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Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at TMC where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and M2M Evolution magazine. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

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Amdocs Intros NFV Orchestrator, Aligns Policy Solution with ETSI Work - 10/15/2014
Brocade, VMware Join Forces on Network Virtualization, Software-Defined Data Center - 10/14/2014
Aeris Brings the Amazon Model to M2M - 10/14/2014
ADVA Partners with BT, Metaswitch on SDN Demos - 10/14/2014
Telco Systems Unveils 10GE Platform for Virtualized IT Services - 10/14/2014 Rides the Analytics Wave - 10/13/2014
Pica8 Employs Broadcom's Trident II - 10/13/2014
Virtual Hold Adds EMEA Partners - 10/10/2014
Robot Serves Indianapolis Airport Passengers - 10/10/2014
EMC Delivers Virtualized Data Center - 10/09/2014
Big Switch Gets OSF's OpenStack Certification - 10/09/2014
AnswerDash Makes Websites More Helpful - 10/08/2014
Cyan SDN Platform Brings Cisco, Juniper Gear into the Fold - 10/08/2014
AT&T Employee Accesses Personal Data of Vermont Subscribers without Authorization - 10/08/2014
Penguin to Resell Midokura OpenStack Solution - 10/07/2014
AgilOne Expands Retail-Focused Predictive Analytics Solution - 10/07/2014
New Five9 Release Adds TCPA Feature, Expands on CRM Integrations - 10/07/2014
NetNumber Joins Intel Network Builders Program - 10/07/2014
SDN Upstart Pica8 Embraces ONIE, Gets New Funding - 10/06/2014
Allot Communications Demos Virtualized Traffic Detection Function - 10/06/2014
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Why NFV Matters in the New App-Happy Economy - 10/03/2014
Red Hat Ups Its Software-Defined Storage Game - 10/03/2014
Radware Introduces OpenDaylight Helium Version of Defense4All - 10/02/2014
Sonus Takes Diameter, Policy & Routing Solutions Virtual - 10/02/2014
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CUSTOMER Announces Speech Technology Excellence Award Winners - 10/01/2014
The New Help Desk: TeamSupport Enables Businesses to Better Understand Their Customers - 10/01/2014
Lead Management - 10/01/2014
The Role of Automation, the Cloud, and the Human Touch in Translation - 10/01/2014
Bank on It: Neustar Helps Companies Reduce Risk with Verification Solution - 10/01/2014
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End-to-End Solutions, Process Development Will Help Propel NFV Further Forward - 10/01/2014
Birch Continues to Grow: Service Provider Tucks in Cbeyond - 09/30/2014
ABPTech, DrayTek Enable SMBs to Ensure Access to the Cloud - 09/30/2014
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The Future of Cloud Services - 09/30/2014
Videoconferencing Roundup - 09/30/2014
A Taxing Situation: Are Inversions, Windstream Tax Avoidance Efforts the REIT Move? - 09/30/2014
Gaining an Edge: Edgewater Networks Helps Service Providers Introduce New Business Services Today - 09/30/2014
Telco Systems Launches OpenFlow SDN-based OS - 09/30/2014
Big Switch Ships Big Cloud Fabric, Goes Big in Japan - 09/30/2014
New Report Reveals Customer Service Survey Results - 09/30/2014
OpenDaylight Project Releases Helium - Stage Two of Open Source SDN Effort - 09/29/2014
Facebook Gets More Personal with Atlas - 09/29/2014
Welcome to WebRTC - 09/29/2014
Acision: WebRTC is Moving Beyond the Hoo-Ha - 09/29/2014
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NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: AT&T, Other Service Providers Move Forward with SDN - 09/27/2014
Carriers Embrace NFV, SDN for Network Agility, Ammo to Address OTT Threat - 09/26/2014
Ray Ozzie Intros App to Unleash the Power of Voice, Better Collaboration - 09/25/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Blackboard Buys Requestec - 09/25/2014
Country Club Prep Thinks Social Networking is Simply Top Drawer - 09/25/2014
Mobile Marketing - 09/25/2014
Neustar Delivers with Information, Analytics - 09/25/2014
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True Cloud & the Retail Experience - 09/25/2014
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VoLTE Gets Real: But the Number of Devices Supporting It Is Really Limited - 09/24/2014
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NTT Takes NFV/SDN Services Global - 09/24/2014
Bright Ideas for Energy Savings - 09/24/2014
INTERNET TELEPHONY Announces 2014 Channel Awards Winners - 09/24/2014
BSS & OSS Solutions - 09/24/2014
Fog Builds Around M2M - 09/23/2014
More Meetings Call for Better Conferencing & Collaboration Solutions - 09/23/2014
Czech Cloud Company Employs Juniper Contrail - 09/23/2014
Brocade Unveils OpenDaylight-based SDN Controller - 09/22/2014
NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Brocade Buys Vistapointe, NTT Powers Honda Network - 09/20/2014
How the Citizenry's Move to Wireless Could Impact Emergency Services - 09/19/2014
WebRTC-Enabled Video Could Deliver Big Payoff for Contact Centers - 09/19/2014
Ellison Vacates Oracle CEO Post - 09/19/2014
M2M Can Enable New Savings, Revenue Opportunities Related to Field Services - 09/18/2014
WebRTC-Enabled Video Could Deliver Big Payoff for Contact Centers - 09/18/2014
Building Contextual Communications into Applications, IoT, and Workflows to Add Value: Changing the Real Time Communications Game - 09/18/2014
Telefonica is Also Working with Cisco on SDN, Converged IP and Optical Networks - 09/17/2014
Building Brand and Customer Loyalty with Rich, Contextual Communications - 09/17/2014
GENBAND Takes the Wraps off Kandy - 09/16/2014
Week in Review: Nokia, Radisys Help Keep NFV, SDN Momentum Going - 09/13/2014
JDSU Helps Cellcos Avoid the Long, Hard Climb - 09/11/2014
TCS Explains the Value of Trusted Location - 09/11/2014
Truphone Delivers Predictable, Low-Cost International Mobile Connectivity - 09/11/2014
Vitesse Helps Enterprises Ready for 802.11ac - 09/11/2014
TESSCO Unveils iPhone 6 Case, and Powers Wireless Devices and Networks - 09/11/2014
SkyWave Unveils Cellular Gateway, Tells Connectivity Story - 09/11/2014
Acision Helps Enterprises Embrace New Business Realities with the Mobile Gameplan - 09/10/2014
D2 Technologies: Native RCS Can Enable Carriers to Better Compete with OTT Types - 09/10/2014
Lower-Level LTE is Coming to Address the Internet of Things - 09/10/2014
KidoZen: End-to-End Mobility Solutions are What Enterprises Need - 09/10/2014
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Mobile Network Challenges & Solutions - How Mobile Service Providers Can Thrive as Demand Soars - 09/09/2014
SDN Zone Week in Review: Brocade Powers Singapore Network; F5 Expands BIG-IP - 09/06/2014
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Nokia Expands Telco Cloud with VoLTE, Orchestrator, More - 09/04/2014
F5 Enhances BIG-IP Performance, Security - 09/03/2014
Real Status' Hyperglance Addresses Today's Heterogeneous Network Environments - 09/03/2014
GENBAND Aims to Simplify Mobile & Real-Time Communications - 09/03/2014
Yorktel Welcomes Two Telehealth Experts - 09/03/2014
NTT Continues Path of U.S. Expansion - 09/03/2014
Brocade Powers Singapore Research and Education Network Upgrade - 09/02/2014
Week in Review: VMware, Partners Tell their Software-Defined Stories - 08/30/2014
EXFO Address Cloud, Virtualization with Xtract - 08/28/2014
Active Broadband Networks Introduces SDN-based Broadband Gateway - 08/28/2014
Getting Visibility into Software-based, Virtual Networks - 08/27/2014
NV Energy Report Details the Benefits of IoT - 08/27/2014
VoloMetrix Files Patent, Featured in Harvard Business Review - 08/27/2014
Salesforce Expands on Community Cloud - 08/27/2014
VoloMetrix Files Patent, Featured in Hardware Business Review - 08/27/2014
Brocade Extends Effort to Promote Solid State Storage and the Software-Defined Data Center - 08/26/2014
Gigamon, VMware Provide a Holistic Data Center Outlook - 08/26/2014
The Mobile OTT Threat & How Some Carriers Are Responding - 08/26/2014
Notching Another Win, inContact Signs Consumer Protection Service Company - 08/26/2014
SDN Zone Week in Review - 08/23/2014
ORTC Signals Microsoft's Embrace of WebRTC - 08/22/2014
IDC: SDN Positioned for 89.4 Percent CAGR Between Now and 2018 - 08/22/2014
New cPacket Solution Addresses Both the Physical and the Virtual - 08/21/2014
RAD Powers Utilities with NFV - 08/21/2014
Telefonica, Brocade See What's Possible with NFV - 08/20/2014
ZNYX Introduces Cost-Effective OpenFlow Switch - 08/19/2014
Gigaom Talk at ITEXPO Explores the Future of Cloud Services - 08/13/2014
ITEXPO's AARP Keynoter Emphasizes That IT Staff Needs to Get Proactive - 08/13/2014
ITEXPO Leading Change Panel Offers Tips on How IT Teams Can Stay Relevant - 08/13/2014
Trio Presents at StartupCamp9 - 08/13/2014
Vtech Seeks Service Provider Channel Partners for its SIP Phones - 08/13/2014
Shark Tank Contestant Siminoff Tells Doorbot Story at StartupCamp9 - 08/13/2014
ITEXPO Luncheon Keynote Accesses the Open Source Telephony Revolution - 08/13/2014
CIO Roundtable Reveals State, University Leaders Thinking on Network Security - 08/13/2014
ITEXPO Session Considers Customer Satisfaction, Brand Advocates, and the Social Experience - 08/13/2014
Tadiran Telecom Makes Available New Version of Aeonix, Partners with Ingate - 08/12/2014
ITEXPO Panel Considers the Future of the Telephone Number - 08/12/2014
Wind River Gateway Helps Equipment Providers Move to Recurring Revenue Models - 08/12/2014
ThingWorx Discusses New Version Release, What Makes an M2M Platform - 08/12/2014
ABPTech, DrayTek Enable SMBs to Ensure Access to the Cloud - 08/12/2014
At ITEXPO: New M2M Network Operator with Big Backer to Be Unveiled Next Month - 08/12/2014
SmartVoice Panel Spreads the Word on Call Recording - 08/11/2014
Avaya's Matula Describes the Possibilities of Voice - 08/11/2014
Today's ITEXPO to Feature Panels on Cloud Migration, Effective UC - 08/11/2014
SDN Zone Week in Review - 08/09/2014
BI and Social Machines - 08/07/2014
Dell's Boomi M2M Play - 08/07/2014
The Role That Open Source Can Play in M2M Development - 08/07/2014
Vroom Vroom: Telematics Motoring Toward Mass Market Adoption - 08/07/2014
The GetWireless Advantage: VAD Differentiates with Broad Portfolio of Products, Packaged Solutions & Support - 08/07/2014
M2M Platforms: How They Are Evolving, and Accelerating Time-to-Market - 08/07/2014
Fog Rises to Bring More Local Intelligence to M2M - 08/07/2014
The Care & Feeding of M2M: Keeping the Sensors Healthy - 08/07/2014
The Power of One: Vodafone Pulls It All Together to Make M2M Work - 08/07/2014
Make It Work: AT&T Helps Organizations Get More Productive with M2M - 08/07/2014
The Value of M2M - 08/07/2014
Pluribus Launches SDN-Related Channel Program - 08/06/2014
CPLANE, KnowISys Come Together for OpenStack Solutions - 08/06/2014
An Update on the OIF's SDN Activities - 08/05/2014
GENBAND Expands NFV Efforts by Joining Intel Ecosystem - 08/05/2014
WebRTC: The Next Big Thing in Unified Communications - 08/05/2014
Procera Introduces Customer Experience Assurance Solution for Mobile Carriers - 08/04/2014
SDN Zone Week in Review - 08/02/2014
A Taxing Situation: Are Inversions, Windstream Tax Avoidance Efforts the REIT Move? - 08/01/2014
Software Telco Congress Speaker Discusses UC Trends - 08/01/2014
Attack of the Grids - 08/01/2014
Software Telco Congress Speaker Discusses Enterprise Communications - 07/31/2014
Juniper Releases SDN Implementation Plan Survey Results - 07/31/2014
Cavium Buys SDN Specialist Xpliant - 07/31/2014
New Report Ranks Leaders in the Changing Enterprise Communications Space - 07/30/2014
Ubiquiti Unveils Enterprise Video Surveillance Solution - 07/30/2014
UC Cloud Shoppers Should Weigh Multi-Instance Against Multi-Tenant Approaches - 07/30/2014
Ericsson Acquires Billing Company MetraTech - 07/29/2014
CEF's OpenCloud Project Aim to Validate Cloud Interoperability - 07/29/2014
SDN, SESSION GRID Simplify Communications in an Increasingly Complex World - 07/29/2014
SDN Will be Big in Data Centers by 2016 - 07/28/2014





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