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November 05, 2018

Webinar - How to Act on NPS Intelligence

Knowing how likely your customers say they are to recommend your brand or product to others can be useful. That’s what Net Promoter Score surveys deliver.

But traditionally doing NPS surveys have been conducted only occasionally. And businesses haven’t always used that NPS information to inform actual action.

That said, there are a few key things businesses should consider doing to make their NPS data and efforts more meaningful. One is gathering NPS data regularly and from all channels to create a continuous customer feedback loop. And the other is to establish strategies and processes through which the people within their organizations get and can act on that NPS intelligence.

 “The best businesses grow on a diet of happy customers,” says Aaron Ward, CEO of AskNicely, which provides real-time customer feedback NPS software. “And that is to say if you can get the experience right for a customer, then they are more likely to come back for more and to tell other people about it. That is the recipe for growth for modern businesses.”

That’s not rocket science, Ward indicates, but it’s worth noting. More important is that organizations need to put their NPS information to work for them and their customers, he continues.

“It’s all about taking action on feedback,” Ward notes. “It’s not about sending surveys out, or collecting feedback, or even analyzing feedback. It’s what you do with it, and that’s what matters.”

Traditionally, he says, business leaders have met annually to discuss NPS intelligence, but often that’s as far as the NPS exercise goes. However, what businesses should be doing is getting NPS feedback into the hands of the people at their organizations that can act on this intelligence, Ward says.

That can enable customer service, for example, to rescue a customer who’s at risk of churning, he says. Or, as Nina Church-Adams of Act-On Software says, it can allow the marketing team to identify a customer who is a promoter and invite that person to become an advocate by writing a product review, for example.

Church-Adams of Act-On Software, an AskNicely user, adds: “I think one of the big ah-ha’s we had is that how many of you as marketers or other functions have collected NPS data and, you know if you’re honest, not really acted upon it.”

But AskNicely provides marketers and other business people with visibility to their data via email alerts and/or the AskNicely mobile app. And it allows organizations to create workflows so customer service, marketing, and other teams can immediately act on NPS data.

Church-Adams, Act-On Software’s senior vice president of marketing, and Leah Chaney, vice president of customer success with AskNicely, will talk more about how organizations can advance their NPS programs, and drive growth in the process, during the webinar “2018 NPS Benchmark Study: Results and Reactions.”

The online event will begin at 11 a.m. pacific/2 p.m. eastern on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Click here to register.