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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

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SIP Trunking Week in Review: Allworx, Ingate Systems, Office Technology Group - 07/03/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: D-Smart, TelmedIQ, GENBAND - 07/03/2015
Panduit Helps Datapod Pull the Teeth on Data Center Risk - 07/02/2015
Ventana Research Releases New Data, Analytics Research - 07/02/2015
PGi's iMeet Saves a Little Time in a Big Way - 07/02/2015
Unify Brings cPaaS Solution to Developers to Add WebRTC Services - 07/01/2015
Want VoIP But Don't Have the Bandwidth? Call in a Ringr - 07/01/2015
Datatex Dynamics' iRecall ARC Means New Call Recording Edge - 07/01/2015
GYENNO One Wristband Destroys Crowdfunding Goal; Offers Exciting Prospect - 07/01/2015
Masergy's Virtual f(n) Platform Offers New Tools for Business - 07/01/2015
VoIP Services Market Poised For 'Strong Growth' Across the Board - 07/01/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Cisco Targets OpenDNS in Nine-Figure Acquisition - 07/01/2015
Travel Companies: Social Media Can be Your Best Friend - 06/30/2015
Want to Make that Chat App Stand Out? Bring in Some Key Points - 06/30/2015
Kuai Represents the First Ever Multisport Headset with Biometrics Tracking - 06/30/2015
Ingate Systems Unveils Big New Changes for Its Products - 06/30/2015
Speed Proves to be a Big Problem for Analytics Users - 06/29/2015
Alstom Conducts Live Pilot Testing of 4G LTE Multi-Service for Rail Lines - 06/29/2015
Grandstream, BroadSoft Achieve Interoperability with GXP1600 Phone Line - 06/29/2015
Windows 10 Mobile May Come with New Call Recording Capability - 06/29/2015
Waitrose Employs Apigee Edge API with Eye Toward Better Customer Service - 06/29/2015
D-Smart Taps Broadpeak umbrellaCDN to Help Smooth Out Live Video Consumption Traffic - 06/29/2015
Hit an Online Conference in Your Jammies? You're Not Alone. - 06/29/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Plivo, Excelocity, SolveForce - 06/27/2015
Lync Migration Week in Review: Acano, SoundConnect, Skype - 06/27/2015
HBO Now Proves Big Hit with Cable Cutters - 06/26/2015
BQ Taps Interoute to Bring in Unified Communications - 06/26/2015
Arno Represents a New Open Source Opportunity to Bring NFV to Users - 06/26/2015
Interested in a $16,163 Apple Watch? Check Taiwan - 06/25/2015
Ransomware Hits Hard: $18 Million in 15 Months - 06/25/2015
HigherGround Offers New Features for Its Capture911 System - 06/25/2015
3CLogic, HelpSocial Combine on New Breed of Social in Contact Centers - 06/25/2015
Google Play Music Hits United States, Offers Free Music Streaming - 06/24/2015
Google Shows Off a New Health-Tracking Wristband System - 06/24/2015
Take Back That Unpleasant Gmail with 'Undo Send' Option - 06/24/2015
Aragon Research Names Kandy 2015 Hot Vendor - 06/24/2015
GL Communications Offers a Revamped Look at Air Traffic Control - 06/23/2015
FCC Affirms New Telephone Consumer Protection Act's (TCPA) Protections, Industry Concerns Remain - 06/23/2015
Security in Government Applications Going by the Wayside - 06/23/2015
TADHack Carries On, Producing Several New Apps with the Bandwidth App Platform - 06/23/2015
Can Wearable Technology Improve Airplane Construction? - 06/23/2015
GENBAND's Kandy Adds Another Ecosystem Partner in moBack - 06/23/2015
IBM i2 COPLINK on Cloud Means a Network Over One Billion Documents Strong - 06/22/2015
The Inside Job: The Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity? - 06/22/2015
Eastern Bank's Voice Recognition Software Put to Work in the Call Center - 06/22/2015
Vonage Talks FCC Decision on Direct Access Phone Numbers - 06/22/2015
Customer Service is Not the Biggest Measure of Customer Loyalty - 06/22/2015
Want to Make Great Customer Experiences? Focus on Millennials - 06/22/2015
Telecom Merger Frenzy Means Concerns over Higher Bills - 06/22/2015
AT&T Plans to Convert NFV Software, More to Open Source - 06/20/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Securus Technologies, Dialogic, Sangoma - 06/20/2015
Call Recording Week in Review: Calibre, Versadial, Aeriandi - 06/20/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Polycom, Vyopta - 06/20/2015
NTT America Taps Jeffrey Bannister for New Enterprise Customer Growth - 06/19/2015
Stampede & Vidyo Collaborate to Make Videoconferencing a Drone-Based Endeavor - 06/19/2015
Aeriandi's Call Recording Systems Can be Used Against You in a British Court - 06/18/2015
Peer5's New System Means 20 Times the Server Power with WebRTC - 06/18/2015
Hello Pizza Takes a Great Food and Makes it a Language Learning Experience using WebRTC - 06/18/2015
Latin American OTT Market Dominated by the Young - 06/18/2015
Sennheiser, 888VoIP Get Together on New Headsets for VoIP - 06/18/2015
Versadial Solutions' Adutante H5 1.6.2 Gives Agents a Bigger Hand in Training - 06/18/2015
Mitel Contact Center Users Get a Boost from Teleopti - 06/17/2015
Voice Will Be a Passport in Over 550 Million Cases Soon - 06/17/2015
Tata Consultancy Services Opens Center of Excellence in Hyderabad - 06/17/2015
An SDN Tool for K-12 Education? Brocade, Elbrys and Tallac Have One in Mind - 06/17/2015
Securus Technologies Has Most of its Customers on its Secure Calling Platform - 06/17/2015
Broadvoice's Unified Communications Suite Steps Up Cloud PBX, Enterprise Communication - 06/17/2015
Polycom Introduces RealPresence Web Suite, A Slew of New Upgrades - 06/16/2015
Nuance and APX Labs Collaborate on Voice Controls for Smart Glasses - 06/16/2015
Study Finds More Tech Use Means More Productivity and Profitability for Insurers - 06/16/2015
Nextiva Brings Out Voicemail-to-Text Option for Easier Voicemail Handling - 06/16/2015
Call Centers Mean Mixed-Blessing Job Growth in Phoenix - 06/16/2015
GENBAND Nets Pipeline Innovation Award for NFV Work - 06/16/2015
TenCate Geosynthetics Americas Simplifies Global Training With Translate Your World - 06/15/2015
BeBop Smart Fabric Sensors Pick Up the Wearable Tempo - 06/15/2015
Who's Benefiting From Big Data? - 06/15/2015
Calibre Gets Reinforcements From HigherGround for Better Call Recording - 06/15/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Birch Communications, SoTel, Patton Electronics - 06/13/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Masergy, GENBAND, Centers for Disease Control - 06/13/2015
Contact Center Analytics Week in Review: Mayo Clinic, JLL, Hitachi - 06/13/2015
The Call Center is Experiencing Critical Strategy Failure - 06/12/2015
IHS: NFV Coming to 35 Percent of Surveyed Operators by End of 2015 - 06/12/2015
3CX, G12 Communications Get Together Following Interoperability Testing - 06/12/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Dasher Joins Messaging Apps Fray With $840,000 Funding Round - 06/12/2015
Wearable Tech: 'Big Brother' for Health Coverage? - 06/12/2015
Huge Gains Forecasted for Cyber Security Market - 06/11/2015
RingPlus Has a Novel Offer for Users: Free Phone Service - 06/11/2015
Comings & Goings: ClearPath Networks Adds Marc Cohn to Marketing Team - 06/11/2015
Kaspersky Lab Hacked: What Hope For the Rest of Us? - 06/11/2015
Ready to Get More Out of Sales Leads? Switch It Up - 06/11/2015
HP Bolsters Print Security With New Software - 06/11/2015
Broadband Equipment Market Makes a Big Jump With GPON, VDSL - 06/10/2015
Better Customer Service Might Take Looking Closer at Contractors - 06/10/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Spotify Brings in Over Half a Billion in New Investment to Take on Apple - 06/10/2015
Messaging Traffic on the Rise, OTT to Shine - 06/10/2015
Making the Case for the Value of the Robocall - 06/10/2015
APX Labs Steps Up Wearable Presence With Skylight R5 for Smartwatches - 06/09/2015
San Mar Children's Home Gets Videoconferencing Capability With New Grant - 06/09/2015
Making Big Data Work to Grow a Business - 06/09/2015
Smarten Up Your Current Watch with a Chronos Disk - 06/08/2015
Will the New Era for Telecom Spending Have a Regional Focus? - 06/08/2015
Jacada Visual IVR Arrives to Bring Simpler Interactions to Interactive Intelligence's Marketplace - 06/08/2015
American Axle & Manufacturing Makes Major Migration With AudioCodes Mediant - 06/08/2015
Unified Communications Sees Losses From Cloud-Based Solutions - 06/08/2015
Wearable Tech Gives Lycos a Whole New Life - 06/08/2015
Wasted Meetings, Wasted Money: How Videoconferencing Can Bring Savings to the Bottom Line - 06/08/2015
Report: The Upcoming Market for NFV, SDN & Wireless Will Be Huge - 06/08/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: IVR Technologies, Mitel, MASS Communications - 06/06/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Cameo Global, NETXUSA, Vidyo - 06/06/2015
Hargray Communications Taps Monolith Software for Better Customer Experience - 06/05/2015
A Milestone for ePlus as Cisco Ranks it in Unified Contact Center Technology - 06/05/2015
Brands Dropping Ball on Social Media Contact One Time in Three - 06/05/2015
QLogic Demonstrates New Breed of Ethernet Network at 25Gb - 06/05/2015
Intel Turning to RFID to Reduce 'Lost' Devices in the Data Center - 06/04/2015
Huawei Turns Out in Favor of OPNFV Arno - 06/04/2015
NetFortris Ready to Make a Better Customer Experience with GENBAND - 06/04/2015
Big Data to Mean Big Benefit for Call Centers - 06/04/2015
Cisco's Evolved Programmable Network Manager Offers New Power for the Network - 06/04/2015
Want to Save Big on Ad Spending? Try Call Tracking with CallRail - 06/04/2015
GENBAND's Nuvia: Telogiks' Weapon of Choice for UCaaS - 06/03/2015
One Billion Fixed Broadband Lines by 2021? - 06/03/2015
VMware Technology Alliance Gets New Ally with CENX - 06/03/2015
$36 Billion by 2020: The Projection for Smart Buildings - 06/03/2015
Google & Levi's Get Together to Make Sensor-Packed Clothes - 06/03/2015
VoIP Proves Increasingly Hot Commodity in 2015 - 06/03/2015
Take Advantage of Twitter for Better Customer Service - 06/02/2015
National Internet Safety Month: Tips for Online and Off - 06/02/2015
Foursquare, Button Partner for Easier Uber Rides - 06/02/2015
Multi-Billion Dollar Biometrics Market Likely By 2020 - 06/02/2015
IVR Technologies' Talking SIP Mobility Offers New Services, Billing Options - 06/02/2015
Opinion: Parts of the Patriot Act Go Dark: Are We Less Safe? - 06/02/2015
Educational Videoconferencing is the New Teacher's Pet - 06/02/2015
The Gut Feeling is On the Run, Replaced With Data & Analytics - 06/01/2015
The Heart Knows Good Customer Service - 06/01/2015
Unified Communications Week in Review: Damaka, FlexITy Solutions, Virsae - 05/30/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: VoIP Supply, GL Communications, ShoreTel - 05/30/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Streamium, NetNumber - 05/30/2015
Telecoms Looking for Fresh Profits Should Look to Digital Services - 05/29/2015
Phones Ringing Off the Hook for Customer Service, But Social Media Gains Ground - 05/29/2015
How the Cloud Can Save Your Customer Experience Initiative - 05/29/2015
Ooma Office Business Promoter May Mean More Customers for Small Business - 05/28/2015
ShoreTel & Government Agencies Prove Winning Combination - 05/28/2015
BARTRENDr Lands $1 Million to Give Bars Better Sales Insight - 05/28/2015
Cisco Visual Networking Index Predicts IP Traffic Flood Ahead - 05/28/2015
New Embeddable Systems May Mean Better Customer Loyalty - 05/28/2015
VoIP Services Market on 12-Figure Track by 2020 - 05/27/2015
Can We Build an Eye? Google Impact Challenge Pushes Tech for Disabilities - 05/27/2015
Promoted Listings on eBay May Give Auction House New Mobile Commerce Life - 05/27/2015
The Cloud's Value Strikes Again with Videoconferencing - 05/27/2015
Interactive Intelligence's Ninth Consecutive Year of Happy Employees - 05/27/2015
Is Your Technology Giving Too Much Information Away? - 05/27/2015
Why the Death of the Smartphone is Inevitable - 05/26/2015
Is Pay-Per-Stream Now Possible? - 05/26/2015
Many Companies Ready to Replace the Card in Your Wallet - 05/26/2015
The Great Opportunity of Unstructured Data - 05/26/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, GlobalLogic, NetFortris - 05/23/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: IntelePeer, Net2Phone and More - 05/23/2015
Wave Nets Nine Figures in Push to Build Out Gigabit Fiber Infrastructure - 05/22/2015
Apple's iPhone 7 Set to Show in August, Sell in September - 05/22/2015
Interested in a Chromebook? 7.3 Million Will Be This Year - 05/22/2015
Red Nose Day Telethon Gets LiveOps Independent Agent Support - 05/22/2015
TalkTalk Business Picks Up tIPicall to Help Drive VoIP Push - 05/21/2015
JuanaChat Mobile App Gets Extra Punch with GENBAND fring - 05/21/2015
Clayton Homes Taps Verint to Build Customer Experiences - 05/21/2015
One Balloon, One Big Blackout: 9,000 Lose Power in San Francisco - 05/21/2015
Epicor QuantiSense to Give rue21 an Edge in Fashion Retail - 05/21/2015
Relayware Hits a New Milestone with One Million Channel Partners - 05/21/2015
FOVE Headset Offers a New Look at Virtual Reality - 05/21/2015
Verizon Plans All Fiber Rollout Upon Discovering Fiber is Cheaper than Copper - 05/20/2015
Managing Risk May Get Easier with New IBM and Deloitte Project - 05/20/2015
Frontier Communications Makes Major Hiring Moves - 05/20/2015
Pandora Lands Next Big Sound, Prepares to Track Artist Mentions - 05/20/2015
How CrowdOptic and Google Glass are Improving Surgical Training - 05/20/2015
Dolby Brings Audio Improvements to the Conferencing Space - 05/19/2015
Mobile Devices to Generate Huge Quantities of Traffic, and Soon - 05/19/2015
Dlodlo VR Glasses Bring the Next Generation to This One - 05/19/2015
WebRTC Conference & Expo 2015 Proves a Hit for NetSapiens - 05/19/2015
Calls to India to Benefit From Net2Phone Office Change - 05/19/2015
Mobile Workforce Sentiment From theEMPLOYEEapp: Interest Strong, Efforts Weak - 05/18/2015
High Mobile Access, Low Mobile Policy Presents Big Problems for Enterprise - 05/18/2015
GENBAND's Nuvia Tapped to Drive Hosted PBX, UC in Fiji - 05/18/2015
GENBAND's Perspectives15 Event Takes Orlando by Storm - 05/18/2015
Text-to-911 Movement in the United States Powered by TeleCommunication Systems - 05/18/2015
Ringly Wearables Have Form and Function - 05/18/2015
Digital Camera Review: Swann DriveEye Ultra is a Focused Spotter - 05/18/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Comcast, Avotus - 05/16/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Voxbone, 8x8, Telinta - 05/16/2015
Wearable Tech Week in Review: Intel Security, Turtle Beach, Allstate - 05/16/2015
B2B Gets a Major Boost with Influitive's Advocacy Systems - 05/15/2015
Customer Service Suffers for a Want of Knowledge - 05/15/2015
Dialing Innovations Makes Restaurant Customer Service More Palatable - 05/15/2015
Angry Robot to Serve as Call Center Trainer in Touchpoint Group's Radiant - 05/14/2015
Are Doctor House Calls Making a Comeback? - 05/14/2015
YouTube in 4K Will be Faster with New HTML5 Developments - 05/14/2015
ECT Bringing Dialogic PowerMedia Driven WebRTC Services to Major European Operator - 05/14/2015
Molex Application Tooling Helps Keep the Call Center Connected - 05/14/2015
Telinta's TeliShield System Gets New Augmentation to Fight VoIP Fraud - 05/13/2015
More Call Centers Turning to the Cloud for Services - 05/13/2015
Comcast's Plans to Fix Its Customer Service Woes - 05/13/2015





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