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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

Wave Nets Nine Figures in Push to Build Out Gigabit Fiber Infrastructure - 05/22/2015
Apple's iPhone 7 Set to Show in August, Sell in September - 05/22/2015
Interested in a Chromebook? 7.3 Million Will Be This Year - 05/22/2015
Red Nose Day Telethon Gets LiveOps Independent Agent Support - 05/22/2015
TalkTalk Business Picks Up tIPicall to Help Drive VoIP Push - 05/21/2015
JuanaChat Mobile App Gets Extra Punch with GENBAND fring - 05/21/2015
Clayton Homes Taps Verint to Build Customer Experiences - 05/21/2015
One Balloon, One Big Blackout: 9,000 Lose Power in San Francisco - 05/21/2015
Epicor QuantiSense to Give rue21 an Edge in Fashion Retail - 05/21/2015
Relayware Hits a New Milestone with One Million Channel Partners - 05/21/2015
FOVE Headset Offers a New Look at Virtual Reality - 05/21/2015
Verizon Plans All Fiber Rollout Upon Discovering Fiber is Cheaper than Copper - 05/20/2015
Managing Risk May Get Easier with New IBM and Deloitte Project - 05/20/2015
Frontier Communications Makes Major Hiring Moves - 05/20/2015
Pandora Lands Next Big Sound, Prepares to Track Artist Mentions - 05/20/2015
How CrowdOptic and Google Glass are Improving Surgical Training - 05/20/2015
Dolby Brings Audio Improvements to the Conferencing Space - 05/19/2015
Mobile Devices to Generate Huge Quantities of Traffic, and Soon - 05/19/2015
Dlodlo VR Glasses Bring the Next Generation to This One - 05/19/2015
WebRTC Conference & Expo 2015 Proves a Hit for NetSapiens - 05/19/2015
Calls to India to Benefit From Net2Phone Office Change - 05/19/2015
Mobile Workforce Sentiment From theEMPLOYEEapp: Interest Strong, Efforts Weak - 05/18/2015
High Mobile Access, Low Mobile Policy Presents Big Problems for Enterprise - 05/18/2015
GENBAND's Nuvia Tapped to Drive Hosted PBX, UC in Fiji - 05/18/2015
GENBAND's Perspectives15 Event Takes Orlando by Storm - 05/18/2015
Text-to-911 Movement in the United States Powered by TeleCommunication Systems - 05/18/2015
Ringly Wearables Have Form and Function - 05/18/2015
Digital Camera Review: Swann DriveEye Ultra is a Focused Spotter - 05/18/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Comcast, Avotus - 05/16/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Voxbone, 8x8, Telinta - 05/16/2015
Wearable Tech Week in Review: Intel Security, Turtle Beach, Allstate - 05/16/2015
B2B Gets a Major Boost with Influitive's Advocacy Systems - 05/15/2015
Customer Service Suffers for a Want of Knowledge - 05/15/2015
Dialing Innovations Makes Restaurant Customer Service More Palatable - 05/15/2015
Angry Robot to Serve as Call Center Trainer in Touchpoint Group's Radiant - 05/14/2015
Are Doctor House Calls Making a Comeback? - 05/14/2015
YouTube in 4K Will be Faster with New HTML5 Developments - 05/14/2015
ECT Bringing Dialogic PowerMedia Driven WebRTC Services to Major European Operator - 05/14/2015
Molex Application Tooling Helps Keep the Call Center Connected - 05/14/2015
Telinta's TeliShield System Gets New Augmentation to Fight VoIP Fraud - 05/13/2015
More Call Centers Turning to the Cloud for Services - 05/13/2015
Comcast's Plans to Fix Its Customer Service Woes - 05/13/2015
8x8 Repeats Top Honors From IHS Infonetics' Cloud UC Service Provider Listings - 05/13/2015
Customer Experience Management Proves its Bottom-Line Worth - 05/13/2015
Damaka's Nirvana WebRTC Gateway Opens Up Big Options in Communications - 05/13/2015
Can Enterprise Apps Survive B2C's Rise? Yes, With an 'if' - 05/13/2015
Take Voice From Last Resort to Top of the Heap - 05/12/2015
How a Sound Mobile Broadband Policy Can Mean Cash in Pocket for Thailand - 05/12/2015
NEXTToMe Offers Array of Sensors, Tracks the Unhealthy Things Around You - 05/12/2015
Citrix's GoToMeeting Free Gets a WebRTC Boost From Temasys' Plugin - 05/12/2015
HTML5 Testing Might Have Given Away Samsung Galaxy Note Edge's Next Version - 05/11/2015
Can Cuban Tourism Get Going with Big Data? - 05/11/2015
Ready for Online Video? 1.9 Billion Will be in 2019 - 05/11/2015
Atlantis HyperScale Offers All-Flash Hyperconvergence at Bargain Prices - 05/11/2015
Intel Security Partners with Ingram Micro Middle East - 05/11/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Level 3 Communications, Patton, ShoreTel - 05/09/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Jive, Comcast - 05/09/2015
Wearable Tech Week in Review: Revolar, Apple, Oculus - 05/09/2015
Wearable Devices Putting New Capability in Population Health Management - 05/08/2015
Atlassian Buys Hall to Give HipChat a Leg Up in the Market - 05/08/2015
Make a World Class Customer Experience Happen by Making it Personal - 05/07/2015
Wave App Lets You Keep Up with Friends in Real-Time - 05/07/2015
A Voluntary Demotion: Why Managers Should Be CSRs Sometimes - 05/07/2015
Indonesia Still Slim When It Comes to Smartphone Use - 05/07/2015
One in Four Businesses Has No Plans to Use Social Media - 05/07/2015
Intel's Skylake Processor Line: More Graphics Power Coming? - 05/07/2015
The Beginnings of 5G Underway as ITU Studies Standards - 05/06/2015
Vanguard's New Robo-Hybrid Advisor Controls $17 Billion in Assets - 05/06/2015
DigitalGenius' New System Allows Customer Service Answers From Texting Machines - 05/06/2015
Apple Pay Finds a New Home in Home Depot Stores - 05/06/2015
A Ship Date for the Oculus Rift Nearly at Hand - 05/06/2015
Ciena in Bid to Speed up Web-Scale Solutions Provision - 05/05/2015
YouTube: From Cat Videos to Customer Support Tool - 05/05/2015
KORE Wireless Makes it Easier to Cash in on Internet of Things - 05/05/2015
Skype for Business Gets a Boost From AudioCodes' New One Voice Solution - 05/05/2015
Finding: Better Contact Center Reporting Should Be a Priority - 05/05/2015
The Desk Phone is No Longer the Only Option - 05/05/2015
Google Voice Proves Able Help in Call Recording - 05/04/2015
Want an Apple Watch for $83.70? Make One - 05/04/2015
Display Technology Review: Philips' E-Line IPS Monitor Sound, But with Minor Issues - 05/04/2015
Meeter Puts More Power in the Meeting - 05/04/2015
Digital Marketing Spend Jumps as Shoppers Move to Mobile - 05/04/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Essence, Microsoft - 05/02/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Unicoi Systems, Unify, OnSIP - 05/02/2015
Accenture Duck Creek Tapped to Support Progressive's Property, Casualty Commercial - 05/01/2015
Radish ChoiceView Web App Brings Visual Communications to the Browser - 05/01/2015
Brekeke Rolls Out New Versions of Brekeke PBX, Brekeke PBX - 05/01/2015
YouMail Survey Shows the Dark Impact of Spam Alternatives - 05/01/2015
Conferencing Will Only Be a Greater Part of the Workday to Come - 05/01/2015
The Battle for Customers Can be Won on Social Media - 04/30/2015
The Best in Customer Service Involves Self-Service and Omni-Channel Options - 04/30/2015
Why Offer an Omnichannel Experience? Because Customers Want It - 04/30/2015
Altia PanaCast Offers Improvements in Conferencing Immersion - 04/30/2015
Apple Watch Not Working? Check Your Ink - 04/30/2015
Amazon Has the Best in Customer Service, Until a Boomer is Asked - 04/29/2015
Ovum Report: 2G, 3G Networks Part of the Landscape for Next Five Years - 04/29/2015
Retailers Have Big Plans For eCommerce in Coming Months - 04/29/2015
Cloud-Based Interactive Robo-Calls Prove Cheap Alternative to Spam - 04/29/2015
The Cool Continues: Gartner Adds NetNumber to 'Cool Vendor' Roster - 04/29/2015
The Cool Continues: Gartner Adds NetNumber to Cool Vendor Roster - 04/29/2015
Time to Check Those Home Network Data Speeds - 04/28/2015
Team on the Run Adds Features, Improves the Mobile Employee - 04/28/2015
Five Simple Ways to Give the Call Center New Life - 04/28/2015
Videoconferencing Ranks to Reach 200 Million by End of 2015 - 04/28/2015
What Intel's Curie is Doing to Make Our Clothing Smarter - 04/28/2015
Are You Ready to Insource Your Call Center? - 04/27/2015
Call Centers Help Make the Difference in Exceptional Care Experiences - 04/27/2015
Business VoIP Gives Reef & Rainforest Travel the Infrastructure for Adventure - 04/27/2015
New Technologies Make Teens with Smartphones Safer Drivers - 04/27/2015
Nomi Technologies Settles With FTC Following Mobile Tracking Issues - 04/27/2015
School Highlights a Big Problem with a Solar Backup System - 04/27/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: MagicJack, ThinkingPhones, Patton - 04/25/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: M2 Group, GENBAND, Timico - 04/25/2015
Next Generation Communications Week in Review: Alcatel-Lucent, Accenture - 04/25/2015
Unified Communications Technology Deployment Proves Problem for European Sites - 04/24/2015
Kearney High School Taps Yealink, 3CX for New Phone System - 04/24/2015
IBM's QRadar Offers Better Detection of Cyberattacks - 04/24/2015
Telemedicine's Road Ahead: Challenges and Triumphs - 04/23/2015
MindLink Gets Together With MobileIron to Make Secure Enterprise Chat - 04/23/2015
Cisco Collaborative Knowledge Helps Keep Employees on the Same Page - 04/23/2015
Enterprise Support Software Primed for Big Increases - 04/23/2015
Shelter Products Finds Cost Savings and More with TrueConf Videoconferencing - 04/23/2015
SMB Market: You're Missing Out on Business VoIP Benefits - 04/23/2015
OTT TV Market Expectation: Four Years, Fourfold Growth - 04/22/2015
End of an Era: Is Television on the Way Out? - 04/22/2015
Altocloud Jumps in the Smyths Toys Toybox to Bolster E-Commerce Presence - 04/22/2015
Ciena Tapped to Augment Indiana Fiber Network's Reach - 04/22/2015
Spring Cleaning: How to Spruce Up the Contact Center Experience - 04/21/2015
Don't Just Have Customer Service Data; Use It! - 04/21/2015
Google's New Changes Promote Sites Working Well with Mobile - 04/21/2015
IR Prognosis Brings in Support for Several AudioCodes Products - 04/21/2015
GENBAND's Smart Office Joins in With NextPlane's UC Exchange - 04/21/2015
FM Radio in Norway Gone After 2016 - 04/20/2015
Home Health Technologies to Have Major Following in Next Five Years - 04/20/2015
M2M Technology Review: The Misfit Bolt Proves a Bright Idea - 04/20/2015
Vuzix Wearable Display Options Land Pair of New Patents - 04/20/2015
M2 Group's Dodo Phone Anywhere Puts GENBAND's fring to Work - 04/20/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: UChicago Medicine, GENBAND, Google - 04/18/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Birch Communications, GL Communications, Symbio Networks - 04/18/2015
Epiq Systems Three-Peats Best in Service Recognition From kCura - 04/17/2015
The Strange Reason Behind HGS' Closure of the Thunder Bay Call Center - 04/17/2015
Cyanogen OS to Get a Major Microsoft Boost With Skype, Office, and More - 04/17/2015
Strategic Group Sounds Retreat, Looks to Divest VoIP Division - 04/17/2015
Femtocell Market Faces Mixed Bag Amid Residential Losses and Enterprise Gains - 04/17/2015
SafePath Emergency Evacuation System Offers Tech-Driven Disaster Warning - 04/17/2015
Use a VoIP System? ProCom to Offer Automatic Bill Payment - 04/16/2015
Empirix and blackchair Get Together on Contact Center Software Lineup - 04/16/2015
M&E May Have Positive Outlook Despite Data Onslaught - 04/16/2015
Another Hurdle for Job Hunters Emerges in the Personality Test - 04/16/2015
Infonetics Research: Fixed Broadband Subscribers Near a Billion Strong by 2019 - 04/16/2015
iOS Wearables, Smart Home Hardware Top Event Listings - 04/16/2015
BlackBerry's BES12 Proves Communications Platform of Choice for CarePartners - 04/16/2015
Portaltech Reply & hybris software Team Up for Airline Omnichannel - 04/15/2015
The Apple Watch Wasn't the iWatch for One Strange Reason - 04/15/2015
Swivl Cloud Live Adds a Silver Lining With Live Conferencing - 04/15/2015
Will AT&T's Huge FCC Fine Mean Change for Wireless Providers? - 04/15/2015
Summer is Coming: Do You Have Your Paick Watch Light? - 04/15/2015
Customer Support Software Providers Need the Best in Customer Support - 04/15/2015
IBM Establishes Watson Health Cloud Unit - 04/14/2015
New Twilio Video System Means Easily-Added Video For Online Apps - 04/14/2015
TeamSupport's New Calendar Feature Improves Its Use - 04/14/2015
Chinese Apple Customers Won't Be Getting Apple Pay Access Soon - 04/14/2015
GENBAND Smart Office Gives NetFortris' Cloud UC a Leg Up - 04/14/2015
The Best Performing Employees Prefer to Work From Home - 04/13/2015
IP Voice Made Simple - 04/13/2015
Ransomware Strikes Lincoln County Sheriff's Office; Sheriffs Pay Up - 04/13/2015
BMW Mini Line Poised to Offer New Wearable Tech Option - 04/13/2015
VoIP Service Opens Up Several New Opportunities - 04/13/2015
SIP Trunking Week in Review: Cisco, 3CX, ShoreTel - 04/11/2015
Real Time Communications Week in Review: Livegenic, GENBAND, Google - 04/11/2015
Cloud Technology Can Make or Break a Virtual Office - 04/10/2015
Help Scout Lands $6 Million to Give Businesses Help Desk Support by Email - 04/10/2015
Gamestop, T-Mobile, Firehouse Subs Join Roster of Businesses to Take Apple Pay - 04/10/2015
New BLS Report Puts Unemployment Low in the Telecom Sector - 04/10/2015
Is GMeet Google's Attempt at Teleconferencing? - 04/09/2015
Odobo Brings Out New Slate of HTML5-Based Games - 04/09/2015
AT&T Takes $25 Million Fine After Call Center Troubles - 04/09/2015
Blackboard Drives Communications For Saint Paul Public Schools - 04/09/2015
Small Cell Market Healthy, But Competition Will Make the Market Tighter - 04/09/2015
Improving the Customer Service Environment is a Few Simple Steps Away - 04/09/2015
Skype for Business Makes its Arrival April 14 - 04/08/2015
Cloud Money from nTrust Expands to Over 20 New Merchants - 04/08/2015
Want to Buy a Corporate Password? Ask a Current Employee - 04/08/2015
Looking For Better Cybersecurity? HP Has Some Answers - 04/08/2015
Investment in Digital Customer Engagement No Longer Just an Option - 04/08/2015
HBO Now Premieres on Several Platforms - 04/07/2015
Google Ventures Joins In $12 Million Funding Round For CoreOS - 04/07/2015
Welch Allyn Readies Connex Spot Monitor for Upcoming Event - 04/07/2015
An Electrifying Morning as 79,000 Customers Lose Power - 04/07/2015
Airtel Unveils Sponsored Data Services - 04/07/2015
Better Customer Engagement Could be Just a Game Away - 04/06/2015
Customer Service May Be Forever Changed by Millennials and the Self-Service Movement - 04/06/2015
Hotel Owners: Finding the Right Booking Software Can be Simple - 04/06/2015
Shep the Drone Proves Able Mechanical Sheepdog - 04/06/2015
Mobile Technology Review: Cyntur JumperPack Mini - 04/06/2015
Birch Communications Gives TotalCloud PBX Fresh Seeding with New Features - 04/06/2015
Federal Agencies Coming Around to Digital Tools' Value, But Doubts Remain - 04/06/2015
All About ME Opens Up Mobile Advertising to the Personal Brand - 04/06/2015
30 Percent of Potential Cybercrime Victims Plan to Negotiate - 04/06/2015
GENBAND's Perspectives15 Event to Make One Merry Month of May - 04/06/2015





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