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Laura Stotler has written about communication technologies for 14 years, specializing in managed services and VoIP. She has contributed to TMC in a number of capacities as online content director of TMCnet, editorial director of Communications ASP magazine and managing editor of Internet Telephony magazine.

Latest Articles

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Use of UC Solutions Surges as People Socialize Virtually - 03/26/2020
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Google and T-Systems Partner on Managed Services and Cloud Competence Center - 03/11/2020
Call Center Messaging Technologies Vital During Coronavirus Crisis - 03/05/2020
Call Center Messaging Technologies Vital During Coronavirus Crisis - 03/05/2020
Call Center Managers Embracing AI and Automation - 03/05/2020
How to Choose the Best MSP Partner Possible - 03/05/2020
MSP Cybersecurity Company Sophos Bought Out for $3.9 Billion - 03/05/2020
The Vatican Teams with Microsoft and IBM to Call for AI Ethics - 03/04/2020
Five9 to Acquire Workforce Optimization Company Virtual Observer - 03/02/2020
Sprint Files Massive VoIP Lawsuit While Poised for T-Mobile Merger - 02/28/2020
Patton Releases SmartNode Series of VoIP Gateways - 02/28/2020
Several States Enacting Call Center Relocation Laws and Fines - 02/25/2020
Contact Center AI Startup Cresta Launches with Workforce Management Solution - 02/25/2020
Gordon Flesch to Acquire ITP and Create Large Midwest MSP - 02/24/2020
Florida's Manatee County Adopts NG911 Bundle from RapidDeploy - 02/24/2020
Telinta Adds New Brandable Features to Switching & Billing Apps at ITEXPO - 02/21/2020
MDR Provider for MSPs Huntress Tracks Down $18 Million Funding Round - 02/21/2020
Tips for Fostering an Inclusive, Engaging Call Center Culture - 01/24/2020
The Importance of Social Media for Hiring Talented, Engaged Agents - 01/23/2020
AI Tools Being Used to Create a More Empathetic Call Center - 01/22/2020
AI's Important Role in Customer Service Workflows - 01/17/2020
The Evolving Role of Chatbots in the Customer Service Realm - 01/17/2020
The Value of Long-Term Forecasting & Scheduling in the Call Center - 01/16/2020
UPenn Chooses Vonage to Unite Campus Communications - 01/15/2020
Seattle Work Scheduling Law Offers Model for the Call Center - 01/10/2020
Nashville 911 Issues Highlight Global Call Center Problems - 01/10/2020
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Migrating Communications to the Cloud with Minimal Disruption - 01/03/2020
AI's Critical Role in Public Safety and Emergency Services - 01/03/2020
Achieving Balance in the Call Center Management Juggling Act - 01/03/2020
Twilio Performance May Indicate Cloud Communications Growth in 2020 - 01/03/2020
Synoptek Becomes Latest MSP Victim of Ransomware Attack - 01/02/2020
Dutch Government Proposes Act to Prevent Hostile Takeover of Telecom and Internet Companies - 01/02/2020
Superior Customer Service Needs to Be the Norm, Not the Exception - 01/02/2020
AI Versus Human Thought: Which Will Prevail? - 12/27/2019
How AI is Improving CX and Customer Engagement - 12/27/2019
Fuze and Snap Recordings Partner on Personalized Customer Experiences - 12/27/2019
AMD Announces Transformative Partnership with Blockchain Gaming Alliance - 12/27/2019
Alibaba Wins Blockchain Patents and Solidifies Fintech Partnerships - 12/27/2019
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Cisco Shapes the Future Network with Silicon One Chip and Router Line - 12/20/2019
AI's Steady Takeover of the Hiring Process - 12/18/2019
Elizabeth Warren's Fair Workweek Plan Would Address Erratic Scheduling - 12/11/2019
CyrusOne MSP Customers Victims of Ransomware Attack - 12/11/2019
MSPs Need to Get Ahead of Ransomware Attacks - 12/06/2019
Google's Contact Center AI Could Transform Customer Service - 12/06/2019
HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality Project Aims to Improve Call Center Scheduling & Performance - 12/06/2019
Orange Selects Ericsson for Managed Services, AI & Automation - 12/05/2019
Comcast Launches ASL Now Customer Service Offering for Deaf Subscribers - 12/05/2019
Sprint's New Omni VoIP Service Aimed at SMBs - 11/27/2019
Salesforce Broadens AI-Based Einstein Voice Assistant - 11/27/2019
Workforce Logiq Acquires ENGAGE Talent and Adds AI and Analytics - 11/26/2019
Verint Upgrades WFM Solution with AI and Automation - 11/26/2019
Mining Data to Improve Call Center Scheduling - 11/25/2019
The Millennial Generation Needs a Comprehensive Mobile Workforce Strategy - 11/25/2019
Washington 911 Call Center Undergoing Upgrade - 11/22/2019
Google Enhances CallJoy Virtual Customer Service Agent - 11/22/2019
Microsoft's Endpoint Manager Solution Streamlines Device Management - 11/21/2019
The Surprising Growth of AI in Retail Businesses - 11/20/2019
Using the Right Technology Tools for Call Center Management - 11/18/2019
Conversational AI Transforms the Call Center at Constant Contact - 11/15/2019
AI's Inevitable Impact on the Customer Experience - 11/13/2019
The Complex Ethical and Social Responsibilities Surrounding AI - 11/13/2019
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The Exciting and Controversial Use of AI in the Hiring Process - 11/07/2019
How AI and Bots are Improving the Travel Industry - 11/06/2019
New Modzy Platform Designed to Scale AI Deployments Across the Enterprise - 11/05/2019
AI and Automation Natural Fit for CRM - 10/25/2019
Unpredictable Schedules Are a Major Problem for U.S. Workers - 10/25/2019
Courtside Solution Uses AI to Automate Court Transcription - 10/24/2019
AIOps Is Tearing Down Traditional Technology Siloes - 10/18/2019
NTI's Disabled, Remote Agents Help Curb Call Center Attrition - 10/18/2019
Chatbots Can Close the Sale - But Only with Unknowing Customers - 10/18/2019
St. Louis Blues Using Chatbot to Drive Revenue and Improve Fan Engagement - 10/17/2019
Homeland Security Warns of Chinese Cyber Attacks on MSPs - 10/16/2019
The Importance of AIOps for Mission-Critical Workloads - 10/04/2019
Human and AI Collaboration in the Future Workplace - 10/04/2019
Women Assuming Major Role in AI Development - 10/04/2019
The Importance of AI and Voice Analytics in the Call Center - 09/26/2019
Military and Healthcare Industries Driving AI Investments and R&D - 09/26/2019
Using AI to Improve Call Center Scheduling and Management - 09/26/2019
AIOps Market Growing Slowly and Steadily - 09/25/2019
Google Looks to India for AI Development and Research - 09/24/2019
Airlines Using AI to Forecast Demand and Improve Efficiencies - 09/06/2019
Preparation Key for Call Centers During Hurricane Dorian - 09/06/2019
Preparation Key for Call Centers During Hurricane Dorian - 09/06/2019
New North Carolina 911 Call Center Will Meet Next-Gen Demands - 09/05/2019
SIP Trunking On the Rise, Even for UCaaS - 08/30/2019
Using AI to Treat the Global Problem of Job Burnout - 08/30/2019
Important Factors for Call Center Recruiting - 08/30/2019
Splunk to Buy SignalFX in $1.05 Billion AIOps Deal - 08/29/2019
Affiliate Ban Would Effectively Kill Off US Market for Huawei - 08/20/2019
The Benefits of Speech Analytics for Customer Service - 08/19/2019
Massive DoD JEDI Cloud Project Under Review but Moving Forward - 08/16/2019
Verint Honored for Workforce Optimization Solution of the Year - 08/15/2019
California's Outdated 911 Call Centers Slated for an Update - 08/15/2019
CI's Virtual Concierge Simplifies AI for Customer Interactions - 08/14/2019
Automated Coaching is the Next Phase of Workforce Management - 08/02/2019
Blockchain Offers an Exciting Alternative to the Traditional Database Architecture - 08/02/2019
Taking Advantage of a HIPAA-Compliant Business VoIP Solution - 08/02/2019
Creating a Harmonious Environment for Workers in the Age of AI - 08/02/2019
Google Steps Up Contact Center AI Game - 07/31/2019
Microsoft's Exciting and Frightening $1 Billion Investment in OpenAI - 07/30/2019
AI Technology Will Improve the Workplace for Customer Service Agents - 07/26/2019
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911 Call Center Managers Need to Be Prepared for the Unexpected - 07/25/2019
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Guidelines for Managing Virtual Call Center Workers - 06/06/2019
Getting from Order to Auto-Renewal with Zero Effort - 06/05/2019
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New Text Messaging App Designed to Help People Show Up in Court - 05/30/2019
The Lowdown on Low-Code for AI Development - 05/24/2019
AI Set to Transform the Financial Services Workplace - 05/24/2019
Ribbon Partnership with Westcon-Comstor Expands Reach of Network Edge Orchestration Solution - 05/23/2019
RingCentral Dialpad Beef Shut Down in Court - 05/23/2019
Time Constraints Create Tension at Veterans' Call Center - 05/23/2019
Extreme Networks D livers Customer-driven Networking Solutions with Sentinel - 05/20/2019
The Next-Gen Call Center Will Be Driven By Humans Using AI - 05/16/2019
Reversing the Call Center Turnover Trend - 05/14/2019
Call Center Agents In No Danger of Being Replaced by AI Anytime Soon - 05/10/2019
Essential Call Center Scheduling Practices to Keep Agents and Customers Happy - 05/08/2019
Human Contractors Are Mining Social Media Posts to Train AI Systems - 05/08/2019
Extreme Networks Embraces Software Side with Sentinel Solutions - 04/29/2019
A Hybrid Cloud Approach Practical for Contact Centers - 04/29/2019
AI Transforming the Global Role of Knowledge Workers - 04/26/2019
Momentum Telecom on a Roll with DCT Acquisition - 04/24/2019
Unify Square Broadens Reach with Cross-Platform UC Support - 04/24/2019
The Keys to Achieving Maximum Call Center Efficiencies - 04/22/2019
The Tricky Job of Calculating Call Center Staffing Needs - 04/22/2019
A Dynamic and Flexible Approach to Workforce Management in the Contact Center - 04/22/2019
The Role of SIP in the Unified Communications Landscape - 04/17/2019
Marrying Technology and Workforce Management in the Call Center - 04/10/2019
CallTower Launches CT Cloud Unite for Business App Integration - 04/10/2019
Bringing Cloud-Based Communications Services to SMBs - 04/10/2019
Measuring Inbound Call Center Success - 04/05/2019
Nextiva Business Communications Platform Awarded by Frost & Sullivan - 04/05/2019
Using Call Recording Systems to Achieve GDPR Compliance - 04/05/2019
Arcules Rolls Out Video Access Control-as-a-Service Solution - 04/04/2019
Mitel Powerhouse VAR Protel Communications Acquires Xtelesis - 04/04/2019
Twilio for Salesforce App Enables Out-of-the-Box SMS - 04/03/2019
Massive Win for Huawei as EU Allows Equipment in Member State 5G Networks - 04/02/2019
Patton VoIP Products Validated with Skype for Business - 04/02/2019
Video Conferencing Monitoring Solutions Essential for Success - 03/29/2019
Communication Key to a Successful Performance Management Program - 03/29/2019
CI Invests in Speech Rec Technology to Aid Speech Impaired - 03/28/2019
Avaya Gearing Up to Go Private Once Again? - 03/26/2019
A More Efficient Way of Handling the Customer Queue - 03/14/2019
Call Accounting Solutions Can Help with the EU's GDPR Requirements - 03/14/2019
Germany's 5G Buildout Fuels Anticipation and Controversy - 03/13/2019
Pushing 100G Over the Network Edge - 03/13/2019
The Most Important Call Center Productivity Metrics - 03/12/2019
Workforce Management Tools Key to Call Center Scheduling - 03/07/2019
Softphones Offer Advantages to Businesses of all Sizes - 03/07/2019
Management Practices Can Make or Break the Customer Experience - 03/06/2019
The Many Benefits of Choosing VoIP over a Traditional Phone System - 03/06/2019
Trinidad Prison Videoconferencing Project to be Completed - 03/05/2019
AI Best Used as Tool to Help Call Center Agents and Managers - 03/04/2019
Vulnerabilities Found in Lifesize Conferencing Solutions Raise Security Concerns - 03/01/2019
Predictive Worker Scheduling Leads to Health and Other Benefits - 02/28/2019
Digital Transformation Requires Federation and Automation of All Components - 02/27/2019
IPO Just Around the Corner for Collaboration Giant Zoom - 02/27/2019
Changing the Corporate Culture of Data Mining to Offset Privacy Concerns - 02/27/2019
Politics, Cybersecurity and Trade Complicate Development and Rollout of 5G - 02/25/2019
Qualcomm Helps Accelerate 5G Revolution with New X55 5G Modem - 02/25/2019
Immigration Lawsuit Highlights Need for Better Conferencing Technology Management - 02/22/2019
Key Service Provider Considerations for Choosing a Coherent Solution Vendor - 02/22/2019
The Incredible Pluggable Packs a Big Punch in a Small Package - 02/21/2019
SIP Performance is Critical Link Between Embedded Communications and the IP PBX - 02/21/2019
The Next-Gen Photonic Layer Will be Colorless, Directionless, Contentionless and Flexible - 02/21/2019
Nepalese ISP Deploys Ciena Solutions to Manage Network Growth and Fluctuations - 02/19/2019
The Importance of Adaptive Networking in the Evolution of 5G - 02/04/2019
Cable Operators Going Deep with Fiber Buildouts and Optical Networking Strategies - 02/04/2019
SD-WAN Meets the Demands of a Growing IoT - 06/06/2017
Pricing and Packaging Strategies for the SaaS Era - 06/05/2017
Suicide Prevention Hotline Fails US Veterans - 06/05/2017

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