspace Takes Scorched-Earth Approach to Security - 07/05/2016
Access Granted: Your Body is Your Password - 07/05/2016
Ericsson, SK Telecom Get Together for New 5G Infrastructure Demonstration - 07/05/2016

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