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Executive Editor, TMC
Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at TMC where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and IoT Evolution magazine. She's also a regular contributor to TMCnet. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Latest Articles

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Acision Offers Up WebRTC-enabled SDK at Orlando Hackathon - 03/30/2015
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Kwicr Provides Mobile App Owners with Broadband Acceleration Control - 03/30/2015
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Centec's New Terabit-Level Switch Silicon Offers Lower Power Consumption for Carrier SDN - 03/27/2015
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Huawei, SAP Power Sinopec Financial Data Warehouse - 03/26/2015
How IoT and WebRTC Can Change the World - 03/26/2015
Pitney Bowes Explains How Personalized Video Can Prevent Bill Shock & More - 03/26/2015
EZchip Works on Multicore Processors for NFV - 03/25/2015
Apple Reportedly Circles Back with Intel for the iPhone - 03/24/2015
Orange Business Services Jumps on the SDN-Based Self-Provisioning Portal Bandwagon - 03/23/2015
TE Connectivity, AppliedMicro Connect on Data Center Cable Effort - 03/23/2015
Verint Makes Workforce Optimization Solution More Engaging - 03/23/2015
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: cPacket, E4, Ixia - 03/21/2015
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Cyan, Ethernity, Qosmos - 03/21/2015
WARNING: Benchmarking Can Be Hazardous to Your Operation's Health - 03/18/2015
TCPA Compliance - 03/18/2015
How to Get the Most from Your Callback Solution - 03/18/2015
Friendly Fraud? Online Retailers Take a Hit from Chargebacks - 03/18/2015
More Proof That Customers Are On To You - 03/18/2015
UK's iHub to Sell GENBAND's Nuvia - 03/18/2015
Cisco Brings Omnichannel Context to its Contact Center Solutions - 03/17/2015
Enterprise Communications Trends, Challenges, and Solutions - 03/17/2015
Qosmos Joins NEC SDN Partner Space - 03/16/2015
Ethernity ACE-NIC Accelerates NFV-Based CPE, EPC Solutions - 03/16/2015
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: iPhotonix, Masergy, Pacnet - 03/14/2015
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Adva, Apple, Sphere 3D - 03/14/2015
Cisco, Microsoft Extend Cloud Integration Effort - 03/13/2015
Alianza Presents Cloud Voice Platform - 03/12/2015
FCC Releases Details on Open Internet Order, Debunks What It Indicates Are Misperceptions - 03/12/2015
Telco Systems Launches NFV/SDN Ecosystem - 03/12/2015
Alcatel-Lucent Addresses Metro Networking with High-Performance, Low Power Consumption Gear - 03/12/2015
Pacnet Introduces NFV-Based Optical Networking Self Provisioning - 03/11/2015
Kontron, Vantrix Show How NFV Could Positively Impact Real-Time Communications - 03/11/2015
Masergy Introduces an SDN-Based Customer Self-Provisioning Portal - 03/10/2015
Optical Outfit Buys Netsocket - 03/10/2015
Salesforce Revs Up Omnichannel with the Service Cloud Intelligence Engine - 03/09/2015
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Docker, Ericsson, NTT DoCoMo, Qosmos - 03/07/2015
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: ABB, Ericsson, Intel, Oracle - 03/07/2015
Mobile World Congress Week in Review: Ericsson, Google, PayPal, Samsung - 03/06/2015
What's New in Digital Payments: Apple Wallet Becomes Fraud Target, PayPal and Samsung Acquire, Google Expands - 03/06/2015
Wyless Names Coffey CEO, Responds to KORE/RacoWireless Combination - 03/05/2015
PayPal Buys Mobile Payment Outfit Paydiant - 03/05/2015
Docker Forwards Linux Container Strategy with SocketPlane Acquisition - 03/05/2015
FCC Vote Endorses Title II Approach to Net Neutrality - 03/04/2015
Nectar CMP Eases, Expedites Microsoft Lync Adoption - 03/04/2015
DAS and Small Cells - 03/04/2015
Shaking the Tree: TSG Invests in Apps to Expedite Business Text Adoption - 03/03/2015
NTT DoCoMo Picks Ericsson, Fujitsu, NEC for Commercial NFV Deployment - 03/03/2015
Cobham Wireless Demos LTE-A and NFV-based Testing Solutions - 03/03/2015
Qosmos Joins OPNFV, Continues to Promote Service Chaining - 03/03/2015
Wind River Builds NFV, SDN Partnerships - 03/03/2015
AGNITY App Server, Conferencing App Now Preintegrated on Radisys vMRF - 03/02/2015
Wheelings & DEalings: Brocade Nets vEPC Supplier Connectem - 03/02/2015
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: ADVA, CENX, Ericsson, NEC - 02/28/2015
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Equinix, Infinera, Midokura - 02/28/2015
Allot Buys Cloud-Based Security Firm Optenet - 02/26/2015
NEC, NetCracker Create New Brand, Business Around NFV/SDN - 02/26/2015
FCC Vote Endorses Title II Approach to Net Neutrality - 02/26/2015
Customer Experience - More Than Just a Marketing Exercise - 02/26/2015
Endstream Launches Messaging Network, Services - 02/25/2015
New Altair Chipsets Can Expedite LTE's Application for IoT - 02/25/2015
BroadSoft Discusses UC Growth, Marketshare - 02/25/2015
XmarteK Details Innovative RSM2M Solution, More - 02/25/2015
CENX, Spirent Demo Orchestration of VoLTE in Virtualized Environment - 02/25/2015
Frontier Tells Its Wi-Fi, Fiber Story - 02/24/2015
Active Broadband Networks Takes Broadband Edge Processing Virtual - 02/24/2015
ABP: DrayTek Routers Address New Business, MSP, Reseller Realities - 02/17/2015
Transbeam Expands Geographic Reach, Product Portfolio & Staff - 02/17/2015
Spindle Serves Up Smorgasbord of Merchant Services - 02/17/2015
ConteXtream: NFV Creates One of the Biggest Needs for SDN - 02/17/2015
SkySwitch Puts Together Full-Featured White-Label UC Solution, Targets Hospitality - 02/17/2015
Transforming Networks Week in Review: Brocade, Radware, Riverbed - 02/14/2015
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Ericsson, PacketFront, Talari - 02/14/2015
SIGFOX Raises $115 Million - 02/12/2015
APAC Enterprise & Cloud Provider SDN Market Forecast to Reach $1B by 2018 - 02/12/2015
ONF Hires Full-Time Architect, Expands Efforts - 02/11/2015
Telecom Vendors Promote Alternatives to OpenFlow, OpenStack for NFV, SDN - 02/10/2015
How G.inp Can Help Continue the Expansion of Faster Broadband - 02/10/2015
Xorcom Embeds SBC in PBX for Added Security - 02/09/2015
Voneto Talks About Open Source Communications, WebRTC at ITEXPO Miami - 02/06/2015
Teliax: Integrators and Resellers Can Earn More with IVY - 02/05/2015
Systech Modular & Programmable Gateway Helps Expedite M2M Implementations - 02/05/2015
OpenDaylight Project Seeks 2015 Summer Interns - 02/05/2015
OneAccess Tells NFV Story - 02/05/2015
LTE, Wireless Device Proliferation Drive Demand for Diameter Signaling, DSCs - 02/05/2015
iBasis Provides Mobile Operators with LTE Performance Visibility - 02/05/2015
Interactive Intelligence Q4 2014 Earnings Highlight Continued Growth for Its Cloud-based Solutions - 02/05/2015
More About Net Neutrality via Title II Reclassification; FCC Chairman Blogs - 02/04/2015
How to Get Sales People to Be Team Players - 02/03/2015
How the Consumerization of IT, Evolution of Real-Time Communications and the Rise of IoT Are Changing Business - 02/03/2015
How Real Time Communications is Making Farming & Food Distribution More Efficient - 02/03/2015
Kontron Adds to SymKloud Line, Adds PaaS Solution for ISV Validation - 02/02/2015
Motive Customer Experience Solutions Can Help IoT Meet Its Promise - 02/02/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: In an Effort to Forward IoT Strategy, Intel Buys Lantiq - 02/02/2015
Cisco Expands Cloud Managed IT Strategy - 02/02/2015
McAfee Exec: We Need to Do More to Secure Smartphones, IoT - 01/29/2015
VoIP Veterans at ITEXPO Discuss Net Neutrality, Title II Reclassification - 01/28/2015
Allahwala at ITEXPO: Carriers Are Leaving Money on the Table - 01/28/2015
IBM's Ahluwalia Offers ADEPT Talk on How to Advance IoT - 01/28/2015
WebNMS Expands IoT Strategy with New Partnership, Emphasizes Energy Applications - 01/28/2015
Mitel Leader Shares Thoughts on Making a Winning UC Strategy - 01/28/2015
CoreDial Promotes SwitchConnex, Readies to Release WebRTC Solution - 01/28/2015
Voxbone Introduces SMS Outbound for Mobile DID - 01/28/2015
Newly Rebranded B+B SmartWorx Tells IoT Story - 01/28/2015
151 Advisors Talks IoT Opportunities, Challenges - 01/28/2015
Telit Welcomes Standing Room Only Crowd to deviceWISE Global Summit 2015 - 01/28/2015
Stream Technologies Helps Organizations More Easily Manage, Monitor & Monetize M2M - 01/28/2015
Horn Offers Update on KORE, Raco Integration - 01/27/2015
Harnessing Change - 01/26/2015
The Billion-Dollar Game Changer: Schmooze Com and the Open Source Community Set the PBX Free - 01/26/2015
Wi-Fi Goes Big - 01/26/2015
AT&T Offers an Update on Its Toggle BYOD Solution - 01/26/2015
Wearable Cameras Proliferate - 01/26/2015
Assembly Helps Developers Find, Monetize Open Source Contributions - 01/26/2015
Call Recording Roundup - 01/26/2015
Transforming Network Architecture: EdgeConneX, NJFX, OVS, Zayo - 01/24/2015
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Software Telco Congress, Tektronix, Bell Labs - 01/24/2015
CenturyLink Provides Quick SDN Update - 01/23/2015
Super Bowl Sunday - How DAS is Helping Fans, Businesses Stay Connected - 01/23/2015
Altair Semiconductor Addresses IoT with LTE-Specific Solutions - 01/22/2015
Voxox Readies Cloud Phone Announcement for ITEXPO Miami - 01/21/2015
New Version of Bell Labs Energy Tool Addresses Apps, NFV, SDN - 01/21/2015
Wearables Go to Work - 01/21/2015
On Watch: Vodafone Helps to Keep Lively Subscribers Connected - 01/21/2015
WFO Supports Remote Workforces and Innovation - 01/21/2015
TMC, Crossfire Announce IoT Excellence Award Winners - 01/21/2015
Creating a Well Tempered Network: M2M Security Firm Gets New Funds, Leader, Name - 01/21/2015
Getting to Them First: How Proactive Customer Service Benefits Everyone - 01/21/2015
Talygen Takes Business Management Automation to the Next Level - 01/21/2015
Interest Grows for Call Centers in the Caribbean, Central America - 01/21/2015
Listen Closely to Deliver Optimal Customer Support - 01/20/2015
Big Data Analytics Can Address Compliance in Addition to Customer Preferences - 01/20/2015
Bringing An Expert Eye to Your WebRTC Implementation - 01/20/2015
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: F5 Networks, Mavenir, Software Telco Congress - 01/17/2015
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Citrix, GIA, Infonetics - 01/17/2015
Real Time Communications Gets into the Mix - 01/15/2015
ABI Research: IoT Analytics to Drive $5.7B in Supplier Revenues This Year - 01/15/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Mavenir's Purchase of Ulticom Signals LTE's Growing Diameter Demands - 01/15/2015
TeamSupport Leader Offers His Perspective on the Customer Experience - 01/14/2015
F5 Survey Offers Insight into the 'Huge' and Growing Business Application Arena - 01/14/2015
Telinta's Stiso: Cloud, Mobile VoIP, White-Label Solutions Loomed Large in 2014 - 01/14/2015
Telinta's Stiso: Cloud, Mobile VoIP, White-Label Solutions Loomed Large in 2014 - 01/14/2015
Taking the Lead: This Isn't Your Father's Lead Generation - 01/12/2015
Voice4Net Launches WebRTC-based RTC Client - 01/12/2015
TMC Announces CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award Winners - 01/12/2015
Marketing Automation - 01/12/2015
TeleTech's Humanify Enables Clients to Deliver Expert Customer Service - 01/12/2015
TeamSupport Leader Offers His Perspective on the Customer Experience - 01/12/2015
Dialogic's Moynihan Dishes on the Latest in Tech & How to Stay Ahead of the Curve - 01/12/2015
Key ITEXPO Miami Themes for ADTRAN: Cloud, VARs, Wi-Fi - 01/12/2015
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Agile Networks, Coriant, Infonetics - 01/10/2015
NFV & SDN Week in Review: DigitalRoute, Logicalis, Metaswitch, Sonus - 01/10/2015
Voxbone's Goldstein Shares Sunny Outlook on the Economy & the Future of UC - 01/08/2015
Tick-Tock: Intel, Partners Deliver Ever-Increasing Advancements - 01/08/2015
Automation Helps Amp Sales, Marketing Efforts, Revenue Growth - 01/08/2015
Ingate's Johnson: WebRTC Has 'Enormous' Potential - 01/07/2015
IntelliCom Analyst, ITEXPO Miami Speaker Assesses Lync Rebranding and UC Landscape - 01/07/2015
2015: A Year of OSS Transformation, NFV Liftoff in Carrier Networks - 01/07/2015
WebRTC Speaks to a Wide Range of Enterprise Applications - 01/07/2015
Most IT Professionals Plan to Adopt Software-Defined Solutions - 01/06/2015
Alcatel-Lucent: Service Provider SDN Promises Agility, Efficiency - 01/06/2015
GENBAND Helps Carriers Walk the OTT Walk with fring, Kandy - 12/23/2014
BELIEVE: How RTC Could Make Our Holiday Wishes Come True - 12/22/2014
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Array Networks, IDC, Infonetics, OPNFV Project - 12/20/2014
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Calient, Calsoft, Dell, EXFO, Midokura, WebNMS - 12/20/2014
New Nebula Solution Helps Enterprises Expedite OpenStack Adoption - 12/19/2014
AT&T Exec: 75 Percent of Our Network Will Be Virtualized by 2020 - 12/19/2014
Gift Idea: GEEKFUEL Delivers with Monthly Packages of the Precious - 12/17/2014
ADC Vendor Array Networks Helps Launch OPNFV Project - 12/17/2014
Report: FCC Unlikely to Issue New Call for Open Internet Input - 12/17/2014
MuleSoft Founder: APIs, Mobile Devices are Driving New Customer Experiences - 12/17/2014
Calient, CIAN Explore the Use of Optical Circuit Switching in the Software-Centric World - 12/15/2014
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Fortinet, InterCloud, Juniper, OneAccess - 12/13/2014
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Alcatel-Lucent, EMC, Infinera, WebNMS - 12/13/2014
Call Center Hiring Gets Competitive in the Philippines - 12/12/2014
Calsoft Complements WebNMS Symphony with Its Professional Services - 12/12/2014
Image Resolution - 12/11/2014
The IN Crowd: High Tech Grows in Indiana - 12/11/2014
Sales Amplification: Marrying CRM, Contact Centers & Potentially Other Systems Can Drive New Business - 12/11/2014
Virtual Agents - 12/11/2014
The Role of Inventory Visibility in the Customer Experience - 12/11/2014
New Methods for Matching Customers and Agents Help Improve the Service Experience - 12/11/2014
Making the Contact Center Pay Off: Big Data, CRM Increase Value for the Total Enterprise - 12/11/2014
Critical Telecommunications Database could be Transitioned under FCC process: Risk to Consumers, Public Safety and National Security - 12/11/2014
MobileIron: As Mobile Applications, Devices Become More Central to Our Lives, So Too Will Security - 12/11/2014
1Stream: Cloud Benefits are Great for Contact Centers - 12/10/2014
Aspect Study Personifies Company Customer Service Types - 12/10/2014
Fortinet Joins HP's Partner Program - 12/10/2014
Ensuring Positive Business Outcomes in the Services-Centric World - 12/09/2014
Fortinet Joins HP's Partner Program - 12/09/2014
Sprint's M2M Director Highlights What's Cool in IoT - 12/09/2014
AT&T Comments about the Recent Past, the Future of M2M and the IoT - 12/09/2014
GENBAND Extends NFV Activities with Membership in ALU Ecosystem - 12/08/2014
InterCloud, Juniper Demo Benefits of NFV - 12/08/2014
SDN OS from ON.Lab is Now Available for Download - 12/08/2014
Vodafone Leader Shares Expectations for M2M in the Year Ahead - 12/08/2014





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