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A Passing Phase,
Take 100... Action!

By Greg Galitzine

October 2006, Volume 9/ Number 10


The issue of Internet Telephony magazine that you hold in your hands is our 100th issue. And while 100 issues might not seem like much, consider that when we launched our first issue back in February of 1998, people told us we were crazy to start a publication dedicated to this disruptive fad called VoIP. �It�ll never last,� they told us. �It�s just a passing phase.�

Well, this passing phase keeps passing milestone after milestone. We set out on this journey with some definite ideas of what we thought the industry needed in a new publication, and I�m proud and happy to say we�re still here today, growing, leading, evolving. We survived the massive bloodletting of the early 2000s; we believed in our editorial mission; we stuck to our guns and today, we�re seeing the fruits of all our hard work, as we watch each issue of Internet Telephony expand � in size, in diversity of content, in advertising revenue, and in circulation.

We�re also growing in staff. We recently hired Richard Grigonis as our Executive Editor. �Zippy,� as he is affectionately known throughout the industry, joins us as we mark our anniversary and move forward with the next 100 issues. In fact, as we look ahead and continue our journey with #101, Richard will be taking over the day-to-day operations of this publication, a move that will allow me to focus my efforts on building and growing the editorial elements of our already excellent Web site, TMCnet. This is a challenge I am eagerly looking forward to.

Over the course of the last 100 issues, we have seen the rise of so many hot startups, and we watched them become successful companies. We have seen our fair share of companies with great ideas and great technologies get left behind for one reason or another. We�ve heralded the arrival of new technologies, new trends, new executives, and through it all, we�ve done so with our readers� best interests at heart.

Who knows what technologies will grace the cover of this magazine over the next decade. One thing I do know is that behind every great idea or new technology, there will be a team of really bright people who have embraced the idea of IP Communications. There�s no more denying it: IP is not just the wave of the future, but it�s already here. So, to all those people who told us it couldn�t be done, we thank you for doing your small part in helping instill the drive that has propelled us � and the industry we cover � to success.

� Greg Galitzine

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