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Ironclad, AOI Make Mobile, PBX Safer

June 01, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Security in communications is a valuable thing these days; it explains why there are so many virtual private networks (VPNs) operating out there. Security isn't just for networks, though; private branch exchange (PBX) systems can also benefit from better security, and it's just that kind of notion that brought Ironclad Encryption Corporation and AOI together to make a new secure communications appliance.

The appliance in question, known as the ICE Box Secure Communications Appliance (SCA) 1, offers a complete hardened encryption key management system, and will eventually be connecting to Ironclad's lineup of mobile handsets designed for the PBX and call manager systems. Ironclad's work on this front has been going on for some time now, as back in March, it got together with PollenTech Oy to produce a secure mobile communications platform usable not only by enterprise-level users, but also by consumer users as well.

In turn, AOI will be bringing its own slate of core competencies in encryption and networking, reports note, to help provide that added bit of security for PBX users and others who connect through the ICE Box SCA 1.

Ironclad's president and CEO J.D. McGraw commented “AOI brings the right mix of skills to help Ironclad Encryption develop this important component in our ultra-rugged and ultra-secure mobile communications platform. Combining their system design experience with our innovative encryption key-management system will enable us to deliver secure communication and data to government agencies and enterprise markets that are suffering from information breaches on a daily basis.”

Providing communications security is not only important for most every user out there, for some users it's absolutely vital. Considering markets like the healthcare and financial services markets, where secure communications are on some level required by law, having security for PBX transmissions will likely be every bit as important as secure records file transmission and similar transmissions. That makes a development like Ironclad and AOI's particularly useful; when security can be built directly into a handset, or into a simple plug-and-play appliance, the end result is necessary or merely welcome security from sometime comparatively simple to use.

A powerful security solution that's simple to use is a welcome prospect, and will likely mean an open market for Ironclad and AOI to work through. Only time will ultimately tell just how well the market takes this new development, but high-end security available on a simple plug-and-play basis might well be a deeply welcome prospect. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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