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Industry News
June 2001



Sycamore Enables Better Optical Reach
Sycamore Networks announces new functionality for its SN 3000 Optical Access Switch and its SN 8000 Optical Transport System that is designed to allow service providers to cost-effectively bridge the transport and optically switched access networks. This solution is designed to allow service providers to drive down the cost of delivering bandwidth while increasing their service capabilities from the core to the edge of the public network.
www.sycamorenet.com / 877.792.2667

CopperCom's Softswitch System Achieves Certification for SS7 Interoperability
CopperCom announced that its LeXSS system has achieved SS7 interoperability with multiple carriers including Bellsouth, SBC, Illuminet, and SNET. CopperCom's SS7 interoperability enables service providers to leverage a full range of AIN facilities in the PSTN, including 800 number dialing and local number portability. CopperCom supports, and is certified, with the ATIS full SS7 stack, including MTP 1-3, ISUP, and SCCP.
www.coppercom.com / 408.987.8500

Agilent Simplifies Troubleshooting For Next-Gen Networks
The Agilent Voice Quality Tester now allows network technicians and engineers to evaluate the voice quality of distributed VoIP networks from a single location anywhere on the network, saving valuable test time and enabling a far more efficient use of skilled engineering resources. The new distributed test capabilities allow test creation, storage, and execution at a PC without the need to transfer files.
www.agilent.com / 800.452.4844

SS8 Networks Enables Rapid And Flexible Service Delivery
SS8 is proud to introduce the Intelligent Services Architecture. Designed for the rapid delivery of IP-based voice, video, and data services, the ISA combines the scale and performance of the PSTN with the flexibility of the Internet and provides carriers with intelligent call routing, service switching/mediation, and service logic to enable a broad range of new applications and services.
www.ss8.com / 408.501.2100

eYak Launches Global Alliance Program
The Global Alliance Program, which includes 15 founding members, is designed to facilitate the introduction of eYak's Soft Telephony technology into the marketplace. Soft-
Telephony refers to IP-based carrier-class voice and speech services powered by software and standard Intel-based servers, eliminating the need for DSPs and special telephony cards.
www.eyak.com / 617.531.2100

Lucent Technologies Unveils EXS
The EXS Converged Services Platform is an IP-enhanced platform that supports the deployment of voice and data services in circuit, packet, and converged networks. The EXS enables third-party application developers to create and deliver services that carriers can offer on softswitch-based IP networks, as well as existing circuit-based infrastructures.
www.lucent.com / 888.458.2368

Low-Profile 2-Slot CompactPCI From Bustronic
Bustronic has developed a new backplane for 1U low-profile horizontal chassis. The 2-slot cPCI backplane comes in a 7U form factor and features two power bugs for GND; one power bug each for +3.3V and +5V; one power blade each for +12V, -12V, and PS-ON; and two power blades for V I/O.
www.bustronic.com / 510.490.7388

Elma Electronics' New 16-Slot H.110 Backplane
Elma Electronics is proud to announce their new 16-Slot H.110 compliant backplane, which conforms to PICMG 2.0 Rev 3.0 specifications and features 16 cPCI slots in two separate, bridgeable eight-slot segments. Additionally, two Positronic 47-pin power supply connectors (four connectors optional), one power tap each for +3.3V and +5V, two power taps for each VI/O and GND, and fast-on blades for +12V and �12V come standard.
www.elma.com / 510.656.5829

New VoIP Application Platform to Drive Enhanced Communications
HearMe has unveiled the newest release of VoiceSERVER, their cornerstone VoIP application platform for deploying enhanced services by merging telephony and the Web via the next-generation communications network. Such VoIP calling features such as "instant" conferencing, presence, click-to-call, find-me/follow-me, and voice enhanced CRM, are supported.
www.hearme.com / 650.429.3900

China Mobile Selects Portal Software For Next-Gen Software
Portal Software's Infranet Interconnect software will support the increasingly stringent demands for efficient, accurate, and transparent settlement among China Mobile's provincial subsidiaries. Upon completion, China Mobile's settlement center will be capable of handling tens of millions of events per hour and deliver necessary flexibility, availability, and scalability to support new services for customers.
www.portal.com / 888.343.4400

Storm Telecommunications Brewing Up High-Level IP
Storm Telecommunications announced plans to run advanced IP managed services over its optical network and to expand its channel coverage to the enterprise and e-business communities. Storm's intelligent mesh network will shortly be delivering advanced IP services to 12 European countries and the U.S.
www.stormtel.com / +44 (0)20 7776 0000

iPass Provides Remote Global Broadband Roaming
iPass announces the deployment of iPassConnect 2.0 remote access clients that enable secure, high-speed Global Broadband Roaming over wireless devices and wireline connections in airports, hotels, convention centers, and other locations frequented by business travelers. Through iPassConnect 2.0, users experience a single source of service availability, greatly reducing the complexity of planning both travel arrangements and remote access.
www.ipass.com / 650.232.4100

Motorola Provides Wide Range Of IP Solutions
Motorola Computer Group announces the PXP2000 family of control management platforms that provide a smooth migration path to a packet switching-based network infrastructure. The PXP series helps deliver and OEM platform for packet network-based carrier grade applications such as intelligent edge switch routers, Web hosting, network access, and wireless infrastructure.
www.mcg.mot.com / 800.759.1107

Natural MicroSystems Acquires Mobilee
NMS announces a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Mobilee, Inc., a Boston-based wireless Internet infrastructure provider. This acquisition adds key technology, including VoiceXML and audio streaming, to the company's platforms for voice-activated, Web-to-phone services. In related news, the first product offering to come from the acquisition is the HearSay SoftServer, a complete phone-to-Web platform.
www.nmss.com / 508.620.9300

Telco Systems Launches Cross-Platform Element Management System
The new edgeview Element Management System (EMS) is a cross-platform EMS that offers Web-based management for Telco Systems' Edgelink Family of products through a simple and intuitive GUI interface with complete access to maps, events, alerts, network databases, reports, MIB browsing, and administration.
www.telco.com / 781.551.0300

Occam Networks Introduces Broadband Loop Carrier Platforms
Boasting the functionality of DLC, DSLAM, media gateway, and loop tester on a single platform, Broadband Loop Carriers is the new class of carrier equipment from Occam Networks. "BLC's represent a significant departure for carrier broadband deployments because, for the first time, they provide a cost-effective, simple approach to voice and data service delivery," states Lisa Farr, Occam's president and CEO.
www.occamnetworks.com / 805.692.6220

Solution 5.0 Offers New Functionality And Support
Solution 5.0 from MetaSolv is the newest version of its OSS solution. To support the global marketplace, it extends functionality to allow flexibility for service providers operating in diverse regulatory, logistical, and geographic environments. 5.0 enables providers to flexibly define how equipment, locations, and other critical network and service information will be entered in the OSS.
www.metasolv.com / 800.747.0791

Universal Port Technology From CommWorks
CommWorks is proud to announce that a new universal port technology that will allow service providers to use the same dial port to terminate voice, data, and fax calls is under development. Service providers using the Total Control 1000 Enhanced Data System from CommWorks can upgrade their systems to universal port status through a software upgrade.
www.commworks.com / 800.738.3266

ITOX CS15 Motherboard
The new ITOX CS15 full-function, powerful PC motherboard features a video controller and three LAN interfaces on board. It can support up to three PCI expansion cards, and its built-in 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX LAN interfaces make it ideal for network appliances and low-profile servers that require multiple Ethernet ports such as Network Attached Storage, firewalls, gateways, and VPNs.
www.itox.com / 732.390.2815

InterNetShare Welcomes All Aboard!
InterNetShare is proud to announce its All Aboard! Advanced Edge Router product family targeted to corporate end-users, ISPs, and OEMs that require simplified, secure communications among remote LAN users. Configuration is done via a standard Web browser and is fully compliant with all Internet standards.
www.internetshare.com / 408.735.9800

VoiceGenie Announces Complete Voice Web Solution
VoiceGenie VoiceXML Gateway 5.0, which provides 100 percent compliance to the VoiceXML 1.0 standard with VoIP capability supporting SIP and H.323 protocols, enables a company's customers or employees to access Web information, conduct on-line transactions, and manage personal communications, including e-mail and voice-activated dialing. In addition, applications and services developed today on VoiceGenie's VoiceXML Gateway 4.0 are VoIP ready.
www.voicegenie.com / 416.736.0905

Broadwing Communications Unveils All-Optical Switched Network
By switching light across the entire network backbone, without electrical regeneration, the 18,500-mile Broadwing network will operate at high levels of capacity, speed, availability, and efficiency. The unique capabilities of Broadwing's all-optical network are attracting customers who are dissatisfied with today's current high-bandwidth options.
www.broadwing.com / 800.276.2394

Envox 4.0 Offers Developers Expanded Communications Resources
With added support for XML, ATM, SS7, and IMAP4, the 4.0 release of the Envox Communications Development Platform gives developers additional resources for the rapid development of advanced communications applications. The Envox Communications Development Platform consists of the Envox Studio, a GUI programming environment for rapid application development and the Envox Communications Server, a scalable Windows-based runtime environment.
www.envox.com / 508.898.2600

ADLINK's New E-Platform
The E-PLATFORM series is a versatile rackmounted computer sporting a unique design that uses a half-sized SBC and extends computing applications from there with two PCI slot risers into a 1U-high box. It can be implemented as an intelligent router, switch, firewall, gateway, thin-server, e-mail/Internet server, or other OEM-specific computing product.
www.adlinktechnology.com / 949.250.3339

TalkingNets To Deliver Over Cogent Communications Network
TalkingNets, a telephony ASP, announced that it will extend its next-generation voice services to small and medium sized businesses utilizing Cogent Communications' Optical IP Network. Under the agreement, TalkingNets will deliver its softswitch-based voice services to broadband service provider customers over Cogent's nationwide network.
www.talkingnets.com / 910.256.0770

Everest Broadband Scales Metropolitan Ethernet Services Architecture
Everest Broadband Networks announces the strategy for its Metropolitan Ethernet Services Architecture and the deployment of its first MESA-based points-of-presence in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Dallas, Toronto, and Montreal. MESA enables Everest to deliver converged voice, data, video, and best-of-breed applications services to the premises of small and medium-sized business customers in multi-tenant unit buildings.
www.everestbroadband.com / 800.918.1900

Ariel Corporation Enables Smaller ISPs and CLECs
The BypaSS7 Signaling Service from Ariel, which greatly reduces up-front capital equipment expenditures for deploying SS7-based, switchless, 56K/ISDN dial up service, enables ISPs and CLECs to offer SS7-based switchless Internet access without having to purchase and operate expensive SS7 infrastructure.
www.ariel.com / 609.860.2900

Strike Up The Bandwidth!
Aplion Networks has completed its Network Virtuoso platform with the availability of Orchestra and Duet, two key network elements. Network Virtuoso is an infrastructure product line that enables providers to create services in software instead of dedicated hardware, without being tied to specific protocols. Using a dual-ended approach consisting of service edge equipment and customer premise equipment along with management software, service providers can quickly and cost-effectively deliver revenue-rich services to their customers.
www.aplion.com / 732.287.5700

TOPP Of The Class 5
Taqua Systems has launched Taqua Open Partners Program in order to accelerate the acceptance and deployment of next-generation Class 5 switching platforms for voice and data convergence by attracting developers, vendors, service providers, system integrators, and OEM partners to work cooperatively for the global service provider market.
www.taqua.com / 508.778.8808

Spectrum Announces aXs.110
The aXs.110 is the first in a series of VoIP and VoATM Evaluation and Reference Platforms. It is a self-contained unit that allows customers to directly evaluate Spectrum's new aXs voice-processing products into their broadband voice gateways that bridge the PSTN and packet networks. The aXs.110 supports up to OC-3 capacities with fully integrated support for voice processing algorithms, packet processing, and call control.
www.spectrumsignal.com / 604.421.5422

Ixthos Announces CompactPCI DSP Board
This new CompactPCI board from Ixthos was designed specifically for 3G wireless and broadband telecommunications applications. Four AltiVec PowerPC 7400/7410 processors at 400-600 MHz, providing over 16 GFLOPS of available DSP performance, Ixthos's CHAMP architecture, and seven on-board, intelligent DMA controllers, combine to make this board ideal for high-density advanced voice, video, and data convergence.
www.ixthos.com / 703.779.7800

VBrick Introduces Streaming DVD
The VBrick 4000, 5000, and 6000 low-cost MPEG-2 network appliances designed for high-end video applications are now available from VBrick. Organizations can increase productivity by using the devices for monitoring, streaming news, and reducing costs by training and educating students remotely through the use of the VBrick system. These new VBricks stream DVD-quality video and CD-quality stereo audio directly to any number of PCs that are outfitted with VBrick's StreamPlayerII software decoder.
www.vbrick.com / 203.265.0044

MGCP Interoperable Through Mediatrix
The MGCP Stack joins Mediatrix's SIP stack in the company's portfolio of IP telephony software offerings. Both stacks have been licensed to major OEMs and are included as options in Mediatrix's own line of IP Telephony Adapters. "Mediatrix's proven IP telephony technology allows its customers to deploy VoIP in new generation networks today," stated Dr. Genoni, president and CEO.
www.mediatrix.com / 514.285.0058

IBM To Offer New Telco Servers
The deskside p620 and rack-mounted p660 are midrange UNIX servers built to contain IBM-pioneered Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology. Microprocessors built with SOI run up to 35 percent faster and at much cooler temperatures than traditional aluminum chips, increasing server performance and up-time. "With this announcement, IBM combines support for open standards with the latest advancements in hardware technology to offer the industry's most powerful and flexible midrange systems," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM Web Servers Unit.
www.ibm.com / 800.426.4968

Ridgeway VX Communications System Now Available
Ridgeway has announced the availability of the Ridgeway VX Communication System, giving service providers the ability to quickly and easily supply IP voice and video services, even to H.323 end-points with private IP addresses. The solution, which is comprised of both hardware and software, enables secure delivery of media over existing network infrastructure and into private IP environments.
www.ridgeway.com / 512.231.7300

CG Mupac Offers New SBC For Industrial Applications
Model SBCPxBX is a new PICMG-compliant PCI/ISA industrial SBC from Carlo Gavazzi Mupac that brings speed, scalable performance, and long life to Internet/intranet, CTI, VoIP, industrial automation, military/aerospace, and medical applications. The unit features an Intel Pentium III FCA-PGA or PPGA Celeron processor up to 850 MHz with on-die L2 cache running at full core speed.
www.carlogavazzi.com / 508.588.6110

New TBP-19A12 Backplane From I-Bus/Phoenix
The TBP-19A12 provides a backplane option for telecommunications, broadcast, telephony, industrial, and medical OEMs. Designed to PCI V2.1 specifications, it supports 12 full-length PCI slots, five ISA slots, and two CPU slots, and is constructed of six layers. The TBP-19A12 fits into a wide range of I-Bus/Phoenix enclosures, including the TR6 and 4820 series and the IFTA+.
www.ibus.com / 585.503.3000

MasterMind Plots Release Of VoIP IVR Platform
The AOS 1000 IP-IVR Media Server platform provides next-gen network service providers with an open platform for deploying rich, extensible, and reliable services across the packet network. With an intuitive visual service creation environment and customizable off the shelf solutions, AOS 100 lets CSP's deploy a full range of traditional IVR and enhanced telephony services.
www.mastermind.com / 202.298.8500

Call Sciences Acquires Vocal Link Technology
In a move that will expand the Web-based capabilities of its unified communications service offerings, Call Sciences has announced that it has acquired Vocal Link, a communications services provider specializing in e-mail hosting and voice activated unified messaging. New services such as enhanced speech recognition, synchronization tools, e-mail hosting, security tools, portal services, and other unified messaging technologies will now be offered by Call Sciences.
www.callsciences.com / 800.669.5400

Agere Systems Powers ORiNOCO Wireless
Agere Systems, formerly known as the Microelectronics Group of Lucent Technologies, announced a new suite of features and capabilities for the ORiNOCO wireless networking system. The new software will provide users with greater ease of use and configuration tools for network and system managers.
www.agere.com / 908.508.8234

BeVocal And iBasis Connect To Expand European VoiceXML
This new BeVocal-iBasis relationship offers speech application developers European telephone number access to the BeVocal Caf�, delivering significant cost-savings for European developers who want to use the BeVocal Caf� to test and demonstrate applications for customers through the use of the iBasis Network. These services are available at no additional cost to VoiceXML developers who want to test and demonstrate their applications.
www.cafe.bevocal.com / 408.907.3200
www.ibasis.net / 781.505.7500

NetNumber and Indigo Software Partner To Advance IP Communications
Indigo Software and NetNumber will partner in order to facilitate the deployment of a wholly transparent, network access numbering technology. The alliance will help service providers to deliver enhanced Internet communications solutions based on NetNumber's ENUM Service and Indigo Software's SIP-based product ensemble. This new partnership will help service providers avoid costly routing over the PSTN.
www.netnumber.com / 512.241.1855
www.indigosw.com / 415.887.351

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