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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

NICE Bolsters Metro Nashville Workforce Optimization - 12/02/2016
NICE Bolsters Metro Nashville Workforce Optimization - 12/02/2016
Comcast Steps Into Open Networking Projects - 12/02/2016
Communications Developers Get New AWS Tools - 12/02/2016
Unified Communications Bolstered by Sangoma Acquisition - 12/02/2016
Inside Real Time Communications' Charitable Side - 12/02/2016
Communications Developers Join Better Healthcare Hunt - 12/01/2016
Transforming Network Infrastructure Drives New Consortium - 12/01/2016
Moody Gives UC Firm Affirmed B2 - 12/01/2016
TNS, Cequint, Sprint Bolster Telecom Signaling - 12/01/2016
Next Generation Communications Mean Nokia Phones - 12/01/2016
SMBs Buying IT at Fever Pitch - 12/01/2016
Biometrics Big Part of Mobility Tech - 11/30/2016
5G Tests Grow Next Generation Communications - 11/30/2016
Next Generation Communications Help Smartphone Growth - 11/30/2016
CallCabinet, Contineo Partner on Call Recording - 11/30/2016
Apivio Hammers Home Hardware as Important as Software in Telecom Signaling - 11/30/2016
Online Advertising to be Major Emerging Market by 2021 - 11/29/2016
Viptela Brings SD-WAN Platform Integration to Amazon Web Services - 11/29/2016
Clickatell Touch Brings Chat Functions to B2C Operations - 11/29/2016
New Jive Contact Center System Offers Complete Jive Voice Connection - 11/29/2016
Accenture's SAP SuccessFactors Project a Year Later Proves Welcome Addition - 11/29/2016
Nokia Continues Tech Push in Europe with New Elisa Co-Project - 11/29/2016
Nokia, TDC Group Get Together to Give Denmark Better Broadband Speeds - 11/28/2016
Projections, Reality Mesh as Holiday Spending Appears Up - 11/28/2016
A Look at the UC Market through 2023 Shows a Market Primed for Growth - 11/28/2016
The SIP Trunking Market is an Increasingly Tough Sell - 11/28/2016
MACOM Poised to Acquire AppliedMicro, Big Changes to Follow - 11/28/2016
Funny, Informative Earned Media Gives Brands Best Return - 11/23/2016
How Paytronix Data Insights Made Shari's Cafe & Pies All The Sweeter - 11/23/2016
Good News, Retailers: Americans Planning to Spend More for Christmas - 11/23/2016
ADLINK Technology Plans Exhibition of NFV, MEC Solutions - 11/23/2016
Phoenix Audio Technologies' SIP Dialer Arrives on Android - 11/23/2016
The Big Trend This Holiday Shopping Season: Social Customer Service - 11/23/2016
VTech's Acquisition of Snom Technology AG Concludes Successfully - 11/23/2016
2017 In Data Trends: What to Watch For Next Year - 11/23/2016
Put Cloud Communications to Work to Make a Better Customer Experience - 11/23/2016
Nokia Nets Frost & Sullivan Honor in Passive Optical LAN - 11/22/2016
Astellia, b<>com Get Together to Make NFV Traffic Much More Visible - 11/22/2016
Pica8 Poised to Make a Splash in Several New Technologies - 11/22/2016
BroadSoft Rolls out Team-One to Give Business Collaboration an Edge - 11/22/2016
ICFLIX, VIVA Get Together to Drive Streaming Video in Kuwait - 11/22/2016
Wowza Streaming Engine Means Better Access to Low-Latency Streaming - 11/22/2016
Cogito Lands Hefty Cash Influx to Augment Customer Experience - 11/21/2016
Early Heavy Snow Reminds Us All About Backup Power Need - 11/21/2016
Ensure a Better Christmas Using Video Marketing - 11/21/2016
Almost One in Seven Calls is Either Fraudulent or a Telemarketer - 11/21/2016
Symantec Locks in LifeLock in Nine-Figure Deal - 11/21/2016
Vodafone Zambia Brings in Airspan to Supply LTE-Advanced Technology - 11/21/2016
Some Key Points to Consider in New Entitlement Management Approaches - 11/18/2016
McDonald's, Omnicom Team Up for New Marketing Venture - 11/18/2016
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Rolls Out New Modern Workspace System - 11/18/2016
Nokia Brings Machine Learning to Customer Experience - 11/18/2016
Larry Ellison Expects Big Things Ahead for Oracle - 11/18/2016
SDN, NFV, Network Virtualization All Gain Ground as Companies Cut Costs - 11/18/2016
How Tesco, a Grocery Store Chain, Proves a Huge Communications Developer - 11/18/2016
Kaseya AuthAnvil Means New Security for Office 365 Users - 11/17/2016
Broadvoice Lands NASPO ValuePoint Contract With State of Utah - 11/17/2016
NICE Gives Los Angeles Communications Systems New Recording Options - 11/17/2016 Bolsters its Premium Features with Video Conferencing - 11/17/2016
Evergage Guardian Improves Data Gathering, Produces Better Insight - 11/16/2016
Users of Cloud-based DR Systems Confident in Coverage - 11/16/2016
Yeastar's S-Series VoIP PBX Offers New Tools to Stop Annoying Calls - 11/16/2016
Zerto Virtual Replication Version 5.0 Hits Markets - 11/16/2016
Ciena, TE SubCom Get Together to Improve Submarine Cable Networking - 11/16/2016
IT Budgets to Prioritize Hosting, Cloud Services in 2017 - 11/15/2016
Mobile Workforces Suffer From Obsolete Time Tracking Tools - 11/15/2016
Marketers: You Too Can Calculate Customer Value - 11/15/2016
Nokia Shows Off its Plans for Future Growth - 11/15/2016
Viptela, LiveAction Join Up to Form New Integration - 11/14/2016
Want to Get Small Business Insurance Trade? It's All in the Marketing. - 11/14/2016
Metro Networks About to Get a Shot of SDN / NFV with New Coalition Project - 11/14/2016
Ottawa Senators Drive New Blue Line Rush with Mitel Tools - 11/14/2016
Looking to Improve Productivity? Try the New BroadSoft Hub - 11/14/2016
Savings-Seeking Healthcare Increasingly Turns to mHealth - 11/14/2016
Small Businesses: How to Grow With a Business Phone System - 11/14/2016
Video Communication PaaS Market to Grow 40 Percent Through 2024 - 11/14/2016
Over Half of Small Business Owners Ignore Social Media Marketing Altogether - 11/11/2016
17,000 in Johnson City Blacked Out: Are You Ready for the Next Outage? - 11/11/2016
Who's Got the Fastest LTE Around? - 11/11/2016
New Warnings Go Out Over Criminal Liability for Some Agreements - 11/11/2016
Vox Rolls Out Vobi to Make New Value in Telephony - 11/11/2016
UC Finds Friends Among End Users Despite IT's Worst Efforts - 11/11/2016
Big Gains Ahead in the UC Market - 11/11/2016
SAP HANA to Get Some Great New Power with IBM Development - 11/10/2016
Nokia Called in to Bolster dtac's Move to Carrier SDN - 11/10/2016
BroadSoft Japan Subsidiary Turns to AudioCodes for Communications Tools - 11/10/2016
LinkedIn May Have New Competition With Facebook Job Listings - 11/09/2016
Digi International's Digi TransPort Routers Certified with Verizon - 11/09/2016
The Post-PC Era is Oddly Full of PCs - 11/09/2016
ZTE, Mojio Can Make Most Cars Smarter with New IoT Connection - 11/09/2016 Takes RIFT.ware Software to Shelves in First Commercial Distribution - 11/08/2016
Got Your Eye on a Black Friday Discount? Look a Little Closer First. - 11/08/2016
ETELM's e-LBS Brings New Power to LTE Base Stations - 11/08/2016
UC Market on a Rapid Growth Track: Near Triple Current Value by 2023 - 11/08/2016
GSMA's Universal Profile for Advanced Messaging Finds First Home - 11/07/2016
Nokia Group Communications Launches to Address LTE-Driven Safety Options - 11/07/2016
Avoka's Transact Insights System Means More New Bank Customers - 11/07/2016
Three Steps to Protect Business Phone Systems Against Hackers - 11/07/2016
Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D2200 Makes Video Conferencing & Whiteboards Better - 11/07/2016
Marc Andreessen Joins the Dialpad Executive Board - 11/04/2016
Coriant, Facebook, Telecom Infra Project Team Up on Coriant's Voyager - 11/04/2016
Opera Browser Speeds Up, Adds New WebRTC-Friendly Features - 11/04/2016
Personalized Communications to Any Device? Urban Airship Makes it So. - 11/03/2016
VMware Steps Up Its VMware Ready Line of NFV Solutions - 11/03/2016
Smargasy Launches New Hosted PBX for Florida Businesses - 11/03/2016
Ingenu New Orleans Machine Network Offers New Power in IoT Applications - 11/03/2016
KAIST Lands High Honor From the SDN World Congress - 11/02/2016
M-Files: Gartner's Only Magic Quadrant Visionary in Enterprise Content Management - 11/02/2016
SAP SuccessFactors Now Drives Some New Zealand Government Functions - 11/02/2016
ZTE's New Micro Cloud Gateway Means New Integration Options - 11/02/2016
AVI Lands New Ranking in Microsoft Cloud - 11/02/2016
Telefonica Brings Nokia's Virtualized Service Router to its Network Operations - 11/02/2016
Mobile Advertising a Runaway Success, Spending Nearly Doubles in First Half - 11/01/2016
Sprint Taps Gilat Satellite to Step Up LTE Operations - 11/01/2016
Try Three Simple Steps to Boost Your Email Conversion Rates - 11/01/2016
Cloud Now Default for Majority of Enterprise Computing Projects - 11/01/2016
CenturyLink Lands Level 3 Communications for $34 Billion - 10/31/2016
Natural Language Processing Tools Become Greater Part of Healthcare Market - 10/31/2016
Looking for a Growth Market? Try Mobile UC&C - 10/31/2016
Call Center Renaissance Means Big New Business for Nevada - 10/31/2016
When Marketers Rebrand: Direct Marketing Association Makes a Change - 10/31/2016
Big Switch Networks Makes Big Jump to UK - 10/31/2016
National Geographic Augments Marketing, Digital Leadership - 10/28/2016
Research: Big Growth Ahead in TD-LTE Market - 10/28/2016
Apple's New MacBook Pro Pulls Out Most of the Stops - 10/28/2016
Ciena Reveals Some Noteworthy New Ways to Partner with a Community - 10/28/2016
Evolve IP Pushes Acquisition Plans with Xtium - 10/28/2016
Qualcomm Plans to Acquire NXP Semiconductors - 10/28/2016
HughesNet Voice for Business Means Better Remote-Located Phone Service - 10/27/2016
VT Group Gets Simpler, Safer Networking Thanks to Tellabs - 10/27/2016
Manassas Power Outage Traced to Faulty Transformer - 10/27/2016
12 Global Innovators Honored at Nokia Open Innovation Challenge - 10/27/2016
Cision Communication Cloud Unifies Cision's Media Presence - 10/26/2016
Analyst Reports Combine to Make Nokia a Clear Leader in Small Cell - 10/26/2016
inContact Ramps Up Customer Interaction Cloud with Third Major Release - 10/26/2016
Bandwave Systems Joins Up with Silver Peak to Bring Out New Options - 10/26/2016
Google Adds CBS to its Unplugged Roster - 10/21/2016
A New Stock Price High for Microsoft? - 10/21/2016
T-Mobile, FCC Reach 10-Figure Settlement Agreement - 10/21/2016
Voip-Pal Gratified by Continued Development in Message Platforms - 10/21/2016
Tiger Woods Circles the Wagons, Rebrands Jupiter Restaurant - 10/21/2016
Beleaguered Twitter Lands a VR Manager, But For How Long? - 10/21/2016
Comcast Business Gives Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare Better, Faster Connections - 10/20/2016
Rackspace, CloudCheckr Get Together, Bolster Fanatical Support - 10/20/2016
Red Hat, Ericsson Get Together on New Open Source Alliance - 10/20/2016
IT Industry Take Heart: Gartner Sees a Spending Hike Ahead - 10/20/2016
Microsoft Dynamics Gets Boost with Campaign Monitor Release - 10/19/2016
Want to Add Communications to an App? Check Out This Webinar! - 10/19/2016
CallRail's New Conversation Intelligence System Improves Lead Qualification - 10/19/2016
Vonage Lands 19 New Patents, Lots More Likely to Follow - 10/19/2016
ADTRAN Offers New Network Elements to Improve SDN Presence - 10/19/2016
AIRDOCS Brings in New CEO with New Vision on Cloud-Based CCM - 10/18/2016
Zipwhip Raises $9 Million to Give Landlines Access to Text Messaging - 10/18/2016
Three Steps to Heaven Represents Nokia's Big Plan for Networks - 10/18/2016
New Platform from Doctor Care Anywhere Delivers on Eponymous Promise - 10/18/2016
Nokia, nbn Get Together to Demonstrate XG-FAST Technology - 10/18/2016
Connected Devices Going Underused, Leaving Great Opportunity for Differentiation - 10/17/2016
Bharti Airtel Calls in Nokia to Step Up 4G in India - 10/17/2016
The Mobile Workforce Continues Its Upward Growth - 10/17/2016
Companies Settle Lawsuit over Misleading Telemarketing Tactics - 10/17/2016
Infinera Establishes Interoperability with OIF, ONF Memberships - 10/17/2016
GigaSpaces, VMware Get Together on New NFV Implementations - 10/14/2016
Uniphore Launches New Version of auMina Speech Analytics - 10/14/2016
Nokia Gigabit Smart Build Offers Improvement in Network Transformation - 10/14/2016
Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Bring Out New Record for Single Mode Fiber Transmission - 10/14/2016
Calabrio ONE Cloud Suite Gives Contact Centers New Recording Options - 10/14/2016
Nokia's NetAct Compact Means Better Management for Small Networks - 10/14/2016
SkySwitch, Bigleaf Networks Combine to Produce Better VoIP - 10/13/2016
GAWK Takes Foothold in Toll-Free Marketplace - 10/13/2016
Standard Life Gets a Leg Up with Cognizant IT Infrastructure Help - 10/13/2016
Pure Storage Rolls Out Petabyte-Scale Flash Storage - 10/13/2016
Content Delivery Networks May Be Next Big Thing - 10/13/2016
US Cellular and Nokia Stage Fixed Wireless Tests Using 5G Equipment - 10/13/2016
Delaware Tourism Branding Effort Proves Impact of a Brand - 10/12/2016
Huge Growth in Cloud IT Infrastructure as Hyperscale Returns - 10/12/2016
Envelope Tracking Gets New Spotlight with Nokia Acquisition of Eta Devices - 10/12/2016
Delaware Tourism Branding Effort Proves Impact of a Brand - 10/12/2016's New Interactive Broadcasting Tool Means Easy Distribution - 10/12/2016
Versadial's VSLogger Update Means Visualization in Call Recording - 10/12/2016
Washington State University Develops Data Center on a Chip - 10/11/2016
Vedicis Smart Traffic Collector Means Greater Traffic Visibility - 10/11/2016
Want to Step Up Cloud and IoT Adoption? Bolster PKI First - 10/11/2016
One Lone Crow Left 2,400 Residents in the Dark - 10/11/2016
CEVA's New CEVA-X1 Processor Gives IoT Serious New Brain - 10/10/2016
A Look at What's Fueling eCommerce This Holiday Shopping Season - 10/10/2016
Uber & Hershey Team Up in Sweet Halloween Marketing Combination - 10/10/2016
Video Communications PaaS Market Pushes Nine Figures - 10/10/2016
Cybersecurity Attorneys: Get Used to Larger Data Breaches - 10/07/2016
Substance Over Style: Attractive Websites Don't Hold Users - 10/07/2016
AVOXI Core Gets a New Online Portal, Innovation Center - 10/07/2016
FCC Planning Potential Big Changes to Internet Access - 10/07/2016
Oculus' Santa Cruz Offers New Look at VR - 10/07/2016
CDW Eases Burden with New Cloud Planning Services - 10/06/2016
Ecosmob Puts New Life in Travel Agencies with WebRTC Client - 10/06/2016
US Army Promotes Communications Systems with PacStar IQ-Core - 10/06/2016
Kubernetes 1.4 Bolsters SDN Security In Weaveworks' Weave Net 1.7 - 10/06/2016
Natterbox Brings Global Telephony to CRM Tools - 10/06/2016
Italtel Readies New Entrants in SDN and NFV for Upcoming Exhibition - 10/06/2016
Nokia's New F-Cell Technology Makes Small Cells Even Easier to Work With - 10/05/2016

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