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Internet Telephony October 2006 Internet Telephony


  The VoIP Authority

  Rich Tehrani�s Executive Suite
    Digium�s Mark Spencer
    Tadiran�s Ron Bregman

  Technology Selection Guide:
    Dual Mode Handsets

  Case Studies:
    Dupaco Community Credit Union

  Special Focus:
    Top 100 Voices of IP Communcations
    2006 IT Excellence Awards
    News Analysis

  Editorial Sponsorship Series:
    • Unified Communications for the SMB
    • PC-based Telephony Systems
    • The Shaman of Open Source


  Building the Bridge to IMS
  By Zvika Moshkoviz

  Fixed/Mobile Convergence:
  Understanding the Trend

  By Sanjay Jhawar

  A Big Business Image at a Small
  Business Price
  By Ron Raffensperger

  Improving Time to Market with
  Hosted VoIP Services
  By Francois Depayras

  VoIM: Making Its Presence Felt
  By St�phane Marceau

  Standards-Based Telephony: The Best
  Opportunity to Address
  Emerging Business Drivers
  By Jeff Ford

  User Experiences: The Key to
  Simplified Communications
   in a Complex World

  By Geoffrey Baird

  Real-Time Service Management
  to Enable an On-Demand

  By Brian Cappellani

  Leveraging IMS to Deliver Triple Play
  By Akshay Goel

  Complying With the New FCC Internet
  CALEA Rules

  By Tony Rutkowski



  Inside Networking:
  A Security Threats Who�s Who
  By Tony Rybczynski and Brad Black

  (Internet Protocol + Ethernet
  transport) x QoS -
  (The Public Internet / Net
  Neutrality) = Enterprise

  By Hunter Newby

  Enterprise View:
  FCC�s Order Requires VoIP Providers
  to Contribute to the Universal
   Service Funds

  By Jacob Farber

  Regulation Watch:
  A Plan of Action for VoIP
  USF Contributions

  By William B. Wilhelm, Jr., Esq. &
   Jeffrey R. Strenkowski, Esq.

  Next Wave Redux:
  Video Content Delivery to a Device
  Near You

  By Mike Katz

  Integrator's Corner:
  Are the Cost Benefits of VoIP
  Fading Away?

  By Joel A. Pogar

  Disaster Preparedness:
  How the DPCF Extends the
  Reach of the Disaster/Business Continuity
  Planning Community
  By Rich Tehrani & Max Schroeder

  For The Record:
  IPTV Services Drive New Billing

  By Betty Cockrell

                 In Every Issue

     Publisher's Outlook
     • Our 100th Issue of IP Communication
       Thought Leadership

       By Rich Tehrani, Publisher,
       Internet Telephony Magazine

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