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8x8 Assists Baptist World Aid's Fight Against Poverty with Reliable UC Platform

11/28/2023 5:27:03 PM

Baptist World Aid deployed the 8x8 XCaaS integrated cloud contact center and unified communications platform with 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams and the sol…

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NEXCOM's ISA Series Fortifies Industry 4.0 Operations

11/28/2023 5:20:10 PM

The ISA Series provides a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that offers robust support for diverse applications within Industry 4.0.

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Generative AI and Cybersecurity: Nexusflow Raises $10.6M Seed to Boost Cyber Intelligence

11/28/2023 2:49:41 PM

Nexusflow, a company that utilizes GenAI to target gaps in the cybersecurity industry, has raised a $10.6 million seed round to boost its objectives.

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Software-Defined Success: Wind River and Hozon to Develop New Platform

11/28/2023 1:13:06 PM

Hozon New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., Hozon Auto or simply Hozon, for short, has selected Wind River Linux for the development of its Hozon Automotive Int…

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Break Into the SMB Sector through vcita's Latest Suite of Services

11/28/2023 12:50:28 PM

InTandem Complete provides partners, such as banks, telecommunications companies and MSPs, with comprehensive oversight of the SaaS solution developed usin…

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MSP Expo Sponsor Ooma Brings MultiPath to AirDial for Uninterrupted Connectivity

11/28/2023 11:37:18 AM

MultiPath is a unique and patented feature that allows uninterrupted backup for life-safety devices, such as fire alarm panels and elevator phones.

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Direct-to-Device Innovation, Courtesy of Viasat and Skylo Technologies

11/28/2023 10:36:18 AM

Viasat and Skylo Technologies seek to unlock the potential of Direct-to-Device (D2D) services for consumers, businesses and governments around the world.

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Patent-Pending Technology: How SlashNext's QR Phishing Protection Defends Against Cyber Threats

11/28/2023 8:55:53 AM

SlashNext's QR Code Phishing Protection provides comprehensive quishing protection across various channels, including email, mobile, web and messaging plat…

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Open Systems Sets New Benchmark in Security and SaaS Efficiency with Web Gateway as a Service

11/27/2023 4:25:31 PM

The Secure Web Gateway as a Service offering is designed to enhance cybersecurity and optimize web access for organizations.

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ISG Reveals Network Security Tops Enterprise IT Priorities Going Into 2024

11/27/2023 3:07:30 PM

A recent ISG survey dove into enterprise sentiments on network security as we get closer and closer to 2024.

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Philadelphia Flyers and Winnipeg Jets Soar to New Heights in Fan Engagement with Extreme Wi-Fi Advancements

11/27/2023 3:04:38 PM

Extreme Networks looks to take to the ice with two NHL clubs that will deploy Extreme Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E-ready solutions.

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SolarWinds Introduces Advanced Cloud-Based Database Observability Features

11/27/2023 2:08:37 PM

SolarWinds Database Observability, part of the Database Performance Management, now guarantees optimal database performance.

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How to Streamline Your Project Management Process for Maximum Efficiency

11/27/2023 12:50:28 PM

Effective project management is crucial for the success of any organization. Whether you are working on a small-scale project or managing a large, complex …

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How Telehealth is Reshaping HRT Healthcare Delivery

11/27/2023 12:46:59 PM

Telehealth has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is no exception. With the advent of telemedicine, pati…

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Decoding the Construction Tech Disruption: A Hardcore Dive into Equipment Management Software (EMS)

11/27/2023 12:42:43 PM

In the dogged pursuit of peak efficiency in construction, Equipment Management Software (EMS) emerges as the unsung hero. Forget the theoretical jibber-jab…

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Uncover the Potential of AI by Sharing Your Research with the World

11/27/2023 12:26:21 PM

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the workplace, but only if employees understand how to use it. Learn how to get the word out.

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Why Health Organizations Need a Cloud Workload Protection Platform

11/27/2023 12:12:13 PM

The migration of healthcare organizations to cloud computing has been a game-changer in terms of efficiency and scalability. However, this shift also intro…

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The Future of Online Casinos: Tech Innovations and Developments in the Industry

11/27/2023 12:05:13 PM

The online casino industry has been on a steady rise, leveraging technological advancements to enhance user experience and security. In the search for the …

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ServiceNow Provides Productivity Surge with Now Assist Generative AI Enhancements

11/27/2023 11:37:56 AM

ServiceNow launched a major expansion to its Now Assist generative AI portfolio with Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation and Now Assist for Field …

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How to Use Dedicated Proxies to Access Online Entertainment

11/27/2023 11:33:28 AM

With the help of incredible feats of progress in telecommunication, the internet has completely transformed the entertainment sector. The combination of ad…

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What Is SEO Marketing? How it Works?

11/27/2023 11:27:23 AM

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is a subcategory of digital marketing that focuses on enhancing visibility in search engines like Google. Since …

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5G IoT Connectivity to Benefit from New Partnership Between OQ Technology and o2 Telefonica

11/27/2023 11:19:15 AM

OQ Technology and o2 Telefonica have signed their MOU on boosting 5G IoT connectivity together, kicking off mainly in Q2 of 2024.

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Fostering a Lean-Agile Mindset for Product Development Success

11/27/2023 11:17:28 AM

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary product development, organizations are increasingly drawn to the transformative potential of Lean-Agile methodolog…

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Leveraging Cutting-Edge Business Tech for Predictive Success

11/27/2023 11:10:06 AM

The business landscape is increasingly driven by the ability to forecast and navigate through the complexities of market dynamics. In this data-centric era…

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Sending Large Files With Ease

11/27/2023 11:08:22 AM

Sharing large files is as common as sipping morning coffee while checking emails. From high-resolution images to expansive data reports, the ability to sen…

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Debunking Common Myths About Dental Implants

11/27/2023 11:01:39 AM

Dental implants are among the many innovative and popular cosmetic dental procedures that can replace missing teeth or severely damaged teeth. These implan…

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Brianna Pinnix Explains the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Streamlining the Talent Acquisition Process

11/27/2023 10:58:21 AM

Brianna Pinnix, a professional talent acquisition specialist with years of experience in the business industry, explains that companies are constantly seek…

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Azure Cost Management, Azure Cost Optimization, Nearshore Software Development: A Comprehensive Guide

11/27/2023 10:53:38 AM

Have you ever wondered how to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure while keeping your cloud costs under control? Look no further! In this comprehen…

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Club Med Expands Deployment of NICE CXone Following Positive Results

11/22/2023 3:05:33 PM

All-inclusive resort company Club Med recently expanded its deployment of NICE's CXone solution into its global operations, providing advanced remote work …

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Cohesity Deepens Collaboration with Microsoft to Bolster Data Security in Microsoft 365 Environments

11/22/2023 2:59:22 PM

Cohesity, a provider of AI-driven data security solutions, has announced an expanded collaboration with Microsoft.

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$7.7M Injection Propels Zip Security's Mission to Make Security More Accessible

11/22/2023 2:52:01 PM

Zip Security closed a $7.7 million funding round co-led by General Catalyst and Human Capital with participation from BoxGroup.

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Twilio and Nylas Partner on Improved Call Center Access to Communication Tools

11/22/2023 12:31:20 PM

Customer engagement platform provider Twilio and communications platform company Nylas recently announced a partnership to leverage Twilio Flex alongside N…

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Radiant Security Receives $15M to Expand AI-Enhanced Security Offerings

11/22/2023 12:02:55 PM

Radiant Security, a provider of AI-enhanced security operations solutions, announced the closure of a $15 million Series A funding round led by Next47.

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Introducing RingCentral Events: Elevating Virtual, Onsite, and Hybrid Experiences

11/22/2023 10:32:48 AM

RingCentral has announced RingCentral Events (formerly known as Hopin Events), aimed at redefining the landscape of virtual, onsite, and hybrid events.

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INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine Names Unified Communications Excellence Award Winners for 2023

11/22/2023 9:42:48 AM

The 15th Unified Communications Excellence Awards recognize companies who have developed exceptional UC hardware, software and services that are leading th…

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What's Next for the Industrial Edge: Codesys Collabs with Red Hat and Intel

11/22/2023 9:36:30 AM

Red Hat and Intel's collaboration on the industrial edge has now been joined by automation software provider, Codesys.

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AI-Driven Analytics Company BlastPoint Reaps $8M in Seed Funding

11/22/2023 8:40:52 AM

Consumer analytics startup BlastPoint recently announced that it has surpassed $8 million in funding with a recent infusion of cash by fintech investor Cur…

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CrowdStrike's Falcon Go Soars to Transform SMB Cyber Defenses

11/21/2023 4:40:19 PM

The latest Falcon Go release is designed to maximize the value of cybersecurity investments for SMBs, allowing them to better concentrate on business growt…

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RingCentral Announces Availability of AI-First Contact Center Offering

11/21/2023 4:25:42 PM

RingCentral, Inc. recently announced the general availability of RingCX, the company's native, AI-first contact center with new capabilities powered by its…

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42Crunch Teams Up with Microsoft Defender for Cloud to Strengthen API Security

11/21/2023 3:47:13 PM

42Crunch, an API DevSecOps platform, announced that it has integrated its API security audit and vulnerability testing solution with Microsoft Defender for…

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Schneider Electric Integrates Microsoft Azure OpenAI for Sustainable Solutions

11/21/2023 3:13:58 PM

Schneider Electric tapped into its collaboration with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft Azure OpenAI into its operations, utilizing algorithms to generate t…

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TNS Introduces AI Labs: Tech Solutions for Carrier and Enterprise Sectors

11/21/2023 1:49:58 PM

Transaction Network Services (TNS) has introduced AI Labs, an initiative aimed at empowering TNS' carrier and enterprise clientele to harness the extensive…

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8 Underrated Features of Your Mobile Device You Probably Didn't Know About

11/21/2023 1:36:49 PM

It is easy to get lost in all the new phone releases when multiple happen yearly. Consequently, most new functions go unnoticed because people do not pay a…

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Sprinklr and Partner for Cloud-Based Customer Support Across Digital Channels

11/21/2023 1:33:12 PM

Unified customer experience management platform provider Sprinklr recently announced a partnership with contact center as a service (CCaaS) and customer ex…

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Leveraging TikTok Proxies for Enhanced Social Media Management

11/21/2023 1:31:58 PM

In the fast-paced world of social media, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. As platforms like TikTok continue to d…

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Realtime Robotics Introduces Optimization Service for Swift Cycle Time Reduction in Manufacturing

11/21/2023 12:56:03 PM

Optimization-as-a-Service stands out for its ability to assess a customer's existing digital twin, pinpoint bottlenecks, and propose improvements.

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11/21/2023 12:53:35 PM

Natural Language Processing (NLP) platforms have emerged as true game-changers. These platforms, fueled by the advancements in artificial intelligence, are…

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Elevating Performance: The Impact of Staff Development in Organizations

11/21/2023 12:46:19 PM

In the ever-evolving landscape of the corporate world, the success of any organization is intrinsically tied to the development and growth of its workforce…

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8 Ways Technology Can Affect Your Divorce

11/21/2023 12:36:52 PM

Technology has been with us for decades now and society has embraced the various changes. It's becoming increasingly evident that there's a link between th…

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6 Ways Tech Is Making a Positive Impact on the Planet

11/21/2023 12:12:23 PM

No matter where you live, it's becoming harder and harder to ignore the effects of climate change. Natural disasters like wildfires and floods are increasi…

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