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May 2007
Volume 10 / Number 5
Industry News

Taridium (news- alert) Delivers Visual Mobile Voice Mail to IP PBX Customers
Taridium has added visual voice mail to its mobile interface, which allows users to access their office IP PBX from any number of devices - mobile device, home SIP phone, desktop IP phone, or even a TDM phone - and includes its unified voice mail solution. The visual voice mail component enables accessing voice mail through the web browser any mobile phone, including checking missed calls.
Quintum (news- alert) Addressses VoIP Continuity in PBX Branches
Quintum Technologies has announced that the survivability function, first introduced in the Tenor AF and AX lines, is now available on the digital Tenor DX and BX VoIP MultiPath Switches. Quintum addressed the need to assure business continuity in branch office locations in the event that connectivity to the main IP PBX or IP Centrex is lost.
Small Businesses: An On-premises VoIP Solution for You
IPcelerate, (news- alert) provider of advanced VoIP products and technologies, has announced a new application suite designed specifically for the small business segment, called IPsmartSuite, which will address the particular needs of varying types of small businesses, at a price point that it affordable and with a solution that is manageable for companies between 5 and 50 employees.
Streamline (news- alert) Hosts VoIP Service to Boston’s SMBs
Streamline Networks is offering a hosted VoIP communications solution to the SMB market throughout Massachusetts by using Natural Convergence’s (news- alert) silhouette product. The company is also educating the SMB market on the simplicity of a hosted VoIP solution.
Avistar (news- alert) Intros New Desktop Videoconferencing Software
Video collaboration provider, Avistar Communications announced the release of a new software solution, AvistarVOS v9.1 to provide users with increased deployment flexibility and simplicity. The new solution is aimed at making it easier to provide mobile workforces with the ability to utilize enhanced visual communications regardless of the endpoints in use.
RTX (news- alert) Adds Dual Line Capability and PBX-like Features to DUALphone 3088 for Skype
RTX has made radical improvements to its DUALphone 3088 for Skype, adding support for three additional handsets as well as PBX-like functionality. In fact, the company claims the DUALphone 3088 is ideal for home-based businesses looking for an inexpensive phone system which enables both VoIP and traditional PSTN calling.
Grandstream (news- alert) Unveils 6- line SIP Phone
Grandstream Networks has unveiled the GXP2020 enterprise SIP phone. The GXP2020 provides high voice clarity, a comprehensive set of advanced call features, multi-language support, security protection, automated provisioning and broad compatibility with leading SIP platforms.
AirWalk (news- alert) Unveils CDMA Femtocell for Homes, Small Enterprises
3G IP radio access network company AirWalk Communications has unveiled a femtocell for CDMA voice and data coverage in homes and small office buildings. The femtocell can be directly integrated into the operator’s existing RAN via a broadband connection, thus delivering enhanced voice and data service without any hassle.
Reignmaker (news- alert) Increases Hosted VoIP Presence
Atlanta-based Reignmaker Communications is one of the many hosted VoIP providers that has been making significant inroads since it made the commitment to enter the market back in 2003. Now, Reignmaker has acquired CyberSouth Networks and Swfttel Corp.
VoIP Phone Maker Snom’s (news- alert) Products Now Interoperate with Patton’s (news- alert) SIPxNano
VoIP phone maker snom announced its products are now interoperable with Patton Electronics Company’s SIPxNano - a tiny IP PBX designed for small businesses with under 30 extensions.
AuPix Releases New IP-based Desktop Videophone Platform
AuPix, (news- alert) which makes high-quality business videophones, has released a new videophone platform which is said to deliver better frame rates and improved video quality. The platform, based on Texas Instruments’ DaVinci technology, represents a blending of DSP performance and SoC integration to deliver high-quality video to the desktop at affordable prices.


VoIP Peering Provider VoEX Builds Three New Interconnection Hubs
VoIP peering company VoEX (news - alert) continues to build out its global managed network. The company announced it has extended the network into three of the world’s largest interconnection hubs: 60 Hudson in New York, Equinix in Chicago, and Telehouse in London, using switching solutions from Sonus Networks.
Juniper Networks Enables Mobile Operators to Expand Service Offerings
A number of new features and enhancements have been introduced by Juniper Networks (quote - news - alert) for its Steel-Belted Radius SIM/AKA Server that enables mobile operators to reduce operational complexity and increase potential revenue opportunities. The new version is a key part of Juniper’s Session and Resource Control portfolio and delivers SIGTRAN support.
Tatara and ip.access Partner on Femtocell- Based FMC Solution
Tatara Systems (news -alert) has been working on several new femtocell partnerships, among them ip.access, which develops femtocells (as well as picocells), and the newly agreed partnership between the two companies will integrate ip.access’ (news -alert) Oyster 3G femtocell with Tatara’s Mobile Services Convergence portfolio, offering mobile providers access to SIP-based IP networks to extend their coverage.
M5 Takes Unified Messaging to the Next Level
Hosted VoIP provider M5 Networks (news - alert) has partnered with SimulScribe (news - alert) to offer M5Scribe, which offers customers the option of receiving transcribed voice mails via email, with an attached audio file, should they need to listen to the message at a later time. This option will allow executives, mobile employees, any users, in fact, additional options for checking voicemails, as the messages can be delivered to any email account.
WOW! Offers TV Caller ID: Converged Services Move Mainstream
In a bid to differentiate itself in the market, WOW! Internet, (news -alert) Cable and Phone has announced the deployment of Integra 5’s (news -alert) new TV Caller ID application. With the new TV Caller ID application, the name and number of incoming calls are displayed right on a users TV screen before the phone even rings.
Personalize With Video Ringback Tones
With all the attention paid to video applications and with video capture enabled on many mobile devices, video mail was also only matter of time. Telenity, (news -alert) however, takes it all to a new level, combining the ringback tones and video with its video ringback tone service for 3G networks. Users can now define music videos, news clips, or personal video messages as their ringback tones.
Esnatech and Iwatsu Team Up on Unified Communications Solution for SMBs
SMBs using communications solutions from Esna Technologies (news - alert) and Iwatsu Voice Networks (news - alert) have gained a new level of integration. The two companies announced the merging of their Telephony Office-Linx (Esnatech) and Enterprise Communications Server (ICS, from Iwatsu) solutions into a single platform. The new Enterprise Communications Suite ties together telephony, mobility, messaging and enterprise-class presence in a system that is affordable for SMBs.
DragonWave’s Inexpensive Horizon Compact Wireless Carrier Ethernet System
(news - alert) Carriers wanting to deploy WiMAX 4G personal broadband solutions, or some other wireless next-gen service, but who are faced with a backhaul bandwidth problem, can now find relief in the form of a small (9- inch-square) indoor/outdoor wireless Carrier Ethernet backhaul platform called the Horizon Compact, from DragonWave.
Cisco’s Enhanced XR-12000 Router and Multi-Service Blade Brings Virtualization to Service Providers
Cisco Systems (quote - news -alert) has made some enhancements to its XR-12000 platform to enable more efficient delivery of resource-hungry services such as TelePresence. Cisco’s virtualization and hardware upgrades will bring greater flexibility, quality and high availability to the world of both service providers and the customers they serve.
Sipera Enhances VoIP Security for IMS
Sipera Systems’ (news -alert) IPCS 520, designed to protect both subscribers and the service provider’s infrastructure from application-level attacks, now incorporates features to ensure secure deployment of dual mode phones and the associated infrastructures. Sipera combines various real-time security features, like anomaly detection, filtering, behavior learning, and verification, into one device.
UTStarcom Introduces GSM Capability to Its All-IP Wireless Network Platform
UTStarcom (news - alert) has introduced GSM capability on its MovingMedia 2000 end-to-end all-IP wireless network platform. MovingMedia 2000 enables mobile operators to offer CDMA-based voice and data services over IP to end users.


Starent, Airspan Deploy Mobile WiMAX
Starent Networks (news - alert) and Airspan Networks (news - alert) will jointly deliver an end-to-end 16e Mobile WiMAX network solution. Starent’s Access Service Network (ASN-GW) Gateway and Home Agent (HA) will be incorporated with Airspan’s MIMO-based 802.16e-2005 HiperMAX and MicroMAX Base Stations for Mobile WiMAX network deployments.
Microsoft Unveils Deepfish
Those faithful mobile users who dared to use the Internet on their mobile and agreed that they deserved a better treatment, now have their prayers answered. With Microsoft (quote - news -alert) plunging deep into the world of mobile Internet with a mobile web browser called Deepfish, surfing the Internet on your mobile may finally start being real fun.
Google To Go? LG Electronics Pre- Installs Google Apps
Enhancing the fusion of mobile technology and Internet services, wireless handsets manufacturer LG Electronics (news - alert) and Internet giant Google (quote - news - alert) have inked a global partnership to pre-install all Google’s services on one million LG mobile phones. Initial shipment to U.S., Europe, and Asia is expected by second quarter of this year.
Websense Enhances Security for Wireless Internet Users
Websense Wireless, a division of Websense Inc., (news - alert) which provides Internet filtering and enterprise security software, has introduced the Websense Wireless URL Categorization Engine. The new engine features a special ThreatSeeker technology that classifies URL’s and filters them for blocking or allowing accesses.
Radcom Unveils QTrace for 3G Mobile Net Operators
Network test and service monitoring solutions provider Radcom (news -alert) has introduced Qtrace to enhance its Omni-Q network and service quality management system. QTrace facilitates real-time troubleshooting and emergency call detection by enabling call searches across multiple sites.
Mobile VoIP Provider Truphone Letting US Customers Make Free Calls
(quote - news -alert) Mobile VoIP provider Truphone announced that U.S. customers with WiFi-ready Nokia smartphones will be able to make free international calls to landlines in 40 countries throughout April, May, and June. This is effectively an extension of the company’s current price promotion (ending on March 31), during which customers have been able to make free mobile VoIP calls across the U.S. and Canada.
Intervoice (news - alert)Strengthens Unified Communications with Launch of Next- Generation Voice Portals
Imagine being able to use your web-enabled 3G mobile phone to browse and book an airline flight by viewing flight schedules and seating assignments on a touch screen and then clicking to choose a flight, speaking your seating selection and receiving a text message with the option to connect to a live agent to finalize your flight. This is what Intervoice is bringing forward in its latest step toward unified communications.
BlueAnt Wireless Intros BlueAnt Supertooth Light
BlueAnt Wireless has introduced the BlueAnt (news - alert) Supertooth Light Bluetooth Speakerphone, the latest addition to its handsfree speakerphone technology offering stylish design, easy to use features and no installation requirements, including features like DSP for noise & echo cancellation, up to 15 hrs. talk time or 800 hrs. standby, full duplex and more.
Jabra Unveils Convertible Bluetooth Stereo Headset Verizon Wireless and Jabra (news - alert) have announced the Jabra BT8010 convertible Bluetooth stereo headset with a personalized phonebook and caller ID. The multi-functional Jabra BT8010 can be turned into a fully functional Bluetooth stereo headset for listening to music with the addition of a separately purchased stereo earpiece.
D-Link Boosts Performance for Wireless VoIP Users
D-Link (news - alert) has made available smaller form factor versions of its notebook ExpressCard adapters and desktop PCI Express adapters, both of which also incorporate the latest draft 802.11n technology. Both new products provide increased speeds to home or business wireless networks, while at the same time, extending the range of the solutions through the integration of wireless N standards.
AuthenTec Unveils Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
AuthenTec (news - alert) has launched the AES1710 biometric fingerprint sensor for the wireless market. According to the company, the fourth generation biometric fingerprint sensor meets critical performance standards necessary for widespread mobile commerce (M-commerce), security and convenience applications for full featured phones, and smart phones.



Sangoma Offers Affordable T1/E1 Card
Sangoma Technologies (news - alert) announced the A101D single port E1/T1/PRI card with carrier-grade echo cancellation. Said David Mandelstam, CEO of Sangoma: “It is significant because, for the first time, medium size offices will be able to offer true carrier-grade voice quality. The smallest systems have had access to enhanced audio by using our A200D cards that provide hardware echo cancellation right down to two channels, while the larger systems needing two T1/E1 ports (46 to 60 voce channels) have had the same support using our A102D card.”
Alcatel-Lucent Driving Fast Optical Nets The recent OFC/NFOEC conference
in Anaheim gave Alcatel-Lucent (news - alert) the stage to present several papers the telecom giant is conducting in an effort to develop future high-speed networks able to transmit voice, data, and video signals. The company envisions future optical networks transmitting higher and higher amounts of data - in many terabits per second - over optical fiber. This would make it possible, for instance, to transmit data from more than 600 DVDs per second.
Dialogic PCIe Boards Certified by Intervoice
Recognizing the need to ensure its media boards are compatible with evolving technologies, Dialogic Corporation (news - alert) announced that its recently unveiled PCIe DMVB boards have now been certified for and are deployed in Intervoice’s Media Exchange Platform. The boards are now embedded in a key element of Intervoice’s (news - alert) marketing strategy.
Connect One Launches Secure Serial-to-Wi- Fi Module
Connect One (news - alert) has released Socket iWiFi, a secure serial-to-WiFi embedded device server that quickly and easily connects devices running machine-to-machine (M2M) applications to 802.11b/g wireless LANs and protects them from network attacks. The new device uses Connect One’s iChipSec CO711AG IP communication controller chip.


Micromethod Launches SIP Presence Server
Micromethod Technologies (news - alert) has launched the SIPoint server, comprising a SIP proxy, registrar, XCAP functions, and SIMPLE presence engine. By using SIP Instant Messaging and Presence Leverage Extension (SIMPLE) technology and providing a core set of routing, presence, and resource management functions, the SIPoint server can be applied to wide array of real-time VoIP communication applications and services.
SIP-based IP PBX Demonstrates Compatibility with Microsoft’s UM Solution
Software-based IP PBX developer pbxnsip (news - alert) has announced its software has been proven interoperable with Microsoft Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging (UM) platform. Not only does this mean customers can connect to Microsoft’s platform, which dominates the business market - many PBX vendors require a gateway to connect with Exchange 2007 UM - but it also means that businesses can communicate using SIP connectivity, saving expensive network bandwidth.


AudioCodes Completes Purchase of CTI Squared
AudioCodes, (news - alert) a leading developer of Voice over Packet technologies and Voice Network products, has completed the acquisition of CTI Squared, (news - alert) a provider of enhanced data and voice messaging and communications platforms to service providers and enterprises.
Intelliverse Allies with WebEx, Jabra, and Creative on SMB Communications
As a part of its Talking Planet Business and callEverywhere hosted VoIP platforms Intelliverse (news - alert) will offer the WebEx (news - alert) WebOffice solution, Creative (news - alert) Webcams, and Jabra (news - alert) headsets. The company points out those SMBs rely on their communications networks to help them reach out and collaborate with remote locations to do business.

Leveraging the new partnerships, Intelliverse will enable SMBs to choose the components that work for their needs and keep them easily connected to their multiple offices, customers and partners— while giving them the capabilities and features of one large office, the compaies said.
Sonus Networks Acquires Zynetix to Expand Wireless Portfolio
Sonus Networks (news - alert) has announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Zynetix Ltd., designers of GSM infrastructure solutions. According to Sonus, integrating Zynetix technology with its IMS portfolio is a critical step in developing Sonus’ wireless portfolio of 3G and GSM next generation solutions addressing the demand for carrier-class, end-to-end IP based networks. Sonus is seeking to accelerate the wireless IP-Voice market as part of its longterm growth strategy.
Cisco Acquires WebEx to Extend Reach in SMB Market
Cisco Systems (quote - news - alert) has acquired WebEx, (news - alert) a supplier of on-demand collaboration applications, as the network company seeks to extend its vision for Unified Communications, particularly within the SMB market.
Five9 Intros On-Demand Call Center Packages for Small Businesses
Five9, (news - alert) a provider of on-demand call center solutions, has introduced two call center packages designed for small businesses. The Five9 Call Center Suite Small Business Edition, which includes the Small Business Edition and Five9 Inbound Call Center are aimed at providing small businesses with an affordable way to significantly boost both sales and customer service levels.


Altitude Software to Unveil New Contact Center Solution
A new contact center solution aimed to boost a center’s ability to embrace industry-wide change is being announced by Altitude Software, (news - alert) a provider of independent contact center solutions. The Altitude uCI 7.5 software suite includes Altitude IP Contact Center functionality and streamlines IT investments and optimizes human resources to provide businesses with a SIP-based multimedia contact center solution.
Intervoice and RSA Improve Telephone Banking
In a bid to assist financial institutions’ contact centers with the need for multifactor authentication for their telephone banking environments as well as provide enhanced functionalities like speech technologies, Intervoice and RSA, (news - alert) The Security Division of EMC, have announced an agreement to integrate their offerings.



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