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Israel-based CommBox Opens U.S. Office, Announces Integration with Amazon Connect - 02/24/2023
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Upscale Grocery Chain, The Fresh Market, Implements VoCoVo Telephony Headsets for Employees - 01/20/2023
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Study Finds Many Companies Are Missing a Good Outbound Strategy - 01/18/2023
Sales Enablement Company Gondola Partners with Zoom for More Productive Sales Meetings - 01/12/2023
MegaCorp Logistics Improves Internal and External Communications with RingCentral Partnership - 01/12/2023
Debt Collection Company LAVG Adopts Noetica Outbound Dialing Solution - 01/11/2023
Caribbean Airlines Partners with British Startup for Voice Calling for Customers Through Its App - 01/11/2023
NICE's NEVA Discover Now Automates the Process of Finding Functions to Automate - 01/10/2023
Iridium and Qualcomm Partner for Satellite Messaging for Smartphones - 01/10/2023
FBI Working with India's CBI and Interpol to Stem Indian Call Center Scams - 01/09/2023
Applied Tech and Platte River Networks Merge to Form MSP Superpower - 01/06/2023
Cisco Chooses Emtrain as Its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative Partner - 01/06/2023
Visual Self-Service Company Zappix Announces Two New Customers - 01/06/2023
HoduSoft Debuts Omnichannel Contact Center Solution for the Insurance Industry - 01/06/2023
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KFC Franchisee Will Test SMS and Mobile Wallet to Improve Customer Engagement - 01/03/2023
University of Phoenix Students Give High Marks to Intelligent Chatbot - 12/30/2022
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Sports Chat Platform GameOn Announces $35 Million in Funding to Expand - 12/27/2022
Employees Still Hold the Power in the Workplace - 12/21/2022
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IoT Platform Company Soracom Announces Five Million Connected IoT Devices - 11/21/2022
Gaming Company Razer Using AI to Drive Social Commerce and Support - 11/21/2022
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Talkdesk Adds New Low- and No-Code Customization Tools for Contact Centers - 11/18/2022
Call Centers Can Reduce Holiday Retail Stress with Automation - 11/16/2022
Verint and Zoom Expand Partnership to Close Engagement Gap - 11/16/2022
Video-Based Safety and AI Technology Can Reduce Truck Accidents - 11/15/2022
E-Mobility Company Jetson Looks to Improve Customer Engagement - 11/14/2022
Exeger Chooses Semtech to Extend IoT Sensor Battery Life - 11/14/2022
Australian Healthcare Company Chooses RingCentral's UCaaS and CCaaS - 11/11/2022
MIT Technology Review Report Measures the Existential Threat Cybersecurity Attacks Pose for SMEs - 11/11/2022
BPO Giant Teleperformance Buys Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Company PSG - 11/10/2022
ServiceNow Links Service Requests and Back-office Systems - 11/08/2022
Stratospheric Rise Coming for Calls Handled by CCaaS Platforms - 11/04/2022
Incognito, Hitron Partner to Simplify IoT-enabled Smart Homes - 11/04/2022
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Call Centers May Face a Problematic Holiday Staffing Season - 10/25/2022
Florida's Hurricane Ian Response Included Rapid Cloud Call Center Deployment - 10/24/2022
BPO iCXeed Launches Portfolio of CX Management Services - 10/24/2022
Wavenet Chosen as VAR for Avaya OneCloud - 10/20/2022
Call Center Outsourcer Ascensos Partners with IRIS Audio to Eliminate Background Noise - 10/18/2022
Medical Call Management Company Clarus Acquires Call Simplified - 10/17/2022
Would You Rather Shave Your Head or Contact Customer Support? - 10/14/2022
A New Call Center Platform for WhatsApp - 10/14/2022
Consumer Pessimism About Cybersecurity Costs Companies Business - 10/11/2022
3CLogic and Service Now Partner to Add Speech to Virtual Agent Solution - 10/10/2022
Verint Conversational AI Named to Constellation Research ShortList - 10/07/2022
JP Morgan Chase Launches Virtual but Local Contact Center in Detroit - 10/07/2022
Technology and Network Challenges Plague the Work from Anywhere Model - 10/07/2022
Think Ads That Follow You on Social Media Are Creepy? You're Not Alone - 10/06/2022
Call Center Background Noise Leads to Directly to Abandoned Calls - 10/06/2022
ISG Automation and Uniphore Partner for AI-Driven Call Center Agent Support - 10/03/2022
Salesforce Lets the CRM Genie Out of the Lamp - 10/03/2022
Truecaller Launches Smart Call Screening Solution with NLP - 09/30/2022
Amazon Plans to Close Most of Its Physical Call Centers - 09/30/2022
WFM Provider Connecteam to Give Free Access to Its App to Small Businesses - 09/29/2022
Legacy Authentication Methods Are Failing Call Centers - 09/27/2022
A Desire for Better CX is Driving Customers to Pivot from Retail Giants - 09/26/2022
Hybrid Employers Are Increasing Activity-Based Work Space - 09/23/2022
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Most Companies Aren't Collecting Enough Data for Actionable CX Insight - 09/21/2022
Verint and Two Customers Named as Contact Center Award Finalists - 09/21/2022
Zendesk Announces New Solutions for Call Center Triage - 09/19/2022
Sweden's Sinch Launches AskFrank, a Different Kind of Chatbot - 09/19/2022
Skimpflation is Harming the Customer Experience - 09/16/2022
AI-Driven CX Driving Strong Results for Verint - 09/15/2022
Sharp NEC Display and Guise AI Partner for Solution That Sees In-Person Customers - 09/12/2022
Employee Relationships Are Key to Hybrid Work Success - 09/09/2022
Five9 CX Marketplace Adds Aceyus Data Management Platform - 09/09/2022
AI Will Reduce Agent Labor Costs by $80 Billion by 2026 - 09/08/2022
Half of Educational Institutions Experienced a Cyberattack in the Past Year - 09/08/2022
Business Leadership's Resistance to Remote Work Harms Staffing - 09/06/2022
More Than Half of Remote Call Center Agents Would Quit if Recalled to the Office - 09/01/2022
Panera Bread to Begin Testing AI Cfor Drive-Through Orders - 09/01/2022
Customer Dissatisfaction with Travel Customer Experiences Soaring - 08/31/2022
Salesforce Announces Salesforce Easy for Simplified Sales, Service and Marketing - 08/30/2022
UJET Names Yosh.AI Certified Delivery Partner - 08/29/2022
Voice Automation Tops Call Center To-Do Lists - 08/26/2022
Observe.AI Launches Reporting & Analytics Solution for Call Centers - 08/26/2022
Customers Dissatisfied with Returning Products to Social Channels - 08/25/2022
Workforce App Startup ImIn Plans to Reimagine the Call Center Workforce - 08/22/2022
Alorica a Customer Experience Management Leader - 08/19/2022
Data Security Tops Banking Customers' Concerns - 08/19/2022
Employee Engagement is a Top Initiative for Call Center Leadership - 08/18/2022
3D Hologram Rental Company Adding Pizzazz to Dry Trade Shows and Corporate Events - 08/18/2022
Disability Support Services Provider Scope Transforms Call Management with NICE CXone - 08/16/2022
MiaRec's Speech Analytics Solution Available on the Five9 CX Marketplace - 08/12/2022
Automation Solutions Company UiPath Acquires NLP Company Re:infer - 08/11/2022
New Verint Integration Consolidates Recorded Zoom Interactions with Customer Data - 08/11/2022
Contact Centers Face Barriers to Customer Experience Excellence - 08/11/2022
XSELL Brings Its Improved Agent Experience to the Five9 Platform - 08/11/2022
Cresta Announces Expansion of Real-Time Intelligence Platform for Contact Centers - 08/05/2022
Study Finds Call Center Background Noise Leads to Increased Turnover and Angry Customers - 08/05/2022
Zuora and Snowflake Partner to Enable Real-Time Customer Data Pipeline - 08/05/2022
Study Find American Companies Are Lagging in Mobile Customer Support - 08/05/2022
Workforce Management Company Observe.AI Adds Certifications for Customer Data Security - 08/01/2022
Study Finds Omnichannel Grocery Shoppers Spend More - 07/28/2022
Gap Between Customer Expectations and Company Offerings Creates Crisis of Marketing Relevance - 07/28/2022
Indonesia's Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison Announces Success with WhatsApp Chatbot - 07/28/2022
Teleperformance Commits to Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine Through the ICRC - 07/28/2022
Errors in Personalization: 70 Percent of Customers Receive Mistargeted Information - 07/25/2022
WeWork Debuts Space Management Solution for Hybrid Workforces - 07/25/2022
Rising Inflation Increases Consumers' Expectations of the Customer Experience - 07/22/2022
US National 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline Goes Live - 07/21/2022
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Research Finds the Quality of the Customer Experience Affects a Company's Stock Price - 07/18/2022
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Younger Shoppers Put Little Emphasis on Retail Location Shopping - 07/14/2022
Workzinga Offers Workplace Culture Fit Assessment to Improve Hiring - 07/08/2022
Marketing Technology Will Improve the Customer Experience - 07/08/2022
ConvergeOne Approved by Georgia Technology Authority's GTA Ready Program - 07/07/2022
NICE Actimize Named a Leader in Anti-Money Laundering Technology - 07/07/2022
Evolve IP and Anywhere365 Partner to Virtualize the Role of Receptionist - 07/06/2022
CallMiner Named Best Overall AI-Based Analytics Company - 07/05/2022
India-based Voice AI Company Opens New York City Headquarters - 07/05/2022
Study Outlines Challenges and Potential of Connected Worker Solutions - 07/05/2022
Call Center Software Company TASKE Announces Compliance with Avaya OneCloud - 06/29/2022
Glia Announces ChanelLess SMS and Outbound Calling - 06/29/2022
Verint Presents Partner Awards at Engage 2022 Event - 06/20/2022
Verint Debuts One Workforce Approach for the Call Center at Engage 2022 Event - 06/20/2022
Verint Announces New Total Quality Approach to Customer Experience Management - 06/20/2022
IVR Industry to Reach $6.6 Billion - 06/16/2022