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Letters To The Editor
January 2001


In This Month's Mailbag

In response to Marc Robins' Mind Share (October 2000), "Rumors and Ruminations."

I just read your article on Microsoft's possible dive into the SIP world. I'd venture to guess then that SIP (and SIP enabled communications) might well be within your purview.

In short, I'd like the chance to talk about NetNumber. We recently launched the world's first carrier-grade, full-service ENUM registry service. NetNumber's service allows IP endpoints to be referenced to PSTN numbers, which indeed serves as an ideal unique identifier. As this service is separate and distinct from any given service provider, it allows look-ups to a broader world of IP endpoints, thereby increasing the chance that a call will avoid termination on the PSTN. Despite getting service up last week, we've only recently been moving aggressively to work with vendors and service providers alike. Luckily, both parties have been extremely receptive to our message.

I'd also point you to a flurry of activity by standards bodies and regulatory agencies alike. The ITU's involvement proves particularly interesting in terms of encroachment into the Internet space.
-- Nick Turner

In response to the November TMC Labs Review: Super Technologies' SuperPhone.

I was very much interested in your November review of Super Technologies' "Super Phone." I agree with your comment about 'sticker shock:' it's expensive. In that article you also mentioned your review of competing products regarding VoIP technology. Since I'm new in this area, I would appreciate any assistance you could give me.

The bottom line is that we are a non-profit that needs to make a lot of long-distance calls within the U.S.A., but our budget is razor thin.

We would like to invest in a VolP product to lower our long-distance telephone costs. Could you recommend a product that you have reviewed that you consider as the best in the market?

Thank you for your assistance.

- Edward Wollmann

Tom Keating responds:

Your best bet is going with an ITSP (such as deltathree or Net2Phone) that offers lower calling rates, albeit not necessarily "free." There aren't currently any "free" VoIP long distance products using just your standard telephone -- at least not that I am aware of. Although I do remember hearing something about companies offering free long-distance if you listen to a 30 second advertisement before the call is connected...

I should point out that there are PC-to-phone products that offer "free" VoIP long-distance. The only catch is that you need a multimedia PC with a decent processor and a good echo-canceling microphone or headset. Check out the PC-to-Phone solutions from DialPad, Net2Phone, and deltathree. Quicknet and Innomedia also make some nice products that might suit your needs, so make sure to check them out as well.

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