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December 04, 2018

Webinar - Webinar Offers NPS Information, Guidance

We all use products and services every day. But we seldom stop to think about how we feel about them.

However, the businesses that supply those products and services want to know about our experiences and related feelings about their solutions. That’s why they commonly do surveys to get our input.

Customer surveys come in many shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most popular variety is the Net Promoter Score survey.

NPS efforts ask customers how likely they are to recommend a given product or service to friends and family members. Customers rank their likelihood to do that on a scale of zero to 10.

Those within the zero to six range are labeled detractors. Those that answer seven or eight are considered passives. Those who check nine or 10 are deemed promoters.

Once a company has collected the answers and segmented the responses into the three customer categories, it’s time to calculate the overall NPS. You get that by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from the percentage who are promoters. That generates an NPS between -100 and 100. If you’re on the higher end the of NPS spectrum, chances are good your healthier than those who land elsewhere in that range.

Understanding how customers feel about their company and specific solutions can help a business understand when they’re right on track and get a sense of when there are problems – or, at least, when some improvement might be needed. When businesses do receive positive NPS assessments, that's great.

It’s even better when those organizations use that intelligence to their advantage. They can do that by taking such steps as encouraging promoters to take action by doing things like writing product reviews.

To learn more about NPS processes and trends, and how businesses can make the most of NPS data and other customer feedback, join us for the on-demand webinar “2018 NPS Benchmark Study: Results and Reactions.” Nina Church-Adams, Act-On Software’s senior vice president of marketing, and Leah Chaney, vice president of customer success with AskNicely, are the featured speakers. Click here to register.