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Mastertel Brings New Virtual PBX Options to Russia

June 15, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Communications technology is increasingly vital to operations as we know them, which includes just about everything from cloud based systems to virtual private branch exchange (PBX) systems. It doesn't matter what size the office is or what it handles; it needs effective communications tools to truly get anywhere.  Enter Mastertel, a firm that's already delivered a lot of value to firms of all sizes in Russia, including several firms who have benefited from Mastertel's virtual PBX operations.

Virtual PBX isn't all that Mastertel has to offer, of course, offering a range of services including custom telephone numbers, internet access services, virtual private network (VPN) operations, and fiber network leasing services. Hosted PBX, meanwhile, is considered Mastertel's specialty. Mastertel currently boasts over 5,000 total customers in its user base, ranging from comparatively small enterprises to some major multinational presences like Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, no small specialty.

Recently, Mastertel shook up its own systems somewhat by looking for a new technology platform in a bid to support more services and offer a greater range of capability to the user base. PortaOne—and its PortaSwitch business and operation support system (B/OSS) and unified softswitch platforms—quickly distinguished itself sufficiently to be attractive to Mastertel. Given that Mastertel's platform at the time wasn't capable of keeping up with the demand for its next generation hosted PBX, that made finding a replacement all the more urgent. That likely made PortaSwitch's combination of a B/OSS, Class 5 softswitch, and session border controller (SBC) systems all the more valuable.

Mastertel's executive director Vitaly Ezopov noted “The solution offered by PortaOne combined several components and represented a complete product for organizing the technical aspect of telephone services as well as subscriber billing. This was the set of parameters that was decisive for choosing PortaSwitch.”

Communications providers are some of the most hard-pressed of all to maintain current systems and improve as improvements become available. Equipment improvements represent their stock in trade; after all, how far can a company possibly get in the field when it's running old systems against competitors who have upgraded to the state of the art? Upgrades allow communications providers to offer more services, like virtual PBX, and provide these at higher quality, so it's not surprising that Mastertel would step it up a bit.

That Mastertel selected PortaOne, meanwhile, is a feather in both companies' caps. Not only can Mastertel continue to offer top-notch material, but PortaOne is the company that makes Mastertel's offerings possible. Both should be able to trade quite a bit on that new revelation.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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