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YoungWilliams, a child support call center service that works with the State of Virginia, has reported six cases of COVID-19 among workers, as well as one death from the virus. The Virginia Department of Health has confirmed the cases through lab testing.
5/22/2020 2:44:49 PM
Avaya announced an agreement with Telarus Canada enabling the Master Agent to offer the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral UCaaS solution via its network of partners across the Great North.
5/22/2020 1:56:24 PM
The County of San Bernadino in California announced the selection of Vonage Business Communications (VBC) to support more than 2,000 employees from 12 office locations migrate to a WFH environment in less than 48 hours.
5/22/2020 1:25:24 PM
The New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT) announced the selection of Twilio for SMS and Voice as part of its COVID-19 tracing program.
5/22/2020 12:31:02 PM
In more news of local governments ramping up efforts to assist the growing rate of unemployed citizens in their communications, The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) in Wisconsin, has announced new contracts with outside vendors that will aid the department's unemployment call centers with assisting more claimants and doing it with greater speed.
5/22/2020 10:14:33 AM
Horizon Telcom, which has been providing telecommunications services in Southern Ohio for 125 years, is taking steps to provide modernized offerings for its enterprises customers that meet the needs of today's growing business communications landscape. To make this possible, it has announced a partnership with cloud communications platform provider Alianza.
5/22/2020 10:04:10 AM
Numeracle is offering call blocking and labeling solutions so businesses know that calls coming through are verified and vetted
5/22/2020 9:56:45 AM
Government services provider MAXIMUS recently announced a partnership with Genesys to offer the MAXIMUS Genesys Engagement Platform, an integrated, cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution. The goal of the partnership is to allow federal, state and local agencies to more easily adhere to government mandates to improve citizen experience using a U.S. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)-authorized solution.
5/21/2020 3:09:16 PM
In March, MEF unveiled the first wave of MEF 3.0 Certified Service Providers naming Comcast Business, PCCW Global Spectrum Enterprise, Telia Company. This week, MEF announced there are now 24 certified MEF 3.0 service providers, delivering a combined total of 77 certified MEF 3.0 SD-WAN and Carrier Ethernet services.
5/21/2020 2:55:22 PM
TMC announced the recipients of its latest Tech Culture Award, presented by TMCnet.
5/21/2020 2:12:53 PM
Chinese AI and voice recognition company iFlytek has announced a strategic partnership with mobile security company 360. The move comes as the company is under fire for allegedly working with the CCP's surveillance efforts, tied to massive human rights violations in the Xinjiang region, which is home to several Muslim minority groups.
5/21/2020 2:07:14 PM
The coronavirus pandemic has caused wholesale change to the world. The workforce is home, leveraging the innovation of the digital age to remain productive and achieve business goals. It is a watershed moment, as reliance on the cloud, UC, testing and performance management solutions is coming at a more rapid clip than many expected, and this shift will be a permanent one. The transition to this new business climate can prove challenging, but with best practice in one's back pocket there's advantage today, as well as what lay ahead.
5/21/2020 1:07:40 PM
Pod Group software and connectivity services for the Internet of Things (IoT) recently announced a strategic partnership with Expeto to offer 5G and private LTE.
5/21/2020 12:00:00 PM
We caught up with Steven Tompkins, Transport Director, Inmarsat, to learn more about what Rumo SA, Brazil's largest logistics company, is doing in IIoT. Responsible for managing 14,000km of railway infrastructure across one of the world's largest and most populated countries, Rumo is responsible for managing the only line connecting the central state of Mato Grosso to the largest port in Latin America, Santos.
5/21/2020 11:02:19 AM
The promise of IoT Plug and Play allows developers to get an IoT device connected, up and running more easily, removing the friction associated with hardware and software configuration steps that are needed today.
5/21/2020 10:46:03 AM
On Monday, April 20th, it was announced that Samsung Biologics (KRX: 207940.KS) released its Q1 earnings results. The company presented their following data: consolidated sales of 207.2 billion Korean Won, an operating profit of 62.6 billion Korean Won, and a net income of 39.1 billion Korean Won. Samsung Biologics' operating margin was at 30% of revenue, which could be attributed to rising utilization rates and reduced SG&A expenses
5/21/2020 10:37:32 AM
When you run a company, you're most likely to need a website. But you cannot have a website and expect for people to come in droves without some kind of marketing effort. There are millions of other websites just like yours. So here are five ways to increase your Web presence.
5/21/2020 10:28:26 AM
Productivity in the United States has steadily climbed since the end of the Second World War. We've become more efficient, more agile, and better at delivering results than ever before. At startups, productivity is the lifeblood of success. We constantly need to do more with less and make sure that nothing goes to waste.
5/21/2020 10:22:44 AM
Your site is the center point of your brand visibility.It is a very precious and immaterial resource. Securing your resources and ventures. It is fundamental to have usual tests performed to ensure that your site is performing and passing onthe best results.
5/21/2020 10:21:02 AM
Throughout the history of medicine, technical innovations have improved patient care and have made taking care of patients easier for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Inventions like anesthesia, vaccines, antibiotics, x-rays and laparoscopic surgery have saved perhaps millions of lives, and have improved quality of life for millions of others. These inventions have also made it possible for doctors and nurses to care for more patients more efficiently, resulting in lower medical costs, higher recovery rates and better patient outcomes.
5/21/2020 10:12:14 AM
Thought leaders preach proactive solutions to business adversity. But when it comes to cybersecurity, too many decision-makers find themselves well behind the data protection curve. This disconnect may be the result of common misconceptions about which businesses hackers target or merely a lack of data security investment. For whatever reason an organization finds itself lagging behind, a deeper understanding of the difference between proactive and reactive cybersecurity may help industry leaders make informed decisions.
5/21/2020 10:06:35 AM
Cradlepoint recently announced the new E3000 Series, a 5G-Optimized, all-in-one wireless edge router for enterprise branch deployment.
5/21/2020 7:00:00 AM
NICE announced the integration of the NICE Trading Recording System (NTR) with the Microsoft Teams unified communications solution. In addition to the integrations, NICE will soon attain certification for Microsoft's certified for Microsoft Teams program.
5/20/2020 4:42:03 PM
NVIDIA has announced the latest generation of its AI system, geared toward supercomputing AI training, deployment and inference in the data center. The company is also working with several companies and agencies to use its new offerings in the fight against COVID-19.
5/20/2020 3:55:45 PM
While call centers have been limited in the scope of their operations due to shelter-in-place rules assigned by various state and international governments, the demands for customer support have gone up, which has led companies to change their operations procedures, particularly in call center scheduling and workforce management, very rapidly.
5/20/2020 3:43:38 PM
Calix has released two new EDGE Systems, the GigaSpire BLAST u6.1 and u6.2, second generation Wi-Fi 6 systems that enable CSPs to expand subscriber experience offerings.
5/20/2020 11:00:00 AM
Verint announced its new Microsoft Teams recording integration to capture, retain, analyze and retrieve all communications across the Teams platform to ensure that regardless of where people work digital channels are leveraged in a compliant manner.
5/19/2020 4:43:44 PM
CallCabinet has announced integratin of its Atmos call recording platform with Microsoft Teams cloud collaboration suite.
5/19/2020 3:53:45 PM
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in monstrous shifts in the way that the world operates. This makes sense, of course, as the disease continues to circle its way around the globe, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. As a result, hundreds of millions of people are working from home, doing whatever they can to continue to earn money in the middle of this global catastrophe.
5/19/2020 2:36:16 PM
Sports betting is an act of predicting outcomes of sports events and putting money on the prediction. The prevalence of betting on sports varies from culture to culture. The money used in betting also varies across different sports, such as horse race, hockey, basketball, boxing, baseball, track cycling, mixed martial arts, football, cricket, etc.
5/19/2020 2:31:56 PM
On Monday this week, the much-hyped price halving occurred on the Bitcoin blockchain - the 3rd such halving in its history. As halving takes place approximately every 4 years, and as Bitcoin was launched in 2009, there have been two previous halving events - one in November 2012, the other in July 2016.
5/19/2020 2:27:36 PM
How Business Needs to Prepare for the Escalating Iranian Cyber War
5/19/2020 2:20:24 PM
Fujitsu and Accenture's joint blockchain interoperability project has officially become part of the Hyperledger Greenhouse. The Hyperledger Cactus project offers a pluggable architecture that enables the execution of ledger operations across multiple blockchains.
5/19/2020 1:31:15 PM
Armor has launched a new MSP program to ensure its partners have the tools they need to protect their customers and guide them through their security needs.
5/19/2020 1:10:09 PM
Lanner announced a partnership with flexiWAN that results in the pre-validation of Lanner's white-box uCPE hardware NCA-1510 for the flexiWAN open source SD-WAN software.
5/19/2020 1:06:25 PM
In recent times Mobile Applications play an essential role in managing a business. People are doing lots of their work efficiently through different apps. Business apps are becoming more powerful and extensive. Most important, they can help run a business smoothly. If you want to organize your idea, improve daily operations, manage travel expenses, then surely there are apps for that. The best business app ca make the life of a small business owner more comfortable, and it can increase productivity.
5/19/2020 12:44:21 PM
Pest control service provider Rollins Inc. selected Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to enhance security, application performance, user experience and network reliability. With a roster of over two million customers around the world, SD-WAN ensures Rollins can remain business as usual.
5/19/2020 12:04:33 PM
Calabrio CEO Tom Goodmanson talks about how businesses can plan ahead for additional disruptions due to COVID-19 even as they start implementing plans to return to their offices.
5/19/2020 11:57:17 AM
Perhaps you've recently bought a new device that has been pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system. Or maybe you've recently decided to make the upgrade. You may even just be trying to decide whether Windows 10 could be the right choice for you. In any of these cases, you're probably wondering whether or not investing in antivirus software is really worth it.
5/19/2020 11:44:54 AM
The cloud started being developed way back in the 60s and was initially conceptualized by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. It has come a long way since its invention and there are a lot of things that have changed since that period of time.
5/19/2020 11:38:20 AM
Are you struggling to understand the concept behind payday loans? This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about them.
5/19/2020 11:33:43 AM
EdgeMicro, an edge co-location company, has secured $5 million in investments, reportedly to accelerate its expansion. Also, new hires expand ops team.
5/19/2020 10:00:00 AM
Little Rock, Arkansas-based Kinetic Business announced a new partnership with VMware to provide SMBs with SD-WAN services built on WMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud technology.
5/18/2020 5:19:53 PM
As employees start returning to offices, businesses need to take measures to enable daily screening to reduce COVID-19 risk.
5/18/2020 5:07:45 PM
When someone evaluates a place as a living option, availability of job opportunities is a primary concern. This evaluation becomes even more important when one has freshly passed out of college and is looking for an entry level job opportunity.
5/18/2020 2:48:40 PM
Medical marijuana is a revolutionary new resource within the healthcare industry that is quickly becoming more and more popular all over the world. The gradual easing of laws surrounding cannabis use in the US - laws that have been in place since the 1970s - has allowed scientists and medical experts to finally begin conducting studies surrounding the plant's health benefits, with some surprising results.
5/18/2020 2:42:50 PM
The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, and thanks to technology, it's becoming better than ever. Many innovations are already changing it, and the trend is likely to continue. From biosynthesizing cannabinoids to using greener solutions, many companies are choosing cutting edge methods to grow your favorite herb.
5/18/2020 2:39:43 PM
Operating a successful organization requires industry professionals to focus their expertise in a fashion that drives profits and achieves goals. Investing time and energy into seemingly peripheral issues such as logistics and cybersecurity are not necessarily what makes thought leaders thrive. Yet, IT vulnerabilities open the door to hackers who can steal digital assets or take operational control over business networks.
5/18/2020 2:36:08 PM
Yeastar, the world's leading provider of SME PBX system, is glad to announce today that Yeastar Linkus Unified Communications App has been named as a 2020 TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award winner presented by TMC, a global, integrated media company.
5/18/2020 1:38:35 PM
AT&T Simplifies Pathway to 5G with Cradlepoint, New Offerings include FirstNet Wireless Edge Solutions and Wireless WAN
5/18/2020 1:00:00 PM
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