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MegaPath Steps Up VoIP With MegaPath One Improvements

June 28, 2017

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

MegaPath has long been known in the unified communications (UC) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) fields as a major provider of services throughout North America, and its recent release has given it every reason to hold such a reputation. It recently augmented MegaPath One, a move which provided new tools to an already capable system.

Most of the new additions to MegaPath One were in “feature and design enhancements,” and so provided new options to users. One of the biggest was a change in short message service (SMS) texting operations, which allowed users to take a current business VoIP number and use it to send and receive text messages.

Further, MegaPath One now also offers screen sharing options for “external guests,” or those who don't already have the MegaPath One system in place. Users will only need to download a free app from the Google Apps store—the MegaPath One Guest Client—and will be able to access screen sharing capability as surely as if those users had MegaPath One itself. A new tabular design also stepped in, offering new organization for conference sessions, and a new screen sharing experience changes the way such operations are displayed, allowing for easy switching from the conference chat log to the screen share view.

Those who already have MegaPath One will be able to get in on the update for free, and thus start enjoying the augmentations to screen sharing and business VoIP number text use, among other points, right away. A prompt will emerge for those who already have the system, encouraging a download of the new version.

Product updates are a good way to not only improve a product as time goes on, but also keep it fresh and competitive. That's an important point in a market that's full of competitors, and the business VoIP market has plenty of these. So too does the UC market, and that means MegaPath One has to work particularly hard to keep its current market in play and bring in future new customers down the line. Regular product improvements are just part of the package here, and with these latest modifications, MegaPath has put itself on a path to continued market viability for some time to come.

Being able to stand off competition is a must in the UC market, and in the VoIP market. MegaPath's newest augmentations prove that it's got the chops to carry on in the field long-term, and continue providing the best in solutions in this rapidly-changing market. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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