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Boon Edam Goes Forward with Fuze

May 30, 2017

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Boon Edam is having something of a problem these days, a fairly common problem at that. It's seeing big changes in its workforce as millennials join up in ever-increasing numbers, a point that will be fact for about another 15 years or so until Generation Z kicks in in earnest. That means new ways of doing business, and for that, and many other reasons, a new emphasis on voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service. Boon Edam recently augmented its own presence on this front with a new contract with Fuze, one of the biggest names around in cloud-based communications.

With Fuze's new systems in place, Boon Edam will have access to a complete global platform for VoIP and collaboration tools. This will be particularly useful given that Boon Edam—a maker of access gates and high-quality revolving doors—has over 1,300 employees across 22 different sites worldwide, a concept that makes for no small difficulty in keeping everybody connected.  .

After a “lengthy consultation process”, reports note, Boon Edam selected Fuze, a process which was mainly comprised of employees actually testing the Fuze lineup and comparing the outcomes of these tests to several other providers. Fuze won out in the testing, and now goes on to replace a crazy quilt of  22 separate local providers. Reports note that Fuze will already represent big gains for the company, as maintenance and licensing costs are set to drop, and costs for international calls are set to drop 30 percent besides.

Boon Edam group IT manager Marcel Schilder commented “We wanted to bring our organization’s technology up to date, with modern tools and applications that have a flexible look and feel to appeal to all our employees. Technology success is dependent on user adoption, so involving our employees in the decision-making process was critical to us. Fuze was the clear choice, with features that matched the way our people want to work.”

The immediate benefits here are substantial—leave aside the issues of a millennial-heavy work force for a minute, it makes next to no sense why anyone would want to operate in an environment featuring that many local providers—and well worth pursuing. Boon Edam has effectively simplified its systems to such a degree that it will almost be difficult not to see advantage here, thanks to the cost savings of VoIP systems in connecting to all those separate Boon Edam sites.

Throw in the value of collaboration tools—which have often produced benefit of varying levels in the past—and not only are there cost savings involved, but also potential revenue improvement.  That combination makes for great value, and makes Boon Edam's decision look even better.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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