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Pindrop Powers Verizon Call Center Authentication

November 16, 2018

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has launched a new, cloud-based inbound call center solution that integrates voice and multi-factor authentication.

That enables inbound callers to Verizon toll-free numbers to be identified and verified by voice. And that eliminates the need for passwords.

“This is really about making it easy for our customers to offer enhanced and secure self-service options to their own customers,” says Alla Reznik, Verizon’s director of customer experience. “Integrating voice authentication into the network makes it easier to identify potential fraud, while reducing agent handling times. And of course, removing the need for passwords improves the customer experience! It’s a win win for all.”

The Verizon VoIP Inbound Anti-Fraud and Authentication service is powered by Pindrop Security technology and employs the carrier’s media forking capability. That allows Verizon to create multiple branches from a single call. It then sends those different branches or streams to different destinations.

 “Pindrop’s ability to identify a person's voice, device and behavior is now integrated with Verizon's carrier backbone,” says Pindrop co-founder and CEO Vijay Balasubramaniyan. “Our machine learning technologies result in a high degree of accuracy for fraud protection and provide frictionless authentication measures before the call even reaches a call center." 

A recent Pindrop blog indicates phone fraud increased 250 percent between 2013 and 2017, and that it has since a 47 percent since then. Banks and insurance companies are the biggest targets, it adds. Banks are experiencing a 20 percent year-or-year increase in fraud, according to Pindrop. Meanwhile, the insurance industry is facing 36 percent year-over-year fraud on this front, it says.

“Overall, fraud is the ultimate impact to customer experience – your customers have expectations for who they do business with, and if they expect their data to be safe with you, this should be upheld,” the Pindrop blog notes. “We’re living in a world where consumers are likely to switch who they do business with if their customer experience expectations are fulfilled.”

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