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July 2003
Customer Inter@ction Solutions' Magazine's Fourth-Annual CRM Excellence Awards
(Part II)

For the fourth consecutive year, the editors of Customer Inter@ction Solutions' dared readers to prove that their companies have what it takes to win the coveted CRM Excellence Award. Read on to find out which companies have what it takes to excel.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of the very large volume of deserving award recipients, the CRM Excellence Awards are being presented in two parts, with the first part appearing in the June 2003 issue of Customer Inter@ction Solutions'

The CEO Spotlight

Executive Roundtable

Foreshore: A Vision Of  CRM Outsourcing
By Richard M. Earley,
Covansys Corporation
Over the past decade, and especially in the last five years, many U.S. and European companies have turned to global outsourcers for technical services. Some of these companies have achieved tremendous success, while the results for others have been disastrous. As in so many cases, the devil is in the details.

Offshore Call Center Outsourcing: International Site Selection Strategies
By Shailen Gupta, Renodis
Over the past few years, the nature of the outsourcing game has changed. Companies, both small and large, are looking outside of national borders ('offshore') in search of further outsourcing benefits.

Taking Your Sales Channels To The Web: A Seven-Step Guide
By Tom Mescall,
Comergent Technologies
Since channel partners provide value-added services, such as global and vertical reach, logistics and customer service and support, these critical relationships need to be nurtured rather than neglected. These companies must establish a cohesive and effective approach to B2B e-business ' an approach that leverages and extends traditional sales and distribution channels to drive top-line growth while reducing costs.

IP Breathes New Life Into The Virtual Contact Center
By Brian Anderson,
Aspect Communications
Large businesses that implemented virtual contact centers have, in fact, seen the results that vendors promised. But another factor must be taken into consideration, a factor no one predicted in the early 1990s when the vision of the virtual contact center first came into sight on the business horizon ' the economic downturn that has plagued businesses in the opening years of the 21st century.

The Benefits Of IP-Enabling A Contact Center
By Laura Powers, Nortel Networks
Voice over IP (VoIP) has come a long way since the first rudimentary applications which provided erratic, yet free, phone calls over the unmanaged, open Web. Today, the maturity of VoIP standards and quality of service (QoS) on IP networks provide new opportunities for enterprises in the form of IP contact centers.

Are Your Customers In Call Center Hell?
By Jay Henderson,
Vertical Networks
Few enterprises realize that their call center systems may, in fact, be doing more to harm local customer relationships than to enhance them. One of the main problems is the inability of remote offices and stores to collect, track and share intelligence about incoming customer calls with either the main call center or other remote locations.

Reno, Nevada: A Lucky Spot For Contact Centers
By James Beatty, NCS International, Inc.
You may be surprised to know Reno has a thriving, growing contact center industry.


July 2003

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