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October 1998

This month's winners:
Vocal'Net Telephony Gateway
Panasonic's PanaFax UF770i
Linkon's LinkNet IP Telephony Gateway


Vocal'Net Telephony Gateway

7300 W. Boston Street
Chandler, AZ 85226 www.inter-tel.com

Inter-Tel's Vocal'Net Telephony Gateway is designed to allow organizations to bypass traditional public telecommunications networks and reduce long-distance costs by providing a gateway between circuit-switched phone systems and packet-switched Intranets or the public Internet. As a result, organizations can maintain their current phone systems, while choosing to route long-distance calls across the same network they use for their data communications.

The Vocal'Net Telephony Gateway is scalable from 8 to hundreds of ports depending on the needs of small to large businesses. Packetization and real-time compression take place on high-performance DSP cards, with no significant impact on the CPU. Minimum platform requirements for the Vocal'Net include Windows NT operating system, a Pentium 100 processor, 10 MB of disk space, and 16 MB of RAM. The system works with any manufacturer's PBX as well as any existing computer network.

The current version of Vocal'Net allows local or remote configuration over the IP data network for programming multiple locations worldwide, and also offers a call accounting package (InsideTrack), which provides the ability to define and run custom reports as well as several predefined reports. Predefined reports include: Detailed and summary by account number; Detailed and summary by telephone number; or Detailed and summary by IP address. Future enhancements to Inter-Tel's telephony gateway will include: Increased capacity of up to 96 ports per server; Support for H.323, G.723.1, G.729a, Voxware, and elemedia; as well as a fax gateway, fax broadcast, and a video gateway.

Inter-Tel has mobilized a domestic network of Vocal'Net IP gateways over a managed backbone. The network, called Inter-Tel.net, uses dedicated bandwidth from large backbone providers to deliver high quality voice connections. Business customers who have established their own network of Vocal'Net IP gateways and ISPs or other service providers who have built their own point-to-point long-distance/IP networks are able to extend the reach of their network by tapping into Inter-Tel.net at any time for a minimal access fee, resulting in much lower long-distance costs.

For more information, contact Inter-Tel at 602-961-9000 or visit their Web site at www.inter-tel.com.

PanaFax UF770i

Panasonic Office Products Company
2 Panasonic Way
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Panasonic's Internet-enabled fax machine -- the Panafax UF-770I -- is designed to reduce phone charges for companies that find themselves sending frequent global and/or long-distance faxes. The Panafax UF-770i is a hardware-based solution that sends and receives documents, pictures, photos, hand-written messages, and e-mail over the Internet by simply pressing a "one-touch" key. Instead of entering a telephone number, the user dials in an e-mail address on the keypad.

The PanaFax UF 770i works by first scanning a document and compressing the binary image. It wraps the compressed image data with TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) headers and tags and then encodes the TIFF file in base64. The data is then attached to a MIME file (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) and passed through a predetermined mail server with SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). If another Internet fax is the receiving device, the original message will be printed automatically.

The UF-770i also automatically prints e-mail messages sent to it, making it an all-in-one communications center.To ensure that the UF-770i works seamlessly with PCs both on and off the network, Panasonic offers free software utilities to send and receive Internet faxes. A TIFF viewer and Internet fax converter are available for download from Panasonic's Web site at www.panasonic.com/internetfax. The TIFF viewer allows quick and easy viewing of Internet faxes received in a desktop PC's e-mail inbox, and the TIFF converter lets the user create Internet fax files by selecting a printer driver command and saving the file.

The UF-770i is also a standard G3-compatible fax device with Full Dual Access operation and a fast 3-Second Quick Scan feature designed to eliminate long waits. The high-performance Panafax UF-770i can be configured with a variety of memory and paper cassette options for practically every office requirement.

Other features include:

  • 50-page Automatic Document Feeder.
  • Departmental Codes: Using up to 24 codes, the Panafax UF-770i can track and monitor department-by-department fax usage.
  • Check and Call function automatically reports low toner status and certain mechanical failures to the Service Center.

The Panafax UF-770i offers high-quality, plain-paper printing in letter, legal, and A4 formats. Photos and text can be reproduced on the same page with excellent clarity and sharpness thanks to Panasonic's Facsimile Image Processor chip, which features Auto Picture/Text Recognition, Edge Enhancement, and a Quality Mode 64-level gray scale. A Fast Mode feature is also available, offering extra-quick transmission of photos and diagrams.

For more information, contact the company at 800-742-8086 or visit the Panasonic Web site at www.panasonic.com/office.

LinkNet IP Telephony Gateway

Linkon Corporation
140 Sherman Street
Fairfield, CT 06430

The LinkNet IP Telephony Gateway, from Linkon Corporation is designed as an open system platform with a full set of enabling technologies capable of supporting a wide range of IP to PSTN communications applications, including phone-to-phone, PC-to-phone, phone-to-PC, real-time and store and forward fax, voice over frame relay, voice over cable, and voice over ATM.

At present, the LinkNet IP Gateway can support from four analog channels to multiple E1/T1 digital circuits, providing up to 90/96 full-duplex digital communications channels. Several recent enhancements include integrated IP voice and fax communications, IP switching, consolidated logging and reporting functions, SS7 (Signaling System 7) protocol support, telco-grade hardware-based echo-cancellation, a robust "QoS" (Quality of Service) and network management feature-set, and enhanced services support for interactive voice response and speech recognition.

The LinkNet gateway operates on Sun Microsystems's SPARC/S-bus-based IP communications platform. At the heart of the LinkNet hardware architecture lies the foundation-switching card. This carrier card interfaces with the host bus to provide connectivity to internal computer telephony bus structures, such as MVIP and SCSA. In addition to supporting the S-bus, cards will be available to support ISA bus, PCI, CompactPCI, and VME bus implementations.

LinkNet's DSP Feature modules, which attach to the foundation-switching card, comprise a complete processing system at board level. During system initialization, the DSP software, which implements all of the IP communications and universal port features, load into the modules. The DSP software also manages the software license mechanism, allowing in-field upgrades of the modules' capabilities. The DSP modules execute a software implementation of all of the IP telephony universal port functionality. Loaded once at system initialization, they serve as discrete processing engines for IP audio compression codecs, fax processing, speech recognition, speaker verification, text-to-speech, modem, DTMF detection and generation, and all real-time speech input/output, including compression and decompression.

ITU H.323 communication control has been accounted for in the design specifications undertaken for SS7. The ITU H.323 call control model is based on ITU H.245, which is part of the SS7 call models utilized in the design specifications. The signaling server software will be extended to support unique characteristics of H.323, allowing the co-existence of multiple signaling protocols.

For more information, contact Linkon at 203-319-3123, or visit their Web site at www.linkon.com.

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