Appdome Introduces Tools to Prevent Real-Time Malicious Social Engineering Attacks

By Tracey E. Schelmetic March 27, 2024

In the ever-increasing portfolio of tools used by cyber-criminals, social engineering is expanding and causing major amounts of damage to brands and customers. Social engineering attacks exploit brand trust by using impersonation and psychological manipulation to cause mobile users to divulge sensitive information like passwords, OTP keys and more. They can also cause users to perform actions in a mobile app on behalf of the attacker, or install new apps that give the attacker control over the user's mobile device.

These attacks by mobile app can have far-reaching consequences for consumers, including account takeover, financial loss, identity theft, confusion and fear. Traditionally social engineering attacks were only discovered after an attack was successful, leaving mobile brands and users with months of financial, reputational and emotional harm. Increasingly, however, brands have real-time solutions designed to detect and intervene in social engineering attacks the moment they happen, disrupting the multi-billion-dollar social engineering fraud ecosystem.

So, mobile defense technology provider Appdome recently unveiled its new Social Engineering Prevention service on the Appdome Platform. The new service enables mobile brands to continuously detect, block and intervene the moment social engineering attacks attempt to exploit user trust or manipulate user behavior.

In the announcement, Appdome noted that its Social Engineering Prevention solution empowers mobile brands to break the cycle of live attacks by detecting and defending in real time the top methods social engineering attackers use to injure brands and users. The new service includes several new real-time defenses against voice phishing (vishing), remote desktop control, FaceID bypass, fake applications, and SIM swapping, all of which protect user safety, brand reputation, business continuity and revenue generation.

"Mobile brands are taking social engineering attacks seriously," said Tom Tovar (News - Alert), co-creator and CEO of Appdome. "The rise of AI-powered attacks is escalating the imperative to deliver real-time continuous protection from social engineering and other attacks. To fuel the long-term growth of the mobile app economy, we give brands the technology to detect each attack, maintain their voice and break the cycle of manipulation that sits at the center of social engineering attacks."

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