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RingCentral Gives VoIP Value to Carvana

April 24, 2017

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Sometimes you just have to reconsider what's being done in everyday operations. The “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” strategy might seem like a good plan overall, but sometimes things are broken, just not broken enough to not work. That's the situation Carvana found itself in as it planned to turn to RingCentral for access to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service to update its communications platform.

Carvana is an e-commerce operation specifically geared toward used cars, which gives it a certain degree of product focus. It also requires a lot of connectivity, as there are issues of both buying and selling to consider that need rapid, easy-to-use connections to carry out properly. Carvana needed a certain set of traits in order to achieve maximum value, and turned to RingCentral for all of these in one handy package including scalability, mobility, and the ability to use open platforms as part of the operation.

Since Carvana has over 20 separate locations, Carvana needed a way to keep all of these users together, and a VoIP operation like that offered by RingCentral was just the way to go, reports noted. Better yet, the system could be scaled up or down as need be, allowing Carvana to expand or cut back as circumstances dictated; there was no more need to buy excessive licenses or risk unexpected bills. Not only will RingCentral's systems be put to use at the Carvana headquarters, but also at the various outlet locations controlled by the company. It's also set to be a part of the Carvana External Advocate team.

The director of technology services at Carvana, Imran Kazi, commented “We moved away from an expensive and limited capability hardware-based legacy PBX system and chose RingCentral because we wanted a single integrated collaborative communications solution that would scale easily as our business grows. RingCentral provides us with an easy to manage solution that enables our IT department to work smarter, not harder, by utilizing the power of the cloud.”

Considering that, before RingCentral, Carvana employees had to use personal cell phone numbers when delivering cars—a point that could have exposed Carvana employees to stalking and other unsafe situations—Carvana's move to bring in RingCentral is a sound one indeed. Now, some of the biggest risks have been pulled from the equation and instead supplanted with newer, better systems that provide both better and safer connectivity for employees.

It's hard to argue with outcomes like that, and it's a safe bet that RingCentral will be able to use this latest feather in its cap as a means to get other companies interested in making a similar change. Nothing succeeds like success, after all, and RingCentral's VoIP increasingly means success.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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