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Monica Gleberman began writing in 2000. She has been published on CNN and in the Suffolk Times, Examiner, The Daily Collegian, Demand Studios, Patch, and The Tattoo. She is currently a columnist for the Connecticut Post and a reporter for The Times Beacon Record. She holds a Master of Science in journalism and communications from Quinnipiac University and a Bachelor of Science in journalism and English from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

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Outbound and Cloud Continue to Work in Harmony for Companies - 06/06/2014
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DOLE and IT-BPAP Create Action Plan for Contact Centers in Philippines - 04/25/2014
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New Governmental Contact Center Opens In Abu Dhabi - 04/10/2014
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Huawei Takes a Step Towards Revolutionizing Wearable Technology - 03/05/2014
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Convergence Solutions RCS Solution Get's Accredited By GSMA - 11/08/2013
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Nectar Services Corp. Now Qualified with Lync, Named Depth Partner - 10/30/2013
NTT Communication and Virtela Enter Into Mutually Beneficial Agreement - 10/30/2013
Roseburg, Oregon, Grows as New Call Center Hub - 10/30/2013
Care at Home Deploys AtHoc's Mobile Alert System - 10/29/2013
Interactive Intelligence and OrgSpan Sign New Agreement - 10/25/2013
Interactive Intelligence and OrgSpan Partner for Enhanced Social Customer Service Interactions - 10/25/2013
Consumer Medical Devices Market Set to Reach $10.6B by 2017 - 10/21/2013
Zetes Incorporates Lumidigm V-Series Biometric Technology - 10/18/2013
AvePoint Releases New Secure Solution for Businesses, AvePoint Perimeter - 10/18/2013
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Airports and Airlines Continue To Disappoint Mobile Obsessed Consumers - 09/25/2013
Insured Spend Almost $5000 Out-Of-Pocket - 09/25/2013
Employees Don't Get Access to Latest Tech Devices at Work - 09/25/2013
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Lync Migration Week in Review - 08/31/2013
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Black Turtle Services Hiring 1,000 Utah Employees for New Call Center - 08/29/2013
Equinox Global Telecommunications Expands Dark Fiber Technology - 08/29/2013
Call Centers Face Some Backlash from Disgruntled Employees - 08/27/2013
Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review - 08/24/2013
Motorola Solutions' Study Links Technology and Warehouse Expansion - 08/22/2013
Ad-Dispatch and Walmart Team Up on 'Man of Steel' App - 08/22/2013
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Robotic Technology Continues to Soar in Healthcare - 07/18/2013
MyMedicalRecords Introduces Digital Prescriptions to Patients - 07/18/2013
Acrobits Expands Capabilities to Include Windows by End of 2013 - 07/18/2013
Merrill & Associations to Use GENBRAND's NUVia Cloud Service to Back UCaaS Platform - 07/18/2013
WRNTY's SupeRep App Now Compatible with Windows 8 - 07/17/2013
Siemens Enterprise Communications Releases More Details on UC platform, Ansible - 07/16/2013
M2M Evolution Week in Review - 07/13/2013
TMCnet's Microsoft Lync Solution Week in Review - 07/13/2013
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ShoreTel Enters into Partnership with Williams F1 Team - 07/03/2013
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M2M Technology Continues To See Growth, Conserves Water in India - 06/27/2013
Call Centers Are In High Demand, New Hires Wanted - 06/27/2013
New Contact Center Set to Provide Help to Wounded Warriors and Veterans - 06/27/2013
YCD Multimedia Upgrades RAMP Solution to Include HTML5 - 06/27/2013
TMCnet's Lync Migration Week In Review - 06/22/2013
Lync Migration Week in Review - 06/22/2013
YCD Multimedia Upgrades RAMP Solution to Include HTML5 - 06/21/2013
O3b Networks Signs Deal with Maju Nusa to Bring Internet to Rural Areas of Malaysia - 06/21/2013
Civitium Releases New Crowdfunding Application, Crowdfiber - 06/19/2013
Independent Mobile Video Company Vuclip Reaches Over 80 Million Unique Mobile Users - 06/19/2013
Bluegrass Cellular Signs Multi-Year Contract with Interop Technologies - 06/19/2013
CISCO Creates Secured Network Using pxGrid Technology - 06/19/2013
CISCO Creates Secured Network Using pxGrid Technology - 06/18/2013
The Container Store Upgrades its Mobile Website with New Features - 06/18/2013
Employees Personal Devices Cause Great Security Risk for Companies - 06/12/2013
AT&T Brings New Unscripted Series to Social Media - 06/12/2013
Vidtel Announces New Video Conferencing Solution MeetMe - 06/12/2013
Talkilla Plans to Launch Real-time Communication Service in FireFox - 06/11/2013
Amazon Offers California Consumers New Grocery Service, AmazonFresh - 06/11/2013
Interactive Intelligence Group's CaaS Contact Center Solution Wins Pioneer Award - 06/06/2013
Bright House Network App Now Offers Free SMS Text Messaging - 06/06/2013
Nonprofits Can Benefit From Implementing a VoIP Communications System - 06/06/2013
MS LifeLines Call Center Earns Re-Certification for Customer Service - 06/06/2013
Obama's Former CTO, Harper Reed, Working On New Mobile Commerce App - 05/31/2013
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Fines Seven Organizations - 05/31/2013
YouTube Adds Slow Motion Feature to Video Editor - 05/31/2013
Alteva Launches UCaaS Solution Geared Towards Legal Firms - 05/30/2013
Apple Settles Water Damage Lawsuit for $53M - 05/30/2013
Twitter Wins Spam Lawsuit against TweetAdder - 05/30/2013
The City of Saluda Considers Hiring Transworld Systems - 05/29/2013
Addonics Technologies Adds AES 256-bit Hardware to Products - 05/29/2013
Christchurch Opens New Customer Service Center - 05/23/2013
Delta Air Lines Plans to Expand Minnesota Call Center - 05/23/2013
The University of Technology Sydney Plans To Deploy New SDN Network - 05/23/2013
Handheld Health Device Can Measure Your Vitals From Your Forehead - 05/23/2013
Apple Plans On Integrating Flickr, Vimeo into iOS 7? - 05/23/2013
Metaswitch Deploys MetaSphere Hosted Business Services Solution to Snap - 05/22/2013
Ixia Improves Call Center Reliability with New Contact Center Solution - 05/22/2013
Toshiba America Releases Call Manager, A BYOD Mobile Application - 05/21/2013
Motorola Solutions Releases Three Products Designed for Extreme Weather - 05/21/2013
SAP AG Partners with Mocana on New Security Application - 05/21/2013
Kohl's Moves Platform to Cloud with ININ's CaaS - 05/17/2013
iNEMI Releases New Roadmap Study - 05/16/2013
Genesys Launches Its Proactive Engagement Solution - 05/16/2013
iotum Announces Acquisition of Global Conferencing Partners - 05/15/2013
Visafone Donates Laptops To FCT Public Complaints Commission's Call Center - 05/15/2013

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