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What Should You Know About Logistics Software Solutions?

5/10/2023 4:18:04 PM

The world's logistics industry is swiftly developing today. EMR states that the specified branch was $9.96 tln in 2022 and will reach $14.37 trillion by 20…

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How Technology is Impacting the Drug Industry

5/10/2023 4:10:11 PM

In this article, we will delve into how technology has impacted the drug industry, from drug trafficking to advancements in the pharmaceutical industry…

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CyberArk-Powered Service Delivers SaaS-based Privileged Access Management to BT Customers

5/10/2023 3:32:34 PM

Provider of global communications and security services BT and CyberArk launched BT's global Privileged Identity Security managed service.

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Customer Service Managers Keen to Adopt GigCX Approach

5/10/2023 3:25:59 PM

Embracing GigCX as a regular operational strategy holds potential benefits for organizations aiming to optimize their customer care and adapt to the changi…

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Former Tech Executives Launch AI Executive Assistant Technology Company

5/10/2023 2:25:10 PM

Several veterans of Google, Meta and AWS announced the formation of NinjaTech AI, a generative AI company.

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AI Is Driving Greater Accuracy in Advanced Speech Recognition

5/10/2023 2:17:56 PM

A new report from 3Play Media, a media accessibility company, found that the accuracy of ASR technology has improved measurably since the company's last ev…

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Mako Networks Formalizes its Apex Partner Program for MSPs and VARs

5/10/2023 11:33:42 AM

Mako Networks, a provider of secure, cloud-managed networks for distributed enterprises, launched the Mako Networks Apex Partner Program for MSPs, value-ad…

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People, Processes, and Technologies: How Organizations are Viewing Cyber Preparedness

5/10/2023 11:15:00 AM

Trend Micro announced an improvement in cyber risk levels, moving from "elevated" to "moderate" for the first time. However, the company also emphasized th…

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Embracing the New Normal (and Abnormal): Rising Security Challenges on the Digital Frontier

5/10/2023 11:05:47 AM

Abnormal Security, a provider of behavioral AI-based security measures, has released a report based on an ESG-conducted survey, gauging how organizations a…

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Invest101 and DefensX Announce Growth Funding to Accelerate Commercialization of Social Engineering Cyber Security Threats

5/10/2023 11:00:51 AM

DefensX, developer of a Zero Trust Secure Web Browser extension has received investment from the Development METU Technopark Venture Capital Investment Fun…

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In A Mobile, Cloud-First World, Social Engineering Threats Are Growing and Investors Are Taking Notice

5/10/2023 10:45:59 AM

DefensX developer of a Zero Trust Secure Web Browser extension, announced investment from the Development METU Technopark Venture Capital Investment Fund (…

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Sophos Customers Rewarded for Strong Cyber Defenses

5/10/2023 8:49:31 AM

Sophos has entered a partnership with Measured Analytics and Insurance, the AI-powered cyber insurance provider, to unlock Measured insurance premium savin…

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Would You Talk to an AI Therapist?

5/9/2023 4:56:19 PM

Technology is a wonderful thing, and so is therapy. Historically, there hasn't been much of an overlap between the two fields of study. Therapy has always …

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Verizon Delivers Seamless Connectivity at 2023 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

5/9/2023 4:49:46 PM

Verizon enhanced the network across Hard Rock Stadium to deliver a more seamless private wireless experience for 2023 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix…

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CSG's State of the Customer Experience Highlights a Path to a Better CX

5/9/2023 4:47:41 PM

Revenue management and payments solutions company CSG released a report titled, "The State of the Customer Experience 2023 Report."

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StructuredWeb Adds AI-Driven ChannelGPT Feature to Its TCMA Platform

5/9/2023 4:43:21 PM

Marketing automation platform solutions provider StructuredWeb announced the launch of ChannelGPT.

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The Difference Between Design-Build Contractors and Traditional Contractors

5/9/2023 4:33:47 PM

There are two main ways of doing things in a project's design and construction phases. One is through traditional contracting services, and the other is th…

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Amy Wilkins Discusses Implementing Qualitative Research Methods Into Your UX Decisions

5/9/2023 4:25:55 PM

As a UX researcher, expert Amy Wilkins in Longmont, Colorado, says it's essential to be aware of the different research methods available to you and unders…

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Ways Online Casinos Utilize Technology in Player Bonuses

5/9/2023 4:19:50 PM

Online gaming and sports betting is a popular pastime that attracts millions. The industry also accrues billions in revenue every year. Online casinos, as …

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Can Businesses Afford to Use Less Space? How Technology is Creating Cost Savings and More Efficient Use of Office Space

5/9/2023 4:13:33 PM

Businesses have long been looking for ways to save costs and operate more efficiently, and one area where they can make significant savings is in office sp…

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A reMarkable Tool: A Smart Digital Notebook for 2023

5/9/2023 3:32:08 PM

Reading and writing accessories brand reMarkable's "reMarkable 2" smart notebook is chock-full of satisfying features for work and pleasure alike.

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MyCloud Contact Center: Reinvent Telecom's Solution for SMBs Seeking Enterprise-Level Functionality

5/9/2023 2:10:52 PM

Reinvent Telecom launched its MyCloud Contact Center, a private-label contact center as a service platform that is designed and priced for SMB customers.

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How the Internet of Things Will Clear the Road for Electric Vehicles

5/9/2023 1:57:46 PM

But with IoT and other enabling technology continuing to evolve, it's becoming much easier to see the future of EVs in our headlights.

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Channel Strategies: How Granite Telecommunications is Investing in its VAR Partner Program

5/9/2023 11:37:22 AM

Granite Telecommunications has announced that it's officially doubling down on the indirect sales channel via new professionals on the Granite team and new…

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BT and Five9 Offer Future-Proof Route to Cloud Contact Centers

5/9/2023 10:56:38 AM

BT and Five9 announced the expansion of their partnership to enhance the choice of contact center services and solutions offered to organizations worldwide…

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Updating the Vision: To Drive Channel Growth, Nextiva Expand its Leadership

5/9/2023 10:56:27 AM

At the start of this month, conversation platform Nextiva recently announced the appointment of four new channel leaders to its team. Via this expansion, N…

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Organizations Increase Attack Surface by Changing APIs Too Often

5/8/2023 10:34:36 PM

According to a Data Theorem report (in partnership with Enterprise Strategy Group), 75% of organizations change or update their APIs on a daily or weekly b…

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Five Cybersecurity Tips for Online Casino Owners - How to Keep Gamblers Safe

5/8/2023 3:53:04 PM

Protect your online casino and your customers from cyber threats with these 5 cybersecurity tips. Keep your gamblers safe and your business secure.

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DefensX Announces Additional Financing to Address Rising Social Engineering Threats

5/8/2023 3:52:04 PM

DefensX, developer of a Zero Trust Secure Web Browser extension and solutions announced an additional round of funding from Invest101.

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How Technology Can Boost Your Business

5/8/2023 3:47:45 PM

Businesses today are facing an ever-changing landscape. They must remain agile and adaptable to new technologies, consumer trends, and market conditions to…

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Workiva Integrates CDP Questionnaires to Make ESG Reporting Easy

5/8/2023 3:44:08 PM

Workiva, a cloud platform for assured integrated reporting, has incorporated CDP, a disclosure system for measuring environmental impacts, into its platfor…

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Edgewater Wireless Expands Patent Portfolio and Ring-Fences Leadership in Multi-Link Wi-Fi

5/8/2023 3:33:36 PM

Edgewater Wireless Systems submits a new patent application for its Wi-Fi spectrum slicing technology.

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Why Is HR Software A Must For Your Organization

5/8/2023 3:33:06 PM

Any organization's growth and success largely depend on how well its personnel is handled and treated. For this reason, many firms are now experimenting wi…

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