2006 Innovation Awards Application

What are the TMC Labs Innovation Awards?

If you have questions, please email Tom Keating, tkeating-atsign-tmcnet.com  (replace -atsign- with @ ) or call 203-852-6800 x149

TMC Labs does not accept applications from beta products or products under NDA that have not been brought to market. However, newer versions of an existing product may apply for this award, even if the newer version is in "beta."

TMC Labs reserves the right to only analyze the feature-set of the older, existing product to guard against "vaporware" claims in the beta product.

Although TMC Labs may request a demo or test drive of the product, we do not require to actually test or use the product. Since there are too many applicants to test each product individually, we garner our information about the product from this application, checking customer references, looking at the feature-set, as well as examining screenshots for a "feel" for the product. We also utilize other resources such as our knowledge of the industry and our visits to industry-related tradeshows where we often actually see and demo many of the applicants' products.

A nonrefundable application fee of $1299 (Early Bird Pricing - see Early Bird dates below) or $1499 per product (after Early Bird) per magazine is required with all application submissions.
  • Each magazine applied for is a separate $1299 application fee.
  • Multiple products require a separate application for each.

    [The TMC Labs engineers perform extensive research on each applicant, including checking customer references. Due to the amount of time and labor involved, an application fee was implemented to cover these costs.]

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  • Make check out to: Technology Marketing Corporation
  • Mail to: 1 Technology Plaza. Norwalk, CT 06854 USA

    If you elect to make payment by 'check' :
    note that your application will be put "on hold" by our accounting department and then "released" once your check has been received. Your application will not be seen by the judges until that time. We recommend you send a check as soon as possible to avoid not being considered due to a late payment.

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  • Select which magazines' award you are applying for:
    ($1299 per magazine per product if in Early Bird date. Note that each magazine has a different Early Bird Date, so it is possible if applying to both magazines to get early bird pricing on one but not the other.)
    Application is CLOSED and will re-open Jan 1st, 2006

    Please note: all fields must be filled in.

    Company Name:
    Product Name:
    First Version of your product
    Version Number:
    (i.e. V1.0)
    Release Date:
    (i.e. 04/10/00)
    Latest Version of your product
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    (i.e. V4.1)
    Release Date:
    (i.e. 03/05/04)

    What is your target market
    (enterprise, service providers, Fortune 500, SOHO, etc.)?
    List your current competitors (and product name if known).
    Specifically, what does your product do?
    Innovation is often a question of firsts, i.e. the first on the market or first to develop a particular technology for a given industry. Can you say that your product/service has been the first to accomplish either of these things?
    Has your product/suite been the first to use an existing technology in a new way, or for a different purpose? Perhaps in conjunction with other industry-related product(s) to create a unique offering? Explain further.
    Perhaps from a slightly more technical perspective, do any of your product(s)/service(s) break new ground in accomplishing their intended objectives or mission?
    Why should a potential customer use your product(s)/service(s), over a competitor?
    Are there any other unique or distinctive features about your product?
    Please list customer references of those that have (or soon will) deployed your solution. Include as much contact information as possible, including company, contact name, phone number, and email address. We will accept just company names, but would prefer detailed contact information as well. We keep customer references strictly confidential and will not disclose any customers without explicit permission from both the TMC Labs Innovation Award applicant and the customer. The more references you list, the better.

    However customer references are not required in order to win, though it certainly helps if you include them in this application. We look at the whole application and customer references are only one "slice" of the whole pie, so do not be concerned if you can't include customer references. There are many instances when customer references cannot be included, such as selling direct to resellers or direct to consumers. Thus, if you offer an end-user/consumer-type product, then this field may be skipped. Just make a note in this field for the reason why references could not be included.

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