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Gulf Resort Taps Cloud5 for VoIP

April 20, 2017

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Business travel, while losing a lot of ground to conferencing tools, is still a fairly major part of everyday business operations and even the travel industry. Thus, while travel destinations and hotels need to present a great time for vacationers, so too must these include a solid basis for business operations. This means infrastructure tools like voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service, which can also be used internally to save on expenses. Recently, the Naples Grande Beach Resort made a big step forward in the field, turning to Cloud5's hosted VoIP operations.

Rated as a Top Five Gulf Resort with Conde Nast Traveler, the Naples Grande Beach Resort boasts 474 rooms and three miles of beach to its credit, making it a major proposition in Gulf Coast hotels. With that level of traffic and attention, Naples Grande needed some serious firepower in communications—both for its guests and its staff—and thus turned to Cloud5 to deliver on the VoIP front.

Cloud5, in turn, brought in a complete voice solution, including hosted private branch exchange (PBX) capability with hosted voicemail service, as well as a slate of other features. The system also includes call accounting—itself an excellent tool for saving money and delivering value—as well as auto attendant tools and property management system (PMS) interfacing.

As a result, Naples Grande now has a system that will address most current needs, as well as many needs likely to emerge down the line. Not only does it have a complete voice communications system, but it can offer better guest service for an improved customer experience—vital in the travel industry these days—as well as a cloud-based overall infrastructure that should continue to provide scalable, functional value for years down the line.

So essentially, Naples Grande comes out ahead on three fronts here. Not only does it get a powerful, advanced new system for its current internal use, a cost savings measure, it also gets to apply some of that cost savings to incoming guests, which means a better customer experience with a move that saves expenses. To top it off, Naples Grande gets a system that can be readily scaled upward or downward as circumstances warrant and all in a fashion that likely comes with guarantees on uptime availability without a large capital outlay. It's hard to see why Naples Grande wouldn't have gone with such a plan.

Good news for Naples Grande, and good news for its guests. The hotel has found a way to bring in further revenue while also improving service, and that's a winner from every angle.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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