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AVOXI Updates Core PBX System

May 02, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

No system can stay long as what it is today. Systems must be upgraded in order to fend off competitors or bring an offering in line with the rest of the market in order to effectively compete. With this likely in mind, AVOXI recently updated its cloud PBX system, AVOXI Core, to add new features and offer new capability in the field.

The new additions mean a lot to AVOXI Core users, including new access to call queuing tools, which allow for up to 30 calls to be handled at once. Normally, call queuing options are only found in call center tools, so this really opens up new value for AVOXI Core. Better yet, the system now includes interactive voice response (IVR) self-management systems and self-provisioning options for extensions. Perhaps best of all is the addition of session initiation protocol (SIP) trunk provisioning, which allows users to turn AVOXI Core into an outbound calling system that can be scaled up or down as needs require.

A set of navigation updates are also included in the new update, along with call parking options, feature configurations, improved access to product support and a knowledge base for that self-support option, and even a new walk-through assistant function to help make the system run that much more smoothly. There are even upgrades to the online bill payment system for added ease of use.

AVOXI CEO David Wise commented “The additional functionality accessible through AVOXI’s Online Portal provides customers more tools and features to manage business communications. Our development team understands the customer view and works to keep the interface simple to navigate and understand while presenting features based on customers’ requests for what they need.”

Essentially, with this update, AVOXI has turned AVOXI Core—often regarded as its flagship product—into a powerhouse connectivity system with many features commonly reserved for full call center operations. That gives this some real potential in the market, especially for smaller users who still want access to some of the top-end systems.  It's not just more power, either; it's more power that's easier to use, and that if AVOXI Core weren't AVOXI's leading operation before—though by most reports it is—it certainly would be now.

AVOXI has brought out a slew of impressive new options that should make it a leader going forward. Its ability to compete is now largely assured, and seeing the response from the rest of the market should be a sight to see.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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