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MOVOX Lands Big New Virtual PBX Account

June 02, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

It was a big move forward for MOVOX recently, as the company landed a big new contract to provide an array of telecommunications services like virtual private branch exchange (PBX) technology to One World Contact Centers. Considering how many users One World contains, it was indeed a major step forward.

One World Contact Centers comprises a 1,000 seat call center operation, one that provides an array of services for users worldwide including customer support, market research, telemarketing and lead generation. One World's operations extend throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, giving it a presence in some of the planet's largest markets. In order to fully reach that market, One World turned to MOVOX, who was already well-known for its presence in virtual PBX.

Complementing MOVOX's virtual PBX presence was a more recent development in its contact center platform, which drew on Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) technology in order to allow for a multichannel contact approach. With WebRTC, users can not only engage in voice calling, but also video calling, and a variety of other measures thanks to WebRTC's included data channel.

Call centers have been getting behind WebRTC in a big way, especially those that have seasonal staffing needs or turn to a mobile workforce. Since the MOVOX system is managed through one central point, that makes management quite a bit easier, and easier management requires fewer manhours to perform, thus saving money.

Christopher Ismail, One World's CEO, noted “After an extensive review of contact center applications we concluded that the MOVOX platform offered a complete one-stop solution and suited our requirements perfectly. We needed a solution that could handle high volumes of incoming calls, increase our call center agents’ productivity and provide an overall better customer experience.”

It's reasonable for a contact center to turn to a platform that can be scaled up or down as need be, because contact centers often have busier parts of the year than others. The contact center for a ski resort likely isn't seeing a lot of traffic in June, and it's a safe bet that February isn't a big month for water park call centers.  Unless, of course, those are indoor water parks, but the basic idea remains. The ability to ramp up to meet demand and scale  back once demand falters is a perfectly reasonable one, and a great way for companies like MOVOX to advance in the field.

MOVOX's combination of WebRTC and virtual PBX should let it deliver a lot of value going forward, and the end result should be positive for both itself and anyone who brings this package into play. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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