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How to Get a Triple-A Rating on Customer Service, Business Communications

December 06, 2018

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

AI, analytics, and automation can help businesses collect, aggregate, analyze, and act on customer data more quickly and efficiently. That can allow for real-time call transcription, coaching, quality management, recommendations, and sentiment analysis in contact centers and other customer service environments. And it can work to inform marketing and sales campaigns, segmentation efforts, and strategies.

Dialpad will be speaking at The Future of Work Expo early next year. And the company recently launched an AI-based solution called Dialpad Support that does all of the above.

CEO Craig Walker commented: “Not only does it provide agents with the tools necessary to dramatically enhance customer experience, it does so without trapping growing businesses in the volatile rate structures typically offered by other service providers. Dialpad Support also allows growing support teams to incorporate real-time artificial intelligence into their customer experience strategies, drive business growth, and unlock the voice of the customer all while saving an average of 25 to 50 percent on software costs."

Here’s what Calabrio CEO Tom Goodmanson has to say about analytics in the contact center. “We surveyed 1,000 executives and found that while nearly all agree that data and analytics are integral to informing sales and marketing changes, more than half of them currently rely on only one data point—such as revenue figures or social media interactions—to inform decisions. They aren’t getting to voice-of-the-customer data to understand what their customers want.”

Goodmanson expects that to change in the year ahead. “IDC enterprises will spend in excess of $2 trillion in 2019 on digital transformations,” the Calabrio leader says. “Companies who lead successful change initiatives will do so by implementing omnichannel analytics from the contact center to get to the root of what customers want. Improvement of data integration and reporting across the business will give the C-suite easier access to data and the knowledge needed to fully optimize customer experiences.”

And Ben Marsh, CEO of iMeta opined: “Businesses are at last reali[z]ing that enhancing client data management is the key to creating a sustainable and successful business. Compliance, demanding customers, and new competitors with cutting-edge offerings have all exposed the urgent need for firms to drive down their costs, improve profitability, and find innovative ways to attract new clients, whil[e] improving existing customer relationships. Enabling firms to join the dots across the enterprise gives them a better understanding of the entire client lifecycle engagement and provides them with significant competitive differentiators.” 

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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