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Executive Editor, TMC
Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at TMC where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and IoT Evolution magazine. She's also a regular contributor to TMCnet. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

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Where Data Center Interconnect (DCI) is, can and should be going - 03/22/2016
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Retailer Investment in E-Commerce and Seamless Online/In-Store Experiences - 03/09/2016
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NFV Security Solution from Telco Systems Wins the Gold - 03/03/2016
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Understanding, and Promoting, the Benefits of UC - 03/02/2016
Cisco's DNA Strategy Addresses Automation, Cloud, Virtualization for the Enterprise - 03/02/2016
Hortonworks Unveils Big Data Solutions with Greater Scale - 03/01/2016
IOVOX Insights Delivers Google Analytics-like Experience for Phone Calls - 03/01/2016
Flexible Service Chaining: What it is and Why it is Important for Agile Networks - 02/29/2016
Nuage Explains How SDN Can Help Address Cloud Security - 02/29/2016
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: ONOS, Verizon, XO - 02/27/2016
NFV Essentials Week in Review: Affirmed Networks, Akamai, Brocade, Coriant - 02/27/2016
Report: Women Bring Measurable Financial Value to Companies - 02/26/2016
Linux Foundation's OPEN-O to Create Framework and Orchestration for NFV & SDN - 02/25/2016
Ericsson Puts Together NFV & SDN - 02/25/2016
373K Taps Internap for Bare Metal IaaS - 02/24/2016
Nokia Says Carrier-Grade Virtualized Routers Are Ready for Prime Time - 02/23/2016
Nokia Packages Up In-Venue Mobile Broadband Solution - 02/23/2016
DartPoints Picks ADVA for NFV - 02/23/2016
Amdocs Addresses IoT Monetization - 02/23/2016
Report: Argentina's BPO/ITO Efforts Now Appear on Track - 02/23/2016
Nokia Leverages Radisys MRF for its Telco Cloud - 02/22/2016
Ciena Broadens Its Orbit with Addition of Centina - 02/22/2016
Cisco Unveils Virtualized Service Core, First Deliverable from Ericsson Relationship - 02/22/2016
NFV Essentials Week in Review: ADVA, Brocade, Core Network Dynamics, Ericsson - 02/20/2016
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Huawei, IDC, ONF, Telefonica - 02/20/2016
Ceeable Delivers on its Vision of Remote Retinal Care - 02/18/2016
Brightlink VP Talks Expansion, APIs, Bocce Ball - 02/18/2016
Mitel Marketing Head Explains API Strategy, M&A Motivators, and Mobile-First Stance - 02/18/2016
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Govolution Addresses Payment in an Omnichannel World - 02/17/2016
Effortless Office Helps Take Business Beyond the Cloud - 02/17/2016
Mitel Makes Management Changes Around Mobile Effort - 02/17/2016
Nokia Illustrates What's Possible with LTE Broadcast - 02/17/2016
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Hitachi, Pentaho, Windstream - 02/13/2016
NFV Essentials Week in Review: AudioCodes, Procera, Versa - 02/13/2016
Bicom Tells Its Telephony Story - 02/11/2016
The Web of Things: Industry Players Aim to Bring Together a Fragmented IoT Ecosystem - 02/11/2016
Skypatrol Links with Vodafone for Global Telematics Connectivity - 02/11/2016
The Digital Analog to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - 02/11/2016
Axia TP Expands Portfolio with UC - 02/11/2016
Let the SD-WAN Sparring Begin! - 02/10/2016's Bowen Talks About the Value of Local Phone Numbers - 02/10/2016
451 Research Delivers Intelligence on the Voice of the Enterprise - 02/09/2016
Dialogic Buys APEX Communications, Launches Application Practice - 02/09/2016
How Insurance Companies can Transform to Better Meet Customer and Operational Needs - 02/08/2016
Israel Mobile Association NFV Effort Gains AudioCodes as a Member - 02/08/2016
Cima Group Exec Chats with TMC at ITEXPO - 02/08/2016
Wheelings& Dealings: BroadSoft Buys Transera - 02/08/2016
Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Apple, Microsoft, NetSuite - 02/06/2016
NFV Essentials Week in Review: BT, Cisco, Enea Linux, Italtel - 02/06/2016 Could Help Drive Gigabit Access to 100M by 2020 - 02/05/2016
Xilink Erects Investment Program, Funds TeraDeep - 02/05/2016
OpenMarket Releases New SMS API - 02/04/2016
Midokura Releases Updated MidoNet for Virtualization - 02/04/2016
Aryaka Launches SD-WAN ULTRA - 02/04/2016
MaritzCX Helps Businesses Understand, Improve Their Customer Experience - 02/04/2016
PCCW Global Comes Aboard the CPLANE OpenStack Solution - 02/03/2016
Stratecast F&S Honors Huawei with Value-Added Service Award - 02/03/2016
Ericsson Unveils New Mobile Broadband Solutions in Preparation for MWC - 02/03/2016
Why Insurance Companies Need to Undergo Digital Transformation - 02/02/2016
Why One CTO Says It's Time to Rethink SDN - 02/02/2016
Big Telcos Divest Cloud Assets, Aim to Focus on Complementary Offerings - 02/02/2016
NFV Essentials Week in Review: CENX, ITEXPO, ZTE - 01/30/2016
Brown Talks Yorktel, Flexible Workspace & the Importance of Hypercare - 01/28/2016
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TechnologyAdvice Connects Buyers and Sellers - 01/27/2016
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