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The Intersection of Modern Technologies and Car Auctions: Revolutionizing the Car Selling Experience

2/26/2024 4:57:31 PM

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, various industries have witnessed significant transformations, and the automotive sector is no excepti…

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Joel MacDonald Discusses Bitcoin ETF and What It Means for the Future of Bitcoin

2/26/2024 4:00:20 PM

Joel Macdonald says that the newly approved Bitcoin spot ETF looks set to have far-reaching consequences for the market-leading cryptocurrency. Regulators …

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Workz and its Cloud eSIM Platform Surpass 100 Partner Telcos

2/26/2024 3:49:12 PM

The latest milestone from subscriber solutions provider Workz marks a big milestone and "a significant leap forward in eSIM adoption by operators."

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8 SEO Tactics That Add Your Website Little to No Value

2/26/2024 3:27:15 PM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the language that internet sellers and buyers understand. A buyer meets the seller through SEO. It's what we may call a…

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Evolve IP Expands Reseller Network with UK-based Mercury Maynard

2/26/2024 3:12:52 PM

Unified communications service provider Evolve IP announced it's continuing to grow in the EMEA region and welcomed U.K.-based Mercury Maynard as its lates…

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Jabra Introduces Cloud-Based API-First Software Platform

2/26/2024 3:07:18 PM

Jabra+ for Admins promises users a seamless experience, streamlining the often complex tasks of administration and troubleshooting associated with communic…

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AVer VB350 Achieves Microsoft Teams Certification

2/26/2024 3:01:33 PM

AVer's latest innovation, the VB350, a dual-lens enterprise-grade video bar, earned certification for Microsoft Teams.

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Integris Acquires Network People and Expands Footprint to 11 States

2/26/2024 3:00:52 PM

Integris, an IT MSP, announced it recently acquired Network People, an IT MSP that is based in Tampa, Florida.

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Largest-ever Data cyberattack in France. This is what we know.

2/26/2024 2:57:58 PM

A major cybersecurity breach in France was one of the largest in the country's history. The incident resulted in the identity of one in two French people h…

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Robotaxis? Personal Self-Driving Vehicles? New Data from Ghost Autonomy Examines Consumers' Preferences

2/26/2024 2:56:18 PM

In a recent survey conducted by Ghost Autonomy, consumers' preferences regarding ADAS in their own cars (versus hopping in robotaxis with similar technolog…

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Maximizing Revenue Recovery: Techniques for Handling Medical Billing Denials

2/26/2024 2:52:42 PM

In the complicated panorama of healthcare billing, denials are an inevitable challenge that clinical providers face. Denials occur when coverage companies …

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Web3 in 2024 - What's the Story So Far?

2/26/2024 2:31:41 PM

Is Web3 a thing yet? Click here to learn about the 2024 Web3 story so far.

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XRP, Ethereum, Solana - Are These Coins Most Likely to Be Adopted by Businesses Long-Term?

2/26/2024 2:27:59 PM

What coins are most likely to be adopted by businesses long-term? Click here to find out. Page Body Content

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Cutting-Edge Trends: Transformative Developments in Translation Technology for Education

2/26/2024 2:15:20 PM

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global education, translation technology emerges as a pivotal force, dismantling language barriers and fostering an in…

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Flirting with Chatbots? Americans are Increasingly Comfortable Interacting with AI

2/26/2024 1:47:04 PM

Infobip recently commissioned a survey that shed light on Americans' interactions with chatbots, uncovering some intriguing insights into the evolving rela…

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Twilio Report Finds Increased Awareness on the Value of Prioritizing Data Quality

2/26/2024 1:37:57 PM

A new report from Twilio Segment, the company's fifth annual Customer Data Platform Report (which is based on the findings of anonymized usage data from Tw…

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Telesystem Welcomes Industry Veteran with Proven Track Record as New President

2/26/2024 1:26:42 PM

Telesystem recently welcomed James Maloney as the president of Telesystem. In his new role, Maloney will assume responsibility for Telesystem's growth and …

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Lesson Learned: Industry Simply Cannot Afford to Rely on Public Networks

2/26/2024 11:47:19 AM

Last week's AT&T outage shone an unwelcome spotlight on the precarious nature of public networks to support business-critical operations and, conversely, t…

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Snom Partners Get a Winning Edge with 'Save With Snom' Initiative

2/26/2024 11:07:35 AM

Snom recently launched its "Save With Snom" Deal Registration Program, calling it a "game-changer for MSPs and resellers looking to elevate their market po…

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Unlocking Data Insights: How Azure Synapse Is Your Key to Better Decisions

2/26/2024 10:57:39 AM

Discover how Azure Synapse empowers smarter decision-making by unlocking valuable data insights. Streamline analytics and drive business success with ease.

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Winners of TMCnet's Remote Work Pioneer Award for 2024 Announced

2/26/2024 10:44:09 AM

The award honors companies whose software and other solutions support the massive increase in remote, hybrid and other flexible work environments that have…

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Unified Office Combines Sentiment Analysis with Real-Time Alerts

2/23/2024 4:08:13 PM

Unified Office combined its next-generation Sentiment Analysis tool with the Premium Notifications product to provide real-time emotion detection and immed…

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AI Underwriting: Unveiling the Black Box of Risk Prediction in Car Insurance

2/23/2024 4:06:31 PM

The insurance industry has traditionally relied on actuarial tables and historical data to assess risk and determine premiums and coverage eligibility. How…

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Business Leadership: Traits of Successful CEOs

2/23/2024 4:00:18 PM

In the high-stakes world of business, the role of a CEO is often as demanding and multifaceted as captaining a ship on an Alaska cruise from Vancouver. It …

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The Story of Hackah Jak: Compliology's Chief Hacking Officer Jesse Tuttle Takes the Stage at ITEXPO 2024

2/23/2024 3:50:56 PM

At ITEXPO 2024 (which took place from February 13-15 at the beautiful Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida), we had the opportunity…

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TMC Announces 2024 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award Winners

2/23/2024 3:48:04 PM

The 24th Annual INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award recognizes and honors companies that have developed exceptional VoIP and IP Communications pro…

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Halo Dental Technologies Announces First-of-Its-Kind Digital Dental Mirror: A New Era in Dentistry That Will Transform Patient Care

2/23/2024 3:38:56 PM

In a move that opens wide a new technology category in dentistry, Halo Dental Technologies announces the launch of its industry-evolving digital mirror. Ha…

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Unlocking Efficiency in Logistics: The Power of Groupage Transport

2/23/2024 3:26:55 PM

In today's global marketplace, efficient and cost-effective logistics are more important than ever. As businesses strive to streamline their operations and…

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Technologies and Innovations of EdrawMind

2/23/2024 3:17:26 PM

EdrawMind is a flexible programming instrument intended to improve concentrate on viability using Gantt outlines and mind organizations. With its instincti…

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Dr. Brandon Claflin Shares Insight on Current Pain Management Treatments

2/23/2024 3:08:46 PM

There are always new pain management treatments in the works, which is undoubtedly welcome news to those who suffer from one of the multiple types of pain.…

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Wildix Integrates into HubSpot App Marketplace

2/23/2024 2:19:28 PM

Wildix announced their official listing in the HubSpot App Marketplace, an ecosystem of valuable third-party integrations.

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What's Next in the AI Revolution: A Conversation with IgniteTech and GFI Software CEO Eric Vaughan

2/23/2024 2:08:50 PM

Eric Vaughan delivered an in-depth keynote presentation on the latest technology revolution, catalyzed by artificial intelligence (AI).

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Reimagining Workspaces Today: A Keynote Presentation from Webex by Cisco's Aruna Ravichandran

2/23/2024 1:36:09 PM

Webex by Cisco's SVP Aruna Ravichandran delivered a rousing future-of-work-focused keynote presentation at last week's Future of Work Expo, part of the #TE…

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Snom Approved for Use on Reinvent Wholesale Platform

2/23/2024 12:15:26 PM

Reinvent recently announced that Snom, a manufacturer of IP phones and devices, was officially approved for use on the Reinvent wholesale platform.

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Survey by Iterable and Wakefield Research Finds Strong Adoption in AI Marketing Solutions

2/23/2024 11:08:06 AM

AI customer communications platform Iterable (together with Wakefield Research) recently released the results of new survey designed to reveal the ways AI …

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Nextiva Appoints Jim Nystrom to Chief Revenue Officer Role

2/23/2024 10:34:22 AM

AI-powered customer experience platform solutions provider Nextiva has added to its leadership team with the recent appointment of Jim Nystrom as the compa…

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1Password Locks Down Anywhere Workforce with Kolide Acquisition

2/23/2024 10:15:04 AM

1Password acquired Kolide, known for device health and contextual access management, to strengthen its position in securing the modern, hybrid workforce.

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Winners of TMCnet's Zero Trust Security Excellence Awards for 2023 Announced

2/23/2024 10:14:52 AM

The award recognizes the leaders and pioneers in Zero Trust, offering offering some of the most innovative cyber security solutions.

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Decoding the Tech and AI Factors Driving the Success of Harambe Tokens

2/23/2024 8:47:14 AM

Lately, the cryptocurrency world has been evolving a lot. Meme coins are now top picks for many investors, and Harambe Token is one of the most notable.

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Sysdig Reveals Cloud Security Crossroads Where Companies Prioritize Speed Over Best Practices

2/22/2024 5:11:07 PM

The "2024 Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report," compiled by Sysdig, reveals widespread convenience-driven shortcuts that leave organizations vulnerable.

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IR's RemoteInsight Boosts Visibility into Hybrid Workforce Performance

2/22/2024 5:04:59 PM

IR recently launched RemoteInsight, a solution designed to give organizations better visibility into the performance of their remote workforce.

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IBM is Putting Responsible AI to Work: A Keynote Presentation at ITEXPO 2024

2/22/2024 4:52:31 PM

During a keynote presentation at ITEXPO 2024, Kate Soule, Program Director for Generative AI Research at IBM, discussed how to put AI to the right kind of …

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Driving Business Results with AI: A Keynote Presentation and Panel Discussion, led by Telarus CRO Dan Foster

2/22/2024 4:50:17 PM

At ITEXPO 2024, Telarus CRO Dan Foster gave a keynote presentation on embracing AI. In that same time slot, he led an engaging panel discussion with indust…

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Ideas for the Future: Startups Take the #TECHSUPERSHOW Stage at the Annual IDEA Showcase

2/22/2024 4:48:23 PM

At this year's Future of Work Expo (alongside MSP Expo, IoT Evolution Expo, Generative AI Expo and ITEXPO), six startups took the stage in a Shark Tank-sty…

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Metomic Monitors ChatGPT, Protects Sensitive Information

2/22/2024 12:12:06 PM

Metomic launched Metomic for ChatGPT to give IT and security teams greater visibility into what sensitive data is being uploaded to OpenAI's ChatGPT platfo…

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Hub Control Partners with Uptake Alliance and Greater Opportunities to Ensure All Have Access to Heat and Cooling while Reducing Consumption and Costs

2/22/2024 10:54:39 AM

Hub Controls recently announced they have completed a successful pilot in Binghamton, New York, with Greater Opportunities.

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NetBrain Changes Network Operations with Continuous Network Assessment Technology

2/21/2024 5:38:16 PM

NetBrain Technologies, a provider of no-code network automation and dynamic mapping solutions, recently released Next-Gen 3, its flagship no-code network a…

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'The Future of Evolocity is Here:' AVANT's Keynote Presentation at ITEXPO 2024

2/21/2024 5:17:45 PM

At ITEXPO 2024 (which took place last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida), premier technologies distributor AVANT was a Diamond sponsor of the show and one o…

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IoT Designs that Resolve Customer Challenges: A Chat with Kenta Yasukawa, CTO of Soracom

2/21/2024 3:53:44 PM

Before IoT Evolution Expo 2024 (part of the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW experience) took place last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we sat down with Soracom co…

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Leveraging Technology in Business Development: Top Software Picks

2/21/2024 3:17:44 PM

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, leveraging cutting-edge technology is not a luxury but necessary for sustainable growth and development. Succes…

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