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VoIP Provider Telnyx Undergoes Month of DDoS Attacks

November 19, 2021

By Laura Stotler, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Telnyx, a global provider of carrier-grade VoIP and communications services, has been undergoing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks for the better part of this month, resulting in worldwide outages. The attacks have caused all of the provider's telephony services to repeatedly fail or be delayed.

The first attack began on November 9, when Telnyx reported to customers it was experiencing a DDoS attack that might impact services including failed calls, API and portal latency/time outs and/or delayed or failed messages. Telnyx also added it was migrating its infrastructure to Cloudflare's Magic Transit service, which offers service providers protection against DDoS attacks.

By November 11, Telnyx reported all services were operational and secure behind Cloudflare's protection systems. Cloudflare acts as the "front door" to IP networks, accepting packets meant for a customer's network, processing them and outputting them to the origin infrastructure.

The attacks have been ongoing since then, however, with Telnyx tweeting this week the company was continuing to mitigate DDoS attacks and fortify it's protection. "Our support team is currently working through a large volume of customer queries," the company posted on Twitter. "Support times may be longer during this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

The Telnyx attacks follow similar DDoS attacks on VoIP service provider and enterprise communication cloud platform provider Bandwidth in September. The attack on lasted a week, with the company receiving a ransom demand by attackers impersonating ransomware group REvil. The threat actors initially demanded one bitcoin for ransom, later increasing to 100 bitcoins, worth around $4.5 million at that time.

Both of those companies ultimately migrated their infrastructure behind Cloudflare to combat the DDoS attacks.

Edited by Luke Bellos



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