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Laura Stotler has written about communication technologies for 14 years, specializing in managed services and VoIP. She has contributed to TMC in a number of capacities as online content director of TMCnet, editorial director of Communications ASP magazine and managing editor of Internet Telephony magazine.

Latest Articles

VoIP Presents Unique Monitoring and Security Challenges - 08/25/2016
The Path to NFV Assured in Increasingly Competitive World of Networking - 08/25/2016
Failure to Ensure Proper Encryption Could Lead to Major Consequences - 08/25/2016
Facebook and TV Broadcasters Struggle to Find Middle Ground for Video Streaming - 08/25/2016
Voice and Messaging Just Data in Fourth Wave of Mobile Communications - 08/25/2016
Schools Need Proper Power Protection to Combat Outages and Disasters - 08/25/2016
Cloud Hosted Solutions Bypass Common Issues of Vanishing Email - 08/24/2016
Virtualization and Government Initiatives Driving APAC Cloud Collaboration - 08/24/2016
Brexit Vote Sends Powerful Message to Marketers About Consumer Behavior - 08/24/2016
Digital Detox Becoming a Necessity Due to Excessive Number of Devices and Apps - 08/24/2016
Telstra Plans Massive Overhaul Focused on Digitization and Customer Engagement - 08/22/2016
Call Tracking Solutions Offer Valuable Business Insights and Metrics - 08/22/2016
Open vSwitch Joins Linux Foundation and Takes Prominent Role in Network Transformation - 08/19/2016
UC Solutions Shaped By Changes in Workplace Collaboration - 08/19/2016
VoIP for Business Evolving as Technology and Networks Mature - 08/18/2016
Unified Communications Evolving As Networks and Services Transform - 08/17/2016
Alternative Reality Technologies Require Faster and More Intelligent Networking - 08/17/2016
WebRTC and OTT Innovator GENBAND Looks Ahead - 08/17/2016
Comprehensive IT Asset Inventory Essential to Avoid Major Financial Risks - 08/16/2016
Open Standard Networking Important Feature for Conferencing Solutions - 08/16/2016
RTC Set to Serve as Integral Part of IoT Landscape - 08/15/2016
Applying the Software-Defined Approach to Carrier Ethernet - 08/11/2016
Comcast Proves Ad Hoc Networking Prowess at DNC - 08/11/2016
Microservices Management a Necessity for Hyperscale Data Centers - 08/11/2016
Customer Service: the Ultimate Differentiator in Competitive Hotel Industry - 08/11/2016
Massive Airline Outages May Be Avoided with Proper Power - 08/11/2016
Successful Software Licensing Must Address Economic and Technology Shifts - 08/10/2016
Hotels Adopting Unified Communications to Improve Customer Engagement - 08/10/2016
Fiber Optics Proving a Valuable Investment for the Data Center - 08/09/2016
SD-WAN Offers Cost Savings and Efficiency for Remote and Branch Offices - 08/09/2016
Contact Centers a Natural Fit for the Gig Economy - 08/09/2016
Ottawa's Kanata North Boasts a Growing Number of Disruptive Technology Innovators - 08/05/2016
Cloud IT Services Can Mitigate Vendor Transition Costs - 08/05/2016
Cloud Can Help Cut IT Costs While Improving Value of IT Workers - 08/05/2016
Wireshark Offers Deep Monitoring for Maintaining VoIP Quality and Performance - 08/05/2016
A Targeted Approach Can Glean Maximum Value from Big Data - 08/05/2016
Videoconferencing Builds Camaraderie and Team Spirit - 08/04/2016
Open Source CORD Project Brings Telecom to the Cloud Using SDN and NFV - 08/04/2016
A Scalable and Flexible Sales Strategy is Critical for Long-Term Success - 08/04/2016
Call Recording Can Help Deliver a Positive and Lucrative Customer Experience - 08/03/2016
Technology and Customer Demand Driving Shift in Software Pricing and Licensing - 08/02/2016
Call Accounting and Reporting Critical for UC Solutions - 08/02/2016
Traffic Pumping Detrimental to Carriers and Consumers Alike - 08/01/2016
Verizon Embraces SDN and NFV with New Virtual Network Services - 07/29/2016
Software Vulnerability Management Needs to Take Place Over Entire Lifecycle - 07/29/2016
Software Can Help Representatives Maintain a Structured Sales Process - 07/29/2016
Hoshin Planning Ensures a Consistent Customer Experience Across the Board - 07/29/2016
Virtual and Hosted PBX Services Transform Telephony Into Just Another App - 07/29/2016
Traditional Branding Strategies Can Pay Off on Social Media - 07/28/2016
Queue Optimizers Empower Customers While Clearing Up Contact Center Gridlock - 07/27/2016
VoIP Delivers Efficiencies and Functionality for SMBs - 07/27/2016
Four Audio Conferencing Variables Technology Can't Address - 07/27/2016
Videoconferencing Connects Hearing Loss Patients with Medical Interpreters in Real-Time - 07/15/2016
The Future of Enterprise Apps is Mobility - 07/14/2016
Choosing the Right People Ensures Business Team Success - 07/14/2016
SD-WAN Proving to Be a Disruptive and Transformative Enterprise Networking Choice - 07/14/2016
Samsung and SAP to Deliver Enterprise Cloud Systems to Asia-Pacific Customers - 07/13/2016
How to Choose the Right VoIP Solution for Your Business - 07/13/2016
VoIP Businesses Need to Take Measures to Avoid Quality Issues - 07/13/2016
Cloud Storage Enables Efficiencies for BYOD and Mobility - 07/13/2016
Avoid the Call Recording Paradox by Using Data from Recorded Calls - 07/13/2016
Product Analytics Take the Guesswork Out of Planning and Development - 07/12/2016
BYOD: Letting Workers Run Wild with Personal Devices Is Not an Option - 07/12/2016
Why Selling Software is a Losing Proposition in the Age of IoT - 07/08/2016
SD-WAN Solves IT Department Headaches Across the Board - 07/08/2016
Navigating the Vast Array of Business Conferencing Microphones - 07/08/2016 Executives Set to Speak at All About the API Event - 07/07/2016
Call Recording Solutions Need to Support a High-Level Customer Experience - 07/07/2016
Service King Auto Repair Centers Smooth Out Networking Bumps with SD-WAN - 07/06/2016
GENBAND Having a Sweet Year So Far - 07/06/2016
Proper Etiquette Can Help Video Conferences Remain Productive and Efficient - 07/06/2016
Successful Business Development Requires Innovation, Strategy and Efficiency - 07/06/2016
The Rise of the Visual Workspace and Immersive Telepresence - 07/05/2016
Telarus Updates GeoQuote Price Tool to Help Agent Choose UCaaS Solutions - 07/05/2016
Intelligent Content Delivery Creates an Internet Fast Lane for All - 07/01/2016
SD-WAN Poised to Transform Enterprise Networking - 07/01/2016
SME Uptake and Hybrid Cloud Solutions Propelling VoIP Market Growth - 06/30/2016
New Survey Reveals 39 Percent of Global Software is Unlicensed - 06/30/2016
IBM Makes Strategic Enterprise Cloud Announcements - 06/29/2016
VoIP Security Vulnerabilities Require Unique and Proactive Strategy - 06/29/2016
Artificial Intelligence to Transform the Customer Service Experience - 06/29/2016
New eBook Discusses Importance of Scalable Execution in Formulating Business Strategies - 06/28/2016
The Challenges of Managing and Maintaining Submarine Networks - 06/27/2016
Audio Quality is Not Negotiable in UC and Conferencing - 06/27/2016
Two Major Ethernet Groups Connecting Protocols to Promote Open Industrial Automation - 06/27/2016
Net Neutrality Has Potential to Foster Innovation and Investment - 06/24/2016
WebRTC an Important Part of Augmented Reality Development - 06/24/2016
Leveraging Partnerships Beyond the Great Firewall - 06/24/2016
Multi-Branch Fitness Club Adopts SD-WAN for Networking and Disaster Recovery - 06/24/2016
Carrier Ethernet Offers Advantages for Carriers and Enterprises Alike - 06/23/2016
The Rise of Blockchain in the Age of Digital Automation - 06/23/2016
Quality Over Quantity: Key to Mobile Application Success - 06/22/2016
Call Recording Evolves Beyond Humans to Include Analytics and Intelligence - 06/22/2016
Execution Planning Can Help Businesses Succeed in Competitive Markets - 06/21/2016
IoT Vendors Can Also Benefit from Software Licensing - 06/17/2016
Combatting the Draining Impacts of Audio Fatigue - 06/16/2016
Businesses Need to Use VoIP Monitoring to Ensure Call Quality Remains Consistent - 06/16/2016
The Cloud Gaining Traction for Financial and Accounting Applications - 06/16/2016
Extortion Hacking Impacting Businesses in a Broad Range of Markets - 06/16/2016
Businesses Can No Longer Afford Poor Application Performance - 06/16/2016
Migration to Packet-Based Solutions a No Brainer for Utilities - 06/15/2016
Cyber Security Training a Necessity for RI Military Members and Associates - 06/15/2016
Open Source Networking Becoming a Competitive Technology Requirement - 06/15/2016
Proper Management and Monitoring Critical for Hybrid UC&C Deployments - 06/15/2016
End User Needs Are An Important Consideration When Adopting UC Solutions - 06/14/2016
Important Cyber Security Measures for Businesses Using VoIP - 06/10/2016
The Compelling Benefits of Using VoIP in a Business Environment - 06/10/2016
New Talari Unite Program Designed to Promote SD-WAN Innovation and Awareness - 06/10/2016
Rising Costs of Data Breaches and Regulatory Mandates Drive Uptake in Cyber Insurance - 06/09/2016
Jailbreaking Poses a Significant Security Threat in the Enterprise - 06/09/2016
Teridion Drives Into the Heart of the Network to Relieve Traffic Congestion - 06/08/2016
Defending Against Human Error: An Important Part of Any Cyber Security Strategy - 06/08/2016
VanillaSoft to Sponsor and Exhibit at Key Sales and Call Center Events - 06/07/2016
Federal Guidelines Recommend Software Asset Management to Curb Waste - 06/07/2016
High Levels of Network Security Tied to Positive Business Outcomes - 05/23/2016
MEF Publishes A2P Messaging Fraud Framework to Raise Awareness - 05/23/2016
ISI Offers UCCX Reporting and Real-Time Statistics for UC Reporting and Analysis Solution - 05/20/2016
BGP Hijacking May Be Addressed through Intelligence and Application Awareness - 05/20/2016
The Data Center Path to NFV Will Be Incremental - 05/20/2016
ServiceNow and Partners Fueling Enterprise Cloud Growth - 05/19/2016
Nokia Using Drones and Smartphones to Test Mobile Network Optimization - 05/19/2016
Navigating the Move to Subscription Licensing and Recurring Revenue Models - 05/19/2016
New Advocacy Group Proposes Technologies to Enable SDN in the Enterprise - 05/19/2016
Proper Training, Defense Solutions Protect Against Ransomware - 05/19/2016
Using the Cloud to Boost Security? A Smart Move - 05/16/2016
Data Center Democratization Levels the Playing Field for Enterprises - 05/13/2016
US Government Privacy Practices Questioned By Dutch Data Center Association - 05/13/2016
Cloud-Based UC Solutions Offer a Host of Benefits with Proper Planning - 05/13/2016
The IoT Creates a Need to Combat Growing Cyber Threats - 05/13/2016
Choice is Driving Innovation in Today's Open Network Landscape - 05/13/2016
Organizations Need to Address Risks and Benefits of BYOD - 05/12/2016
The Disruptive Demands of Digitalization in Today's Service Economy - 05/12/2016
The Rules of Telemarketing to Cellphones - 05/12/2016
Ford Makes Major Mobility Play With Investment in Pivotal Cloud Platform - 05/11/2016
Startups Should Carefully Evaluate Needs Before Purchasing Technology Tools - 05/06/2016
CPaaS at Core of Digital Services Development and Innovation - 05/06/2016
Communications Solutions Aim to Help Developers Add Encryption to Messaging Apps - 05/05/2016
Call Accounting Can Help Combat BYOD Security Risks - 05/05/2016
OpenFlow Advancements Support SDN in the Data Center and Beyond - 05/05/2016
Network Intelligence Keeps BGP Alive in Today's Internet - 05/05/2016
SAM and License Optimization Help IT Departments Achieve Frugality - 05/05/2016
Interoperability Key to Business Communication, Conferencing Environments - 05/05/2016
Call Recording an Important Component of Any Mobile CRM Solution - 05/04/2016
MSPs Poised to Monetize NFV Services for the Enterprise - 05/04/2016
Credibility and Knowledge Translate to Value in the World of Social Media Influence - 04/29/2016
ICPs Shaping the Future of Submarine Cable Networks - 04/29/2016
IT Departments Should Take Strategic Approach to Software Asset Management Governance - 04/29/2016
SD-WAN Solutions Becoming Viable Threat to MPLS - 04/29/2016
Study Predicts Widespread Adoption of Corporate SDDC This Year - 04/29/2016
Vodafone Offers End-to-End Hybrid WAN Services Using Ciena Optical Platforms - 04/29/2016
Finding: Most Enterprises Prefer Managed, Single-Tenant Cloud Solutions for Email - 04/29/2016
Cloud Communications Can Help Businesses Boost Profits While Going Green - 04/28/2016
Cloud Licensing Servers Important Weapon for Combatting Software Piracy - 04/28/2016
A CNAME Change Key to Better and More Efficient Content Delivery - 04/27/2016
Samsam Ransomware Campaign Exploits Backdoor in JBoss Servers - 04/25/2016
Snapchat Leads UAE Mobile Operators to Block VoIP and Video Calling - 04/25/2016
SDN Can Sell Itself to Corporate Decision-Makers with Proper Planning and Analysis - 04/22/2016
ACDs Make a Perfect Complement to Call Recording in the Contact Center - 04/22/2016
SD-WAN Efficiently Combats Demanding Applications and Services - 04/22/2016
Video Banking Integrated with Call Recording Can Improve Customer Engagement and Increase Revenues - 04/21/2016
Business VoIP Systems Carry Specific Risks that Targeted Solutions Address - 04/21/2016
Governance a Critical But Often Overlooked Component in IT Operations - 04/20/2016
SDN Firing Up Next Generation of Cloud Content Delivery Networks - 04/15/2016
Ransomware Hits, Business Continuity Solution Saves the Day - 04/08/2016
New Ciena Carrier Ethernet Essentials Book Examines Technology's Evolution and Role - 04/07/2016
Vertical Communications Using SURF-HMP Platform to Support NFV for its Virtual IP-PBX - 04/05/2016
CSP Project Hosts Offers Standards-Compliant Azure Secure Cloud Services - 04/05/2016
Applying SDN Principles to Content Delivery Networks Yields Major Advantages - 04/05/2016
Hybrid Cloud Market Growing to Meet Business Demands - 04/04/2016
New Ransomware Trend Curbed by Backup, Recovery Processes - 04/01/2016
Machine Learning as a Service Becoming a Cloud Staple - 03/31/2016
Cloud Wars Fuel Innovation and Choice for Businesses - 03/30/2016
Gartner: Cloud Ads a Big Chunk of Total Cloud Revenues - 03/30/2016
Ingram Micro Expands Into UCC Solutions and Services with NETXUSA Buyout - 03/28/2016
NTT Data to Buy Dell Services in $3 Billion IT Services Deal - 03/28/2016
The Cloud Can Positively Impact Front and Back-End Business Operations - 03/24/2016
Cloud-Based UC Solutions Provide Massive Business Efficiencies - 03/24/2016
Huawei Brings SDN to the Application and Control Layers of the Network - 03/23/2016
NaviSite Debuts Unified Dashboard For Service Management and Analytics - 03/23/2016
Broadvoice and Metaswitch Partner on NFV for Delivering Cloud UC Services - 03/23/2016
Office 365 Raises the Bar, Easing Service Provider Management - 03/21/2016
Unitas Enterprise Cloud Service Uses OpenStack Liberty to Facilitate Hybrid Cloud Migrations - 03/18/2016
Enterprises and Key Verticals Fueling Small Cell Deployments - 03/16/2016
Unigma's Unified Cloud Monitoring Platform Helps MSPs Manage Infrastructure and Services - 03/15/2016
MetTel WAN Customers Benefit from VeloCloud Virtualization Partnership - 03/14/2016
Cosentry Manages Cloud Platform and Infrastructure for Export Documentation Company - 03/14/2016
Telstra and Cisco Team on SDN Solutions and Platform in Australia - 03/11/2016
Mosaic451 Helps Schools Take Advantage of Deep Federal E-rate Technology Discounts - 03/10/2016
Dell Makes Major Cloud Infrastructure and Hyperscale Data Center Move - 03/09/2016
Dell Makes Major Cloud Infrastructure and Hyperscale Data Center Move - 03/09/2016
Enterprises Need to Step Up Endpoint Security to Combat Growing Threats from Cloud and IoT - 03/09/2016
Adobe's Development Play Signals Industry Move to Simple App Creation - 03/07/2016
StorageCraft and Tech Data Partner on Backup and Disaster Recovery - 03/04/2016
Carousel Industries to Resell Cisco Solutions as Managed Service Offerings - 03/04/2016
True UC Requires Comprehensive Call Accounting and Recording - 03/04/2016
Microsoft's Cloud App Security Addresses Shadow IT for Office 365 - 03/03/2016
Data Centers Gain Benefits from VM-Centric Storage - 03/03/2016
CSA Identifies 12 Major Threats to Cloud Computing Security - 03/03/2016
Microsoft Rolls Out Security App and Enhancements for Office 365 - 03/02/2016
Open and Sustainable Telecom Infra Project Reflects Telecom Networking Evolution - 03/02/2016

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