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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

Conferencing Week in Review: Revolabs, Arizona Relay Services, ADTRAN - 04/30/2016
Canadian Call Center Systems Face Disaster Amid System Replacement Issues - 04/29/2016
Disney Taps Nokia's OZO for Virtual Reality Filmmaking - 04/29/2016
Do More with Less? It Increasingly Means VoIP to the C-Suite - 04/29/2016
Convey Makes Expense a Profit Vector with Platform as a Profit Center - 04/28/2016
Semafone Shipping Up to Boston as Start of Global Expansion Plan - 04/28/2016
Ranger College Perks Up Its Distance Learning With ADTRAN - 04/28/2016
It's Not Too Late to Improve the Contact Center - 04/28/2016
Ranger College Perks Up Its Distance Learning With ADTRAN - 04/28/2016
Shared-Space Providers (Airbnb) Poised to Beat Ride-Sharers (Uber) - 04/28/2016
Facebook Wants More Sharing, Building New Camera App to Drive It - 04/28/2016
Comcast Targets DreamWorks Animation for Acquisition in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal - 04/27/2016
Dropped Calls or Missed Texts? Millennials Prefer Losing Calls in New Survey - 04/27/2016
Bank of America's Security Now a Marshmallow with New Fingerprint API - 04/26/2016
IntelePeer's Atmosphere Offers Easier Order Entry, Scripting Services for Call Centers - 04/26/2016
Pricerazzi Makes Move from Canada to US to Spark Savings - 04/26/2016
Power Goes Out, Communications Systems Follow - 04/26/2016
DDoS Threats Seen Growing in Power, Frequency - 04/25/2016
App Revenue Beating Download Growth, Set to Double by 2020 - 04/25/2016
Mobile Telecare to Account for 3.4 Million European, North American Users By 2021 - 04/25/2016
Princeton University Adds a Brick to the Wall With iSDX Code - 04/25/2016
St. Louis Wants to Build Its Own Gigabit Fiber Operation - 04/25/2016
Reducing 'Human Vulnerabilities' Key to Winning Cyber Security Battles - 04/25/2016
Altitude Software's New Contest Asks a Question Few Contact Center Staffers Hear - 04/22/2016
Is it Wrong to Compare Skype to WebRTC? - 04/22/2016
Versadial Solutions Gives Recording Developers New Punch with New SDK - 04/22/2016
Intel Launches Restructuring Initiative, Decimates Global Workforce - 04/21/2016
How a Motto Might Have Saved One Debt Collector a Fortune - 04/21/2016
Carrot Cars Looks to Magenta Technology's Echo for Better Dispatching - 04/21/2016
Tolt Solutions Looks to TELoIP to Drive Managed Network Services Infrastructure - 04/21/2016
A Data-Based Approach to Creativity Drives American Apparel Marketing - 04/21/2016
Insightly Lands Eight Figure Series C, Makes Roster Moves in Pursuit of Better Growth - 04/21/2016
Master Agent Channel Strategy Focuses Heavily on Reward - 04/20/2016
SMEs to Get Simpler Telephony Access - 04/20/2016
New Interest in VoIP Reveals New Challenges - 04/20/2016
The Brooklyn 5G Summit Displays Progress toward Next Communications Revolution - 04/19/2016
NAVITEL's New NaviTag Allows Easy Means to Find Moving Objects - 04/19/2016
New Partnership Between Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and NEC Yields Mobile SDN Advances - 04/19/2016
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Offering Arrives in Johannesburg - 04/19/2016
XO Communications Steps Up Hosted PBX Options - 04/18/2016
Imagine Communications Reveals Selenio VDE for Faster, Better Content Delivery - 04/18/2016
Cloud Use Means Risk as Employees Misuse Cloud - 04/18/2016
Enea Shows Off its New Open Platform for NFV Project Brahmaputra - 04/18/2016
SmartShow Taps WebRTC for its New Remote Real Estate Showing System - 04/18/2016
Customer Self-Support: How to Get Customers to do What They'd Rather do Anyway - 04/15/2016
VirtualPBX's Dash Takes Home 2016 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award - 04/15/2016
Four Big Things Shaping Content Authoring Through 2020 - 04/15/2016
IDC: A Rising Tide in Cloud Environments to Boost Everyone - 04/15/2016
Facebook, Ticketmaster Get Together for Events Sales - 04/14/2016
Hashtag Turns to IZEAx To Drive MENA Influence - 04/14/2016
MediaRecorder API Gives Users Access to a Browser-Based Recording System - 04/14/2016
Cloud Data Centers Look for More Spending Growth - 04/14/2016
How to Beat the Biggest Problems of Cloud-Based Big Data - 04/13/2016
ConnectLeader's 'Adaptilytics' Gives Sales Efforts Extra Push - 04/13/2016
Logitech Lands Jaybird, Adds Accessories to the Roster - 04/13/2016
Virtual Phone Numbers Can Help Drive a Virtual PBX - 04/13/2016
How Nokia and Zain KSA are making Jeddah a Model for Smart Cities - 04/12/2016
CafeX's Dave Phillips: Don't Underestimate WebRTC in Business - 04/12/2016
ServeMeBest Hits Florida, Shakes Up Roster - 04/12/2016
SmartSky Flies High With New NFV Tools from Brocade, VMware - 04/12/2016
Cable Break Takes Out Internet Service in Parts of Alaska - 04/12/2016
No Worries in Indiana About Presidential Robocalls; Ban Stands - 04/12/2016
ASCAP Taps BoldChat for Greater Customer Satisfaction - 04/11/2016
Netia Turns to BroadSoft to Launch 'New Netia' Cloud-Based UC Solution - 04/11/2016
Facebook's New APIs Bring Customer Service to iOS Messenger App - 04/11/2016
Mattersight, Voci Get Together to Bolster Data Analysis - 04/11/2016
'Chat' Gets Deeper as Singtel, LivePerson Start Talking Together - 04/11/2016
CALLUP SIM OTA Platform Now the Remote SIM Manager of Choice for Major European Operation - 04/08/2016
Mobile Coupon Users Have Little Brand Loyalty, Clear Sensitivity to Pricing - 04/08/2016
New Office 365 Developer Tools Mean Better Access to the Office 365 Platform - 04/07/2016
There's Gold in the Cloud Shift, But Are Businesses Ready to Mine? - 04/07/2016
VirtualPBX Softphone App Gets New Features to Drive Value - 04/07/2016
McDonald's Self-Serve Kiosk: Customer Service Boon or Economic Doom? - 04/07/2016
D.C. 911 Call Center Develops Its Own Power Emergency - 04/07/2016
Organizations Increasingly Want to be Proactive in Fighting Cyber Threats - 04/06/2016
Front Porch's PorchLight System Represents New In-Browser Messaging System - 04/06/2016
Huge Growth for Mobile Bill Payment Means Big Growth for Regalii - 04/05/2016
2016: Year of the Small Cell - 04/05/2016
Determining Return on Content Investment Proves a Challenge - 04/05/2016
TELUS Plans Multi-Billion Dollar Investment in British Columbia - 04/05/2016
Accenture: Dissatisfied With Your Smartphone and Service? You're Not Alone - 04/05/2016
Thanks to Wi-Fi Stations, NYC Pay Phone Making a Comeback - 04/05/2016
Are Some Users Trying to Hang Up on Video Conferencing? - 04/05/2016
Wheelings & Dealings: Brocade Plans Big Buy of Ruckus Wireless - 04/04/2016
San Diego Padres' Real Time Communications System a Grand Slam - 04/04/2016
Zayo Picks Up Clearview International to Bolster Fiber, Colocation Operations - 04/04/2016
Pie Five Pizza's Circle of Crust Program Delivers Paytronix Award - 04/04/2016
Microsoft Desktop App Converter Simplifies Development - 04/04/2016
NFV Essentials Week in Review: Ciena, IP Technology Labs, ZTE - 04/02/2016
Cloud Security Resource Week in Review: IPv6, eBay, Notre Dame - 04/02/2016
Hypetap Releases New Algorithm to Track Impact on Instagram - 04/01/2016
Software Innovation Protection Requires Navigating an Evolving Field - 04/01/2016
Singapore Fintech Startups Gain Edge with New Virtual Office - 04/01/2016
Skype Brings a New Level of Interconnectivity with Cortana - 04/01/2016
TCPA Plaintiffs Land a Surprising Victory in Court - 04/01/2016
Microsoft's HoloLens Emulator to Boost Holographic Development - 03/31/2016
Hilton and Uber Step Up Partner Efforts - 03/31/2016
Coordinated Systems Brings New Power to Virtual Observer - 03/31/2016
The Bancorp Calls in Apigee to Improve Business with API Platform - 03/31/2016
Cyara Solutions Hits Series A Funding with an Eight-Figure Win - 03/31/2016
New Predictive Analytics Tool Gives Better Insight to Spoken Word - 03/31/2016
Screenshot Concerns About Messaging Lost With Privates! - 03/30/2016
Unify Square Makes Roster Move, Adds Veteran Presence to C-Suite - 03/30/2016
Managed Security Services Stand to Benefit Big With SDN and NFV - 03/30/2016
5G: What You Should Know About This New Communications Titan - 03/30/2016
Seize the Checkered Flag of Sales with Faster Lead Follow-Up - 03/30/2016
Ciena's Emulation Cloud System Gives Developers Slate of New Options - 03/30/2016
Dell, QLogic Get Together on New, High-Powered Ethernet Connectivity - 03/29/2016
CoAdna's Optical Virtual Switch Takes on New Data Center Role - 03/29/2016
CableLabs Files for Patent to make Wi-Fi Easier to Find using Augmented Reality - 03/29/2016
Test Licenses Emerge for Verizon and T-Mobile 5G Efforts - 03/29/2016
Working Without a 'Nyet': Russia's Biggest UC System - 03/29/2016
Microsoft: If You Can't Acquire Them, Invest In Them - 03/29/2016
Telecom Carriers Face Major New Threat in OTT Service Providers - 03/28/2016
Moves in Video Conferencing Parallel Wider UC Market - 03/28/2016
Cyber Security Trend Week in Review: Alertsec, ZapFraud, Venafi - 03/26/2016
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, HireRush, March Madness - 03/26/2016
Social Influences Drawing Interest from Biggest Brands Around - 03/24/2016
Pizza Dough Rewards Prompts Paytronix Award for California Pizza Kitchen - 03/24/2016
WebRTC Market a 'Blue Ocean' Full of Opportunity - 03/24/2016
Corero Network Security: DDoS Attacks Hurt More Than Just Systems - 03/24/2016
HireRush Lets Web Browsers Do the Calling for Local Service Providers - 03/23/2016
Adobe Cross-Device Co-Op Helps Marketers Follow a Customer's Device Journey - 03/23/2016
Tele2 Looks to OpenStack and Collaboration with Partners to Enhance NFV Solutions - 03/23/2016
Plonked Makes Discovery A Little Easier for Tech Firms - 03/23/2016
Sunrise Communications, NFON Bolster Cloud Telephone Collaboration - 03/23/2016
Ciena Lands Awards Gold with Lightwave Innovation - 03/23/2016
Want the Best in 4G Public Safety? Nokia Seems a Safe Bet - 03/23/2016
Survey: Biggest Security Leak May Be Your Own Employees - 03/23/2016
Microsoft Steps Up Its Bounty Program to Include Microsoft OneDrive - 03/22/2016
Telarus Rolls Out Its New VXSupportLine Troubleshooting Service - 03/22/2016
Druva inSync Gives Enterprise Cloud Apps Extra Protection - 03/22/2016
Zultys Cloud Services Lands Product of the Year Award - 03/22/2016
Cybersecurity: Big Waste, Blind Spots, and More Reason to Change - 03/22/2016
SkySwitch Resellers Descend on Orlando to Network and Learn the Product Ropes - 03/21/2016
Dialogic Lands High Honors in Wireless Solutions from Industry Panel - 03/21/2016
Data Privacy, Consent Gathering Tools Prove Behind the Times in the Face of Change - 03/21/2016
ModusLink Entitlement Management Solution Tames Jungle of Rights Issues - 03/21/2016
Google Selling Boston Dynamics: Robotics Ambitions Abandoned? - 03/21/2016
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Digital Trends - 03/19/2016
Unified Communications Week in Review: Diverse Technology, Vodafone, Digicel - 03/19/2016
Telecom Signaling Week in Review: Globe Telecom, BICS, Ayuda, Public Safety Network Testing - 03/19/2016
GENBAND, Polycom Make for a Powerful Combination for Federal Users - 03/18/2016
What's Happening This Year in Workforce Optimization - 03/18/2016
CDNs Finding iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Tougher to Work With for Image Delivery - 03/17/2016
Stop Eating and Pay Attention During Video Conferences - 03/17/2016
VeloCloud Lands Top Honors as Unified Communications Product of the Year - 03/17/2016
Open Source Software Development: Beating Vendor Lock-In - 03/17/2016
VoIP Supply Promotes Don Stefanie to Channel Manager Slot - 03/17/2016
Small Businesses: How to Protect Your Cloud-Based Data - 03/17/2016
Power Grid's Weakness Exposed in Nevada Outage - 03/17/2016
Rise in Security Awareness Pays Off Big for Wombat Security - 03/16/2016
Jive Shows Off New Business, Healthcare Options at JiveWorld - 03/16/2016
Zendesk Drives a Better Customer Experience With Machine Learning - 03/16/2016
AltiGen's New Contact Center Brings New Options for Office 365, Skype for Business - 03/15/2016
GlobeNet's New Virtualization Service Takes Work on the Road - 03/15/2016
TeleVoice Insight Brings New Power to Mortgage Operations - 03/15/2016
TokBox Ready to Hit SXSW with New WebRTC Telehealth Option - 03/15/2016
HealthRhythms Launches; Looks for New Understanding of Mental Illness - 03/15/2016
Brandify Mobile Gives Brands Better Access to Mobile Marketing - 03/15/2016
Custom Insoles from iMcustom Show Another Value of 3D Printing - 03/15/2016
Black Friday Meant Big Bucks for Pizza Ranch - 03/15/2016
Telecom Italia Sparkle Gets Communications Sweet Tooth with GENBAND's Kandy - 03/14/2016
Lime Light CRM, BillPro Get Together to Make Paying Bills a Little Smoother - 03/14/2016
Hughes Network Systems' JUPITER System Gives Indonesians Extra Capability - 03/14/2016
ADARA Networks, CALIENT Technologies Plan Big New SDN Demonstrations - 03/14/2016
Diverse Technology Solutions Lands Voitual to Augment UC Operations - 03/14/2016
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Braidio, NetFortris - 03/12/2016
Call Center Services Week in Review: inContact, Verizon, IRS - 03/12/2016
Price Alone Won't Save UK Retailers - 03/11/2016
Nokia LTE Small Cells Mean Better Indoor Coverage for Tele2 Netherlands - 03/11/2016
Telemarketer Sued Following 1.3 Million Robocalls into California - 03/11/2016
Acquire BPO Establishes New Operations in Santo Domingo - 03/11/2016
IRS Customer Service Rates Approach 20 Percent Answered This Tax Season - 03/11/2016
PFU Systems, FireEye Network Security Combine for Better Enterprise Security - 03/10/2016
Aruba Announces New Push to Digital Workforce Operations - 03/10/2016
2015 Great for Monolith Software's Growth - 03/10/2016
What Does the Call Center Want in 2016? You May Be Surprised - 03/10/2016
New Lenovo, Juniper Partnership Means Advances in the Data Center - 03/09/2016
Worldbox API Means Big New Influx of Business Intelligence - 03/09/2016
Fonolo Bolsters its Patent Library with Queuing, IVR Patents - 03/09/2016
Clarity Connect Adds Facebook Messenger Support - 03/09/2016
Two Industry Leaders Partner to Drive Mobile Workforce - 03/09/2016
GENBAND's Cloud Offerings a Hit with XO Communications - 03/08/2016
GENBAND, Polycom Complete Interoperability Testing for Department of Defense - 03/08/2016
BlaBlaCar, Nexmo Get Together to Get a Ride Ready for Everyone - 03/08/2016
There's Value in a Subscription Box: Top Retailers Emerge - 03/08/2016
New FCC Vote on Set-Top Boxes Means Changes Ahead - 03/08/2016
Virtualization Gaining Ground in Asia in a Big Way - 03/07/2016
VoIP Supply Steps Up PBX Offerings with Open-Source Focus - 03/07/2016
Birch & VTech Get Together to Push BYOD - 03/07/2016's New Agora Video Brings Video Communications to Wide Use - 03/07/2016
A Six-Point Roadmap to Better Sales Potential - 03/07/2016
Ciena's Q1 Results Show Early Gains, Expect More Coming - 03/07/2016
Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Yorktel, Kandy - 03/05/2016
Call Center Services Week in Review:, inContact, Cisco - 03/05/2016
Next Generation Communications Week in Review: Nuage, Nokia, Dialogic - 03/05/2016
GoTenna Raises Cash, Nets Launch With REI - 03/04/2016
Incoming Calls Skyrocketing, but Dealers Unsure About Proper Handling - 03/04/2016
Research: A Quality Call Center Greeting Is Worth Millions of Dollars - 03/04/2016

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