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May 1998

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GN Netcom/Unex Introduces Headset Switch
The SeleCT Computer/Telephone switch for headsets has been released by GN Netcom/Unex. The switch allows a headset user to move from the telephone to working with multimedia, speech recognition and voice over Internet applications on the computer. The switch is compatible with all GN Netcom/Unex products, including the MPA Satellite wireless headset. For more information, contact Martha Boissonneault at 800-345-8639 or see www.gnnetcom.com.

Microsolutions Launches Consumer Tracking System
Microsolutions Development Corporation, which develops Lotus Notes-software solutions, has introduced CATRAK. Geared for corporations that use Lotus Notes, this new consumer affairs tracking system provides real-time drill capability, automatic routing of contact records, and the automatic generation of follow-up letters and reports to management. For more information, contact Denise Ratti at 800-897-2162 or visit www.microsolutionsdevco.com.  

Omtool Presents Fax Sr./Network ScanJet 5
The new Fax Sr./Network ScanJet 5 module provides users with a unified method for sending and receiving paper and electronic faxes from all PC desktops. Produced by Omtool Ltd., the module incorporates Omtool’s network, Windows NT-based fax server software with Hewlett Packard’s ScanJet 5 network scanners. Using a keypad, scanned images can be faxed directly to a destination using LAN support and Windows NT servers. For more information, contact Craig Randall at 603-898-8900 or visit www.omtool.com

KONEXX Presents New Direct Wall Interface
Computer-telephone connectivity product provider KONEXX has launched DWIatt2. This direct wall interface, dual-channel product enables the simultaneous use of an analog telecommunication device (such as modems, fax machines, cordless phones and teleconferencing units) and a Lucent phone set over the same digital phone jack or station port. For more information, call 800-275-6354 or see www.konexx.com

Omtool Integrates Fax Sr. With MS Desktop
Omtool Ltd. has integrated Fax Sr., its international network fax server software for Windows NT, with Lucent Technologies’ Octel Unified Messenger. Users now collect, access and process all types of communications by phone or PC from any Microsoft Exchange or Outlook desktop client. Other Fax Sr. platforms include VMS and UNIX. For more information, contact Craig Randall at 603-898-8900 or see www.omtool.com

New Workflow Technology Developed By InConcert
InConcert, Inc., a Xerox New Enterprise Company, has launched Teoss, a high-end software application that streamlines processing or activating new telephone line and communications service orders. Designed for cable, Internet and wireless service providers, established LECs, RBOCs, and long-distance service providers, Teoss allows them to reduce errors and increase throughput, thus creating greater revenue and better customer service. For more information, call Betty Zakheim at 617-868-4700 or see www.InConcert.com.  

VCS Launches Ready Receptionist 100
Capitalizing on its speech recognition technology, Voice Control Systems has released Ready Receptionist 100. This new product is designed to connect incoming or internal calls by asking callers to say the name of the person they wish to reach. Geared toward small- to medium-sized businesses, Ready Receptionist 100 is a software-only system that runs on the host processor. VCS also offers Ready Receptionist 200 and 500 models, which can be integrated with any existing PBX or key telephone system. For more information, contact Brad Prizer at 972-726-1200 or visit www.voice-control.com.  

Sinequanon Releases Call Coach
Call Coach is a new sales training reinforcement tool that attaches to a computer monitor. Sinequanon Group developed the product to offer telesales agents quick reference to skills and strategies learned in training. Reference tabs cover such topics as closing the sale, overcoming objections, keeping a positive focus and making customers want to buy. Another feature allows personalized coaching messages. For more information, contact Arlene Johnson at 972- 991-6991.

AQS Provides Disaster Relief
Turn pale at the thought of a catastrophe disrupting your phone system and business? Advanced Queuing Systems (AQS) has developed CrossPoint PBXParachute, a disaster recovery service that provides emergency telephone backup. For a monthly fee, AQS creates a mirror-copy, virtual office using the same phone extensions and greetings as the client company. Once a company requests PBXParachute to be deployed, it forwards its calls to the toll-free number it was assigned by AQS and the calls are routed to the backup phone numbers chosen by the client company’s employees (i.e., home, car, cell phone). For more information, contact Steve Lange at 888-825-0800, ext. 312, or visit www.aqsys.com.  

Maximizer Introduces Maximizer 4.0
Maximizer Technologies has released Maximizer Enterprise 4.0, which combines the contact management of Maximizer 97 with Opportunity Management System (OMS) and group security features. Introduced in 1995, Maximizer Enterprise offered small- to mid-sized companies an off- the-shelf alternative to custom-designed sales force automation solutions. Maximizer Enterprise 4.0 builds on the management strengths of previous versions by allowing all users to share one company-wide database. For more information, contact Ilona Torok at 604-601-8025 or see www.maximizer.com/upgrade/p>

FirstCall Presents IntegraCall
FirstCall Communications, Inc. has introduced a flexible call-distribution system called IntegraCall. This product allows companies to outsource call-processing requirements, replacing the need for stand-alone ACD, IVR and PBX functions. Through tight integration of IVR, ACD and PBX, it can be used in an environment that’s live, automated or both. Some features include call handling in IVR, skills-based routing, full CTI, and ability to handle Web callbacks and Internet phone calls. For more information, contact Roy Semplenski at 954-453- 7830.

Vitel Releases New Voice Mail Software
Telecommunications software development company Vitel Software, Inc. has introduced the newest version of VMACS-Plus for Centigram.This release provides TCP/IP connectivity, which enables organizations with many Centigram systems to pull voice mail statistics into one system. Administrators use this software to monitor system usage and flag potential tracking issues and trends. For more information, call 508-831-9700 or see www.vitelsoftware.com

Goal-Based Learning From DC Systems
The technology-based training company DC Systems Education has announced its Goal Based Learning (GBL) approach to education. The GBL approach focuses on the discovery of needs, assessment of skills, design of curriculum, course delivery and program maintenance. These steps foster learning and comprehension for participants as they execute their company’s tailored curricula. For more information, contact Kathy Houska at 603-834-2095 or visit www.dcsys.com

IBM Upgrades Its DirectTalk IVR
IBM now offers its DirectTalk Business Partners a Windows NT tool kit to increase access to its DirectTalk IVR software, along with the currently available OS/2 and AIX platforms. DirectTalk for AIX has new voice recognition options, so callers can use the spoken word instead of key presses. IBM has also enhanced the AIX version to allow it to support more lines per system, up to 360 ports per RISC/6000. For more information, contact Kevin Levi at 212-213-7106 or visit www.networking.ibm.com/call-path.  

Mercom Develops Windows NT- Based Voice-Logging Server
Mercom Systems, Inc. has introduced the latest version of its Audiolog voice-logging server, an open-architecture product that runs on Windows NT. Among other features, this server offers digital call recording that integrates with PABX, ACD and CAD systems as well as call center, help desk, and PSAP/E911 center and other mission-critical software and standard databases. For more information, contact Bob Jagendorf at 201-507-8800, ext. 101 or see www.mercom.com.  

Labor Tracking Software Announced
WennSoft has launched W/S TimeTrack, a module designed to streamline labor tracking when used with its Service Management Series and Job Cost software programs. It works like an electronic timecard, which can result in a faster billing cycle that translates to better cash flow and quicker management reporting cycles and methods. For more information, call 414-821-4100 or visit www.-wennsoft.com

Internet & Help Desk Products…[return to the top]

Lucent Adds New Features To Its Firewall 2.0
Lucent Technologies has announced the release of Firewall 2.0 and the addition of Virtual Private Networking, management reporting ability and surveillance features to its existing firewall. The product adds new levels of security, economy and efficiency to one of the industry’s most secure, scalable and easy-to-use hardware and software platforms for protecting data networks. For more information, contact Dan Coulter at 908-580-4111 or see www.lucent.com.  

CCS To Release Windows NT- Based FirstLine Encore
Computer Communications Specialists, Inc. will offer the Windows NT-based FirstLine Encore in June 1998, the latest generation of its interactive voice and information response systems. FirstLine Encore can be remotely administered via the Internet or local Intranet. It will also support up to 144 simultaneous lines of telephony sessions. For more information, contact Cheryl Wilson at 770-441-3114, ext. 7022 or see www.ccsivr.com

ServiceWare Presents Knowledge Management Application
Knowledge-Pak Architect is ServiceWare’s latest support knowledge management software. Its open architecture lets users create and modify their own customizable Knowledge-Paks as well as deliver their base content directly over the Internet, across their Intranet or their existing help desk or call center system. For more information, call 800-KPAKS-4-U or see www.service-ware.com.  

CAI Unveils Web-Virtual Application
Century Analysis Inc. has released Web-VA, which allows business affiliates and internal personnel to view and modify data gathered from multiple applications in a single browser session. Web-VA non-invasively interacts with combinations of existing applications on behalf of thin clients. Additionally, it stores all transactions and guarantees delivery to multiple applications. For more information, call 510-691-2500 or visit www.cainc.com

Magic Solutions Focuses On Help Desk Managers
Magic Solutions International, Inc. provides help desk managers a cost-effective method to maintain their support and network operations from one central console. SupportMagic Enterprise Edition integrates desktop management tools from Intel and Microsoft, but is powered by Magic Solutions’ Statistical Information Retrieval (SIR), which is the only knowledge search engine designed specifically for the help desk. For more information, contact Carole Walters at 201-587-1515, ext. 1515 or see www.magicsolutions.com.  

Intelligent Self-Service From ServiceSoft
ServiceSoft Corporation has released Version 4 of Web Advisor and Knowledge Builder, which includes new features designed to provide smarter, more personalized advice for end users. The new Activated Question feature (troubleshooting questions automatically answered by a client-side or server-side Java or ActiveX applet) allows Web Advisor to automatically determine end user configurations, service contract status, prioritization, inventory and many other items. ServiceSoft’s Team Authoring and Web Authoring allow different groups to easily work together whether they are located across a LAN or across the Web. For more information, contact Leila Dillon at 781-449-0049, ext. 238 or see www.servicesoft.com.  

RMI Announces Lead System For Sales Agents
Receptive Marketing, Inc. released ULTRALeads, an Internet-based lead and customer management system for use by field sales, inside sales, customer service, customer support and technical support and managers. This sign-yourself-up and do-it-yourself system requires only Internet access, fill-in-the-blanks and point-and-click skill. For more information, call Tracy Emerick at 603-926-6233 or visit www.receptive.com

Automated Service Reps Move To Web
Neuromedia Inc. has released NeuroStudio, a line of authoring tools and server software that allows non-programmers to create automated software agents to mimic human service representatives over the Web. These "virtual reps" allow a Web page to chat with visitors via text, pictures or media clips. Many applications for these "reps" can be found in marketing, entertainment and education fields. For more information, contact J.P. Lanham at 415-752-3793 or see www.neurostudios.com

EIS Adds "Eyes Only" Link
EIS International Inc. expanded its customer service abilities with the inauguration of a new password-protected, Web-based service designed to provide maintenance customers with access to technical information and non-critical support all the time without requiring customers to place a call to Support Services or spend valuable time on hold. For more information, contact Rosanne Desmone at 703-326- 6509 or see www.sersolutions.com

CSC Implements Web Call Center
Communication Service Centers, an inbound and outbound service agency, has combined Internet and call center technologies to create the Web Call Center. The value of the Center is real-time efficiency, since it uses the client’s Web site to fulfill transactions. For more information, call 954-973- 7300 or see www.globalresponse.com

OpenROUTE Demonstrates VPN Solutions
OpenROUTE Networks, Inc. ALL Ways Secure virtual private network products deliver a multi-tiered security approach that features data encryption and authentication abilities across its line of Intent Access routers. OpenROUTE has solutions for small-to medium-sized enterprises. For more information, contact Joe Grillo at 508- 898-2800 or see www.openroute.com.  

Kana Unveils Customer Messaging System
Kana Communications Inc. has launched version 2.0 of Kana Customer Messaging System. The enterprise-class e-mail management application enables corporations to manage, respond to and capitalize on the growing volume of customer e-mail. Kana CMS uses a scalable relational database, a Java-based application and a dedicated client to enable rapid response creation. For more information, call 650-812-0406 or see www.kana.com

TALX Presents IP Telephony Solution
TALX Corporation has presented a Web-based call center using the TALXWare platform to serve Web-based users and traditional IVR "voice" callers. The IP telephony solution delivers coordinated voice and data transfer or "screen pop" capabilities to a universal call center agent regardless of whether the call originated from the Web or IVR. For more information, contact Jackie Engel at 314-434-0046 or see www.talx.com.  

CTI Products…[return to the top]

Noble Presents ATOMS Graphical Manager
With its Automated Telephone Organization Management System (ATOMS), Noble Systems Corporation provides outbound predictive dialing, inbound ACD and blended call management. This graphical user inter face is customized and based on Dialogic, Sco UNIX and Informix equipment. It can function as a stand-alone unit, tie into an existing switch or take the place of a switch. For more information, contact Maria Dixon at 404-851-1331, ext. 257 or see www.noblesys.com. 

Nortel Expands Symposium Portfolio
Symposium agent is the latest addition to the Symposium Call Center product line provided by Nortel. This desktop application automates the call center and is offered in three packages. The first is geared to meet the needs of any call center, such as a screen pop delivered with the incoming call; the second also includes a desktop softphone; the third also incorporates workflow automation and call scripting functionality. For more information, contact Carter Cromwell at 408-565-2835 or visit www.nortel.com

Melita Offers Customized Telemarketing Solution
PhoneFrame ExplorerTeleSuite is a new customized product from Melita International to enhance the quality of customer contact and telemarketing call center productivity. Some of TeleSuite’s features include customer interaction management through Melita’s MAGELLAN Plus 3.0, coaching, same agent callback, Web contact, conferencing and reporting. For more information, contact Maryjane Stout at 770-239-4000 or see www.melita.com.   Melita Introduces OpenClient Access Software Melita International has announced the second-quarter launch of Melita OpenClient Access, a software development kit the help build thin-client and other desktop applications. OpenClient includes a development environment and set of Adoptive Interface Components, enabling call center developers to build customized agent applications using their own development tools. For more information, contact Maryjane Stout at 770- 239-4002 or see www.melita.com.

PRIME CTI Releases Third- Generation Software
PRIME CTI has developed CTI Link software, the third generation in a series of CTI middleware programs. This software program allows users to connect their PIMs, contact managers or other database programs to their business phone systems for greater speed, accuracy and productivity in handling communications with customers. The 32-bit open architecture supports TAPI, TSAPI, Windows 95 and NT, DDE and other standard databases. For more information, contact R. John Bolls at 561-433-2946 or visit www.cti-software.com. 

Expansions…[return to the top]

West TeleServices Adds An Illinois Center
West TeleServices Corporation will open a new call center in Rockford, Illinois, creating approximately 500 jobs. West TeleServices secured a seven-year lease with options to expand and is currently renovating the 24,644-square-foot space. The center will have a total annual payroll of more than $6 million. West TeleServices employs 12,000 people in nine states.

Lightbridge Focuses On Asia Pacific Region
The Malaysian-based IT vendor Formis Network Services Sdn Bhd (Formis) has signed a marketing, sales and support partnership agreement with Lightbridge Inc. of Burlington, Massachusetts. Under this agreement, Formis becomes a regional partner authorized to provide Lightbridge’s FraudBuster and ChurnAlert solutions throughout the entire Asia Pacific region.

Happenings…[return to the top]

Global Access Renames Divisions
To unify its diverse businesses under a single identity, Global Access Telecommunications Services is changing its name to be consistent with its corporate parent, Williams. The new names are: Williams Conferencing for video and audio-conferencing, Williams Global Access Services for international and domestic business television services, and Williams TeleServices for inbound call center and call management.

TSC Creates New Lab
Technology Solutions Company has formed a new Relationship Architecture Design and Deployment Lab (RADD Lab) that supports CTI, Internet integration, desktop environments and others. The lab will use the industry’s top talent and remote facilities to focus on deploying enterprise customer management solutions; thus, it allows companies to eliminate finding and funding their own application development and deployment.

Ameritech Sponsors Call Center Campus At Purdue University
The annual Call Center Campus is a three-day conference sponsored by Ameritech on June 2-4, 1998. Held at Purdue University, the conference is designed for operations, human resources, technology, internal help desk and telemarketing managers. Call Center Campus focuses on call center assessment, benchmarking and problem solving. Each participant earns three continuing education credits from Purdue University as well as a certificate of accomplishment with the assessment process. Tuition is $1,500, not including room and board. For more information, contact Jon Anton at 765-494-8357 (Purdue University) or John Broschka at 312-364-2182 (Ameritech).

Modus Seeks COPC-2000 Certification
Modus Media International is pursuing certification of the COPC-2000 standard, due to its commitment ensuring quality customer service. Modus joins Microsoft, Adobe, Epson, Softbank Services Group and other companies and third-party service providers in seeking a comprehensive operations performance standard that specifies minimum operational requirements in 32 critical areas.

Internet Tax Would Hurt Consumers
Rep. Christopher Cox (R-CA) and Utah Gov. Michael Levitt are calling for Congress to authorize tax collection on all Internet, mail-order and telephone purchases in exchange for a three-year moratorium on specific Internet-related taxes. Currently, taxes are collected on purchases from residents in the states where the business operates; the proposed tax could easily turn into a national sales tax.

Notice Of Allowance Given To 911Plus
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gave a Notice of Allowance to 911Plus on its patent application for "9-1-1 private notification system for communicating 9-1-1 information." The advanced personal safety service is connected directly to 911 call centers. 911Plus provides emergency services with critical personal information about subscribers as well as a designated third-party emergency contact.

Free Inbound Call Center Time
The American Homeowners Association has developed a no-cost program for direct marketers that receive inbound credit card orders. Each time a telemarketing representative completes an order, the customer is offered a thank-you gift through a trial membership to AHA. Whether or not the customer accepts the offer, the call center will receive $2 plus all of the call center fees incurred during the "upsell" time. AHA will provide the script and training.

CCS To Automate Unemployment Claims For KS
The Kansas Department of Human Resources has signed an agreement with Computer Communications Specialists, Inc. CCS is establishing call centers for the automated telephone processing of unemployment insurance initial claims. The CCS FirstLine IVR system and FirstLine IntellAgents call control software will provide the initial handling via a touch-tone phone.

Forum Focuses On CT And Web Environment Convergence
The Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum (ECTF) is facilitating interoperability for converging computer-telephony (CT) and Web/ Internet environments. As businesses forge both PSTN and IP networks, this new convergence becomes more necessary. ECTF will concentrate on CT and Web interoperability in access, applications, databases and management.

Air Canada To Create 500 New Jobs
Air Canada plans to expand its customer call center in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The expansion will allow the airline to improve its customer service and cater to the demand for supplemental services like electronic ticketing. The center will be relocated to the downtown part of the city and will add 500 new jobs to the area over the next three years.

Strategic Alliances…[return to the top]

Fujitsu And AVT Join Forces
Fujitsu Business Communication Systems and Applied Voice Technology extended their original OEM agreement so Fujitsu will also market AVT’s Windows NT-based unified messaging and computer-telephony products. Fujitsu will integrate AVT’s CallXpress for Windows NT with Fujitsu’s F9600 Multimedia Platform PBX and Series 3 business communications platform. The products will be marketed under the Fujitsu brand name TranSend for Windows NT.

Telrad Bundles Artisoft Software
Telrad Telecommunications, Inc. now bundles the host portion of Artisoft’s CoSession Remote software with Telrad’s ImaGEN voice mail software. This partnership will allow Telrad and its dealers to provide remote support and administration to customers using the ImaGEN voice mail and auto-attendant system.

TeleMark Provides Customer Support To TNC
TeleMark Inc. has agreed to provide nationwide customer support services to existing, residential clients of Trans National Communications, Inc. TeleMark specializes in inbound and outbound live-operator telemarketing service. TNC is an affinity-based long-distance reseller that is affiliated with Trans National Group, which consists of telecommunications, travel, venture capital, financial service and membership organizations.

Tivoli And ServiceWare Team Up
Tivoli Systems is including ServiceWare’s Knowledge-Pak Suite for SAP’s R/3 within Tivoli’s support desk software called SA-EXPERTISE for R/3. Tivoli’s software allows companies to increase the speed of R/3 deployment and improve end user productivity. Since Knowledge-Pak Suite is an online, Web-accessible knowledge base, it will augment Tivoli’s service by allowing support personnel to deliver answers quickly about R/3.

ATIO And Siemens Target Small Businesses
Siemens Business Communication Systems has joined forces with ATIO Corporation to extend its reach into the small businesses market. ATIO’s Cybercall call center products will be incorporated into Siemens’ Hicom 150 E communications server aimed at allowing small businesses the same quality call routing, reporting, CTI and real-time ACD functionality of larger companies, but at a price small businesses can afford.

VCS And Lucent Link Software
Voice Control Systems Inc. will run its FreedomRecognition software on Lucent Technologies’ 4-port Vantage Volare voice-processing card in conjunction with Lucent’s RealCT Release 2 application programming interface for Windows NT. The combination will extend their computer-telephony capabilities by improving the deployment of messaging and IVR solutions. Another big plus is that FreedomRecognition provides a speech-recognition program that does not require Lucent to add specialized hardware, reducing costs by half.

Ericsson Signs Agreements To Support MPLS Solutions
Ericsson is collaborating with Bay Networks, Inc. and General DataComm to develop product lines that support the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) protocol standard using the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) specification. With each company, Ericsson will implement MPLS in carrier-class core IP/ATM switching platform. With Bay Networks, Ericsson will market it under its family name AXI 530 and Bay Networks will implement MPLS in its Backbone Node routers. General DataComm will enhance its APEX ATM Edge Switchto support MPLS in conjunction with Ericsson’s software development. Each alliance will provide telecom operators, service providers, Internet service providers and large enterprises with end-to-end IP/ATM-based WAN solutions.

MCI And Siemens Ink 5-Year Agreement
Siemens Business Communication Systems and MCI have a five-year, $2.1 billion agreement that piggy-backs an eight-year partnership that had generated more than $1 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, Siemens will deliver business to MCI and MCI will conduct joint sales activities. The two companies plan to offer customers compatible products and services, application solutions, cooperative network configurations and engineering from a single source.

AT&T Taps Pathlore For CBT
AT&T Solutions Customer Care has joined with Pathlore Software to create AT&T’s standard tool for developing and distributing network-delivered computer-based training. AT&T will integrate Pathlore’s PHOENIX for Windows training tool to streamline its multimedia training over a client/server network in North America, Europe and Asia.

Lucent To Offer VeriSign’s Digital IDs
Lucent Technologies is tendering VeriSign’s Digital IDs as a bundling feature with the Lucent Managed Firewall, which controls and secures access to an organization. Incorporating Digital IDs — which provide electronic credentials over the Internet for businesses, Web sites and individuals — Lucent will enhance its product as well as add another protective layer to help prevent security breaches as businesses move more critical functions to the Internet.

Periphonics Partners With Dasa
Periphonics Corporation, a leading supplier of IVR systems, has joined with Dasa (Daimler Benz AerospaceAG) of Germany to integrate Dasa’s advanced speech recognition technology StarRec into Periphonics’ OSCAR VPS system. Dasa’s solutions for high-volume computer-telephony markets will meld easily with Periphonics’ scalable hardware/software environment platform, since each operates with an unmodified UNIX operating software.

InterDigital And Siemens Introduce Wireless Loop
Together, InterDigital Communications Corporation and Siemens AG will be the first to market a Broadband Code Division Multiple Access (B-CDMA) technology wire-less local loop solution that delivers advanced broadband solutions. Each is part of the B-CDMA Alliance, which also includes Samsung and Alcatel.

Ericsson Licenses Sun’s Java Environments
Ericsson signed a licensing agreement to use and distribute the PersonalJava and Java Application Environment of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Ericsson will use the Java-based technology to develop its third-generation wireless products and systems that are based on the Wideband CDMA mobile communications standard.

Mergers & Acquisitions…[return to the top]

Aspect To Acquire Voicetek

Aspect Telecommunications, a leader in mission-critical call center solutions, is acquiring Voicetek Corporation for approximately $71 million. Voicetek provides software platforms and application solutions, including scalable, missioncritical IVR and network-deployed enhanced services solutions. By integrating Voicetek’s developments and expertise in Signaling System 7, Aspect seeks to establish a leadership role in the public switched telephony network market.

NICE Acquires IBS Corporation
NICE Systems Ltd. has acquired IBS Corporation, a privately held software company in San Diego, California. With IBS’ call center technologies, NICE improves its offering for large corporations with multiple call centers in various locations. NICE will also be able to address the IBM Mainframe market by providing high-end, fully integrated voice-and-screen monitoring.

TeleSpectrum Sells Division To DDS
DDS Distribution Services Ltd. has agreed to purchase the Harris Direct Mail & Fulfillment division of TeleSpectrum Worldwide Inc. TeleSpectrum will initially receive $23 million in cash and up to $4 million contingent on future performance of the division. The sale will allow TeleSpectrum to focus on teleservices and strengthen its financial position.

Teltrust Buys Calling Card Firm
Teltrust, which provides outsourced wholesale telecommunications services, will acquire Quest Group International, a leading provider of prepaid phone card systems. As a result, Teltrust’s calling card revenue is expected to double. The company will benefit from Quest’s technology and services in the prepaid and traditional calling card markets. Quest will maintain its business functions as well as Teltrust’s calling card business.

Mosaix Sells Software To Contact Point
Contact Point Technologies, a developer of voice processing technologies, has purchased Mosaix’s Scout call handling software for workgroups, including product development, support and sales. The sale allows Mosaix to focus on its core business of customer relationship management applications and call management systems.

Network Associates To Acquire Magic Solutions
Network Associates will purchase help desk provider Magic Solutions for about $110 million in cash. Network Associates, the result of the merger between McAfee Associates and Network General, sells high-end help desk implementation. Magic Solutions, which produces an off-the-shelf help desk product, will allow Network Associates to provide end-to- end help desk solutions.

Mercom Forms New Company With ISI
Mercom Systems, Inc. has joined forces with Interface Solutions, Inc. to form a new venture, Evaluation Technology & Services (ET&S), which will enable the delivery of a unified voice logging and service provider solution. Based on the recent integration of ISI’s Call Monitoring System and Mercom’s Audiolog system, ET&S is creating a worldwide dealer network for local sales and service that can be used to supplement a company’s own program or as a complete outsourced monitoring program.

ATC And IQI Announce Third- Largest Industry Merger
Dallas-based ATC Communications Group, Inc. and Los Angeles-based IQI, Inc., which are two of nation’s largest teleservices companies, have announced a definitive agreement for a stock-for-stock merger of the two companies. The combined company creates a top-tier competitor and is valued at approximately $150 million, which is the third-largest merger in the industry. Stephen A. McNeely, CEO of IQI and the announced CEO of the new entity, noted, "The combined company will provide total customer care, customer acquisition and custom market research." On an historical, proforma basis, combined 1997 revenues were $250 million. The combined company has about 8,000 teleservices professionals, 6,000 work stations and 21 call centers. "This merger matches a leader in inbound teleservices, ATC, with a leader in outbound services, IQI — it’s a great strategic fit," said Michael G. Santry, chairman and CEO of ATC. Santry will co-chair the combined company with Dr. Paul G. Stern, a founding partner of Thayer Capital, IQI’s largest shareholder. "Combining IQI’s unique capabilities in multilingual, pay-for-performance and database management with ATC’s information technology platform will create a strong, strategic weapon," Stern explained. The transaction requires ATC Communications Group shareholder and regulatory approvals, and is expected to be completed by July. To accomplish the merger, ATC will issue about 3.2 million shares of stock in exchange for IQI’s equity. IQI shareholders will own 57.5 percent of the common stock after the merger and ATC shareholders will own 42.5 percent.

International News…[return to the top]

Ireland Lands More American Investors
Ireland continues to be a favorite expansion site for American investment, as five new U.S. companies have signed investment deals to establish or expand operations in Cork and Dublin. According to the Industrial Development Agency of Ireland, 450 of the more than 1,000 overseas companies operating in Ireland are based in the United States.

Telstra Launches New Pay Phones In Australia
Telstra is rolling out new technology pay phones and smart phone cards in South Australia. By mid-1998, Telstra will have installed nearly 30,000 new pay phones throughout Australia. The pay phones feature larger, multi-language information screens, coin- and chip-based Smart Phonecard payment facilities, hearing aid couplers and volume control.

Fujitsu Creates 150 Jobs In Belfast
Fujitsu Telecommunications (Europe) is investing 5.4 million pounds sterling in a new telecommunications software development center in Belfast. Fujitsu Telecommunications Software Ireland is expected to provide 150 research and development jobs over the next five years. The center will help develop software products for European and global markets.

Envox Opens Office In Florida
The Swedish computer-telephony company Envox is opening Envox US Operations Office, located in Naples, Florida. The office will handle day-to-day operations of Envox US, including sales, marketing and technical support of its software to the CTI market. CFS To Set Up U.K. Center CFS International, an affiliate of Commercial Financial Services Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma, will enter the European debt collection market by setting up a U.K. call center this year. CFS purchases credit card debt written off by banks and other issuers. The company will operate a 15,000-square-foot office in Kent, Southeast England and will eventually employ 200 people there.

People…[return to the top]

APAC TeleServices, Inc
., a leading provider of outsourced customer service and sales, has elected Marc S. Simon president and chief operating officer.

Montgomery Ward & Co. Inc. announced that Worthington Linen is chairman and chief executive officer of The Signature Group, its wholly owned marketing subsidiary.

TeleSpectrum Worldwide Inc. has named Keith E. Alessi chairman, president and chief executive officer, succeeding Brian O’Neill, who stepped down. O’Neill will continue to be part of the board of directors.

Richard Mace is now president and chief operating officer at Network Programs, which provides business and operations support systems. Mace moved from Digital Equipment Corporation, where he was worldwide vice president of Internet Services Xantel Corporation, a Phoenix-based CTI developer, has appointed Kevin Gralen to vice president of sales and marketing.

TCS Management Group, Inc. has added Robert Dawson, Susan Morin, Sandra Norris, Robert Rounds, Carole Schrope and Pamela Trickey to its consulting group, which provides services ranging from operational reviews to PBX selection studies.

Penny Reynolds is the new director of marketing of all business development activities for Call Center University throughout North America and Europe.

L.Wayne LeRoux has joined Paymentech Inc. as group manager responsible for strategic business operations at the company’s Network Services unit.

SITEL Corporation has appointed W.Gar Richlin the executive vice president and chief financial officer, succeeding Barry Major, who became president of SITEL North America in 1997. Richlin will also become a member of SITEL’s Executive Committee.

Capital One has promoted Marge Connelly to senior vice president, credit card operations. Connelly will lead the production services and customer relations organizations including managing the company’s call centers.

IRDC USA has promoted Jay Hammans to vice president outbound client services, Eric Kaufman to vice president information systems and Bill Hoke to vice president finance/controller. Each was previously working at ProMark One, an outsourced teleservices solutions provider within IDRC.

Linda Saxon has been appointed the director of direct response marketing at Corporate Express Call Center Services in Cresskill, New Jersey.

George Daum joins IntraNet Solutions, Inc., a Web-based document management solutions provider for corporate Intranets, in the newly created position of vice president, sales and services. He will be responsible for worldwide sales, services and third-party channels.

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